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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everybody, sorry for the "catchy" title, but since there is lot of competition you go to sell the thing :biglaugh: Visiting this forum and others I have read a lot of things about people being scared of being bitten by a snake, some giant spider or even serve as a snack for a giant shark or a saltie when in Australia. Nevertheless, whereas these kind of events are highly advertized in the media, we know that the probability of being the victim of these type of accident is very low. In the meantime, we tend to ignore other types of dangers, although they represent a higher risk. I think we are all subject to the same "field of distorstion" in our perceptions: we tend to ignore or underestimate the dangers represented by things we are familiar and to exaggerate the risks of whatever is unknown, or unfamiliar to us. Australia is known to be by far (along with New Zealand) the country most affected by skin cancer. This particularity is the product of a particular combination of factors: a fair-skinned population of british ascendance, a lower distance from the sun in the southern hemisphere vs northern hemisphere, the proximity with Antartica and its depleted ozone layer and the relatively low air pollution vs similar countries in the northern hemisphere. In fact, UV index reaches "extremes" values during most part of spring and summer in almost every part in Australia (see: ARPANSA - UV Index Data ) According to a recent report (http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/can/56/12138.pdf ), the incidence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer has augmented since 1998, although this fact can be partly attributed to better screening and life expectancy. I personally am fair-skinned, with lots of moles and I get screened each year for skin cancer (in switzerland, for some unexplained reasons, we have the highest rate of skin cancer incidence in Europe, along with Norway). So for me, this is one major concern about coming to live in Australia. So I would be interested to know how people like me do cope with this potential danger ? Do you take particular precautions to minimize the risks ? As for myself for instance, whereas I love to swim, I could not imagine to come to the beach between 10 am and 5 pm during the summer months when in Australia. Cheers, Cedric
  2. Proview220

    Danger Eastern Australia Floods

    What are the main affected areas on the east coast that have been hammered with rain, Why have these areas been affected so badley, are the properties here built on flat area, flood plane etc, these areas may put potential home buyers off from buying within these areas. Proview
  3. To PIO nurses, is it really that bad? Queensland health system in danger of collapse | The Courier-Mail

    Danger ! Cardinal Spider Alert

    Well I haven't even started the administration side of things yet never mind actually being in Australia but here we go already and we are only in Warrington, England ! Sat downstairs tonight (Friday) on the computer tidying up a few loose ends before getting my things together to go in for the nightshift. Suddenly there's a stampede and a couple of loud shrieks and screams from upstairs. I thought it was the kids messing about but then the thunder of my son coming down the stairs to alert me to a Cardinal Spider in the bedroom upstairs. Now anyone that doesn't know what a Cardinal spider is well that's the type that have the big bodies with the long legs. The one's that come out in September in their droves. The one's that live behind that bag of rubbish you haven't moved from the garden wall for about 20 years. That Cardinal spider. All they do is eat, breathe, sleep and mate and that's it ! Anyway Spiderman leaps into action with a glass, onwards and upwards to the bedroom. There I find my wife stood on the bed, my daughter in histerics and this poor old 5cm Cardinal Spider frozen rigid to the floor pondering what to do now. So carefully collected spider into the glass, frantically the little bugger tries climbing the glass to escape, I turn around and there's all 3 of them, wife, daughter and son, all stood on the bed in fear. So one did their best to try and explain that these little critters don't do any harm and upon sticking my fingers into the glass to touch the spider to show that they don't do any harm out come the shrieks and screams from my daughter, the "don't do it dad" from my son and "no Al no" from my wife. Now my question is that if this is what they are like for one of these harmless, mind your own business spiders, what sort of life am I going to have watching the pantomime unfold for a Funnel Web or Red Back :biglaugh: . So released back into nature, outside, was this Cardinal knowing that it was only going to make its way back via the garage. And I was thinking, I wonder if I could get a visa for a Spider Catcher. I probably could do that. There must be a market for it somewhere, could start a business here based on people's fear. :twitcy: Put a smile on my face just before going into work tonight, it was so funny, well for me not for them. Anyway I know three others who won't be getting much sleep. Spent the time just before I left searching the house:biglaugh: . I suppose I'm going to have to fight for a place in the bed in the morning now. :SLEEP:
  5. Guest

    danger games

    I would like to put an offical complaint in about the arcade forum.yes i am not happy at all about this firstly instead of a site where we are all meant to help each other now its every ones mission to beat our fellow collegues that is after knocking hell out of the poor poor penguins :wacko:also the site should have an official warning as it is so b##''''==+= addictive no wonder we can never get the kids out and off the computers. we are meant to set an example to them not get into competitions even though im beating them ha ha and lastly all competitions do not allow people involved with said organisations to compete so could Tim please take note (i have tried to knock you off top spot but can not so instead i am going to accept defeat like a proper man sod the game )BLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL :arghh: