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Found 19 results

  1. The Australian dollar has weakened due to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cutting interest rates. RBA have cut the cash rate to 4.5% from 4.75% and this is the first cut since April 2009 – RBA said they were concerned about the impact of global uncertainty on the Australian economy. Also, not helping the Aussie dollar, new home sales (in Oz) fell 3.5% in September from August, their lowest level since December 2000
  2. Westpac has cut home loan rates for new borrowers, lowering its three-year fixed Premier Advantage Package home loan rate by 0.2 per cent to 6.59 per cent. The rate cut applies to new home loans of at least $150,000, Westpac said in a statement. The package also offers a discount of up to 0.8 per cent per year off the variable rate on a new variable rate home loan of at least $500,000. The move follows cuts by other banks to mortgage rates for existing customers. Last weekend, ANZ announced cuts to its fixed-rate mortgages, including its three-year rate, to 6.44 per cent. This followed the Commonwealth Bank cutting its fixed rates, including its three-year mortgage, to 6.59 per cent. Westpac also recently reduced the rate on its three-year fixed rate Premier Advantage home loan by 20 basis points for existing customers. The three-year fixed rate for will fall from 6.99 per cent to 6.79 per cent. The moves come after Westpac subsidiary St George cut its two and three year fixed home loan rates, by 0.1 and 0.3 per cent respectively, late in July.
  3. This is great news and I hope the Government have the bottle to do it. Support is building within the government for a move to take benefits away from claimants convicted of looting in the riots, a measure that has won more than 100,000 signatories on the Directgov website. Those e-petitions which pass this threshold are meant to be considered by the backbench business committee, a cross-party group, for debate in parliament. More ON THIS STORY Cameron starts ‘fight back’ against rioters Court cases give snapshots of rioters Westminster blog Cameron’s prescription FT tech hub PM threat to block rioters from social media Police cuts to stay in wake of riots Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, now backs the proposal, and the prime minister hinted he could also throw his weight behind it. David Cameron told parliament: “We should be looking at additional powers such as this.” The overwhelming support for the petition makes it almost certain that it will be referred to the backbench business committee of MPs that decides which issues of public interest will get time to be debated in the House of Commons.
  4. They are asking the local people where the cuts should be made, Chief Constable Peter Fahey has arranged meetings at town halls across 10 Greater Manchester authorities, to find ways forward on where to make the cuts. Greater Manchester Police cuts Reckless cuts to our local police go way beyond what is necessary and will put the safety of communities at risk. Almost a quarter of all posts at Greater Manchester Police are being cut and these will lead to a loss of up to 1,500 police officer posts, and 1,400 civilian jobs. Chief Constable Peter Fahy has been put in an impossible position and has acknowledged that the cuts are “huge” and that Greater Manchester police will have to make “very difficult decisions about the service to the public”. With one in five people losing their job it is hard to see how frontline services will not be affected. My son wants to become a police Officer ............ theres not much chance of that happening in the next few years.
  5. The decision by the government to tackle the benefits culture are starting to hit the vulnerable in society and there has already been several suicides from people who have had their benefits withdrawn who were suffering mental health problems. I think i read that 7,000 benefit claimants per week were being seen and i just think there needs to be some accountability, yes the government need to tackle this, to help reduce the huge national debt, but where will it end.
  6. OK, so we are in the middle of a recession, I do NOT pretend to kow anything about economics etc, but inevitably cuts will come, and it will affect some in the UK. We all seem to have an opinion on the why's and wherefore's of what, when, how much money is given or taken away, and I realise that we all for one reason or anther have the right to offer an opinion. As I said I have no idea about economics so I can't really comment, but it would be good to know from those with an interest or expertise in these matters to say where and if these cuts should be and the reasons why. Cuts will come, no matter what we do and say, and it is everyone's right to say where they think they should come, so people like Fleabo etc, :notworthy: who have a far better understanding than me about economics/growth etc I 'think' will be able give their opinion based on rational ideas. This is not meant to be a confrontational thread, as a numpty when it comes to such matters it would be great to know how other people view the present situation, and at the end of the day what can be done to get this country back on track. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. As we all know the government is HAVING to make cuts, I agree totally that this is the only way to go, cuts are inevitable, I may not agree with some of them but cuts at the end of the day are needed, BUT, (sorry Dom:wubclub::wink:). How about this for an equation. I am not getting on my high horse about wars etc, but I will say this. At present the Iraq/Afghanistan wars/conflicts have cost this country somewhere between 16 BILLION and 23 BILLION pounds, the costs are rising every day, and these figures do not take into account the salaries of the service personal involved. As I said, I am not going to get involved in the debate about the rights and wrongs of either wars, suffice to say NO MATTER what we and the USA do Iraq and Afghanistan will return to the tribal warfare that has been part of their historic since time began. Again, I'm not having a go at TRIBAL wars, that is the way these countries operate, they have done for thousands of years and they will continue to do so in the future no matter what we say or do. It doesn't matter what your views are on the war, at the end of the day the war was based on purely speculative 'information' and once again we as a country decided that OUR way of life should be inflicted on yet another country. Any excuse and reason can be put forward but IMO the war is and was based on the need to show the 'locals' that as a western nation we have the god given right to inflict our culture on them. Not for one second am I having a go at the service personal, I admire them greatly and are indeed my real heroes and icons. But at this time, when the country is up sh7t creek without a paddle it would do us all to remember that the cost of the wars are indeed massive and ongoing. Our debt could be cleared with one easy sweep if some numptie(s) sitting in Whitehall had the worries and concerns of its population been at the forefront of their minds. Another rant, I'm sorry. Over the weekend The X Factor received over 148,000 complaints because some wannabe was voted out of the show. Do you know how many complaints were made to ITV news when one of our soldiers deaths was relegated to sixth on the news, I will tell you, a mere 128. The world and its people have gone mad folks, and I am no longer sure I want to be part of it. Cheers Tony:mad:
  8. Immigration Cuts to Cause Skills Shortage Migration cuts may prompt skills crisis. Large cuts to migrant numbers could exacerbate a looming skills shortage and lead to wage blowouts as the resources sector gears up for another boom, industry analysts warn. The housing construction industry has been complaining about a structural undersupply of labour and the lack of a dedicated migration program for the residential sector. But it also says migration targets may not be enough to maintain a working age population. "There's no doubt there is a shortage of labour there," Housing Industry Association (HIA) chief economist Harley Dale told AAP. Australian Workers Union Against Migration Limits AWU chief Paul Howes slams migration cap. UNION leader and Labor kingmaker Paul Howes has warned that capping migration will undermine Australia's economic prosperity. He also said it would "wreak havoc" with the mining and construction industries. In a damning indictment of the migration policies espoused by Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott during the election campaign, the Australian Workers Union chief said yesterday that concerns about congestion in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne should not be turned into a debate about immigration -- let alone a dog whistle on asylum-seekers. Inadequate infrastructure in these eastern seaboard capitals reflected the failings of the federation, Mr Howes said.
  9. Businesses fear cuts to Australian visas will worsen skills shortage | Getting Down under) Just received this article in a newsletter. FYI. cheers cazmayo
  10. TONY Abbott has hinted the coalition's new policy on immigration and population will reduce the net overseas migrant intake by up to 100,000 people. Abbott wants tough immigration cuts | The Daily Telegraph Some comments on the story: Only one word for that "EXCELLENT" Good work Tony Abbott, love your work!!!! At least you have committed to a reduction strategy which most Australians want. I am really glad to see you make a stand. Gillard is so gutless she wont committ to anything. Go Tony! I like a leader who rules for the majority of ordinary Australians and not to minority, trendy, left wing groups. Good man this one My vote goes to Mr. Abbott. I will never, ever, vote Labor again. I feel so guilty that I did in the last election. What was I thinking? Enough is enough, Labor must go, PRONTO! Cut back more drastically. We have enough. Labor encourage migrants, whether they're inclined to integrate or not, to boost votes. Abbot's on the right track here. Keep 100,000 away from our doorstep and that's more jobs for dinky-di aussies 0 immigration will do nicely, thank you very much. In fact, I'd go further and ask for a negative figure - ie, let's have a deportation policy!
  11. Guest

    Immigration cuts?

    Is this a backbencher testing the waters for the leadership???? MP links immigration to terrorism | The Australian
  12. From: New stamp duty discount lures home buyers
  13. I'm not sure how accurate this is: Further cuts in Australian Skilled Migration intake | Getting Down under Has anyone seen this anywhere else ? My question would be, is it best to get your application into DIAC now (before the end of the current financial year) or is it best to wait until the next financial year. If you lodge your application now, and all of the current year's allocation is already used up, do you get put on the pile for next year ? Phil
  14. Skilled migration intake to be slashed 9th May 2009, 9:15 WST Australia's skilled migration intake will be slashed for the second time in the past two months. Next week's federal budget will cut the general skilled migration intake for the next financial year by about 7,000 people to 108,000, Fairfax reports. The government's move follows a decision taken in March to shed 18,500 places. The total reduction of 25,000 places will constitute a 20 per cent cut to the program. The cuts are the deepest since the previous recession, Fairfax reports. The move is expected to go ahead despite figures released this week which show the unemployment rate fell from 5.7 per cent to 5.4 per cent, or 27,000 jobs, last month. AAP Just seen this on thewest.com.au
  15. Hello all, on the back of the recent announcement about the CSL changes I have come across an interesting article which was posted on the Australian IT website yesterday. 457 visa analyst Bob Kinnaird has voiced his opinion that "IT should be removed from the critical skills list and employers forced to take on displaced Australian IT workers and fresh IT graduates,". Call for further cuts to skills visas | Australian IT
  16. noel2538

    Job cuts in Australia

    Hi All Im hoping somebody can shed some light on the job situation in Oz at the moment:err: My husband is a Welder/Fabricator can drive a Forklift. worked in Agriculture for over 15 years, some carpentry experience too...loads but is it enough? Myself, work for Tesco, Cash Office clerk, been a Bank clerk and got Business experience and customer service..any suggestions? I just been reading about the job cuts in Oz and Im a little worried that if we leave our jobs here, hubby nearly 20years and me 13 years, it will be out of the frying pan into the fire..... some general advise from people who are in Oz now would be very helpful...we are looking at living Melton West near Melbourne, Victoria. Thanks all:hug: Debxx
  17. Guest

    Rumours of Migration Level Cuts

    Hi All A lot of people seem to be worrying about recent reports in the Aussie press about possible cuts in the migration program. Nothing has been decided. At present it is nothing but speculation only. At the moment the Government's position is that the expected 133,500 places for skilled migrants which are now in the Migration Program for 2008/9 will remain at the present figure. Australian Immigration Fact Sheet 20. Migration Program Planning Levels They could cut the figure by 25% without it having a huge impact on people who have applied for visas or are considering applying for them. All that would happen is that applications would be placed in a queueing system and it might take longer for visas to become available. This already happens in the Parent migration program. The delay is frustrating but it is certainly not impossible to survive it. They are unlikely to announce the figures for the 2009/10 Program till around mid-May 2009. The release of the migration quota figures co-incides with the publication of the Budget, which is usually released around 14th May every year. Nobody should alter their current plans or arrangements on the strength of nothing but media speculation and gossip, which is always notoriously unreliable - please. Best wishes Gill
  18. What do you think, I applied end June for 176 visa, do not have CO but hearing reports of possible immigrant cuts in maybe early as November should I have my meds sooner rather than later, would this make a difference or not. Confused, your thoughts please. :chatterbox:
  19. Major supermarkets announced a new round of price cuts in a bid to lure struggling consumers. Both Asda and Tesco promised lower prices over coming days to outflank their rivals. Asda on Thursday unveiled a range of goods, including two pints of milk, for sale over the weekend at 50p. The retailer said customers would be able to buy milk at its cheapest price since 2001 following increases of about 21% in the last year. Other 50p products include bread and butter, eggs, meat and vegetables. The price cuts are in effect from Friday to Sunday. Suppliers would not be affected by the reductions, Asda said. Asda trading director Darren Blackhurst said: "Customers are telling us this is the time of the month they're really starting to feel the pinch and that's why we're investing in price cuts where they really count, on everyday essentials like milk, bread and butter, meat and vegetables." Tesco also cut the cost of 18,000 products in its biggest weekly promotion yet. The retailer said it was reducing the price of a range of everyday goods that would be on promotion, from bread, sausages and pizzas to Back to School uniforms and homewares. Tesco said the move meant it had cut £620 million from prices since January. Tesco commercial director Richard Brasher said: "Rising costs continue to hit customers hard and they are looking to Tesco to help. Despite clear inflation in some food products we have worked hard to cut our prices week after week and negotiated some fantastic deals with our suppliers to bring shopping bills down." Soaring food prices have pushed the official inflation rate up from 3.8% to 4.4% in July - a 16-year high. Increases in the price of meat products, milk, cheese and eggs have contributed to a steep climb in the cost of living. The average grocery bill for a typical family has climbed by more than a quarter to £127 since last summer, according to price comparison website Mysupermarket.co.uk. The fierce price wars among retailers follows the rising popularity of discount stores like Aldi and Lidl.