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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I have been looking into things and feel that we are going round and round in circles so thought perhaps some advice/experiences and a discussion may help me and hopefully some others in a similar position in making decisions. I realise that there are many others on here that have been waiting aggeeesss for their visa's and we have only started the ball rolling a few months ago. I have so much symathy for all you guys and really hope that you all get your visa's asap. :hug: However, I feel the decisions we make now will directly impact on how long we wait in the future. I have every expectation and am happy to accept that whatever happens the whole Oz process is likely to take about 18months however, if it takes much longer I think that's when things get difficult with regards to getting on with your life and making decisions etc. eg we haven't had children yet We sent off our skills assessment last week and are now trying to decide what to do next. We can apply for state sponsorship or we can just apply for the 175 visa. Now I know that the 175 is supposed to take a fair bit longer, however,we are concerned that as we won't be able to apply for state sponsorship until probably January, if we don't get it back before 1st July 2011 then we will have to resort to applying for the 175 anyway as we do not have enough points after this date (which means we've then lost another 6 months). Also if we go for ss, what happens if the ss places run out - are those cases on the back burner until 2012 or scrapped, could it mean then the 175's overtake the newer applications? The option of the 175 would mean that we could lodge it as soon as the skills assessment comes back (hopefully positive!) and possibly get a 6 month head start on applying for the 176 which could close the gap somewhat. My main concerns with the 175 are as we do not have enouh points after July will they still process it after that as we did have enough points before? Also as the whole process takes longer is there more chance that something could go wrong ie they make more changes? So in summary, weighing up timescales and the most likely chance of getting a visa - which would be the best option for someone in our position? Both seem to have pro's and con's and neither seem that secure! Thank you so much for listening and I always really appreciate and value the time taken to give me advice. :notworthy: Cara xx :wubclub: :chatterbox:
  2. OH has received confirmation of skills assessment and English test and everything is good. In the process of gathering all our other documents, evidence of relationship etc and started filling in the online application. Hoping to send application off in next few weeks and then its fingers crossed and a bit (or more) of waiting. We keep thinking of a lot of big decisions that we need to make - Sydney or Melbourne and which areas, sell or rent out our house in the UK, take or leave the cat... Hope others are also making progress and can maybe inspire us with the decisions we have to make. :jiggy: Aileen
  3. andyperiam

    Hard Decisions

    Hi all, I am wanting to move back to the UK after 15 years here. My OH is also keen to return. My iconcern is my 9 year old son who is currently in a good private school in Sydney and if we return we are going to place him in the state school system, due to cost. He has a few learning and confidence issues and struggles with his reading/writing & maths. I am very scared that he will not fit in to the UK school system and am wondering if other people on the boiard have had similar worries and how they hanfdled it. We are looking at returning to the Worcester area. Many Thanks
  4. Ok I had an email today off my husband who is serving in the Royal Navy :eek: We our being stationed in Gibraltar next year . Now say if the smps come out soon ( ahuh maybe lol ) Do we wait to do our paperwork from there or start the process from the Uk .:arghh: We do have a great agent but just wanted to see what other peeps thought about it p.s i hope i have put this in the right Thread)
  5. Guest

    Decisions, decisions...

    My partner and I and children (including new baby) have an application in to emigrate to Australia. Due to differences between us in how long we would like to stay in Australia (him forever, me not so sure) and the fact that due to the Hague Convention I would be unable to leave Oz at any time and return to the UK with my children, without their father's permission (which I do not think he would give), I have reluctantly decided to stay in the UK. This has taken a lot of soul searching about what is best for myself and my children because I do still love my partner and would rather we were a family and am disappointed about not going to Australia, but he is adamant he is going to emigrate to Oz regardless of whether the rest of us go. The only thing that remains outstanding in order for his visa to be granted is the medical for our new baby. Then he will pack up everything and go in May or early June. I am thinking that hard though it will be, I should allow this medical to take place, so that he can go off and pursue his dream of Australia, even though it's going to be so sad for me and the children and there will certainly be very tough times ahead as a single parent family and with us all missing him. My question is am I doing the right thing? What if my children blame me in the future for letting their Dad go? Am I right in thinking that he could probably go even without this medical for this non-migrating child? (he has another child by a previous relationship and the mother did not allow the medical but it was ok as it was proved she had refused) I am thinking better to let my partner go and have his chance of happiness, but I just want to check I won't be acting even further to my own detriment by doing so. I have a feeling my partner will try to get the children out to Australia and if the baby has had a medical does this make it easier? But I guess he can't until they are a certain age and by then, it's up to the children themselves what they want to do? Any thoughts please from anyone who is not devastated and sleep deprived with a newborn?!!
  6. SteveGB

    decisions decisions

    Hi all I am new to the forum and wonder if anyone could help? I am an electrical engineer and hoped to make my application for a 175 visa during this year before the changes came about. I am still elligible but now need to do the IELTS test in order to replace the points lost by the removal of the MODL. What would people here's advice be? do the IELTS test and apply before July or wait for the release of the new SOL to see what the situation is then? Thanks in advance Steve
  7. Guest

    Who makes these decisions?

    Couple vow they won't be parted by Home Office decision over wife's visa we have complaints both sides of the pond, but I feel so sad at this disturbing story.... painful to think some little clerk isnt using their "grey cells" here!:mad: Susie
  8. clairerichie

    Looking forward to New Year (decisions)

    Hello all, hope that everybody is well and having a great new year, am so excited about the year ahead, and am hoping that we get further along this year than the previous year, after having My Modern Apprentice in Business Admin NVQ Level 3 turned down by Vetassess as it needs to be at a NVQ Level 4 and my OH portfolio being accepted and he will now sit his Practical Test in June as Vetassess cancelled the February intake:- Am really pleased for OH and looking foward to June now:) My decision is - is what to do with my qualifications, I allready have all of the work experience necessary to be an Office Manager and in the UK my qualifications are more than adequate, I have been seeing a training provider over here, and he has said that with my current job I can complete an NVQ Level 5 in Management, (hmmmmm) as obviously I have progressed over the years, and manage more than just people in an admin environment (something that I would be able to do standing on my head). My diliema is that I was happy being an office manager, and didn't want all of the responsibility of the NVQ Level 5 in Management to complete - which is comparable to a degree here in England but obviously reflects my experience and job that I do now. Do I wait for my Other Halfs to do his test, then if want to update my qualifcations do these when I go to Australia, and get a lesser visa and do my permanent visa onshore, are they any easier to do onshore, obviously I could then just do a Diploma in Oz which looks really easy compared to my modern apprenticeship. Spending 2k to do an NVQ Level 5 at moment, is also expensive. Any good advice or direction out there!!:biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Is it just me?

