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Found 12 results

  1. gaznem

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    I have noticed some migration checklists advising you to pay of debts before you go - is this just because it is good advise or does it come from either migration requirements or perhaps UK loan terms and conditions?:err:
  2. We are due to emigrate within the next two months as hubby has hopefully got a job but we cant sell our house and have loans that will therefore not be repaid - where do we stand and what should we do. Plenty of people are just saying lock up the house and just go - let the banks etc sort it after we have gone but i am worried about taking this drastic step. Any advice is welcome.:wacko:
  3. bowdonius

    457 visa - Debts in uk

    Hi Im due to move to townsville on a four year 457 visa- I have a house in UK which i will rent plus a few debts in uk I can t pay them off , any ideas... ! ? Will transfer money back each month but could cost more if exchange rate goes up. Can i get a loan in oz on a 457 ? cheers
  4. Guest

    Credit cards debts

    Hi all, I just very recently found out that if I were to apply for skilled visa it would take approx 3 years before they even looked at my application. I have £*,000 to pay off credit cards before I can go anywhere, is there any point in applying now???:frown: Thanks for any replies wade&lara
  5. Guest

    debts in uk

    hi we were wondering what happens to any bank loans and any other debt you have in uk when you finally get to oz if you stop paying them off do they chase you as some people say they do and some say they dont any advice is much apprieciated cheers paul
  6. Guest

    Restrictions on UK debts?

    Hi, I have still have a student overdraft with a UK bank acount - although I am still within my overdraft limit and make payments to it. i am wondering if this will hinder my visa application? Are you able to apply for a de facto visa if you have outstanding debts in the UK? Thanks,
  7. Guest

    Debts in the UK

    Hi, my girlfriend and I are going through the ardious process of the migration process to Australia. The problem I have is that I have a business in the UK, and with that comes an overdraft of nearly 10K GBP and a business credit card with Natwest, a personal managed loan with HSBC and a personal credit card with Egg, I am looking to pay most of the debts of before we go, but as the business overdraft is the largest, I was thinking about leaving this one, and paying it off bit by bit when we get to Australia. The problem I have is that I am afraid that when tell natwest about moving to Australia they will demand all the money back, which I cant afford to do. I was wondering if anyone had advice on whether this particular debt would be a problem when we get to the credyt part of the application, as I would rather pay whatever debt off first whcih may affect our application for residency? Please help
  8. Guest

    Debts in the UK

    Hi All Now I know that there are serveral threads about debts in the UK, and how your debt can't follow you and that Oz is a fresh start....but I have a question. Has anyone contacted their creditors here in the UK explained their situation and come to a mutual agreement ? If so, how did you get on ? Reason I ask, is that I can't just do a runner....as one I don't want to, but 2 we are leaving our house here in the UK and renting out and the last thing I want is the tenants getting hassle.... Anyone, got any advice....and before anyone suggest clearing my debts, unfortunately that is not an option @ the moment.. Thanks all Sweetpea:wacko:
  9. Guest

    Outstanding UK debts

    Hi guys Married my Australian wife in the UK recently, and we are planning on moving there permenently around end of 2009. The problem i have is my outstanding student loan and credit card debts. Whilst i may be able to pay the card off, my student loan will take many years. Is there a way of paying it whilst abroad or even not paying it? A friend of mine said that as soon as he moved to Oz they just cancelled his student debt automatically. I have heard differing stories though from various people though. What are other peoples experiences? The fact of the matter is that i really dont want to burn bridges with the UK just by doing a runner Thanks in advance Simon
  10. Guest

    Servicing debts in UK

    Hi I`m considering a move to Aus, but have credit card debts and a bank loan in the UK. Is it possible to service these debts from Aus? I will be unable to pay them all off before I moved out? Cheers Daz
  11. Guest

    High Interest Rates And Debts

    Just thought I would share a few things I picked up from my brief trip to Oz recently. I’d like to add a bit of a comment to assure everyone I’m totally PRO Australia and not looking to be negative or against anything there at all. Determined to move there, settle and make a success of it. I love the Country and approach our migration with open eyes and an open mind and heart to everything. BUT ?? :wub: When we were there 2 weeks ago, I lost count of the amount of TV programmes on the various Channels, 7, 9, 10 etc., concentrating on the anticipated housing market crash expected this year. They, (NOT ME) are forecasting over 300,000 house repossessions alone this year. They say this is due to the increasing interest rates there. When we were there they increased interest rates to 7%, with more to follow so they say, projecting bigger credit card debt, car loan headaches and as above, house repossessions. Now I know for sure there are hundreds of you guys on here who will laugh and say to me "Chill out Em" "Get a life Em" yea I know that. I’m thinking of the young families with children who make the massive move and come up against these problems. Or families who have worked hard, built some equity and invest in their future there. :cry: I was startled by the TV coverage of this frightening problem. OK their TV lacks a lot of variety and they are looking to fill in slots. But they even have adverts on TV warning about this and giving guidance. One clip showed a man with a fast food sort of cafe, who was broke and couldn’t pay his mortgage or business loan, actually in tears. It really was intense coverage, on news, TV chat shows and other documentaries. Furthermore, the nightly news there showed the house price boom. Apparently last year they claim house prices in Perth rose by just 1%. In Brisbane 21% and in Adelaide 20%, so that was interesting to know. Maybe the Perth market has already burst. I’m one of the lucky ones who won’t have a mortgage or any business or car loans, so I’m not writing this for myself, I’m genuinely concerned for others who may not be aware of this or do not want to know about it. After all the aim of this site is to try and help each other. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad tidings, and am a positive person at heart, but sometimes I feel we should all know more about the problems that can be encountered. Everyone needs a home, a roof over their head, and it is probably the most precious item and biggest item we ever buy in our life’s. Anyone have any thoughts on this? :err: EMMY
  12. Guest

    Student Debts

    Hi there, Does anyone know anything about student loans and whether they are to be paid back in full before you leave for Oz or whether there is a system to transfer it. I don't want to call them and ask incase they panic and send the bailiffs round! I have been deferring the payments for a few years since having a family and returning part-time. They'll like me even less when they find out I'm sodding off never to be seen again. Thanks Caroline