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Found 14 results

  1. OK i need some ideas for my Millie who will be 12 the end of march . We won't get to Perth till the 12thMarch 2012 so i need to try and sort something from this end . She can't wait to live in oz . We want to make it very special for her . Now we have her god parents flying in from Sydney as a surprise . i'll give you an idea what my Millie likes and dislikes . Dislikes : She doesn't do processed food .... She gets narky in zoo's about the space the animals don't have . doesn't like cinemas. Doesnt like shell fish Likes : Animals /Marine life Hiking and climbing Swimming , snorkelling Lenonese food,chinese,mexcian food, italian, Greek food, Mums choc cake :laugh: Would be great if any of you could help with places for me ..... because i need to save for this lol . Anywhere in WA we are open too........ to make my growing girls day so SPECIAL! Thanks Brides x P.s i would of posted this on the pp site ( but she goes on there now lol )
  2. bettyboo

    Daughters visa

    Hopefully someone can help me here. we are a family who have recently validated our visa's, oh skilled trade. Our eldest went over after us to validate her visa and loved it so much she just wants to go back. So as she has a pr visa can she just go or do we need to be there because that's how we got the visa. Ie oh skilled trade. We hopefully will be going as a family at some point but can't go at the moment, but our eldest just wants to go.:huh:
  3. Proview220

    Daughters boyfriend

    My 17 yr old daughters long term boyfriend now tells her he wants to ome along with us when we are granted our visa, problem is we are not far off getting a case officer, He is the same age as her, at college doing Computer IT, would he be able to come along at the same time as us on some type of visa, any thoughts on this???? Cheers Proview
  4. pudseypoms

    advice with daughters education

    Hi i was just wondering if anyone could help!!!:biggrin: We are currently applying for are SA sponsorship.. and will then apply for our visa.. (fingers crossed) I have a daughter aged 16 (D.O.B 5/4/94) shes just sitting her 1 year of A levels . right now. She will sit her final second year exams next May... We have looked at high schools in australia and the TAFE colleges, but carnt decide if we should leave her to finish her education in England or take her with us?? Would she be able to follow on our visa next May or would she need her own once she turns 18??? so many questions???:jiggy:
  5. Guest

    Bored Daughters?

    If anyone has daughters hanging around the house, send them off to Guides (www.guidesqld.org). I am a Guide Leader in St Lucia/Indooroopilly district and I'm looking for some new recruits. We do lots of fun things, crafts, games and we go on camp twice a year! I am English and have been in Australia since the new year, so if your girls are perhaps having problems settling into Brisbane life and/or making friends then this would be the ideal opportunity. Please PM for any details, Amy
  6. Not a bad sort of house, great for a young family, good position. 50 EIRENE STREET, YARRAVILLE, Victoria 3013 - House for Sale #106334407 - realestate.com.au Cheers kernow
  7. Guest

    Daughters GCSEs

    I really am getting myself worked up over this. :arghh:I dont want to ruin my daughters education so any advice anyone can give me here would be much appreciated. She is due to take her GCSEs May 2009 and is a A* student who we are extremely proud of. I need to know if it would be better for her to take her GCSEs here first then we go over to Aus or go ahead this year as we were planning to do originally. I'm not sure I really understand how the exam system works over there tbh. (thats why I wasnt a A* student:embarrassed:) Would her GSCEs mean much over there or not? She will be 16 in September so what school year would she be in if we leave this Summer? I also have a boy who has just turned 13 in Jan (very proud of him too:yes:)who is more into his sport rather than his education. I know he will be fine and throw himself into all the sporting activities available. Please if anyone can help me with this or have been in the same situation I would love to hear from you.:twitcy: Thanks.
  8. Hi there, Recently arrived in Sydney. We are in the Inner West at the moment in furnished accom until container arrives but until my husband gets work not sure where we will settle permanently. We have 2 daughters 2 and 3 and they would love to have some people to play with again. We would love to meet up with some people as well. Don't mind what area, we don't know anyone here so contact with anyone would be great. Thanks Cat
  9. Guest

    Daughters favorite teddy

    Hi We are at the stage of wondering what to take or not. Our daughter has her favorite Teddie bear that is baulde, there is holes in it as well as. It went every where with her when she was wee. I want to take it with me as she is not coming , would it be allowed in to Australia or does it stay in Britain with her. ( with the age of it it is going to be smelly and dirty now). if i was able to wash it in the machine do you think that might help. Mrs SeanG
  10. my daughter emigrated to oz a year ago with husband & my wife & I are waiting to be sponsored to join them. my daughter has a daughter born in oz would this be any help. I am 62 & have a property to sell & run a small sign business which I hope to carry on in oz in a part time capacity. any tips ???
  11. Guest

    Daughters Visa

    Hi Can someone please advise us! Our daughter came over on a working/holiday visa which runs out September 09, she wishes to stay longer! Is interested in Student Visa but would like to do something along the lines of Beauty, only wants to do a year course! We know she has to do 3 months rural work to get another working/holiday Visa but she's not keen! Any Ideas! Please! Any help would be appreciated! Hope to hear from someone Heather x
  12. Hi everyone , I'd love to hear from anyone who has a heart condition who has passed or failed their meds or knows of anyone who has. My daughter has a repaired tretalogy of pallots and althought i have a letter from her consultant saying taht the likelyhood of her needing another operation is extremely small and she only needs a check up every couple of years i am worried that it may halt our visa . Any one else been in this boat? Thanks, Jo x
  13. I am feeling low as i miss my daughters 17 and 19yrs old.I begged them to come with me but they did not want to leave friends and family.So i had to make the big decision and come without them.They live with thier father and they are very happy but it still hurts like hell to think i am so far away from them now.I came here with my oh and our 5yr old son,and i have to keep telling myself we have done the right thing for our son,and that maybe in years to come one of my daughters may decide she wants a life down under,and me being here will make that easier for her to do. Some of you may be reading this and think i must be a horrible mum for the choice i made,and sometimes i punish myself and really get down about the whole bloody thing.But i must remember thier ages and think what i was like at thier ages,and i know that my parents were at the bottom of my list for things to do. If i was to go back for feeling guilty,i know i would only see them once every couple of weeks,and then that would be because i had reminded them i was still alive,they would not have the easy option to come over here,and our son would not have this great lifestyle that Australia can give him.It makes me feel sad:sad:and i was wondering if anyone else has had to make this hard choice.
  14. Has any one else been in this position we now have our case officer which is good news they other good news is he has only asked for one thing thats where the prop start he wants my eldest daughter who will be 18 in January an is not comng with us as she lives with her mum to have a medical xrays and police check done :arghh:and i realy dont want to spend over £200 when she wll b 18 very shortly and she isnt coming can i do a stat dec stating that she has no intention in comin with us cheers Ron