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Found 95 results

  1. Hi, This is a total shot in the dark but I am desperate. My daughter needs urgent major dental work done, which as you know is extremely expensive out here. We are relatively new to Australia and because we weren't sure if we were going to stay, (many issues including the main one homesickness) we didn't join a health plan. Probably silly I know. But to our horror we have discovered that our eldest needs quite a bit of work done on her teeth ASAP. Does anyone know of a dental fund you can join and claim straight away on. Obviously if there isn't then we will just have to bite the bullet and pay for it all. I can't have her in pain at the end of the day.
  2. Jaake_ni

    Family visa

    My partner my 6 m/o daughter and I are currently trying to move to Australia, I'm having trouble finding a visa that is suitable to us, is this possible to move all 3 of us? Would we have to possibly move myself over then my partner and daughter? Which visa is right for us? Any help would be appreciated greatly!
  3. Need advice please Ok where do I start LOL i was sponsored on a 457 as a gym manager in 2013. Met a girl had a baby girl, unfortunately the relationship ended as my daughters Mum fell in love with another man. The problem is that we were just about to launch my spouse visa. I have 50/50 custody of my daughter and pay child support. Now the problem I have is my 457 is being soon and until recently I was under the impression that my company would continue the visa for another 2 years but now have decided against it. I asked them a while back about sponsoring me PR but it turns out they couldn't because they'd not fulfilled the training requirements tied into the process. I'm now in another relationship but it's only 3 months in and my partner is very supportive of my situation but I think we are way off spouse sponsorship. Does anyone know of anyone who might of been in a similar situation?? i can't leave my daughter she is my world and she needs her dad. Any help would be helpful or I pray that someone has experienced something similar and can shed some light or point me in a direction of assistance sean
  4. When I applied for my 457 my eldest daughter did not want to come but after 1 month of me being here she joined us on a year working holiday visa. Just wandering if I can add her to the 457 as she is dependent on me and if I can how do I go about it? I have read one entry that says you have to fill 1066 form. Does that mean she fills it out or do I do it and add her as the dependent with my other daughter who is on my existing Visa. Essentially is it a new application which has to be agreed to by my employer? Many thanks Sonia
  5. Knock knock, Who is there? Banana Banana Who? Knock Knock Who is there? Banana Banana who? Knock Knock? Who is there? Orange. Orange WHO? Orange you glad its not that banana again!! My 4 years old non stop favourite joke for your delectation!!:wink:
  6. Hi all Wondering if anyone can help.... We have a 3mth old daughter, born here in Oz to two British Citizens here on a permanent residency visa. Now, as far as we understand it she should get automatic rights to getting a British Passport being that we are both British. Can anyone confirm this & also advise on how we would go about getting her a passport. I've been searching on the internet, but it's a total mine-field & I'm getting thoroughly confused by all the rules & regulations! I'm hoping there is someone out there who has had the same issue & got their Aussie born child a British passport.....help! Thanks
  7. I have just been told my daughter in the uk is pregnant. I am over the moon. But ...... I feel torn. I alway said that when grand children come along I will go back. I want to be the nan that my mum and my grandmother always were to me. Daughters need the support of their mums and I know she misses us badly. Problem is, we have a life here and my husband loves it. I also have a teenage son in Australia too. So very confused. I really want to be there for my daughter but if I go back I know I will be going alone.
  8. hillyman

    leaving 19yr old daughter

    Hi all, thought all a long that my daughter would come with us but she say's she's not why can't i leave why am i tugged between my husband my youngest daughter (13) and my 19yr old wish i hadn't started the whole process, sorry for the rant. Paulaxx
  9. Guest

    Medical problem with daughter

    Hi all We started our visa journey back on 25/1/08 with a meeting with our agent to see if we qualified to emigrate to Australia on a 175 skilled independent visa yes was the answer yipeee. I am a 43 year old carpenter living in Edinburgh with my wife 36 and daughter 3, I also have 2 older kids to a previous marriage son 19 and daughter 16 who will not be emigrating with us they are staying here with their mother but my 16 year old daughter had to go on the application. Our journey so far: Had to sit Ielts exam to get extra points but was never any good at english so i sat it 3 times but could not get 7 and above in each section so we changed to a 176 state sponsored visa. We wanted to move to Adelaide as we had been there on holiday and loved it but at that time south Australia did not have carpenters on their demand list, so we applied to wa so we would stay there for 2 years then move to Adelaide. Done Vetassess carpentry passed 17/10/08 Lodged wa 17/11/08 accepted 23/12/08 Lodged main visa same day 23/12/08 Then south Australia put carpenters back on list so Lodged sa 8/1/09 accepted 2/3/09 We got co 24/4/09 who requested meds etc Meds done 11/5/09 PC done 19/5/09 Meds finalised 4/6/09 only myself,wife and 3 year old are shown on diac site Letter from hoc 17/6/09 Problem with 16 year old she has Dyspraxia wich we were told would would not be a problem,so the hoc asked us to send her to see a Neurologist. Seen Neurologist 26/6/09 more money and time More problems hoc now wanted a report from a Developmental Psychologist so this hit at holiday time so took weeks to sort out and hard to find. Seen Developmental Psychologist 26/8/09 more money and time Then 23rd Sept well we all know that one 28/9/09 Major problem daughter has failed medical so we all fail and she is not even coming with us We then have a meeting with our agent lots of tears we have been asked to send an Invitation to comment - Natural Justice to the moc this was done 16/10/09 we are keeping in touch with our agent but all we get is still not heard anything. So we thought if we post this on pio maybe someone may have had dealings with moc on how long things might take. Thanks Stuart 43,Janice36,Stefan19,Kerri16,Olivia3
  10. We've just come back to the UK after spending 2 weeks in Melbourne to validate our visa. We've got our house on the Market and after it is sold we will make the permanent move "down under". However, Rachel (that's the 12 year old) is not very happy about it obviously. Are there any 12/13 year olds out in Victoria whom will be willing to Facebook chat with her to tell her how great it is and the School Uniform is not that bad??? Thank you :biggrin:
  11. once in a blue moon

    Can we get keep our daughter back a school year?

    Hello everyone, Can anyone answer our query??......We have a daughter in year 11 (she will be 16 in Feb 2012), it seems very likely that we will be moving to Sydney March/April 2012. Can we arrange for her to stay back a year when she gets to Australia? We know the school year starts in Jan/Feb and that she should be starting year 11, but if we don't get to Oz until April would it be wise to keep her back a year? How difficult is it to arrange this? All comments greatly appreciated, thank you. Sally-Ann
  12. Husband and I over here on a 410 visa (10 year, renewable retirement visa, but we are classed as temporary visitors), we have a son & daughter in Sydney, both of whom are being sponsored by work & are intending to apply for the PR during 2012. We have one remaining daughter in the uk who is a 30 year old police officer. What are her best options of getting her out here visa-wise? If any of the oz police forces were recruiting she would apply but none are that we know of. At present we are thinking that she should apply for a working holiday visa before she turns 31 (end of December 2011) then come out here on that at the end of 2012 but it seems a bit temporary. Any suggestions or advice very much appreciated
  13. Hi All, We are in a big quandry; husband has been offered a job with great prospects in Sydney. As we lived and worked throughout Europe for 5 years in the latter 90's (pre-kids) only returning to UK on an absolutely need to basis, we are probably better prepared than most to take the plunge. Other half could go out to Sydney as early as January with me and the children following on after 3 month probation period expired/passed. But we have only one big reservation, educating our kids in Australia; our daughter secured a place and is in her 2nd yr at King Edwards Grammar School in Birmingham and she is really flying there; if we stay in the UK we are going to have our lad tutored as he shows an aptitude and an interest to get into the KE Boys Grammar, although competition is massively fierce for boys. We have absolutely no idea about the Australian education system, but have found elsewhere on this forum stories about bright or gifted kids (they all are!) not being able to fulfill their potential when they have moved to into the Oz system which has really made us think twice about the move - having had to scrape ice off the car this morning, this is not good! Obviously you can find negativity about anything on the internet however wonderful it is to the majority, but we would really appreciate anyone who can share their experiences with us, particularly those who have forfeited their children's hard-fought Grammar School places to move to Oz. Unfortunately, whilst the job on offer is good, it is not at the level we can pay AU$20,000 per annum per child for private education; at a stretch we could do $5,000 per annum as long as the LAFH allowance stays! We have identified French Forest / St Ives as potential suburbs to live in if anyone can comment on the schools in these areas. Many thanks in advance for any guidance / reassurance! :hug:
  14. just had my daughter come and tell us she's decided not to come with us after all, I'm totally deverstated as we fly to Perth on Saturday, can't beleive she has waited till now to say she's not coming, everything we have is already out there as we sent out container 6 weeks ago so we would have all our belongings as soon as we arrive, not going now is not an option but how do I leave her here. sorry for any mistakes cant see throught the tears
  15. Hi I am applying to emigrate to Oz with my 15 year old daughter. I see from the forms that I should have permission from her father to leave the Uk. However her biological father has had no contact(I left him during my pregnancy) and he lives on another continent( not Oz) There is a blank on her birth certificate under father's name. I am assuming therefore that there will be no issues moving with her...but I though I would check?
  16. Cinders5055

    Permission to take my daughter

    This question has probably been asked before but here goes... I am hoping to come out Feb 12 with my husband and my youngest daughter age 12, and I'm just waiting for my nursing reg to be awarded to apply for my 457. I was going through the check-list of documents I need to get ready and one was form 1229 Consent to grant an Australian visa to a child under the age of 18. My daughter is from a previous relationship,(we were not married) and her father has not even seen her or made any contact since she was a year old. He knew where I was as I stayed in the same house for a further six years after we split up. I managed to track him down a few months ago and asked him to sign a Stat Dec stating I could take her to Australia and that he had no objections ect, which he did. On form 1229, which I have sent him to sign, - it asks for photo ID, he tells me he does not have any. No passport or driving licence. Do you think immigration will accept a certified copy of his birth cert - or do you think I will have to pay to get him a passport or get a court order?? I'm worried as I don't want this to stop us getting to Oz. Has anyone been through this? any advice? Lisa
  17. simonwilliams

    remaining daughter

    Hi everyone hopefully can someone answer my question for me, im moving over to perth in december with husband and youngest daughter , but the eldest is staying here as she has a boyfriend and doesnt want to leave, (shes 24) what are the chances of her being able to come out if she ever hopefully changes her mind were on a state sponsored visa 176 permanent any advise would be great thanks suzanne
  18. can you get Chicago Town Pizza's in Brisbane? I had a look on Coles and they don't sell them. Any help appreciated
  19. Guest

    Best visa for daughter

    Looking for advice on which would be the best visa for daughter. My husband and I have recently made the move to Australia, my daughter would like to now join us, she is 35 yrs old and is not on any occupation that is in demand by the Qld goverment.She has no family back in the U.K. apart from my 90 year old mother who is in a nursing home with dementia, her brother, my son still lives there but they haven't spoken for eight years after a big fall out & is unlikely to ever make up. I am desperate for her to join me, so I would be gratefull for any help. Lesley
  20. Hi Just debating what to do and curious to hear if anyone in similar situation and what you decide. We are moving to Sydney in March 2012 (its home for me). My daughter starts Reception in September this yr. She is a June birthday so one of the young ones, but shes tall and trappy and 'rules the school' kind of kid. Im not sure if in March in sydney I should enrol her straight into Kindy and she be the youngest kid in the class (June 26 bday), or hold off Kindy until 2013 where she will be the oldest in the year? She's so excited about starting Reception in September (we have to try on the uniform every day and she sleeps with the school brochure!)...on the one hand I dont want to disadvantage her by being the youngest in the class, but on the other hand Im worried she will go through the big moment of starting big school in the UK then to be put back into nursery for a year might demotivate her... any one face this 'dilemma'?
  21. Hi, my husband and I are hopefully moving to Perth by the end of this year 2011. However we daughter who is currently in y12 will be 18 and inyear 13 when we leave in december.She aspires to study law in uni. So we were wondering; a. is it good that we move her just before she finishes her a levels? b. if we do what year or education wise were would she be? All help will be highly valued at this moment !
  22. We are moving to Perth in October. Our daughter is in her second year in college and will be visiting us from around December 16 through January 10. We want to take her to see and do as much as we can while she is on her visit because she may not get another chance to visit us during our short 2-3 year stay in Perth. What is the best way to see as much of Australia as we can on a budget during that time of year and where should we go? Her only request is that she wants to see the Great Barrier Reef (and meet guys that have an Australian accent...LOL). After that, we are open to just about anything. What airlines fly between cities within Australia? Which is the cheapest? Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Just wanted to say hello to everybody. My husband and myself and our four kids have just started the emigration process for permanent residency. I have tried looking through the threads but am having trouble finding anything similar. My ex has been denied contact with my daughter and we have a court order. She is 2 now. Do we still need his permission to emigrate? Waiting for an appointment with a solicitor. Just wondered if anyone else has been through this process. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks X
  24. Right i knew this was coming but it was put on the back burner until now, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 17 , (18 in January) she has been subject to a residential order almost all her life and has always lived with her paternal grandmother (long story) we get on great but she is happy and settled in a relationship so much so she is refusing point blank to have a medical even though she is not coming and knows why it is needed etc. Her answer, she has always lived with her Nan and if anything happened to her Nan she would go and live with either her boyfriend or her mother (ex-wife) and that she has no desire to live with me and my wife not now or in the future. I have asked her to have the medical to no avail but she has said she would be happy to do a stat dec confirming her stance on this. Has anyone had this situation before? Any advice or help would be appreciated as we now have a Case Officer and i dont want to mess this up having come so far. Thanks Chris :dull:
  25. Hi Having just come back from an initial consultation with the emigration group to start the Visa process, we were most shocked to be told that my husbands daughter from his first marriage will also need a full medical. Only in the last 3 weeks have they finally exchanged emails after no contact for 6 years. She is 12 and the divorce and contact has been very difficult. The agent reassured us that as long as we can prove we have tried to get her to have a medical then we should be okay, but can anyone advise if they've been in a similar situation? Not sure I'd be too keen for my kids to undergo a Xray, blood tests etc for no medical purpose, so I'm pretty sure she won't agree. What kind of proof is needed to show we've tried? :unsure: Thanks Nat