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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, I have another question, this time about the statuatory declarations to show proof of relationship. I am applying for a 176 visa, with my fiancee as my defacto partner. We are both British. On the help pages it says we should include at least 2 statuatory declarations from friends or relatives, and that we should use form 888 - but this form is for if one of us was applying for a spouse/defacto visa - which we are not. So, do we need to include stat decs? If so, do we just get soem friends to write and sign something, does it need to be witnessed by a solicitor??? I'm confuddled. Thanks Tom
  2. Hello again! We're still fighting with our AHPRA registration for my girlfriend, nearly there though I think. We were just going over the criteria for registration when we noticed something a bit worrying (as we were hoping to post it tomorrow morning!). :sad: We've done none of these! Could anyone tell us what these actually need? My girlfriend has a current CRB we could send, would that cover the first one? What do we need for the disciplinary and health ones? She doesn't have any outstanding issues health or disciplinary, but how do we tell them that? Many thanks! James
  3. Caz Brady

    Statutory Declarations?

    Can anybody tell me can you just type up a statutory declaration on normal paper or does it have to be on legal? Does it have to follow a certain format or do you just write the list of things you want to say? Also can it be witnessed by a barrister? Thanks in advance x
  4. Guest

    Statutory declarations

    Hi, My company won't give me an employment reference beyond the simple name and duration of employment according to their policy. However, in the overseas employment section of the 175 visa it asks for more information that that. I read that I could have a statutory declaration signed by a notary public/justice of the peace which is what I am going to do. My question is does this have to be according to Australian law or can it be British/Scots Law? I have a feeling that if it needs to be Australian law that no-one will sign it in this country as it is not their jurisdiction. Has anyone else submitted a statutory declaration successfully and under what law? Would anyone by any chance have a copy of theirs that I could use as a guide? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Guest

    statutory declarations

    how do I do one? I am going to write one to say my education was taught and assessed in English but no idea what I have to put into it and how i go about getting it certified I have an apointment to get my docs signed by the justice of peace next week and did enquire about how i would do it but the person i spoke to wasn't sure. Do i have to write it there in front of the justice of peace or do i type something up and then sign it and get it witnessed there. thanks
  6. Hi there We are compiling our evidence for a defacto partner visa, which we are applying for offshore. In the partner booklet it says that if you are outside Australia and you are unable to get Australian permanent residents to complete form 888 for you, you can obtain statements from people who know you and your sponsor, which should be appropriately witnessed. Friends and family and completing statements for us. Do they need to provide their contact details (telephone numbers) in their statements? And can anyone tell me if the Australian High commission contact the people who complete Stat Dec's... to interview them? I just want to make sure i get it right - its all a bit nerve wracking! I also want to give my friends and family advance warning that they might get an interview. Thanks in advance for any help Charlotte
  7. Hi everyone! People on this forum have been immensely helpful to me in the past and I was wondering if any of you lovely chaps could help me oiut again I am due to submit an onshore defacto partner visa application in just over a month, but we are still collecting stat. decs. from everyone. We have people all over Australia, and in Canada and the UK, writing them for us! However none of the information that I have seen makes it clear whether we have to provide orignal hard copies, or if we can provide scans, of these declarations. If it has to be originals we are in trouble as it will take quite a while for some of them to reach us through the post! If anyone had any advice that would be great, All the best, Rose
  8. I have had an experience of Human Kindness today. I tried yesterday to get an appointment at a solicitors near where I live to get friends and family to sign our Statutory Declarations. After trying four Solicitors I finally managed to find one who was really busy but tried to get me an appointment. Later in the day the secretary called me to say that the solicitor will fit us in providing we get there early as he had to rush off to a meeting. He would squeeze us in after his last appointment. So this afternoon we all turned up and took over the reception area, We all said our Declarations and signed the paperwork. Now this is the bit that bought a lump to my throat. When I got my purse out to pay. He said "Have this on me and good luck with your visa" This is from a Solicitors Office that I have never been in before and from people that I have never met. It has restored my faith in human nature for now.
  9. afclegend81

    De Facto Statutory Declarations

    Hi all 1st post, I'm just in the process of finishing off collecting all the evidence for me and my partners relationship. Just need some advise on providing a Detailed Statutory Declations of our relationship, my questions are: What information is required? Is the statements just from me and my partner? Do we need any witnesses to sign? Any info would be great Cheers
  10. Hi all, My 309 application is moving forward and I have more or less gathered everything I need. Now we're at the stage to bother all friends and relatives in Oz regarding the statutory declarations. Can you guys help me figure out what makes a "good" stat. dec.? From my research I have gathered that the stat. decs are amongst the most important part of the application and that more is better than less. Also, I recall that hard facts is better than emotional babble. So I'm looking to get six, hopefully eight, stat. decs. and am wondering: - do family stat. decs. weigh heavier than friends? - are facts (i.e. since when we've known each other etc.) really more important than testifying that the relationship is genuine? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and girls!
  11. Hi How long should our stat decs be for a prospective spouse visa? And what info should be included? I presume there is no form for them, its just a letter we write ourselves? thanks
  12. Hi I am filling online form and found “Net Value of property/properties” is required, I have everything in cash and that is in my bank account, wht should I mention in property?
  13. Guest

    Need Help on Asset Declarations

    Hi I am filling online form and found “Net Value of property/properties” is required, I have everything in cash and that is in my bank account, wht should I mention in property?
  14. Hi All Can someone advise what can I use as statutory declarations for UK, Malaysia and Singapore please?????? thanks in advance!!!
  15. Hi All, So were starting to collate all information for my defacto visa which we will be applying for in March. We booked our flights this week – leaving in July. Risky to do I know, but the prices were increasing so much we just went for it – Im so so so excited but also very nervous about the visa! Im thinking March – July should hopefully be enough time though. For our statutory declarations which we need from other people to confirm that we are a couple we were going to get one from both our mothers, one from our housemate whos known us for a year, and one from a friend in Australia who has known us all for nearly 2 years. I have a few questions on what we need to do and what information they need to provide: - Is there any basic templates we can provide people? - Do their declarations need to be witnessed by anyone, or can they just be handwritten and signed? - Do they need to provide a copy of their passport? Regarding the statements that my partner and I need to write, we were thinking of printing off about 20 photos and just sitting down and writing a timeline of our time together, things we have done and plans for the future. How much info is needed? Does this need to be witnessed by anyone? Could anyone provide any information on what they did? Im very confused as to the legalities required for this part of the process and cant really seem to find much explaining exactly what needs to be done, even in the official document? Please help!
  16. Guest

    Statutory Declarations

    Hi tgis has probably been asked before, but cant find the inormation I need. Im British and my wife is australian, we are in the Uk and starting to gather info to apply for a visa. Is there sucha thing as aq standard form for a statutory declaration ie a form you can download and tailor to suit your own needs??? Or are there just paragraphs that you need to add by law. Number two what are the experiences of people in this situation with regard to using a migration agency or going it alone???? Any help would be very much appreciated thanks
  17. I'm currently in the UK and am applying for the de-facto spouse visa when in Sydney with my boyfriend in September. Before I leave I just want to make sure I have everything to support the application with me and so will ask my family to provide declarations. Is there a pro forma to follow or do they just say it from the heart and free format their comments? Any guidance will be much appreciated. Also do they need their declarations certified? And one other thing I'm going out there on a holiday visa, does anyone have any suggestions for immigration should they question me or is it normally fine??
  18. :wub: Hi, We're applying for a de-facto visa i'm the main applicant, i only have one person in Oz who can do me a stat dec is that enough ? can family and friends in the uk write me a declaration and does that have to be written on a special form or just on normal paper and cited. Any Help Grateful
  19. Hi everyone, I am new to this and joined as saw so much useful information on here to help us with our application. We are beginning the process of the defacto and have started just downloading forms and having a look at what we need. I note that we need to get stat declarations of friends which is fine but can anyone answer whether family and friends who do these need to send us copies of birth certs and passports? Also we are applying in the UK but my partner is Australian living here withme, do we need to get australian police checks? We have been together 5 years now always in the UK. Sorry if these questions have been asked before ? Help appreciated Thank you in advance S
  20. Hey Guys, We are just about to lodge our main visa application and it was all ready to go and our agent has now said that police officer's are not accepted by DIAC for Stat Decs. Even thought on the DIAC website it says Police officers can witness and also in the partner migration book. I'm waiting for my agent to get back to me, its really frustrating, has their been a new rule bought in? Really confused and frustrated. Any help appreciated! :arghh:
  21. Guest