    Yhis is related to Australia and the prospect of moving over there; but I first feel the need to tell my story for my situation to make more sense; so bare with me! My Background I've been a resident of the UK my whole life. I'm sixteen years of age; soon to be seventeen. I'm currently attending a sixth form about fourty minutes from where I currently reside - and I'm studying four A levels; Religious Studies, Geology, Psychology and ICT. I come from a family of five; me, my Mum and Dad, twin sister and younger brother. My Dad is a self-employed telephone engineer and my Mum stays at home. You see... My Mum did work; but she quit her job two years ago when I was rushed into hospital suddenly. We knew it would happen someday; but we could've never imangined it happening a week after my fifteenth birthday. Before I was born; I was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus, which literally translates to "water on the brain" - a condition that can only be maintained with the use of a shunt. Before my birth; my Mum was also told because of the severity(sp?) of the condition, I wouldn't beable or walk or talk. The shunt was fitted when I was just 18 months, after the daunting surgery, my parents thrust me as a young toddler into many years of physio therapy and speech therapy to battle aginst what semed an inevitable fate that the doctors fortold. If Mum hadn't of put up with me for those countless years; I certainly wouldn't be sitting here today, or attending college, or doing anything a normal teenaged girl can do! So I thank you Mum. At that news; you can imagine how devastated my family was; not just my family though, my friends too - even my high school teachers!! (I was still in secondary school when the operation happened). Our family from Australia were worried for me as well, which brings me on to explain how we met our family from Adelaide. The Idea Our parents claimed that the idea that we should go for a long holiday to see our family over in South Australia had always been on their minds - they could just never afford it. We didn't know we had family over in Australia until it came to actually planning to our month holiday in the Summer of 2007. But what had excited me and my sister more was the possibility of immergrating over there; so we could stay close to relatives that at that point we had never even met before! When we did met them; and set foot on Australian soil for the first time ever; we embraced the hope of living there. But then hope was wearing thin when we went "house" hunting - they weren't houses; they were bungalows! And the schools? Oh where to start? Well okay... I see now that there schools were just like ours - but abit worse. Students weren't dressed in proper uniforms, and some were skipping classes and goofing off with their mates, or on their Ipods. Some people know what I mean... The community itself was friendly - but the towns weren't well kept. Every other wall or billboard we saw was graffitied! Accomadation was also something that put our parents off - Dad mostly. We stayed with our Aunty Pat in her old bungalow. Or maybe it was just her? She didn't put the heating on at all throughout our stay; and it was Winter!! (to make matters worse, we had packed all Summer stuff) And she obviously had very limited hot water because we were only allowed three minutes each in the shower! Ewww! Anyway; apart from seeing our family which we hadn't even met all of our lives, our parents had established that it just wasn't going to happen. We felt really disheartened, because we thought that this dream would just stay a dream. My sister was the most effected when we finally left; they drove us to the airport, and waited for us in the queue until they could go no further - she was all over the place weeping. Right now we're in with some of our relatives, and i's nice to chat once in awhile. The Present and The Future I mentioned before that I'm in sixth form - I'm half way through my first year; and, whilst me and Mum were watching A Place in the Sun: Down Under, I asked her did she want to move to Australia, she said she would, but there were loads of things to consider, and that she did actually have a plan that she hopes to put in to effect when me and my sister finish our further education; which would be roughly in another two years - she wants to move out to a part of Oz close to our family for just a couple of years. Mum said that for it to work, she'd have to have Dads cooperation, one major key factor anyway. We disregareded moving down under those years ago mostly beacause of Dad. He had realized that his job would involve cutting wires, and looking to places where there might be insects, which of course he'll imeadately assume they're poisonous and freak out. There are other reasons too like; will Mum or Dad find a job when they get there? Will I find a job? Would I be even allowed to go because of my condition? I've researched how much an operation might be if my shunt fails - and it is alot of money... There is our dog; she'll have to be in quarunteene (if she survives the flight) for about eight weeks,and then there is the matter of bugs, she eats spiders - if she did that over in Australia she'd probably die! Then there is the visa, wether we would sell our house in time... Which by the way if we did, we'd have a massive budget! The worst thing is, is that Mum won't tell Dad about our plans, and when she does, I don't know how he'll take it... Mum says if and when we do go over there, she'll have to loose some weight - her periods are really heavy, which is another reason as to why she isn't working at the moment, and she knows that loosing weight will ease it all. But Mum isn't very strong willed when it comes to exrcise. But I hope if all goes according to plan - MUm tells me and my sister to look into universites over there, and to start training the dog to leave spiders and other insects alone! - - - - + - - - - How can I get my Mum motivated to do excerise? How can I get my Dad to warm up to the idea of moving over to Australia? What shall I do about my education? Shall I look into courses over there? Or here? - - - - + - - - -I hope you guys can help!!
  10. libbysmum

    Decisions, Decisions!

    Hi all, I first logged on to this site back in Januaray when we first began contemplating a move to Oz. We decided to wait as there we then rumours that hairdressing was to be taken off the MODL (my other half is a barber). Looking at the situation now I can see hairdressing is being removed from most SS lists so I presume it's not looking good! My other option in terms of migrating would be for me to apply as a teacher (secondary) which is on the CSL, However I qualified 4 years ago and didn't get a post to start that september so took a career break to have a family. I know have two beautiful kids which i look after during the day while my partner works. I would have to look at resuming my career but am unsure if I could bear leaving the kids yet :no:(my boy is 13months and little girl 3 in august). Childcare is the major issue and have had a few offers from friends/family but am not sure any of them are overly enthused with the ideaad. Other than that either private childcare or drastically role reversal and my partner stay at home to look after the kids both of which would seriously hurt the pocket at a time we need to be saving like hell. The other problem is i have to complete my first year teaching within 5 years of qualifying so it is really my last chance unless I could get an extension and I don't know if having a family is a good enough excuse! AND TEACHING INTERVIEWS ARE DIRE!!! I'm c****** myself just thinking about having to have one! Any teachers with any tips on what are buzz issues at the moment and typical interview questions would be greatly appreciated, I feel so out of touch. OHH decisions, I know I should take the bull by the horns if I really want to get out to Oz, I just really don't know what to do!!!:unsure:
  11. Guest

    decision, decisions ??

    Just got my AQF111 from ACTS yesterday, and now my visa application can start in earnest, thing is I'm now in two minds !! Having spent £3k on my work assessment, I now need to spend another £3/4k on agents and visa fees etc... (need agent as I'm 45 in July), and wondering if it's worth it, especially with the global economy as it is, but don't want to look back and say 'if only'. I'll probably be around 48 when we get the oppotunity to emigrate (if application accepted), and I'm wondering if that's a bit late to 'start again'. Fortunately my wife can take a sabbatical from work, and as I'm self employed, we can try it for a year and see if we like it (expensive adventure though). Got 2 kids, 15 and near 12 to take with us (bit of a bugger really lol) and also worry if it's right to take them away from all they've got here, family, friends etc... Just looking for some views and thoughts from people on here, who may be of similar age, cicumstance etc... who have already done it or going through it now. Thanks, Andy
  12. Guest

    Oz or NZ decisions to make

    If you haven't read any of my previous posts, I will start from sratch..... We have always wanted to emigrate. Have been to NZ twice (both islands) and Melbourne once. We have lots of friends in both countries (Auckland, Christchurch, Gold Coast and Melbourne). I wanted to go to Auckland. Hubby wants to go to Aussie (Gold Coast/Brisbane - didn't think much to Melbourne when we stayed there) So, finally hubbies twins have grown up and started there own lives so we are ready to take the plunge. Now, I was OK with the whole Aussie GC thing untill my irrational fear of spiders over took me LOL I haven't stopped thinking about it for 2 days solid now lol So the decision is Aussie or NZ...... He qualifies on both points scores for emigration to either country - Hubby is an electrician. Does anyone have any advice on the subject 1 - If you get an Aussie visa could you go to either country to live/work 2 - I heard the wages are lower in NZ, but would it be much of a difference 3 - People keep posting that there are no jobs for trades even though they are on the Aussie shortage list??????? Would the prospects in NZ be better???? I know it may sound stupid to some people but I seriously would need hypnotherapy before I moved move to Aussie.......... :laugh: Any opinions and advice welcomed...... Applying for visa next week so need to make the decsion - but it will be one or the other...... No plans to opt out and stay in the UK.... there is nothing for us here anymore :no:
  13. Guest

    Decisions and Recon!!!

    Hello Hello! Sorry that this might be a long post. We have been here before when first looking at Oz. We keep coming back to it so something must be telling us to go....so we are! So, I would be so grateful for advice.... Firstly, we are going on a recon mission in a month...anyone know of good places to rent a holiday home? We don't know who is good and who isn't? How long did the 175 visas take for you all? And, what areas would people recommend that we look at to live? I need to be near a hospital and ideally my OH would like to be a stone's throw from beach (don;t we all???). What would prices be like for these ideals??? Thanks a million!
  14. Been here for three months now and the time is here to search for a home, the rental is nice, but i need to nest! We are in Lynbrook at the mo and are looking at properties in Narre Warren south and Berwick and have found a fair few fitting the criteria but we have one dilemma, pool or no pool (I know its a tough life!!!) We'd like some of your helpful opinions on the subject please. Along the lines of; Would we get the use out of it in this lovely wet weather? Are they costly to run? Are they easy to maintain? Pros and cons of having a pool. Any views most welcome, thanking you in advance. Trudes :winkxmas:
  15. Guest

    Decisions decisions…

    Wow this site is fantastic! All the questions that have been keeping me awake the last few weeks are getting answered every time I read something here! I have decided to relocate to Oz, I’m 29, single and newly qualified as an Architect and honestly cant think of a better way to start my professional life..and my 30’s!!! I have just started the whole visa application process and it looks like there shouldn’t be a problem as have plenty points but I need to make a final decision of where to settle. I have connections with Perth and have visited a few times and love the city so much.... but the more I read about it the more it gets sold as a ‘family’ city..? I have only ever visited Perth in Oz and wonder if I should move out my comfort zone and look at maybe Melbourne or Sydney as they also sound so vibrant and fascinating. Its such a hard choice, moving to set up a new life in a new country on your own is so exciting but really scary too, so sticking with my comfort zone seems the sensible option!.. If anyone has any advice or experience along these lines, i would really love to hear what you think! xx
  16. Guest

