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Found 28 results

  1. I don’t know much about these types of visas... So my Dad lives in Cairns, Queensland. He moved over on a marriage visa I think, his wife is Australian. I’m 24, my partner is 28 and my son is 1 and a half. Is there any way I could move my family and I over permanently as my dad is a permanent resident?
  2. jonnyhalifax

    Dad in Oz..want to move too.

    Hi, my 62 yr old father is a resident of Oz (QLD) though not yet a citizen. he's married to an australian. i am 38 would like to move over there with my unmarried partner (36) and 2 children 3 and 4yrs. neither of us have a profession on the skills list. my father and his wife are fully prepared to sponsor us and even keep us until we get on our feet with jobs etc. is there any visa that will allow us to make this move? please help as i would love to join him over there. thanks in advance
  3. Hi All, We arrive next week (20/10/11), OH is a nurse and will be working at the Mater hospital Townsville, as for me I am a stay - at - home dad to our son Victor (who is 2) while its great to read about the mums and kiddies clubs/ coffe clubs etc and very encouraging that Townsville offers familes so much, what about us dads (or am i the only one lol) does anyone know of dad and kids clubs or a mummy club that allows the odd honery male member, all help/advice welcome :chatterbox: thanks for taking the time to read, look forward to your imput :notworthy:
  4. He used to make the lunches when I lived with him, cheese, tuna or mackerel, salad, toast, Viennese Whirl or Bakewell Tart to follow before I went to work, and pack something nice for that too. After my Mum died in 1997, he lived on until 2005 and I made the mistake of thinking he'd live forever! It was like living with a best mate. Strange how I think of my parents at odd times. When I see a house for sale near me I want to tell them about it. Now I'll drive down to 7/- Beach for a swim, eat my lunch and think how much my Mum would have enjoyed swimming here!
  5. My lovely Dad (70) is flying over in September to visit us for 3 weeks. Its his 1st time to Oz and I want him to love it as much as we do. He has always wanted to visit as he loves the sea and the heat, but has never gotten the chance. He is fit & well and able to get around just fine, so walking around all day isn;t too much of a problem. So at the moment, as we are living on the central coast, this is my plan of action.... Central Coast Terrigal & Avoca Beach for those relaxing days, they are 5 minutes away. Around Sydney Opera House Harbour Bridge Sydney Tower Manly & Oceanworld Sydney Aquarium Darling Harbour Chinatown Botanical Gardens Bondi to bronte coastal walk Blue Mountains Queensland This is the bit I am stuck on, I REALLY want to take my dad up to the Whitsunday's so he can go out on a boat and do some snorkelling, see the beautiful beaches, but am sure of the best way to get there (fly?) and also how much time to allocate, a long weekend, is that enough? Can anyone give me some advice on where to stay, I went about a hundred years ago, well 14 to be exact but can't remember much (I was a backpacker! :goofy:) ETA - just found this site - which answers most of my questions. http://www.tourismwhitsundays.com.au/visitor-information/faqs/ So I know it sounds like alot to pack in, in 3 weeks, but have I missed any of the really good stuff out, the thing is if he loves enough he might join us out here and that would be AMAZING!! Thanks for your help in advance. :hug:
  6. I am moving to the UK with my OH who is British, I am Australian. I have two children aged 9 and 12 years with my ex-husband and they will stay here in Australia with their Dad and their extended family, aunts, uncles, grand parents etc - most whom are from my ex's side. My Dad, step-mum, brother and my boys are my only family in Australia. My boys would never want nor would I expect them to come to live in the UK with me and my OH. Their home is here is Australia. I would like to hear from others who have had a similar situation and how they dealt/deal with it. PLEASE do not judge me, I have only posted here so I could to hear about others' experiences and difficulties and problems that arise. Thank you. Thank you.
  7. Hi All Just a quick question.... I've booked a 3 week holiday to England taking my 2 youngest children with me. My Husband and eldest child are staying in Perth. Do I need to get written permission or fill in any forms from my husband, the childrens father to say he agrees that its O.K for us to leave. We havent gone on holiday before seperately so didnt really know....!! Sorry if this was a silly question :embarrassed: Thanks
  8. Guest