    Statutory Declarations

    Hello Everyone, We will be applying for the 175 visa with Dave as main applicant and me as fe dacto even though I have 140 points myself basically to save on time + cost. We are also doing it ourselves. We will need to prove that we are in a de facto relationship. We have been together for 4 years and lived together for 2 however we have separate bank accounts and only one of us is on any bill. I have found lots of things with both of our names on but I’ve read its best to get statements from family and friends. Has anyone on here had experience of this at all? Main thing I’m confused about is how we go about this. Will just a page of typed A4 signed and dated by my Mum and a few others for example suffice? I’ve read that if you are getting one from an Australian then there is a special form and it needs to be witnessed by a solicitor etc? My Mum lives in France and my friends are very scattered around the UK so I was hoping to be able to just request that they write a mini essay about us and we can send it off. I’m happy to get it copied and certified by a solicitor with all our other docs but don’t want to ask them to go to a solicitor unless we have to if you know what I mean. Also if we’re happy to post the original do we need to go through that step at all? Do we have to use a form similar to the 888? Also what is the process of writing one about yourself? Is there a special form? If anyone has any examples i'd be very grateful. Thanks Mitch
  22. Just a quick questions. Finalising all the relevant paper work for the ARTC application and just wondering ....... Do Statuary Declarations that have been signed by a solicitor then need certifiying by a solicitor? Or do we send the original statuary declartion with the application. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Just a quick question; we now have our declarations all together and are almost ready to send it all off. Just the matter of getting everything certified now. So here's the question: The original declarations (which as i understand it, we keep and as you are only supposed to send the originals of the police certificate & medicals) have been cetified, now is it ok to photocopy these and send them off, or do we need to have the photocopies certified aswell? Dean
  24. Hi all We've just filled out my application for my Spouse Visa (Offshore) and now we're attempting to do our statements of how we met etc... Should these be all lovey dovey or strictly factual? I know of some people who sent 3 or 4 pages of A4 paper and cant understand for the life of me why theirs was so long! When sending in evidence like Utility Bills, photos, travel documents, do you write on them why you are sending them in? Like if i sent a photo of us at a wedding for example, should i stick a note on it to state when the occasion was or will they pick that up from the list of events we've attended together in the statement? Sorry if this is confusing, i think i have confused myself! Laura and family
  25. Guest

    Statutory declarations - Help!!

    Please can somebody help me as I am really confused? I'm a bit dense so please be nice:unsure: We are in the process of starting application for Vetasses and have several ref's for hubby. First question is, do you have to do seperate stat dec for each period of employment where no employer ref is available, or can you put a couple on? Second question is, how far back with ref's do you have to go? Is it just the six years (applying for 175 visa - hubby is a joiner), or as far back as you can go? Problem is, hubby had about a gazzilion jobs and if we need refs for all of them Vetasses will surely get bored after the first 200 pages. Only joking about the 200 bit! Generally, how many stat decs are you allowed to include in your application? Sorry to go on but I did say I was dense. We do have an agent but to be honest I have practically given up on them and seem to get better advice, and a lot faster on this brill forum. Would be eternally grateful if anyone could shed some light for us. Cheers, Caz.