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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  2. We are seeking a painter & decorator to join our family business, must have vehicle, own tools, blue/green card, whites & abn. We have work available for the right applicant to start Monday 22nd August 2011.
  3. Hi, I'm 34, single and in the U.K and unskilled. I visited friends in Victoria this year and fell in love with the place (although my Aussie obsession goes back for a good few years) Having been recently been made redundant this year (for about the third time) I'm at that point where I'm considering my options in regard to what I want to do with the next 5 years of my life, career wise. I've had a serious think about what I could possibly retrain in and have come up with Painter/Decorator. At the moment it is on the SOL list, but I believe it has been flagged so may not be included in the future. Do some skills drop off the list only to resurface a few years down the line? My thinking is, if I retrain, at the very least I will end up with better career prospects, and give myself a small chance of one day making it to Oz. What I was hoping to find out is the minimum level of work experience and minimum skills level (i.e what level of NVQ would I need) to possibly obtain a visa? Having postulated that I have 12 months work experience and a sponsorship by the regional govt - I passed the 475 State Sponsored Visa with 65 points but failed the 175 & 176 Visa Would that be realistic, or is it hard to obtain sponsorship by the state govt? I know this is very much like putting the cart before the horse, and probably quite laughable in many respects...but I would greatly appreciate any feedback in regards to this post. Thanks
  4. nicmark

    Painter & Decorator

    Hi all, My husband is a self employed (12yrs) painter and decorator, trained by his dad but has no formal qualifcations. We have permanant residency and are going to Perth, but are worried that he won't be able to be employed as a painter and decorator when we move. He can provide customer references but don't think this will be enough, i suppose as always i'm after the PIO speciality advice .:wubclub: Much appreciated Nik x
  5. hi we will hopefully be in perth in the next six months just need to sell our house........ my husband is a painter and decorator and also has a ticket for multi trade in the uk he works for companys who do all the council housing maintenance. can anybody help with some questions please ? is there much work around for this trade what sort of certificates will he need or licences what sort of pay can he expect and can anyone offer him a job pls:biggrin: many thanks in advance jools x
  6. Guest

    Painter & Decorator

    My husband is a Painter of 24 years. We live in SA at the moment & are relocating to QLD. What is the work situation like at the moment - any advice appreciated. Thank you
  7. crosshill

    help needed for painter & decorator

    Hi can anyone help! My husband and i are looking to move to Brisbane. He is a painter decorator and aimes taper and has been time served for 28 years, he is 45yrs but could work any younger man under the table.The past 8 years he has been self employed. We had great feed back from agencies until today when told his age would probably go against him for immigrating. We are looking for a company who would be willing to sponsor him in the area of Brisbane, he would be willing to come to Brisbane for a couple of weeks for any work trials required. Can anyone help?
  8. Ive been a Painter & Decorator for ten years, I need to get my skills assessed my Trades Recognition Australia my concern is spray painting its something Ive never done. Has anyone been assessed as a Painter & Decorator? Can you tell me how the process went?:confused:
  9. Guest

    AQF - painter and decorator-

    hello all, i am a painter and decorator who's about to do my AQF in England, is there any p and d's out there who have already done their AQF and passed? cheers Wayne- Leicester
  10. hello, i am seeking a sponsor for painting and decoration, i was in oz sep 2009 -2010 i took the recognition of prior learning aqf3 at tafe, i have my ielts scores, just about to send off for tra recognition it should take 1 month, paperwork is ready then to put in to either 175 independent visa application or employer sponsor visa. i am 32 fit and healthy non smoker, loves to work and earn money, married, no kids yet, love nsw and qld east coastal areas but willing to go where the work is. easy going person, i am second generation painter so 15 years+ on the tools, spent a few years working as a maintenance manger for big health clubs, and a few other construction positions. contact me if you can help, and i will forward any info you require. ps i am applying for a tourist visa to enter oz in april 2011, so if you want to meet me or want a skills test let me know.
  11. hi all new to this,was wondering if anyone could tell me the sort of money that can earn painting and decorating in perth and is there a demand for decorators . also wondering the best area near perth to live,looking for 3bed house for me ,wife and kids:cute:
  12. I am looking for any advice on sending away an application to get my OH Trade assessed, he is a painter & decorator......... what kind of things do i send away and how indepth must i get with duties n stuff?????????? What else needs to be sent with it?????? I am trying to do this without an agent, but seem to be getting no where fast any advice would be appreciated. The story so far is....... OH is a Painter & Decorator, so looking to get out on skilled visa and we have a family member that is going to sponsor us. Me 32yrs young. OH 36 yrs OLD and 3 children age 13, 10 and 4yrs, husband went to secondary school in casula nsw but parents moved back before got Citizenship (( he does have there equivalent of a national insurance no. Now we have decided its time to take the plunge..... Please help
  13. Hi everyone, After this announcement of the new SOL on 17 May, I just feel even more confused about what is going on. We are 'DIY' applicants applying for a 176 visa under the Painter & Decorator Trade. Our application is already in, which allocated us 60 points for this trade. Does anybody know whether 'Painting trades workers' covers Painting & Decorating? I know the wording sounds pretty obvious, but who knows in the world of Australian Immigration. Does anybody know whether applications already made can stay 'as is' or do we have to change anything? Many thanks. Sam
  14. Hi i have a mate who wants to join me here in PERTH (and yes it is the best) but i have been out of the whole migration stuff for about three years now. he is a painter and decorator with quals, 41, married with 1. and his role is on the MODL 1) how soon can he get here? 2) which visa should he go for is it 457 still 3) can he go anywhere or does he have to go country? thanks everso Steve
  15. hi all you painter and decorator people. i am still looking for a way to get to oz, i know we can get there but its a question of which is the best way. we have a couple of options. we have 115 points so far, we have had some great advice from people on this site, thanks for that. we could be sponsored for the last 5 points, but darren(future hubby) cant bring himself to work for a boss again, been self employed too long. he could do ielts test, although hes not convinced it will be enough to get us there, so i spoke to go matilda and they came up with another option. they said(bareing in mind darren is 41 this year) he needs some qualifications. he has none and he needs some. he could do 900 hours of college, i dont think that is possible, or apparently he could go to oz for about three weeks, book into a college there, and prove he is a painter/ decorator by doing whats called a skills analysis. this sounds really good to us. has anyone heared of this.
  16. Hi new to this website and the migration process so might have this all wrong. My husband has 25 years experience and about 10 years accounts he hasnt taken any nvq's and was an appretnice to his father so it seems like the world is stacked against us. I believe that the best way for us to start is to go through the skilled migration route. But how do we do this. One migration company is telling us yeah they can sort it for us and the cost is £1490 and then another agent is telling us that we cant because he doesnt have any qualifictions. He was considering coming to OZ in April but would we be better putting that money towards getting assessed. Please help!!! :arghh:
  17. hi, my name is Liam, I am looking to move to Sydney on a Skilled Temporary Business (Long Stay) - 457 Visa but for this i need a sponsorship from a painting firm! is there any one out there who could help me would be much appreciated. liam
  18. Guest

    painter and decorator

    <yeha> it only took 2 year and 3 months to get our visas,we are going to perth in october, i am looking for work offshore is theur any contacts for me ????:smile:
  19. Hi all, I've been browsing this forum (and others) for a few days now and I just seem to get more confused. I'm a painter and decorator, I'm 43 nearly 44 (need to move fast I know), 15 years experience, mostly work for myself through word of mouth and have NO formal qualifications. I'm just about to make contact with someone from Go Matida, as I've read good things about them, but they've asked me to email a cv!!! never had to do one before. Can anyone on here, painter and decorators preferably, let me know anymore on what I may need. Got to escape from this country before it sinks. Thanks, Andy
  20. Hi We are hoping to apply for a permanant using my partners experience as a painter and decorator. He hasn't got any qualifications and we would need to apply using his experience only. Has anyone else applied as a painter and decorator using experience only? Any help would be greatly apprciated. :skeptical:
  21. Guest

    Painter & Decorator

    I'm a City & Guilds qualified painter & decorator with 15 year experience looking for advice on how to find work in Oz
  22. we are in the process of starting our visa application, fingers crossed all goes well, can any one tell me what the job situ is on the sunshine coast for Painters & Decorators and what sort of money they can earn.....thanks