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Found 13 results

  1. I have an NAB account setup for when we get to Aus. I need to know if I will be able to setup a monthly direct debit from my NAB account to my UK account to pay a loan that I am hoping to leave running in the UK. Any advise on this? I have opened a Moneycorp account to transfer funds from UK to Aus. Can i do this the other way every month?
  2. Hi, My NAB account shows me that my car loan(through ANZ) has been reversed back to my account! The money was taken yesterday and put back in today?? Confused!!
  3. Hiya Just a quick question....If I use my Barclays debit card here in Australia, how much extra do I end up paying per dollar (roughly) :unsure: Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  4. Jennifer Shields

    Debit harresment to family in U.K.

    Ausralian Permenent residents of 7 yrs.Had a I.V.A. in uk which ran for 4 yrs but due to illness was unable to continue payments to the U.K. Fairfax solicitors in Leeds demend money from our eldest son in the u.k. full knowing that the debit not his. The solicitors just keep sending court threats.My sons job is such that he can not get into any finacial or legal trouble or he will lose his job. The solicitors ignor our letters and emails here in Australia.Is there anything else we can do?Yes we have offered a payment plan but again letters and emails ignored!:sad:
  5. Guest

    Do Diac accept debit cards?????

    Hi, Does anyone know if diac accept debit cards? We need to pay for a whv and don't have a c/card. Cheers Andrea
  6. Hi folks, we are off on our validation trip on the 16th May and need to sort out the money side. Now we have a Nationwide Current Account, with a Visa Debit card. Can someone please tell me whether our card will work out in Adelaide. Now I have asked my bank this question and they assure me it will, but they also said that, when we went to Italy last year, and it didnt. So a bit worried, to risk it. The other option is to order Aus Travellers Cheques. Also can anyone recommend a good place to order money from, with a good exchange rate of course....whatever that may be :wink: Thanks Mandisfam
  7. Guest

    Credit or Debit Card?

    Can you pay for the online visa fee with your visa debit card or does it have to be a credit card?
  8. This may be an obvious question but am going to ask anyway. When i was in the UK i did not pay my credit cards by direct debit but by making a payment from my debit card. Is there any reason why I cannot do the same with my oz debit card?? this will save me having to estimate the amount to transfer ( i am paying them off totally and they give me the option of paying the whole balance) and I will then only have to pay the currency conversion rate. Does anyone forsee any huge problem in doing this?? Thanks
  9. libbysmum

    VISA debit card to pay TRA????

    Hi all, the TRA website says you can pay using a VISA credit card, my problem is I don't own any sort of credit card, however my debit card is VISA and it can be used worldwide so was wondering if this would work. Does anyone have any experience of using a debit card rather than a credit card?? Sarah
  10. I was amazed and gobsmacked to find out that if you wish to cancel a direct debit here it doesn't work in the same way as it does in the UK. I informed the company, gave them notice of cancelling the contract and requested that the payment be stopped, nothing different there. I then went into the bank and asked them to cancel it from their end. Erm sorry, no can do. What???? Do you mean I have no control over my account that if the company try to take more money as they are so often wont to do they can and I can't stop them? Afraid so, they don't have the system in place to do this. I'm sorry but I've never heard anything more ridiculous in my life, I worked in banking in the Uk and I find it very hard to believe that in this day and age they don't have the facillity to implement this. So word of warning, if you cancel a direct debit, watch your account like a hawk.....:policeman:
  11. Guest

    no debit card

    Looking at Westpac,s day to day bank account - they say they dont issue debit cards to non permenant residents. We are coming over on a long stay 4 yr visa - and according to westpac site they can offer a handycard instead. There's no info on their site re the handycard. Anyone know if it can act as a cheque guarantee card and allow you to do the equivalent of switch/maestro transactions that we do here. Dont think i can operate with out buying online and switch! Or can anyone on the same type of visa offer any advice on a bank that can offer this. Looking for any pointers!! Starting to run out of time!! Leaving Jan 28th for Brisbane. Hold the sun!! Lisa
  12. Guest

    uk debit cards

    Hi ALL. I have a halifax visa debit card, when i come over in august to visit will i be able to use my card. Jacky & Andy :jiggy:
  13. Hi Has anyone paid their visa app using their debit card through the post? We ticked debit card box then wrote our debit card no in the space provided and speaking to others ,now think we may have made a mistake. Shouldn't think it will hold things up too much but any light shed on it woult be appreciated cheers Paul &Emma