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Found 6 results

  1. New laws under which workplace bullies will be imprisoned for up to 10 years have been welcomed by the family of a 19-year-old woman who committed suicide after being tormented by workmates. Damien Panlock, father of Brodie, who jumped to her death in 2006 after being victimised by colleagues at Cafe Vamp in Hawthorn, said the laws won’t bring Brodie back but legislation that protects young workers is "never too late". "This is Brodie’s legacy," Mr Panlock told The Age. "If someone else can be protected from scum like these people, and they know that they are going to be charged, and they are going to have jail time, they might think twice." Attorney-General Robert Clark is expected to table the Crimes Amendment (Bullying) Bill, 2011, in Parliament on Thursday. A government spokesperson said the Baillieu Government would amend stalking legislation to include workplace and cyber bullying. Mr Panlock has worked closely with the Brumby and Baillieu governments on framing the laws, but said he would reserve his final judgment until he saw the legislation. He said he would get advice on whether the laws cover the "grey areas . . . which are part and parcel of why these people haven’t been charged over Brodie". "Our family has been fighting to (have workplace bullying the subject of criminal charges for a year plus," he said. "We haven’t been sitting on our hands." "When you assault someone, that’s a criminal charge, isn’t it? Brodie was assaulted, physically, and there are witnesses. "Nothing’s ever too late ... If this can save someone else’s family ... in the future, if the law is good enough for that, fine. But if it’s not, it doesn’t mean a thing does it?" Victoria Police have not charged the men responsible for bullying Brodie. Victorian Attorney-General Robert Clark said today that "serious bullying was a serious crime" and should carry a significant jail term. "These changes will put beyond doubt that the terrible suffering inflicted on Brodie Panlock will constitute the offence of stalking and carry a jail term of up to 10 years," he told 3AW. Mr Clark said Victorian families were "entitled to be confident" that young workers were protected from victimisation at work. "These changes should give parents confidence that their children can start out in the workforce without being victim to this terrible bullying."
  2. BritChickx

    Cyber Bullying

    How serious do you take it? Do you think the police do enough to bring justice to the victims? I know someone who is being cyber bullied, well as well as being abused offline, I think it's digusting that something hasn't been done about it sooner :mad: what are you thoughts on this?
  3. Just thinking out loud,so i'l type this and see how long it lasts:biggrin:. I have cyberfreinds on here,i DONT allways agree with them because of that tho,but sometimes i will obviously. I CAN disagree and not fallout,i dont agree with the politics of some but thats ok,nor do i like the footy team some support,again tho i dont dislike them because of that. I try my best not to get involved in arguments,but just lately ive found that hard to do,and it seems a lot of other people have found that hard to do as well,its not rocket sceince why is it?thats all:biggrin:
  4. pablo

    Cyber you/real you?

    Are you the same in real life as you are on here? does your personality come across on here as it does in real life, or are you different in real life than here? Know what i mean?:goofy:are you more outgoing on here than real life for instance?things like that. Ive seen some say their shy in the real world but not on here,freedom of facelessness i suppose? I like to think im exactly the same ,im outgoing,no airs and graces,and just say it as it is i think,im not as abrasive as i have been on occasion on here,but i like to think thats just me defending meself,whether others think the same?!:cute: Nah so in short if anyone ever meets me i think they'l have a good idea of what im like from here,because im more or less the same as me cyber head,whether thats a good thing...:wideeyed::laugh:
  5. Cyber poison-penner hunted down and sued Eeeekkkkkk!
  6. [WRAP]http://i1012.photobucket.com/albums/af245/rob_williams_photo/immi-website2.jpg[/WRAP]If you've been unable to access any of the Australian Goverment websites this week, then the likely reason is as a result of cyber attacks from the activist group known as 'anonymous'. The group has been protesting at the Australian Governments plans to filter all internet traffic in the country. A spokesman for the group said they used a Distributed Denial of Service attack, involving about 500 people. The goverment websites were intermittently unavailable on the 10th & 11th & the group say that the attacks will continue. Anonymous is protesting against the Govt's plan to apply a country-wide filter to block certain content by 2011. In a separate censorship move Senator Conroy (The minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy, who ) has also contacted Google requesting that the company begins to filter YouTube content in Australia. Google says that while it complies with the laws of the individual countries in which it has a presence, it would only investigate and consider removing content after receiving a "valid legal request" about something already posted on the site. "YouTube is a platform for free expression. We have clear policies about what is allowed and not allowed on the site."