    Decisions, decisions

    Hi All Im new to this. Have posted once before. Our situation is that we would like to move to Oz (we are myself 33, hubby 32, son 4 and daughter 1). Not sure of which areas - feel drawn to Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast. Thinking GC would be great for kids. I want to be near the coast. Husband is a carpet fitter so it would also all depend on where the carpet companies are. Waiting for TRA pathway D and house to sell so havent even applied for visa yet. Have a few reservations about moving to Oz though for the following reasons: 2) I will miss my parents - They have said they will come and visit us every 2 years but i know it will only be for a few weeks. I see them a few times a month at the mo and i also dont know if i can take them away from their grandchildren. 3) I will miss my sister - I doubt she will come over much at all due to finances. Dont see here that much (6 times a year) but the thought of not seeing her again upsets me. How do you cope with home sickness and do you get used to it? 4) Humidity in Brisbane? Get used to it? I have asthma. 5) Also we will have about £10k max leftover from sale of house in UK - is this a realistic amount for relocating (not sure if we are using an agent) or is it gonna be tight? Dont want to go to Oz and have nothing in the bank account. 6) Any information on carpet fitting jobs useful aswell. I know they can earn good money out there and it is on modl but realistically could we have a good life out there. 7) Alternative therapies - Im a reiki healer, reflexologist, massage therapist and EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) - any demand for this out there?? Confused about whether to go ahead with everything... Heather
  17. hi everyone,just joined today. i have been reading lots of useful infomation, could anyone tell me where exactly do you start with the process of applying for a visa. my partner is a roofer age 43 but has no written qualifications 25 yrs exp, i served an aprenticeship as a hairdresser many years ago im 47 i think i might have a go at applying myself with help from anyone who can put up with my constant stream of questions! but i am really only at the stage of finding out which visa is right for us we are selling our house ha i mean trying to ! we will have fair amount to take over with us to perhaps start a small business any advice would be a great help thanks bernie:unsure:
  18. Guest


    how the hell do you make up your mind whether its the right move to go to Oz or not...we are fed up with the UK and everyone always says how great Oz is...I have also heard Syndey is expensive - does anyone have an idea how much a 3 bed house woudl be at the moment and which suburbs woudl be nice for a young family? hubby a chippie and have a now baby no family out there so a pretty daunting prospect as no job lined up..kind of just going and seeing what happens...any advice or are we mad to consider it? Woudl there be a better location we shoudl be looking at???? THanks:arghh:
  19. Guest

    Decisions Sad ADVICE PLEASE

    I haven't posted anything for a while since we got our visa's its been a bit of a strange feeling as we plan such a massive move. As you know nothing in life is straightforward so I'm just looking for a bit of advice off you all.:err: I'm the one who's been instrumental in pushing us to go to Aus, my hubby is cool about it all and not bothered either way so he says. He's a builder, a really good do any job type of builder, master plasterer and bricklayer, and his work is his life, and his hobby is work. He's been S/E for 20years now and thanks to his hard work we are comfortably off and own our own small holding. I want a new start a new life with some sunshine and a different environment and outlook to the stale feeling I have here now in England. Tony my O/H is OK with the idea, but I just know I'm the one dragging him away from all that he loves here in England, his mates, his work mates some have been with him since school days. His family, his rugby, all the things he loves, even our friends at the local part of which Tony built in his spare time for them, not charging a penny for his labour. I feel very guilty all of a sudden, and him bless him hasn't complained once he just gets on with his day. It's just that sometimes silence says more than any bust up or blast could ever say. I know in his heart he's only doing this for me, and it's starting to hurt me now to think I'm putting him through this. I'm sure all you guys who read this are thinking he's a whimp, (flank forwards never are) and so girls I would hope some of you out there can offer some advice on what I should do and how I should approach this. Thanks all. Emmy Green home
  20. Guest

    Decisions, decisions

    Have chance to work in Sydney for six months, have job already, but my husband cant have a career break like me and I will have to either go on my own or just not go. What a decision, sway from wanting to go to been frightened to go because I know I'll miss him loads. Any advice. Jill Rotherham, South Yorks
  21. Hi all Really desperate for sound advice over what to ship or not. We have found so many pieces of info on Customs/Forums/ExPat sites that to be honest are plain confusing!! :arghh: It is quite clear that the Oz Customs are mega protective over soil contamination and sounds like they will open ANY container that they suspect may have soil in it. Someone mentioned having to clean 41 shoes.....that's a worry as I have a wife and two teenage daughters...they probably have that many EACH!!!! Therefore, any advice would be great against the following list of what we have thought of bringing....... Leather Sofas Dining Table and Chairs Mirrors Memories Bikes Books TV's DVD Players Freeview Boxes PC's Laptops Clothes (coz it will never all fit in a suitcase!!!) DIY tools Microwaves Kettle Toaster I will probably think of a thousand other things as well, but have people just got rid of basics such as cutlery/cups/crockery and just started anew? Also, any nightmare scenarios with customs related to items not mentioned above would be good. It's such a quandary having to think of all this on top of redecorating the whole house!!! Help much appreciated Geoff & Katherine