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Found 11 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Damn Snakes

    At the minute I really don't know how I feel, but an 8ft python has just taken the youngest sons chicken, now I've cried along with him, BUT, do I sound awful if I say it was one of the most gorgeous snakes I have ever seen. I think we may have to rehome the other chickens as I can't go through that again. I wouldn't mind but we have a snake proof cage but the kids leave the door open during the day:cry:
  2. I only just saw the posters in Karl Marx (Railway) Square and now I've been left behind with the rest of the Luddites. If ONLY I had put my name down for the latest I Phone. Still, judging by all the members of the Proletariat & the Bourgeiousie enjoying the sunshine in their separate watering holes - pubs and beer, or cafes and coffee - I think the revolution will be postponed for another year. I suffered my usual existential angst, torn between pub & cafe. Am I 'upper working class' or 'lower middle class?' I had to re-visit my English life and think 'Did I prefer The Sun or The Daily Mail?' The cafe it is. Life rolls on in Penny Lane (Downunder.)
  3. That will teach me to stay out late and sleep in late. 3pm news on WS FM 31 in the city 30 in the west. 4pm 24 in the city by still 30 in the west - That's odd? I can feel the wind outside my balcony here in Surry Hills. Top of 20 tomorrow with showers. Typical!
  4. swifty99

    Damn this ash cloud

    i seriously can't believe there is yet another ash cloud heading in englands direction, just when we are due to fly out on thursday. After years of wanting to emigrate and feeling like every obstacle has got in our way, now when we are finally due to fly out the ash cloud descends on us and puts the fear into me that maybe we won't get to fly out this thursday and we will spend ?????? how long stuck at heathrow :shocked::sad::no:
  5. The Pom Queen

    Arrrgghhhhh damn frogs

    I have been trying to get to sleep since 7.30 tonight, but the blinkin frogs are driving me insane, I mean come on who put frogs in the middle of a rainforest:arghh:
  6. ausdreamer

    Damn Nasa space foam!

    Hubby and I are having a slight dispute........in some cases you will arrive without your furniture and have to wait six weeks or so, surely you have to go out and buy a bed to get you through and other bits? I know hubby is attached to his NASA foam mattress which I might add, he still laughs at as there is always a bigger imprint of my butt than his....but have you regretted bringing it all? I can't imagine our stuff is going to fill one room or, look right, as we have cottage furniture (old fashioned)....
  7. Guest

    Damn &#)$(&*#$ fbi!!!

    My CO requested my PCC and Health Check. Everything went smoothly apart from since I live in teh USA, they require an FBI check. Guess how long. 8-10 weeks, no wonder these useless *($^ can't catch any real terrorists. All they need to do is take the finger print card scan them into a computer and run a search engine and print some paper out. Compare to the in-efficiency and rudeness on the phone, the UK's ACRO check is a bliss! And the girls on the phone at ACPO are all very courtious and helpful. So due to some American imcompetency, I now won't know if I will get my Visa until maybe after the new year . Who knows what other crazy changes may come during this time... Curse you FBI. I also have a question - regarding the Healthy check, how long is it usually between Sydney receives the docs from my doctor, to them updating the doc list from "Requested" to "Met"??
  8. Well cannot believe it after 52 viewings finally sold the house again just hoping all goes to plan this time we have taken a massive hit but just couldn't bear another year here so all you waiting to sell looks like it could be a good week as many of us who have been waiting seem to be selling. Just cracked open a bottle of wine although not elated as we should be we are relieved and looking forward to completion in February fingers crossed:yes:
  9. Guest

    A damn good letter!

    Now - as aware as I am that this should actually NOT be in this thread - I thought it might be really appropriate for those of us traipsing around the country (or countries) trying to get documentation together. :wubclub: This just goes to show that nothing is actually going to change in Oz! and it might just bring a smile to faces who don't really venture out of the more serious sections! This is the Australian Letter of the Year!
  10. Guest

    Brown not resigning (DAMN)

    Gordon Brown will not resign amid continued speculation about plots to oust him, deputy leader Harriet Harman has insisted. Ms Harman admitted Britain had "not seen the best" of Mr Brown since he arrived at Number 10. But, speaking after more bad opinion poll ratings fuelled doubts over his future, Ms Harman said he was the "solution, not the problem". When asked if she thought the Prime Minister would be forced to resign, Ms Harman told GMTV: "No I don't. I have got a great deal of confidence in Gordon Brown, having worked with him for 25 years. "I can recognise that I don't think the British people have seen the best of him yet as Prime Minister. "But the reason I so strongly support him is because the big problems people are facing in this country at this moment are the economy, the cost of fuel and food prices. "And I think Gordon Brown, more than anybody, has done more over the last 10 years to make people better off." She added that many of the problems had arisen from the international economic downturn, insisting: "He is the solution, not the problem." One survey showed more than one in five Labour supporters thought Opposition leader David Cameron would make a better Prime Minister while another gave the Tories a 19-point lead. Mr Brown is currently on a family break in Suffolk. Damn and ive just wrapped his leaving present, oh well it ill keep brownie.:biglaugh:
  11. Guest

    nearly too late... damn

    to get our application in before new sept rules. to be fair we have been dragging our feet about as agent we are going with is costing a bit. now we have to 21st to get partners work refs for last 6 yrs. wish us luck marie x:wacko: