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Found 14 results

  1. Hey there guys! My names Ian and Im a new member here. I have a visa/immigration problem I need serious advice on. And from what Ive seen throughout this site, this is the place to get some straight up, reliable answers. I currently live in Israel and I just finished a 6 month army service that I volunteered to. Im 23 and I own an Israeli passport only. I met my australian girlfriend online and we've been together for a year and 2 months. Over the course of the time we've travelled to Italy together (our first date ) and she also came here twice, once for a week and second time for a period of 5 months. Living in my house, with my mom and my sister. I love my girlfriend very much and we are the epitome of a serious relationship...and that shows even more so with all the obstacles in our way. I now want to come to australia and live with her. I dont know which visa is best for such a procedure. Ive checked, tourist, student, De facto, prospective marriage and partner. We are eager to get married, and are actually leaning towards the partner one but we figured if there is something else we can get before hand, then why rush it. Problem is, we want to be together. We want to stop the whole distance and waiting, so whatever gets us to stay together first, we will do it. My questions are... what visa would you suggest we do (remembering that there are no rules here) so we'll be able to live together? and is it possible to get married in australia while im on a tourist visa, and then apply for an onshore temporary partner visa while still in australia with her? Or will I have to leave and wait for approval? Thanks a lot you guys. I really do appreciate the help. Ian.
  2. Hi, We have just received our 5 year business visa (big change from just thinking of going for a year), and hopefully moving next summer. We are going over for 4 weeks in September to have a look at where to move to. We originally thought of moving to Melbourne where I have family but we also have friends/family in Perth and Brisbane so are now undecided. Need some advice on good places for a young couple (late 20's, no kids) to live, how to fit in 3+cities in four weeks and what to do, where to go while we are over. Are there others cities we are missing? Basically get the most out of our time. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Dear Experts, I am considering to apply for a GSM visa and need to clear ACS pre-assessment for the same. However after going through the details I am in dilemma whether I am eigible for GroupA or group B type of assessment and which one is better? Qualification: 3 years Diploma in Computer Technology 4 years Bachelor in Computer Engineering Experience: 7 years of experiencein IT industry (Telecommunications Domain) Can someone please help me resolve this confusion and provide me some tips on way forward from your vast knowledge and experience? Thanks.
  4. First of all, I thank beforehand everyone that reads this topic with good intentions and even more those who help me in my decision! Now to my issue... For some time I've been flirting with the idea of moving to Australia - for about 1 year actually. I'm Italian-Brazilian, 23 and to this day I live in Brazil. I started to think about Australia because here there are lots of shows made there showing quite a promising country with nice weather, nice people, good organization and respect. And there is quite a bit of good sense and taste that they put in those shows, which got me even more interested. So I started doing some research about it and fell in love with it. Through the internet there are lots of people and articles saying that it's indeed an amazing place with clean and beautiful cities, nice people, safe, full of opportunities and - most importantly - serious and sensible inspite the so called "laid back" style. Some of the contact I had with the local people has been positive as well, in fact one of the Australians I got to observe in a forum that I take part in seemed very good in his character, respect and achievements. The pictures of Sidney and Melbourne and the intense European immigration got me thinking if this wasn't the best place on earth for what I look for. European-like food, people and manners (not saying no other culture is good or even better but it's my favourite so far) in somewhere with lots of space, less cold and a will to go ahead. Heck, I even started to cheer for Mark Webber in F1! Now I have finished my graduation and I'm on a kind off trip-year and got the opportunity to visit Europe and Italy for the first time. I loved it! The food is amazing and cheaper than in Brazil for the quality it has, things are way more organized and serious, the overall quality of services and products is better for cheaper prices as well and actually I coped with the cold and the weather much better than I do here. The sun in Europe doesn't burn my skin and the cold, even in sub-zero forms, is for me much more pleasant than the Brazilian cold at 12 to 14 ºC. I always wanted to move to Europe and got triggered after the trip. The thing is that I never liked Brazil since I was a kid. One can classify me as quite an "uptight" and that is not only given little value here as it is even undesirable. There are many good people here, but a huge chunk of the society like to do things the wrong way and think it is clever to fool people. They ruin it for everybody, specially since most of the other part doesn't do anything to change that because of fear or lack of will. Along with that, my preferences regarding food and lifestyle here are not attended as well. When I started making the plans to move to Europe after this visit I remembered two things: Europe does seem to be a bit on a halt in therms of economy and people in some places and my crush on Australia. Then, finally, I decided to use the rest of this year to know it before deciding where to move. With that I began to make more serious researching about the Down Under and found this forum and many others about people that actually did what I'm thinking about doing and things are getting pretty disappointing. Not only here but in other places I heard about migrants that are having loads of complaints regarding Australia. Many are having issues with overt and even violent racism, many say that only a part of the people is receptive and most is only about the laying back, the nice weather has been reported like a oven by some, the quality of the products and services is being put to question and so on. There are also those who say that the people are thick in general and the cleanness and safe is only hype. I know that inside a country there are many countries and that you can never generalize, because it's wrong and a form of prejudice, but in the end of the day when you are in a society you have to deal and live with all aspects of it and important bad points about it will be very annoying and will create trouble if there is a considerable part of it behind this bad characteristics - let alone if that is the case with the majority. So I'm really worried about going to the other side of the planet to find just the many of things I dislike about Brazil and others like thick people. I'm thinking how a country so beautiful and that is one of the few colonized ones that actually worked out can be so disappointing. I'm even reading about drug problems there, which I thought before that was a very controlled issue in Australia. Now I got this huge doubt: Do I take the risk to know the place or I'm better off using the money to move to Europe straight away? I know that there is nothing like seeing for your self - I couldn't believe how wrong people where about French people being rude to tourists for instance - but the flight alone for my family and I to Australia costs 6k US dollars here. I don't want to convince my family to burn 10k or more in a trip only to find out - like many - that the dream was a nightmare and I could have used the money to live and start my career on the lovely Spain or Austria or even in some breathtaking parts of Italy. So, fellow Europeans, can you help me with this choice? Any Australians contributing would be awesome - in fact, anyone with something concrete to say about Australia would. Thanks again for those with good will and sorry for the long text! PS - In case I didn't leave it clear enough, here are things that I value in a country or society and/or in people: seriousness, respect, politeness, gentleness, cleanness, will to move forward, separation of religion and ideology from the practical issues, passion, quest/focus for quality and discreteness. A fine living - but not run down or arrogant - lifestyle is also valued by me.
  5. Our background-: I'm Irish and my OH is Australian. We have three kids,aged 7,9 and 10.This is my 5th visit to Oz and we spent 18mths here when the kids were younger.We left Oz to return to Ireland for a business opportunity[good decision] in '03 with the intention of giving life in Australia another go in 5yrs time.It took us a wee bit longer than that to get here but we have now spent 18mths here and have had a blast. We have had a lot of ups and downs since arriving but on the whole these have balanced each other out. The ups-: ~Our kids have dealt with the move amazingly well and it has made them more outgoing and confidant. ~Going back to working normal hours has given us more time together as a family. ~We have all been blessed with making some great friends and living amongst great neighbours. ~We have all realised that we love travelling and glad we took the opportunity to have three stopovers on the way. ~I have a tan for the first time in my life and I also took the chance to make some positive changes to my life by exercising more and giving up the dreaded smokes. The downs-: ~Our finances have taken a huge nosedive. ~We live within minutes of family here but rarely see them,they have no interest. ~Lots of opportunities here if you have the money to avail of them[we don't] ~The education system has not been as good as we had hoped. ~Australia seems to have become very americanised which we don't see as being a good thing. And the ridiculous-: ~Hubby went to a job interview and when the prospective employer looked through his CV and saw the name of the pub we ran in Ireland he said "I was there last year and ate there every day during my week long visit to the area"....Hubby got the job without having to say a word!!! All in all we have had a great time in Oz and it has been an amazing learning experience for the whole family.But...........we are missing some important ingredients for a happy life here so are returning home next year. Now all we have to do is enjoy every last minute of our time here...and decide which countries to visit on our way back.Can't wait. Life is a great adventure if you make it so.:yes:
  6. Hi All, Just arrived in Perth. Well been here a week now and just getting to grips with everything. Have already started work. I am working in the CBD Crashing at my friends place for now in Jolimont - he has a massive house so im being spoiled at the moment! But need to start looking at where to live. Im a single guy (31) who has come from London. Most of the people I have met this week seem to be living in Subi, Jolimont, Wembley, West Leaderville, west Perth. So Ive started my search online in these areas. I took a drive round Cottesloe - liked that aea too but people seem to put me off it by mentioning its a longer commute to CBD plus friends I may inherit though friends I know seem to be all closer to CBD. mind the commute here does not seem as arduous as what I faced in London on he tubes! Anyones thoughts on where I should consider to live would be much apreciated. Maybe I should open my eyes and look further afield? I went for a drive to Scarborough and that looked great too but further away obviously. Choices, choices, choices! Marc
  7. apparently, singapore airlines are the best. they have loads of facilities like tellies on the back of the seat in front. known to be playstations, but you cant rely on that! i know 3 people that were going to a wedding there. they each took a different plane to aus to see which was better. they all soon voted singapore airlines, they said it was excellent. hope that helps with some people choosing what airline they will suit and be most comfortable in. Great for kids as well! remember to pack loads of things to do on the plane, you'll soon have nothing to do :biglaugh: best wishes emmy x
  8. Here are some links I found useful while trying to pick a Brisbane suburb to live in. Maybe this could be made a sticky? I also shamelessly stole the following list of things you might like to consider while making your decision: Will you be commuting to the CBD? If so, will you be driving or public transport (train, bus, river ferry - citycat)? [*] What is the maximum time you're willing to travel by car/public transport during peak hour? [*] Are you more of a big block of land in quiet suburbia kind of person or small block in happening inner city suburb person? [*] Do you only want to look at brick houses or would you consider wood queenslander style housesl? [*] Do you really want to live near water or the beach? [*] Do you work in an area where jobs would be available all over (teaching for example)? [*] What is your budget range - if you want to tell [*]Are you bothered about what local Brisbanitesthink of the area or do you want to make your own mind up? There may be areas which Brisbanites consider: Fashionable, upmarket areas - may be more expensive Unfashionable, but still good areas - may be less expensive Really make a list of priorities - that will help people to help you to decide rather than just selling their own suburbs! By the way did I say Graceville is nice! Brisbane City Structure Map: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/bccwr/lib181/stratmapa3_a_jan08.pdf Brisbane Land Usage Map: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/bccwr/lib181/cp001_jul08.pdf Conservation and Recreational Areas: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/bccwr/lib181/stratmapa3_c_jan08.pdf Brisbane Movement System Map: http://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/bccwr/lib181/stratmapa3_d_feb04.pdf Brisbane City Plan 2000: City Plan 2000 document - Brisbane City Council Future Plans for Brisbane Suburbs: Chapter 4 - Local plans - Brisbane City Council Statistical Portrait of Brisbane from 2001 census: Statistical Portrait of Brisbane (Brisbane's Regions) Some Cycle Route Maps: Bikeway maps - Brisbane City Council http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/resources/file/ebbff54793c4908/Principal_cycle_network_plan_map_08.pdf South East Queensland Principal Cycle Network Plan Public Transport Timetables/Route Planner: TransLink - Public transport information PDF about Brisbane Flood of 1974 (inc. flood map): http://www.bom.gov.au/hydro/flood/qld/fld_reports/brisbane_jan1974.pdf Cheers, Nath
  9. Starting to get together the documents needed for the visa application and our agent has said to do the ielts test as a back up as DIAC are always changing the goal posts, When I have done the online points test they have come out at 130 and for a skilled perm visa the points needed is 120 (unless changed) here is how the score is broken down , Can any one advise if this is all correct Occupation 60 Age 15 English 25 specific work experience 10 Occupation in demand 15 Partner skills 5 I hate taking this type of test unless i really have to and its extra money to pay out I have emailed our agent as well over this Thanks Dave
  10. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone can give info and advice on travelling around Australia? We would love to move there, but we need to travel around first before we make a definate decision. We have thought about 1-2 months travelling. We have a 3 year old son, but won't be doing this until next year, so he will be 4 when travelling. Has anyone done this with a young child before? Does anyone know of good websites that cater for families travelling around? Any advice would be great. Thanks for your help Becky x
  11. Guest


    My husband,myself and three children have finally decided to take the plunge after a long time thinking of moving to Australia.One of the concerns i have that we dont have any qualifications,my husbands worked in the aluminium trade for alot of years since leaving school making doors and shopfronts, ive worked in accounts and buying .We also run our own business looking after animals. Will this go against getting our visa?:wacko: Mandyb
  12. Hi there guys, I'm new to this forum, I'm hoping some of you can offer us some words of wisdom/experience. Me and my husband (both mid-thirties, with no children) are just starting the process of applying for an independent skilled worker visa - husband has scored 120 pts - he's a bricklayer. I'm a nail technician with 15 yrs experience but also have my qualifications in RSA II word processing and NVQ III - business/administration ....don't know if that'll be recognised in Australia? We are researching which areas would be affordable for us and easier to find building work for my husband. Just wondering the availability of building work, which areas are saturated with builders (places to avoid...I'm guessing Sydney?!) If my husband got a job as a builder and I worked part-time as a nail-tech or in an office, would this income give us a decent standard of living compared to the cost of living over there? I am thinking the Perth area/suburbs (been there twice ...but this was 15 years ago!!!) But liked the feeling of the place - quiet suburbia, nice markets, beaches, coffee shops etc. Me and my husband got married in Palm Cove QLD 2 years ago, and travelled from Cairns to Brisbane....my husband is thinking more Cairns area to relocate to? Although I really liked this area too, we didn't have that much time to look around the suburbs, we were there on our honeymoon and did touristy things and saw touristy places. My concerns for this area would be the humidity and tropical-ness of the place....I thought about areas more south...towards Noosa/sunshine coast areas being a better place for us?. We are hoping to bring £150,000 GBP with us, is this a realistic amount to have to set us up with a 2 or 3 bed home (didn't want a mortgage more than $100,000 AUD or £65,000 GBP) and to get us a decent car and get us started? We are shipping over our sofas/bed/garden furniture as it's all brand new. Any considerations on areas we should be thinking about in relation to our 3 dogs??? (cavalier king charles spaniels) - I've got images of the dogs being out in the garden and chasing snakes or big spiders if we are in the tropics!! ha ha. Any info. ideas would be greatly appreciated, we are pretty open to ideas. We are hoping a life in Australia will give us a better quality in relation to being able to go walking together with our dogs, picnics, BBQs etc. We are not city types, but I do like shopping...so didn't want to be too far away from the necessaties. If anyone can offer their expereince or words of wisdom, please let me know :v_SPIN: Many thanks in advance Jenny
  13. Hello to all , as i,m still in deciding mode about whether this is the right thing to do, there are a few nagging questions I have and i don,t know how to get answers, thought there is bound to be someone who can help so here they go, 1. Perth or Queensland?(we were thinking sunshine state) family of 5 kids age 6,4, 1.O/h self employed plumber / bathroom fitter.We live in a city. (Love outdoors, beaches, we,d like to be no more than 20 mins to a beach).open to other suggestionsof areas 2.Son wears glasses and has regular checks to update his prescription at hospital always needs them replaced, how does this work in oz ? ( I,m assuming it can be expensive but does private medical insurance cover?) 3.ECZEMA, I suffer but there must be other sufferers out there do you find its got better due to more sunshine ?or worse ? also i get a lot of stuff on prescription so again does this work out costly? Theres loads more but they important for now ! thanks , liz x :jiggy:
  14. http://www.whereis.com/whereis/home.do;jsessionid=E771269DC15286B566A4F70069515637.server1-1 Just found this link.... Thought it might be useful. Especially when you hav'nt yet decided on where to settle. :eek: Just enter the suburb your thinking of going to, enter the state, click get Map and it leads to the area map. Then you can check/search out all services in that area using the show place bar ie., schools, shops, hospitals, banks ,clubs etc., etc. Well, it helped me anyway...... :rolleyes: (Also try Wikipedia...... enter your suburb in search box and it tells you everything about that suburb with loads of info & links) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia