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Found 22 results

  1. Sherbetdip23

    Daft Question?

    Now this may be a completely daft question but I am wondering do they have libraries in Oz or is this a British thing? Queensland in particular. My girls love going to the library and I suddenly thought - do they have them out there or I do I need to stock up on a load of books before we come out? We went into some book shops whilst we wre out there last year and tbh they didn't seem to have much and what they did have was very expensive! :cute:
  2. newlifeincoming

    daft question about IELTS

    I'm doing the general module on Saturday and am just doing a bit of preparation and have a really daft question. On the writing task for the letter, it says: 'Begin your letter as follows: Dear ......... ,' Does that mean that I should literally write 'Dear ....... ' or do I make up a name to put in the gap? I told you it was a daft question but I don't want to lose points for a simple error.
  3. Afternoon, I've been researching migrating to Perth for quite a while now, and have just spotted something I hadn't done previously... In the "what does the visa cost) section of the diac website, it shows the 2 instalments, the 1st to be paid at the time you apply, and the 2nd for dependants with less than functional English paid before the Visa is granted... Does that mean the 2nd instalment is only payable by people applying with a dependant with less than functional English? If so, can't believe I hadn't spotted that before..... Cheers Vince
  4. anlopa

    Daft Question

    Lol some people have posted some daft questions lately so here is mine. What is above the number 3 on an Aussie keyboard?:err:
  5. Hi there every one, I have just moved to Melbourne from the UK, the move went fine; we are loving Melbourne and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the plunge! But I have a feeling that I may have made a particularly daft assumption about LAFHA, please read on if you fancy a laf...ha! (can’t believe I just typed that) During my job interview I queried with my manager if I would receive LAFHA? They confirmed that I would, to the tune of $12k. When I received my contract LAFHA was not mentioned anywhere so I asked for it to be added. I was told that it was a standard contract and so it could not be added, instead my manager confirmed for me in email that I would receive LAFHA. So I jumped to the logical assumption that I would receive LAFHA on top of my base salary, yes I know I feel pretty thick now! On reading my first pay slip I was shocked to see that my base salary had been reduced by $12k per year and every month I received $1k tax free, nice but not quite as nice as I was expecting. I am now in the situation where by I am $12k worse off, and wondering what my options are? Do I have a case to request that my LAFHA be added on top of my base salary, or will they just turn around and say no as I have signed a contract not mentioning LAFHA? Or do I have a case to increasing my LAFHA amount? After doing some further reading it would appear that the LAFHA amount of $12k is quite small considering the food component on its own comes to nearly $12k, not including the housing component, should I try and argue that this be reassessed? What are my chances? Interestingly I am receiving less super in my payslip than is listed in my contract, I assume this is because super is calculated not including the LAFHA amount, could I use this to argue any of the above points? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance Barry
  6. Howdy, I'm new... (it get's better!) .. and am here to ask some fairly daft questions BUT I also hope my time here can be a bit useful to others. It's a handy site and it's great to see everyone helping each other out and doing the righty by their fellow countrymen. Makes me wonder..... (told you it gets better!!)... why is it that when everyone is keen to get to another place and all that, everything is so sweet between them, but when the crowd is 'at home' they tend to walk past and over and even tread on each other to get where they are going... which might only be to the checkout? Seriously... and I AM NOT HAVING A GO AT ANYONE HERE!!! when you think about it... us humans are such a strange lot. Now for a fun question.... is the above because all you blokes are a tad smarter than the rest and as they say, 'birds of a feather flock together' and you've all worked out that being kind to each other is the best way to live.... or... is it because everyone is so entranced about going to the land down under (more on that later folks) and have forgotten that as humans we are meant to 'be dog eat dog' about our daily lives? REMEMBER IT'S ONLY FOR FUN! anyway... I had better get on with it and work out where to post my daft questions... seriously. See you 'round. ps: keep up the good work all you who add to it and keep it all going..... it's a great forum!
  7. I don't know about everyone else out there but I have thought of so many little things to ask people in the know, rather than starting threads for each one I thought if I just started a post everyone could ask all there questions and hopefully we can get some answers to these questions. Few things I have thought of just now is, over here we pay NI and have a NI number, what is the equivalent over there and how much do you normally pay? Would I be better to ship over white goods or buy new when we land? I have a bit of a fear of spiders, are there many sightings of the lethal ones? That's just a couple of kick off, please feel free to ask your own questions on here, I am sure I will be asking many more, my mind has gone blank just now and I know I had loads to ask! :wub:
  8. Just wondering - when we lodged last year (Nov 09) any future correspondence would need to be referenced with the old codes. Since the introdcution of the new codes do we need to correspond with the new code only, both old and new code or old code only? Like I say, just wondering but do really need to know. Ley x :unsure:
  9. KatieLB

    Help - Daft question re 457 Visa

    Hi, We have had our 457 visa application lodged through an agent in Aus, my partner has to go for chest x-ray tomorrow and needs to take along the relevant form with him, on the form it asks "at which office do you intend to lodge an application" we have emailed his HR dept in aus and asked her what the answer to this is, she has come back with the answer..... It will lodged for you to work in the Sydney office so please put their address which is: xxxxxxxx That sounds wrong to us, we thought the question was which immigration office the application was lodged at? So far his HR dept have been pretty incompetent, does anyone know what the answer is? As the application was lodged online should we just put online on the form? Such a daft question but we dont want to put the wrong thing! Thanks:goofy:
  10. janine the party queen

    Am I being daft ?

    My O/H has just come home from work and announced he wants us to go home in July to surprise his sister for her 40th birthday. He is trawling the internet to find the best deal. Im just not sure Im ready to go for a visit yet.We have had quite a few visiters already and more arriving next Friday for 3 months. I feel that I have not had enough time to adust to living here.Having visiters is lovely but we only arrived here last May and it seems like our house is never empty.I know I shouldnt complain but time on our own would be nice.
  11. Guest

    I'm not daft .... but ....?

    :unsure: I am trying to understand the difference between shipping insurance options: 1. Lump Valuation Insurance 2. Complete Valued Inventory Insurance I understand that the first one is just a lump sum percentage of your shipment, and that the second one you have to list each item individually, BUT ...... which one will give me the best cover? The T&C's for each are the same, so why are there two different options? Has anyone chosen one and wished they'd gone for the other? Thanks in anticipation :notworthy:
  12. Guest

    Daft question - validation?

    Can't believe I am going to ask this question as I have been on these forums for months now and feel should know the answer! We got our visa in May, had the little sticker thingy put in the passports at Australia House. When we get to Australia, do we need to do anything to 'validate' the visa? for instance, go to the police or the DIAC offices?? Or do they just scan your visa at the passport entry at the airport and that automatically validates the visa? Daft question I know but it's small stuff like this I worry about - the big things I am coping with! :laugh:
  13. Guest

    daft Question!

    I wanted to ask a daft question .... we need to do our application online and send all documents via email (I guess) - but if this is the case - how do immigration know these are original documents and original certified copies? surely if uploaded or put into a PDF file they could look like a copy? any help welcome!! thanks
  14. Can you use someone else credit card ( my sisters ) to pay your visa charges, I only have a switch card which is not accepted, and i dont really want to get a credit card if I dont have too - too easy to use !!! Thanks Wilma:unsure:
  15. Hi all, Now this is probably going to sound like a daft question but what wondering what was entailed in filling in your visa application. Having just almost finish a huge application to the Australian Computer Society, this application will be I reckon well over 50 pages long by time we collate it all together, this got me thinking about the visa applcation, now it is just a case of filling in a form and away it goes or do we have to gather information eg references etc We will be applying for the 175 Visa. Im just curious to know. I cannot believe for 1 second it can be worst than the application we have just done. Thanks, Mandisfam
  16. Guest

    Daft question of the day??

    Hi Guys Now this might seem a daft question to all you seasoned travellers, but I need to get to Melbourne, be bright and breezy ready to do 2 or 3 days of job interviews and be back at my desk in the UK within a week as if I'd hopped over to Spain for a weeks holiday in the sun! Problem is I can't mention anything in work about our plans until I have a firm job offer under my belt and then I can start the 457 visa route. Question is from somebody whos only experience of long distance travelling was a wedding in St Lucia on a 9 hour flight, is this possible allowing for jet lag etc etc Hope you veteran travellers can advise??
  17. Guest

    Daft questions for Perth????

    Hi all, Just a couple of daft questions. 1.) Can I buy 8 seater plastic table and chairs at a reasonable prices in Perth or should I buy some here and bring them over?? 2.) Also what type of clothing will we require in June?:wacko: Thanks for your help....we should be there soon. Sarah x
  18. Hi all We have taken the first step and booked a recce trip to brisbane for june 08. Have also spoken with the people at thinking Australia and am meeting with them in April to start the application process. Am feeling hugely excited and yet strangely apprehensive why? Is it nerves/anxiety/dread? If I'm completely honest I think I'm scared that Australia will be fantastic beyond my wildest expectations. Does that sound completely daft? any thoughts? meeting with agents - 20/4/08 recce trip - 14/6/08:
  19. My OH is a project manager but we have been sent the vetasse form for a joiner. The agent reckons if ian can complete 90% of the form, we will have no problem getting a visa even although he will not work as a joiner. Can anyone verify this?
  20. Hi I am quite new to PIO so apologise if this a stupid question. When a job advertises sig incentive & plus super what does this mean???? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mel
  21. can anyone help my little girl... all she worried about is can she take out a supply of gravy granules and helmans mayo in the container? shes wheat and gluten intollerant ( coeliac) so bisto best and helmans is a fav good to go staple in our house any help anyone??? mum wishing that was a she had to worry about tyieng up and packing:arghh:
  22. Guest

    Daft Question???

    Whats the advice to a UK family of 4 (2 kids at secondary age) once the visor is granted and yet there's no job to go to? a) Search for work from from the UK until someone says yes (Telephone interviews and suchlike) b) just turn up and hope you've enough money to keep you in accomodation until you find a job? What do most people do in this case? What are the options?