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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Visa 176 Query

    Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has applied for a state visa, but not had a degree in the subject they are applying for? I have a degree in Mech Eng but have been working in IT for past 8 years. The Australian Computer Society say i'm suitable for a visa but I have just been turned down by NSW, as my degree wasn't related. I have had my case reviewed by NSW and they are still saying the same thing. All help would be appreciated, Cheers Ric
  2. Hello Im hoping for some advice, a good friend of mine recently had her visa declined, it was for a regional sponsorship Migration Scheme BW 857. She paid a migration expert $2000 for the application and this was because herself or her boss wanted to ensure it was done correctly and her boss had never sponsorsed someone before. After recieiving the news it was declined she has found out its because she was nominated as a grade 4 (waitress) rather than grade 7 (manageress) her migration expert has acknowledge she failed to see this when she put through the application and should have been more vigilant. This is causing alot of upset and hassle for my friend because had it been checked properly her visa would not have been declined she has been told she can appeal and this is her only option can she overturn this any other way since it was clearly an error on the form and should the agent be liable for this? Thanks Helen
  3. Hi all, we are in the early stages of the 175 visa application process. We were just wondering whether anyone has had their 175 declined and for what reasons? Thanks Carlie, Dan and Helena
  4. Hi We were recently declined the Vic sponsorship despite showing over 1,00,000 AUD as funds, over 8 years experience, IELTS 8, Engineering degree and only brother in Victoria which is the main reason we are moving to Victoria. Our recent ACS code is 2231-79 ( Network security), which expires in 1 July 2011. Our code is in Schedule 4 so 175 is not an option. We can go for ACT SS, but I have heard that most of the ACT jobs require you to be an australian citizen. Can anybody please suggest any options on which route should we take now? ACT or wait for 6 months and apply for VIc SS again or any other. If we wait for 6 months for Vic SS, then our ACS will expire and we expect to get new code as Computer Network and system engineer or network analyst which is not there in Vic SMP. Any suggestions are really appreciated. I have one more question, it may be silly, but ..... Will SMP lists remain same for next year starting July 2011 or will they change? It can help us a lot in preparing our next move
  5. Guest

    Spouse 309/ 310 Declined....

    Hi all! So I need some help. I applied for the de facto spouse visa in Feb, I sent medical, police checks, financial history, and all the usual evidence as it says in the visa booklet. Since then I've been asked for a few bits and sent it all. But I've got home tonight to find a letter saying that my visa has been declined! Devastated! Me and my partner have been together 6years and provided evidence for it all, but we are both only 21, so we have never lived together in our own home, just with my parents and her parents. I've been to Aus for a year (plus visits for a month or two here and there) and she came back to the U.K for a year and we lived together. I am 100% we checked all the boxes! Oh yeah I've used my years working holiday visa a few years ago and now am not able to get another one, Does any one have any ideas on how I can get over to my girlfriend and work? If I could just get one year working visa we could apply again next year and hopefully have a bit more luck! I hope some one can help me out because my CO is a real pleb! Thanks a lot, Nick!!
  6. My employer lodged the 1st part (Sponsorship) on Jan 22. They (CO) came back yesterday stating that the company did not meet 1 criteria which is the training benchmark thing. It seems that they need to show that a minimum of 1% of the total wages paid to be put into training. The company does extensive internal training and not external. Anyone here knows a way around this? And should it be declined now, is ther a possibility of re-applying? Please help, if anyone knows anything as its about to get declined.......thanks
  7. Hi everyone, My other half and I applied for off list nomination for NSW, he is a plumber. It was really 50\50.if we would get it but we have been declined. I feel like I have been kicked in the stomach, I'm devasted. Can we appeal? We want to live in Sydney and they only sponsor business and it. Why is off list nomination so difficult to get? What's the point of having it if they are going to decline anyway? Does anyone know anything we can do to appeal and fight our case? I don't want to give up so easily. I made the application about me also as I work for a major music company and was told that would help. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone
  8. My partner and I are currently in the process of getting together evidence of our relationship so we can apply for the visa. Has anyone been declined for this visa and if so, why? I am really just after reasons why people have had their visa declined so we don't make the same mistakes and get ours approved. Thanks
  9. half a dozen

    Temp Visa declined by Vettasses

    Any one help with this one ? :arghh: I am working as a contracts manager & have worked for 20 years + in the construction feild.I completed an NVQ level 5 in contracts management { equivalent to post graduate degree in the uk** Vettasses have sugested this is only worth a diploma in Australia, which doesnt give us enough points for SA. 5 Years of swotting up on Adelaide allways worked since leaving school etc, on the temp demand list ???? is Australia what they say it is, somewhat confussed now & gutted, All i have have been advised is sponsorship route, which seems also to be a nightmare......
  10. Hi all Okey before I begin I know i'm being over sensitive but i'm of the larger variety (I say cuddly) and i've been worrying myself silly thinking this will go agaisn't me... I'm healthy and have no aliments and have never had time of work due to ill health but I like my food so i'm not a size zero!!! I've had my meds done today and even though the Dr (very nice he was and tried to put my mind at ease) said I should be okey, i've still got this niggling feeling I will be turned down. I know this is a silly thing to ask but I have to ask to put my mind at rest... Does anyone else out there feel the same as me? Tracey:no: