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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    Just decided !

    Hi Very new to this site and still trying to figure it out ! We have just made the decision to emmigrate to queensland and are looking for advice about how to get started ! Currently living in Doncaster , south yorkshire and am waiting to here if i have got on a access to nursing course after which i would like to do midwifery. We are a family and though its a few years off we are wanting to get as much information as possible so that we can make the move as soon as ive had enough experience over here to get a job in queensland. Need to know about employment, visas, how much money is need to go over initially, schooling for a 12 years plus, is it a good idea going to the emmigration shows ? We have looked at Hervey Bay and bundaberg area. Any info you could give us will be great ! thank youin advance !!!! Ev:biggrin:
  2. stevie ellis

    We have decided to part

    :cry: I am writing this we a teer in ma eye but me and ma old gal have decided to part , we have been together for a long time and she has been through thick and thin we ma, never ever let ma doon but we have decided that enough is enough. As a Scotsman i know this will hurt me in the pocket but what can i do:cry: sad sad day, och well
  3. Guest

    OK So we've decided!!!

    Hello Everyone :biggrin: We are a family of 4 me ,27, h2b ,28, Daughter 6 and son 4. After trawling the internet for advice and info on moving to Oz this site as by far answered most questions :wubclub: so thank you everyone. So we are going to make a few sacrifices this year after we get married and make the big move. my OH is a mechanic by trade so we are on the SOL , I'ma supervisor in a supermarket I'm hoping this will help me get a job when we are over there (I'm guessing in about 2 yrs after we get rid of some debt and do the visa process) Rockingham is a place we've decided on, so just a few questions I haven't come across. any help will be greatly appreciated is there much demand for mechanics in this area is trials and motorcross ok there (OH has a trials bike we dont want to leave behind and our son very much wants one lol) I know the second question isnt really important but I can't find anything regarding it :err: lol maybe that answers my question! I'm sure I'm going to have a load more questions once we get going :wink: Thanx in advance Kel
  4. Guest

    Decided not to go to

    Hi All, I am a regular reader on PIO but have only posted once last year, thanks to all those people who made constructive comments. Briefly, my visa was granted last May, my dad passed away in July and since then things changed alot, the way I felt about going away, leaving family behind etc.... Anyway, we have decided not to go now, after doing alot of research I think we are better off staying here plus the whole being near family issue. Today I had to tell my boss I wasnt going so that's it, all over, I am not going to emigrate. I do feel very relieved now and I know people will be thinking I am mad and stupid, and what a waste of time applying and paying for visas etc.... But at the time it felt right, now it does not and I can't put my life on hold any longer. For all of you PIO readers who are unsure, go with what you think is best, only you will know what is right for you. People will always make comments for and against Oz but only you will know. Good luck to all who are applying, going, staying or coming back!
  5. Well, I thought I had it all planned out when we started this visa process! BUT no, the DIAC have changed the rules more times than I have had hot dinners! Its been a game of snakes and ladders... up we go and then down we go, right to the bottom... up a little way again and oh look... back down to the bottom again! :wub: Our plan was to be in Australia by now and have a third and final child over there, but as it turns out, 25 months later (or 19 months from application), we could have just got on with it and had a 10 month + child by now, but instead we put our lives on hold, like soooo many others, and decided to wait so we did not jeopardise our visa application! Well, I got fed up of waiting for the DIAC and decided we could not put life on hold any longer. I am not getting any younger and decided to put our plans in the hands of fate! :biggrin: So, we decided to get our meds done in March just in case I fell pregnant and just in case we finally got a CO so as to not hold up our application. I am very happy to say now, that I am 4 months pregnant! - But, now I have a dilemma! Typical! :wideeyed: We are lucky enough to now fall into Cat 3, and by the looks of it we MIGHT (as long as things don't change again!) get a CO by December... Now, this would be fantastic but I am only allowed to fly up until the end of December. So, it wont be possible (I don't think) to validate until after the baby is born... which is March AND March is when our meds run out!!! Hence our dilemma!!! :goofy: Does anyone know if we would fall into the "exceptional circumstances" category and they would extend our meds by a few months, so that we could validate after the baby is born? From what I understand from my agent, we don't have to inform DIAC of the pregnancy until the baby is born or until we know we have a CO... Do you reckon they might by sympathetic to our needs? Or, will this hold up our application once again? Anyone, been in a similar situation??? Would love to hear about anyone else who has got bored of waiting, and how its worked out for you! Cheers Tasha :hug:
  6. Phil & Vikki

    Decided not to bring our cat

    It is with great regret that we have decided not to bring out our cat with us. After a long time thinking about it we think it would be too much for her to take and knowing our luck we would of spent all the money on her to get out here and she would then go and get herself eaten by something big and nasty lol. She will be staying in the hose we currently have with family, so hopefully she will not have too much disruption. But wil knowing all the good points, it is still a hard decision to come to.
  7. Hello. How's everyone's Easter break? I'm going to have to work from today till Monday :wacko: I'm currently studying Dip. of Hospitality and the last class is on the 11th of June. I have my TRA assessment done(pre-Jan 2010), and have IELTS 7 each band. Here's 'if'. If DIAC does not apply the new rules in June, I could probably apply for 885 PR visa that time. Age 30 SOL 60(Cook) IELTS 25 Aus Study 5(2yrs TAFE) - If I lodge an online application on the 30th of June, is it what they call lodgement date? - What if the school cannot produce course transcript by June even though the course completion date is 11th of June. Can I upload the transcript later in July without taking any risk? - Any suggestions to prove course completion? I have problem getting this transcript on time. School admin does not wanna give me an answer when they can print it out. They just say I can get it on Graduation day in July. This is by the assumption that the new rules will apply from July. And I clearly understand 885 nonCSL non MODL no Sponsor will have no promsie how long it's gonna take to be granted. :sad: Thank you all for the answers ahead.
  8. Well im happy today weve made a big decision about OZ. Our only way to a new life with our kids to Australia is to gain a job offer, now in the current climate and jamies profession job offers whilst we are still in the Uk are proving virtually impossible. we are waiting to hear about a job hopefully next week but to be honest arent to optimistic. However Jamie has made a good contact up in brisbane with a guy who has said to him, if you can get out here id like to meet you for a coffee and a chat and try and find you a position within the organisation. Hes also had several people say once you land give us your CV and we,ll sort you out. all very well but we cant bloody get there. SO after much thought and soul searching and looking at the finances we have came up with a plan. If we dont get the job we applied for we are selling up and heading to Brissy on a student visa, i,ll study so Jamie can secure work and inevitably an employer willing to keep him and sponsor him for PR. So really its more a way of entry Now yes i know this is risky and its expensive and believe me we know it will be tight but we are sick of sitting here hoping and waiting on it happening, so were going to take the risk and just go for it. We honestly only have 2 options 1. Sit here and keep trying to get a job for how long, weve been trying for over 6 months now and only 1 job has even said they would consider sponsoring 2. take the risk or i suppose a third option is give up. but its not in my nature to give up. We are only on ACT list but they require liquid funds which we dont have so we cant apply for another visa except ENS and thats looking not likely. We will wait till next week to hear news on the job and if nothing get the house valued do a couple of things to it and stick it on the market. I have the application form for Brisbane TAFE sitting on my desk ready to go, its now or never we cant just sit watching the world go by wondering what were going to do we need to go and make our dream happen, so i hope and pray with everything ive got this risk pays off! thanks for reading x:wubclub:
  9. Irishgirl1

    Decided to Stay!!!

    Hi Most of you would'nt have read my first post which I should have posted in the welcome section. Anyway my first post was about considering whether to move back to Dublin and I was a bit emotional in that post and was going through a bit of a downer, which I think we all do sometimes. So we have to decide to stay in Perth I have been 21yrs and can honestly say it took me 10yrs for the place to grow on me but that was because of the age I came over at which was 15. So I live in Armadale have done since 1988 and it is a great place wonderful to head down the South West from, have a great English Pub up the hill called the Elizabethan Village and it is fantastic, and everything is not to far Freo and Perth only 30-35min away. I have a friend in Kingsley and it takes me 40 min to get there not in peak times of course. just want to thank alot of you for your input on this site, so many have different opinions which is great, many thanks to Fiona,Quoll and Ali for great help and to Itcouldbeworse for his wonderful posts and to say what a great inspiration for alot of people coming here, his story reminds me to much of my parents and they did it all for us. I always say to my Mum don't you miss your sisters and brothers , she always says back of course I do but you kids and your Dad are my family. So I fill in when I am annoyed at something which can happen quite often LOL Very cold night in Perth tonight so keep warm fellow West Aussies :chatterbox: thanks again everyone :hug:
  10. Well as Im in a very positive mood following excellent test results and being discharged from the hospital - yeah i dont have cancer! I have decided that this week is the week that my visa will come through :wub: Watch this space and get those mexican hand waves at the ready - I will keep you posted! Emma x
  11. Hi guys, THis isn't the case for me but I have a friend who is wondering if he can go to Oz on a tourist visa (for a few weeks) even though he has already applied for a 175 visa. The reason I'm asking is because the visa MUST be granted while he is out of the country. What happens if his case is decided while he is in Oz? Would his application be rejected? Can anyone provide some advice on this?
  12. hillyman

    decided to go on recci

    Hi all, wonder if any of you wonderful people could help,house not selling which i have mentioned in another thread so we've decided to go on a recci,some of you may know iv,e been offered a job at maters hospital (Brisbane) could any of you reccomend any suburbs which are not to close to the city, my daughter want's to be somewhere near the coast i want to check out schools so any advise would be greatful. many thanks paula.
  13. Hello everyone We are new members and have just decided to move to oz. We have not got a clue were to start! Can anyone give us a few pointers. We have 2 children 17 & 12 and we know if we do not get a move on they might change their minds!! They are both up for it at the moment.
  14. Guest

    decided to go for it!

    We have now decided to move to Perth at the end of March. The house sale fell through last year and we now have it up for rent, we was going to go on holiday next month to validate our visas but thought why waste the money on a holiday when we can use it towards the move. Fingers crossed it will rent while we are away. Cant stop thinking of everything that needs to be done. There are a few things I'm not sure about over there if anyone has any ideas we would be most gratefull. - my little girl will be 4 at easter, will she be able to start pre-school over there, I believe they start school later. - any ideas on cheap car hire for a couple of weeks untill we get sorted and accommodation, we are looking in the north of Perth. - my husband is a carpenter, where is the best place for him to start looking for work, as we are going with no dosh. Thanks for any help! Cant believe its finally happening, looking forward to it but so worried about leaving everyone behind, especially my family as none of them will fly so it could be a final goodbye. Tracey :cool:
  15. well my family have said we should attempt to move to Aus, I have a couple of questions if anyone can help. Do you need to find a job before you move? Do you need funds to take with you or can you rent a property in Aus and rent our own house out in the uk? how long does this take and how much will it cost? really happy if anyone can help me. thanks x:biggrin:
  16. theowens

    Application decided message????

    I applied for a visa on 18.08.08 and have been attaching documents since, however this morning I tried to attach some and got the error message "The following errors have been encountered: 1. You cannot attach documents or files as your application has been decided. Please use the Query the Status of your application link to check the status of your application." I have checked the "Query Status" and it hasnt changed but the document checklist link shows nothing. I have sent DIAC an email this morning but I'm just a bit concerned something has gone wrong as I know they can't have decided as I havent even done the medicals or police checks yet. Has anyone else seen or had this problem? Thanks
  17. Hi We are the Elliott family from Derby, we have decided we would like to Move to Melbourne, maybe Point Cook, Werribee, Altona area. We are in the process of getting together bits to send off the Skills Assessment, we are hoping to go out on a 175 visa, hubby is a nurse. We will be going with our 10 year old son Jack and two hairy dogs, Hartley and Tashi - I did baulk at the cost of taking dogs but could not bear to be parted from them (cried when i realised they have to be 30 days in quarantine.) We love the website, its been loads of help already, we welcome any advice/tips or knowlege of areas. Sooooooo excited already, think its going to be a long 12 months or so and we just want to go now Look forward to talking to you Claire x
  18. Hi I was just wondering if someone could give me some advise. When we decided to move to Australia my eldest daughter decided she wanted to stay here but has now changed her mind. I rang my agent and they said she needed to go back to college so that she would be totally dependant on us, so we have filled in the application form for college and sent it off but I received an e-mail yesterday from agent saying she still might not get accepted as it would be up to the CO. Does anyone have any ideas of what we can do to give us the best chance of getting her accepted
  19. hi everyone,yes we're heading for the worst bit too,selling the house.had a couple of valuations the other week so phoned the best one for us earlier and they are coming to take pictures tomorrow.now the stress begins!!!!:arghh:tracy.
  20. Hi My husband has been a Fire alarm Engineer for 7 yrs now and is not on the skilled visa list, what were the requirement on pathway d, just so i know if we applied before it was withdrawn if we would have had any chance! all these visa numbers and pathways is very confusing, even if someone puts up abbreviations for thing i sometimes do not know what they are . at the moment our only hope is on a student visa, but this does not seem viable with 4 kids in tow. i hope they bring something back in so we can migrate as it seems so unfair that my husband has been in his job for 7 yrs and he actually feels i think that he has let us down because his job is not classed as skilled, and he feels it is unfair for me to have 2 go on a student visa for 2yrs and he can only work for 20hrs a week his words were "i am the one supposed to be working and earning the money , you shouldnt HAVE to work and study , and be there for me and the kids when all i can do is sit around except for 20hrs a week and watch you wear yourself out" i know he means well and i wouldnt mind ,but he does and he said it would make him look like a lazy bum that sent his wife out to work , study and look after the children and be there for him , and he is not prepared to do that he says anyways i hope they bring something in that would make my husband feel like a man again prepared to work hard and not a bum regards michel
  21. Guest

    We've Decided to Go For It!!!

    Well, my husband is between jobs, I've just been told I'm being made redundant this year, our house is already on the market (has been for a year now!)... we've talked about it for years, but we've now decided to do it... we're going to Perth!!!! Never been before, is that crazy to make the decision without visiting first? But my Uncle emigrated out to Perth in '89 and has never regreted it. So I have family out there, and cousins with children the same ages. What I need to know is, what do we do first, sell our house, visit Perth, apply for a Visa, look for a job... help... I just don't know where to start?? :jiggy: Very Excited Julie & Dan, Halle(7) & Maisie(4)
  22. Guest

    Just decided to move to Oz

    :wubclub: Hi, Please can anyone help us ? we have just decided to move to Oz from Liverpool, we have 3 children and want a better and safer future for them and we think Australia is the right place for us. The problem we have is that we have never been to australia before and don't know the different area's. My dream would be somewhere that is good for families, within a 15 minute drive to a beach and city centre, good schools, decent shops, and not too unbearably hot , so not much really !!! :cute: We have not started the application process yet but I will be next week when I get some more tips from the internet. a little bit aout our family I am 27 and my husband billy is 29, we have a nine year old daughter, a 7 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I own a designer childrens boutique and billy is a self employed plasterer, I'm not too sure what I want to do for work but billy would like to continue his trade when we get there. thanks for any help you can give us. lisa and family x
  23. Guest

    Just decided to Migrate

    Hello everyone, this is our first post the site. My partner and I have been to OZ twice now in as many years and have fallen in love with the country. We also recently visited the London OZ Expo a few weeks back. Although I cant manage the full 120 points required we heard about state sponsorship at the show. This his given us a new lease of life but involves us to live in a state (South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania) under the SIR Scheme for two years. This is fine but our long term plans are to live in either NSW or WA. Does anyone know what if any conditions are put upon the scheme that may restrict our long term goal of living elsewhere if Tasmania if its not for us? Thanks,