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Found 134 results

  1. lewisp

    Visa Decision time

    Hi As anybody applied for a visa short stay visa? What sort of time frame do they ususally take? My father applied on 2nd October and initially they came back asking additional questions anout his criminal record which we answered but we haven't heard anything at all since. I have rang the Australian embassay in London and all they can see on his file notes is the initial questions asked on 2nd October but nothing else. We have sent numerous emails on the advice of the advisor in London but have had no response. Does anybody know who we would be best to contact? As we are all waiting on a decision so we can book our trip and are getting quite anxious. Thanks for any help. Orginial post: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/188315-tourist-visa-oz-criminal-record.html
  2. whoiam


    Just wondering aloud --adopting or fostering--which is better? has anyone done either?
  3. Hi, The agent lodged my ENS Sub 856 application with decision ready checklists about 1 and half months ago. Does anybody tell me how long the whole processing time for PR approval will be in normal situation? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone I am new to the site and am looking to hear from others who have emigrated from the UK to Perth. I have been battling with the guilt of leaving my parents for over a year and I just don't know if I can leave the UK even though I would love to because of family ties. Hubby is up for it and we have two children to consider too, I am sure they will adapt but I am worried about uprooting them from their family. Any advice from those who made the leap and felt this way would be very welcome! Natz
  5. BritChickx

    Decision Made

    Soo....since I've landed in Australia me and Paul, well mainly me, have been deciding whether to stay in Aus or go back to the UK. I have a place at Bournemouth uni for next september, but at the same time Paul can apply for citizenship next october. So we were in a bit of a pickle over that and I didn't know what to do either! But after talking about I think we've decided that the most sensible thing would be to go back to the UK, and Paul apply for a return resident visa before we leave so once I've graduated we can both move back to Australia and I'd be sorted for a decent job . It feels like a weights been lifted off me actually and now we can start planning what to do before we leave and once we arrive back in the UK. Actually quite excited about going back now :jiggy:and Paul is happy too, so happy days :cute:
  6. Hi guys, Wondering if somebody can share some info on this for me? Husband's prospective employer is a bit eager to have him start work and has asked if this is a possibility? We lodged an offshore application, ens121. Is it now possible for OH to get a WHV (he is under 30). I realise that DIAC would have to be informed etc, I just want to know if it's possible. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    This decision is killing me..

    Im not sure if anyone else has been in this position but here is my dilemma.. I leave for oz on the 30th April on a WHV for a year potentially for two. I can not decide on weather to take redundecny or go on a career break. Obviously with the first option i have a little bit of extra money to take with me but if all goes wrong in oz then at least id have something to come back to. Id actually made up my mind untill members of my familly called me stupid for leaving such a "good" job. Plus who knows what would happen with regards to sponsorship etc when im out there. I no my familly love me but sometimes they really suck the fun out it all.. Its either my head or my heart and both are annoying the sh!t out of me!!!
  8. Glad we decided not to ship our larger furniture. Meaning bedroom set, couches, dining table, etc. They would have been WAY to large for the common size rooms here in Sydney. It would have been money wasted to get them here. For those considering shipping stuff consider whether you have a larger home where you are (we did) and realize that unless you are going to pay $1000+ pw you won't have the space you current have.
  9. Hi All , PomsinOZ is really a great site where I got registered and now we have Grant letter J Thanks to PomsinOZ.. Now that we got Grant letter on 12 OCT ‘11, we are planning to move to Melbourne from Singapore. From few posts I came to know that a couple require AUD 20k in hand to land in Melbourne.. So with this amount, how many months we can stay .. Keeping in mind that we need to search jobs.. I am counting on worse situations.. I also have my Uncle in Australia who is citizen there whom I can count ... Can we plan our move together if we have just AUD20k in hand? At the moment , i feel making this decision itself is Critical of all .. :biglaugh: My Question in short is : “When can we make a decision of moving to Melbourne to land safely?” (a) Only if I have AUD 20k in hand ? (b) Only if I/my spouse have good job in Melbourne ? © Or both ? Any experienced answers please J
  10. zidden

    Application Decision

    I have recently noticed that my SA state sponsorship details online have a new message, as follows; "Immigration SA is unable to provide an indication of processing times. Keep monitoring this page and your e-mail for the decision on your application." Does anyone know how much longer this should take? My application was initially submitted on 3rd September with documents received on 22nd September. So from the initial date I will reach the expected 8 weeks this coming Saturday (28th October).
  11. Guest

    we need to make a decision!!!

    ok need some advice as my husband is about to be offered a position in melbourne and want him to start as soon as they can sort out his sponsorship etc. We have an 8 year old girl and currently live near the coast in the uk so would ideally like to move to similar situation in melbourne, renting. We need a good school, preferably catholic and within walking distance of the house as i don't drive. can anybody suggest decent places with good transport links to the city (for him) and ideas of cost of 3/4 bedroom house. His salary will be 80k and i will eventaully work part time in childcare. Can we afford to live and save on this sort of money. We've all got our heads around moving but cost of food bills and utilities is throwing me plus making a decision on an area to move to. many thanks for any replies.
  12. Guest

    cant make a decision

    Hi I have been reading some posts on here, am new to this site. Wonder if someone can help me, l am planning to move to australia just on a career break from the uk. I have an interview coming soon with the Thomas Embling hospital and am quite nervous and anxious as l do not know what to expect. I have worked in a low secure unit here in the uk, but sounds like Thomas Emblish is maximum security. Can someone tell me how this place is like, how its like to work there, how is the environment like how is team work, do you get support from other colleagues or managers. Just want general information/advice about how its like to work there. I have already got another job with Healthscope, in Bundoora and this is in an acute mental health ward. but thinking of working with a government hospital as l have been made to understand there is a lot more benefits. Can someone confirm this? Whats best, working for a private hospital or government hospital Would be grateful for as much advice as possible. I have got my eligibility for reg, all l need is a job then sort out my medicals & visa Notty
  13. Hi guys I need your help in order to advance in tye decision to move to asutralia or not Currently i am living in spain , and to be honest. I have a familiy with one child of 6 years old. I ve just received an offer from my company to be moved to sydney for 3 years and they need an answer next week. The role is regional manager sales and services managing 13 people and an important budget of fhe company. To be honest, I am very lost and nervous becasue it is being diffccult for me to understand if the offer is good or not. Basically the package they are offering me is as follows: Salary base:120.000 $ + supperannuation 10 % Company caf fully maintained relocation cost : 15.000 $ As i am moving with my family and this will be the only income , so i have to rent a house and pay for the scholl of my baby as a minimum, could you please tell me your opinion about the offer? In particular i would like o understand : - will i cover the main expenses? - is enough to enjoy australia, travel etc...? - is alligned with the average salary for this kind of role As a reference today in spain i perceived a medium - high salary, so my position in spain is comfortable in economic terms. Thanks a lot for your feedback , would be fantastic hear your opinions
  14. Hello, My name in Raj,I just recently applied for my PR in may and I got my case office in July luckily.I am the main applicant in the file and my wife is secondary.The question is my wife is preganant and My case officer has asked for medical.We have done the medical and got letter from HSA for my wife have to deffered X-ray untill the delivery. Will the case office will give decision or I have to wait untill my wife delivery. Please help me with that.
  15. Hi there I wonder if there is any single travellers with the sponsored 176 ACT visa hoping to go to Canberra in the near future? It would be great to hear from you and see if you are having the same dilemmas as me as one minute I'm ready to book a flight and then the next I've changed my mind again and then I'm on the roundabout wondering what to do for the best. I Look forward to hearing from anybody in the same boat.
  16. With what seems the country spiraling out of control, (which it isn't really) and you are contemplating, in the process of migrating, have recent events (riots) confirmed your decision to emigrate. Migration is a very complex issue, many reasons and emotions are involved in the decision, but one that crops up now and again is 'A Better Life', I'm not quite sure what this means, but it means different things to different people I guess. So has the decision to emigrate been validated by these events or are you of the mindset now that this country well and truly needs help. I guess we can all in our own little way make a difference to what happens around us, and maybe that is a thought that has crossed your minds. I don't want this thread to be another on the reasons why these riots took place, but in your mind does the decision to emigrate seem ever more resolute, or do you feel a little like you are 'Jumping A Sinking Ship' Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. I am really going mad with this decision:arghh: I came home for my "do I want to move back home?" so that I could decide. I thought it would be a no-brainer and I would def want to stay in UK. But I got here and after a few days I think yep, Oz is the place for me. Then something crazy happens, and one of my friends 'pops' round unannounced to visit me. It was brilliant!! I haven't had any one do that in the 4 years I have been in Oz. Only in the last few months have I had any friends to speak of at all. So since I have been back I have been to see my friends a few times. Sounds so small but when you have been as lonely as I have it just brightens my day. Then...my parents who have applied for a visa get a case officer. So now the pressure is on, the decision has to be made. To be entirely honest I have not experienced what would be a great Australian lifestyle due to a) having no friends b) having a partner who didn't want to do anything with me (and I mean ANYTHING) c) becoming depressed due to a + b Don't get me wrong I have made many efforts to get friends and get out there but tbh I am not afraid of doing things by myself but when you do it for years and years it does get tiresome and lonely. Now my partner "guarantees" me that when I get back to Oz (assuming I have decided to live there) we will do things together. But I am totally over it! I have really decided that when I do get back I am not assuming that he will help me enjoy what Australia has to offer and will instead go back to doing things (which will be more fun now) myself and my child. To top it all off. I have dreamed of having a house close to shops and a pub, and of course one has come up in Oz (we would be skint but I would have enough to go to the pub at least once a fortnight). My mum is really keen on coming to Oz and my Dad is on the fence, he'd be happy anywhere. But if he stayed in UK it would be less hassle. If my mum came certain aspects of her health would improve due to the weather. Recently I started on antidepressants (maybe 6 months now) which has made a great impact on my view and I feel a lot more positive. But I just cannot make this decision!! I know it is mine to make, and everyone around me is aware. But please any advice would be brilliant. For more info, in Oz I have a brilliant job (and I know it is only a job) but having a crap job has a huge impact on ones life. My partner too has a brilliant job. Thanks in advance x
  18. Afternoon, According to Eurostat which is a statistical branch of the EU Britains population is growing at more than twice the European average :shocked:, in 40 years time Britain will have the highest population on the continent overtaking both France and Germany, and considering the size of those two that in my opinion is quite worrying. Last year of all the 27 countries in the EU Britains population soared by 400,000 out of the 1.4m added across the union :unsure:. Immigration to Britain has obviously had a massive impact on those figures with one in every four babies being born to a mother who was born outside of our country, just for bringing this subject up i will probably be accused of being a raving racist :SLEEP: as i have before but i believe that this subject would be one of the reasons a lot of people choose to move abroad which seems completly two faced but again for most people on this site moving abroad and starting again is a lot harder than those moving to Britain so i do not believe you can really compare the two, however that is only my opinion. So do statistics like the above bother you and has it had any bearing on your decision to move?
  19. searching


    hi all l am new to this and looking for some advice l have come to oz and have been here for 6 months, l have jusr discovered that l am pregnant. l know that on the medicare scheme u can get reciprocal health as l am from the uk. however my company is willing to sponsor therefore my dilemma is if l take the sponsorship will l be aloud to take maternity leave? and what are my rights:unsure:
  20. Just a quick overview of us - 5yrs in Aus, citizens now, no kids, good jobs, nice home, many friends...blah, blah....I could go on. We are a "success" story in the migrating journey. Yes we could stay and live out our years here. But the past 12mths I have felt it's just not the place for us anymore - many reasons, but the main one....yes that old chestnut....miss family and friends back in Blighty. I have just had a 3 week trip back (afetr 4yrs). Had poxy weather, traffic a nightmare, petrol obscene price...BUT...I bloody loved being back again. Felt alive and vibrant despite all its problems of which there are many. Reconnected with everyone and just loved it! Got the true state of affairs from many folk in the UK. It's not too bad, housing good value (and we will still need a decent sized mortgage), jobs available (I'm nurse, hubby is in logistics), we are willing to do whatever it takes. So decision made - it will be 2013 as hubby stuck in army over here. But it hopefully gives us time for our house to go up in value...we are poor souls and need every $$$. My trip gave me the answers I need. It's not a bed of roses, the problems are still there, the reasons we left are still there...but I saw things with different eyes and it's so worth it for us to return. To spend time with my elderly Mum was priceless, seeing my lovely mates...was amazing. So just got to start planning for a mid 2013 return. Can't come soon enough for us. Good luck to those of you still unsure of your choice as whether to stay or to go. I've been there and come out the otherside, at peace with myself for the 1st time in a year. Contentment as we move into the next chapter of our lives... :yes:, Cheers, Karen
  21. gilliantay

    The Right Decision

    We sometimes wonder if things happen for a reason.......................... I am sat here at 02.45 am after a very emotional day........................ We said goodbye to my MIL today - it was her funeral. I am so grateful that both myself and my partner had the chance to spend the last 4 weeks with her even though she was extremely ill or should I say went rapidly downhill on our return to the UK............... It begs the question..............was she waiting for her son to return 'home' ? I do not think I could have faced another telephone call at stupid o'clock in the morning if I had still been in Australia................................. I am soooooooo glad to be 'home' Gill
  22. Hi all I just posted this in another forum too but basically we need help in making a decision. Moving to Melbourne as unhappy in the UK after travelling and have itchy feet. We will be looking to start a family in the first few years there and am worried after looking at posts from people than it woul ruin us financially. OH is a Plumber so can earn 60-70 once he has his licence. I am in Public Relations and can get 50-70 depending on the role. So I imagine if we both get jobs at first we would be okay? But what happens when I have a baby? Can you manage on 60-70K? Not much point moving halfway round the world to struggle more is there? Is private health insurance really needed? Are there things not included with Medicare? We have to pay my OH's skills test fees ($2400) this week so want to try and make a decision before we do this. Help needed please xxx:arghh:
  23. Guest

    Time for decision after ABFP

    Hi there could you guys tell me how much time it take to make decision after ABPF message.
  24. Guest

    Decision done

    Hello all after saying it many times over the 6 years me and my wife have been together we've finally decided to try and make moving to Australia a reality. Unlike some on here I can't really say it's been a lifelong dream, only mentioned in conversation as something we'd like to do sometime in the future. I guess thats changed recently for a number of reasons, mainly that my wife & I are now 32 and know that one of us will need to retrain NOW for us to have any hope of moving before we hit 40. We have 2 children, a Son who's 4 in June & a Daughter of 10 month & We'd really like to make the move while they're still young. My biggest fear is upsetting their Grandparents, particularly my own Mother, but why should we stay & raise our children in a town, & country we've become disillusioned with?
  25. janinewhiteley

    Decision ready 121 ENS

    Hi, hope some one can help me. We need to get our meds done for a decision ready application, but do we book a full xray? and does anyone know the costs per person? thanks Janine& darren