    Leaving children's dad in the uk

    We are looking to emigrate to Melbourne within the next year ( have started the process already) and are really excited about it but have a problem, we would be taking the kids away from their dad. We have had a holiday in Oz this year and had a good look around and loved it. The kids loved it too. They are 13 and 11. They see their dad once a week at weekends and a couple of hours during the week and were wondering how they will be with actually living in Oz and not seeing him on a regular basis. Is there anyone out there in a similar situation? I feel that we are the only people in this situation as I dont know anyone else who has done anything like this. It would be great to hear from you.:unsure:
  9. we have a little girl who will be 3 when we move to perth. im hoping someone may have some experience that they can share with us! what are the admission criterias? do you have to apply way in advance for a place / do they work on certain catchment ares? (is there a map for catchment areas?) what are the differences in costs between government primary schools and catholic/private schools? finally am i right in thinking that she starts a year later than in the uk? ive had conflicting info. she was born in march, and have been told she would start while she was 4 (turning 5 in march) and also she would start at 5 (and turning 6 in march) thanks to anyone who can help!
  10. Baby-faced 13-year-old becomes father: report Wasn't there another one just last year? Wat's happening in the good old blighty!?!?
  11. Hi Just a quickie. Does anyone know how I would go about sending say $200 to my lad who has no abode (doing the campervan thing). He has a Commonwealth bank account and we have a Building Society account here in UK. Is there a simple way to do this. he doesn't have an address where we could send funds to. :arghh:Kids!!!. Cheers Jasp
  12. Hey, Me and my husband have been here since 30th December- Found out on Friday that my dad is waiting on some result from a biopsy- mum is really upset and dad has never been into hospital in his life (tuesday was his first visit in nearly 70 years). Understandably i'm trying to think positive but need to think about what i'm going to do if .. well you know- they need my support but I also have a brother who is in london Just trying to think sensibly about what to do- we love it out here but am i being selfish not even considering going home permanently?
  13. Hi all, I was hoping that someone would be able to help with this situation: I am my mum's only child and have been PR since last Aug My step dad (they have been married 23 years) has two daughters who he has no contact with (their choice) for 10 years. They have some savings, but will need to work as they are only 55. I understand that the 103 visa will take about 10 years (no good as I have two little ones and would like some help now!!!) so was looking at the CPV. As i read it, it will cost about $70000 for them, and some for me too - but will they be considered because of the estranged children? Also, there is a cheaper temp CPV (2 years) which can convert to perm after 2 years and an additional payment. How long will this take to be processed? Thanks Sarah
  14. maccainthebakery

    Aged Parent Visa - Mum 61 - Dad 62

    Hi all Great forum - so useful to me and my family. Hopefully I can get some great advice on the following predicament. Some background before the question... I have lived with my wife and kids in Australia for 3 years now, will be 4 years in November 2010. We're currently on a 457 and plan to go for our PR in October 2010 sponsored by my company. I have a sister who has lived in Australia for 7 months with her Aussie Partner and kids, and she gained her PR Visa before Crimbo. Mum and Dad are still in Blighty, albeit on their own as we are their only children. Mum is 61 and retired. Dad is 62 and still working. The plan was always to get them over to be in Australia with us all to live, now its apparent that this is becoming ever more important for them to be back with their family asap, since they were over visting during the festive period. We've been told by a migration agent that once I get my PR I would be eligible to act as a sponsor for my parents as I would be considered settled etc etc. The options open to us were Parent Visa, APV's (with Bridging) or CPV's. The balance of family test would naturally be passed. CPV's are out due to the expense. So the only options are PV's or APV's. If we choose the APV route, the migration agent told us that the Age of the Parent must satisfy the Visa requirements "at the time of decision, and not at the time of application". This being the case - and the 7-10 year waiting time whilst being on the Bridging Visa - I felt particularly happy that things could work out.:cool: But I'd like to get other opinions on this...the big question is if the APV route is taken, does the Parent need to meet the APV age requirements at time of decision...or at the time of application. Obviously there's lots riding on this...emotions are high etc...fingers crossed its positive feedback on this forum as mum and dad are really feeling the distance at the moment - and waiting until my dad's 65 until they can apply is not something I'm keen to see them go through.:no: A final question would be...If it is ok for them to apply before they meet the age requirements and stay in Australia whilst they await the decision...would dad be able to work? Would it be down to DIAC discretion? Anyway...thoughts and views appreciated. Macca
  15. Sids Dad

    Return of Sids Dad

    Well I thought it was about time I made an appearance and I have to start somewhere so thought you might like this as a starter! What a Journey, I have lost track of the time between applying and receiving our visas. Suffice to say Helen and I are now entrenched in Northern Rivers NSW. It has been so long since I posted and I must apologise to all those people who I may have offered some small comfort or advice to. I only found out that people were looking for me when I did a search on my own name!! Anyway where have I been? Well let’s start with work, last time I posted I think I was working in Algeria which is now history (how we didn’t blow everyone up is anyone’s guess!!). Apart from diddling about in Aberdeen for a few months I took up a new contract in Egypt, again I seem to be lumped with jobs that are either dying on their feet or are hell holes. This job fell into both moulds easily. I first went to help out with an offshore shutdown after flying back from Oz having validating our visas. The journey was horrendous as it went something like this; Brisbane-Newcastle ( two days later) Newcastle- Paris-Algeria, ( three days later) Algeria-Paris-Cairo, straight offshore and on nightshift for 35 days straight!! Now if anybody has any affection for the Egyptians then I apologise in advance, there is NO WAY that these buggers built the Pyramids!! My god dynamite wouldn’t shift them. This brings me nicely to a true story about a workmate, I should say a very unfortunate workmate. During our time onshore in the office we used to have every second weekend out of the Terminal and away to a tourist spot called El Gouna. We would book into a cheap hotel and get rat arsed, watch whatever premier match was on, end up at two in the morning gibbering about nothing etc. The next morning it was sore heads all round as we got back on the mini bus to take us the hour and a half back to the camp. So I’m sitting there by the window next to Stevie who looks shocking and I mean like he’s going to throw up over everyone! “Stevie” I say, you alright? No answer, “You alright mate?” at this Stevie taps the Driver and says stop the bus! Bearing in mind we are on a main Hurghada to Cairo carriageway with a sloping embankment alongside the road. Stevie gets off and I’m watching intently, expecting to see a Technicolor Yawn at any moment! Just then his arms go sideways and he falls straight back against the embankment! I shoot out of the bus and I’m there in a flash! Stevie though is staring with unseeing eyes! “Stevie”!! I’m frantically slapping his face, nothing, no reaction. By this time all the other nine have scrambled off the bus, I have by now got my ear to his chest but cannot hear anything, too much traffic. I try again flashing my hand back and forth in front of his staring eyes. I think he’s F**in dead I shout! All the rest are starting to look frantic now, how are we going to explain a dead body arriving at security? All of a sudden Stevie sits bolt upright! “I think I’ve been asleep” he says! You Bastard! I walk away as a couple of other help him to his feet. Stevie though is not finished disgracing himself as his bodily functions kick back in and he craps himself! Running down the backs of his shorts and legs!! What a miserable sight he is standing there with nothing more than a T shirt on trying to wipe himself down!! Anyway the shorts get consigned to the desert and he gets a spare pair of shorts on and we get back on the bus, now all are subdued, contemplating what the scenarios would have been should he be dead! I’m sitting quietly and Brian from the back leans forward and whispers in my ear…” Do you think he **** himself when you told him that he was dead?” I swear that all on that bus laughed for an hour my stomach was aching as pun after pun was rolled out. I received mails for days afterwards with topics like how to be a medic, signs of death etc. I just thought I would start my posts recalling lighter times as the road to Oz has not been as smooth as I would have liked…. More when I get time.
  16. I am 41 and moved here when I was 17 . I still consider myself English. I have two australian born children aged 12 and 10. My parents are english as is their step-father ( their father is aussie)...I am all about choice with them my son says he is half english and will wear an aussie shirt as proudly as he wears an english shirt. My daughter couldnt care less....we are taking them in 2012 for 3-6 months to uk. Our home has lots of english picutres up sporting stuff and water colours ( not much aussie)....My father said last weekend in front of them ..." you are not giving them a balanced view of things, they are australian Julie and always will be" to which I replied they will eb who they want to be they are aussie but they have english heritage my dad refuses to accept this and says I am damaging them but all I am doing is giving choice and I dont put australia down I tell them I am lucky cause I have 2 homes..... thoughts ????
  17. monkeymandness

    Think I've just broken my Dad's heart :(

    Hi all, hoping you can make me feel a bit better about myself. Been on the emigration trail for a couple of years now. Familys knew about this from the start and have delt with it in very different ways....... Mum has basically disowned me and the kids and we have not had contact with her for months. To begin with I tried again and again to gently heal the rift between us. She thinks we are being v selfish and had reacted by being hurtfull and wanting no contact. Even threw us out of the house when we visited on her birthday and quite literally threw her present, card and lovely picture my 5 year old son had carefully drawn for her back at us. My son was so upset and confused we decided enough was enough and I have given up trying.............Fortunately for me I have a lovely Dad who has put on such a brave face throughout. Got our visas and are going to Perth to validate in 4 weeks..........However hubby has got an oppertunity to leave his job with a release package on 31st December! Not definate that he will get it but has to apply by the end of the month. Sat my Dad down today to tell him about our situation and he said all the right things, bless him, but he was welling up. To make matters worse my Dad is terrified of flying-even of other people flying. Plus he is self employed and does not have funds to pop over to see us if and when we move. Anyhow my step mum told me he thinks when we go he will never see us again.........I explained to him that we want to try this out and it doesn't mean we wont see each other again. I intend to visit maybe not every year but possibly every other year and I hoped he might be able to come and see us.....When I said this he started to cry...........so did I and we just hugged for a long time. Then he said he had to go and drove off looking absolutely broken. He was really trying to hold it together for me but I could see how much he is hurting. I feel like such a **** causing people to hurt so much. My husband doesn't have much family. His brother lives there already and his parents go over 4 times a year so it is different for him and he doesn't really understand how I feel. He is desperate to go and I want to but feel so torn between doing the right thing for my immediate family-my husband and kids and doing the right thing for everyone else-the rest of my family and my dear friends. Do other people go through these sort of things?
  18. Guest

    Kids dad

    hi, I am currently in australia, been here for 2 years on 457 visa with my 2 kids. i have applied for my PR visa remaning relative. Immigration have asked me to supply them with stat decs from kids father etc in the uk whom I have had no contact with since being here for 2 years. he originally signed a stat dec for my 457 visa which i have supplied. Problem is he is a chronich alcholic with no fixed address. he has signed some documents after about two months of tracing him but has no ID. his mother has wrote a letter and supplied her passport . its really hard being so far away and all my family are here to try sort something out !! I have had no real contact with him for 8 years and he did allow us to migrate . i am also going to supply my case officer with an article to state that as my children were born in scotland and I was never married that I have full parental responsibility . i have already supplied a stat dec from myself to declare I have not been with him and have no contact. Surely immigration cal look at this with sense since I have been here for over two years and I cant really do much to get him ID etc from the other side of the world. i have not even spoke to him since being here !! thanks
  19. Guest

    bringing my dad's ashes

    Hi, Sorry for the question as I know it isn't the happiest of subjects but does anyone know what I need to do to bring my Dad's ashes with me?? Can I just bring them in hand luggage or pack them in suitcase (the pot is quite heavy) any help would be appreciated. thanks
  20. Hi, I am coming over to Australia to setup ahead of my family. We are immigrating to Australia. I am ONLY looking for four to eight weeks. I will be travelling light (suitcase, laptop etc) I just need a base to work from and to suss out Sydney a bit. I am a non smoker/drinker (well if you count 10 beers a year drinking?) Am quiet and am a computer professional. Can someone help me? Obviouslly willing to pay reasonable rentals.. :hug: Regards Byron byroncoetzee@hotmail.com
  21. Guest

    Footy mad dad need help!

    Can someone out there advise me on the best way to view the footy back in the uk. Only really want a sports package. Been on various websites but feel my head is going to explode (Sooooooooo confusing). Please help! Get the keys to our house tomorrow and for me this is now a priority (not the wifes mind). Kev.:arghh:
  22. Hi there again, I am asking about what i need to do do to get my mum and dad to be able to follow me and my family out to aus. I am going to be going hopefully on a 175 visa. My mum and dad would love to come to aus, but we don't know if it would be possible. My mum doesn't work, and my dad is a taxi driver, i do not understand how to contributary parent visa works. How much money do they need to have? do they need to pay before they go, or is it just so that they can prove they can support themselves. thanks in advance to anyone who replies. Tracy x
  23. sandgrounders

    I Love My Dad...

    I just thought I'd share that with everyone... He's a bit poorly at the mo... Trying to find the right words to tell my Sydney based brother and hs family has not been easy, especially as they're on holiday in Queensland at the moment... Parental health issues have got to be one of the worst things about moving to Oz.
  24. So a while back he signed the consent form for me to take the kids he never sees never pays a penny for, hasnt got pr for but ive just realised he didnt include a cert copy of his drivers liscence. I had to ring him and ask for it. Since it took months for him to do the form I am stressing he will be the same over this. The application is all ready to go now as soon as Hubbys passport is re-evidenced which should take less then 2 weeks. I am really hating having to wait on other people. I have also had to send him the 5 quid to get the cert copy done. Anyone got a rocket I can borrow? On the plus side some of hubbys Aussie mates are in England and came round last night and are lovely so at least when I get out there I will now know someone.
  25. Guest

    Merry Christmas Dad

    As you have probably read thro my name and billybraveheart (my former name before I decided to become independed on here) I cant get use to it being xmas as its my first one in Oz. Dont get me wrong I love Oz & my life here BUT IT HAS JUST HIT ME TONIGHT its xmas in 2 days. Its only my 3rd xmas without my beloved Dad & it really has hit me tonight with a total bang. I have to stay strong for my boys but I am really struggling as we have had 2 deaths in the family in the last month. I just want to say merry christmas to my dad i love and miss you more each day. Love you always Janette xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx