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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, Anyone here have tried to apply TRA-ICT Customer Support skills assessment? Please share experience. My case is that I happen to have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and 10 years experience as ICT Support. Just confused on how to fill up the TRA application as it state there "Vocational Training"? Can anyone help? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Does anyone here have tried to apply Skills Assessment for ICT Customer Support under TRA? My concern is that I hold a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and have work experiences As an ICT customer support. Will it be correct to have my skills assess under TRA or VETaSSeSS? Hope anyone can help me out or share his/her Experience relevant to this matter? Thanks. Appreciate.
  3. Im 21 and plan on moving to oz. I have no kids or fam thats comming along. Im sending for my dogs once i get settled. Once i graduated from high school i have been in two jobs that are call centers both for one yr. I have been almost promoted to supervisor but because i was only 20 they decided i wouldnt be good which is unfair. Im wondering how is the customer service/call center/dispatching job field is in brisbane queensland? Since its not on the demand of jobs list my pr probley wont be granted. Any advice????
  4. I live permanently in Sydney and am looking to remortgage my London property with Barclays. Thay have advised me that I must update my "Customer Profile Report" by going into one of their branches. Problem is Barclays don't have a branch in Sydney. Any sugestions? HELP!!!!
  5. Guest

    Customer Relations

    DHgate is like Chinese ebay How's this for a feedback? :biglaugh: hi send to me vrong fone.......very bad seller..... Reply: You are so bad person and buyer, we send 8800 black to you as your order here, but you say like that. we never have that phone in your picture. you are a cheat, terrible cheat, super bad cheat, you will go to the hell...and we will tell DHgate the truth, then DHgate will put you in the black list, then you can not buy anything here!!!!!!!!!!! go to the hell.... Most of All, we just want to tell DHgate Sellers here, please note that buyer is cheat, please don’t sell anything to this person…very dangerous!!! Below is this buyer details: I deleted his addy and phone :biglaugh:
  6. Hi All, My name is Max Aben and I work for Helion Research. We are a mystery customer research company that specialises in mystery shopping. We work mostly in Europe but we have a new project in Australia and we are looking for new mystery shoppers to complete the work. You will make a profile on the Helion website and then apply for the mystery shops you want to complete. You will get paid per mystery shop you complete. For more information you can see our FAQ page - www.helionresearch.com/evaluator/faqs or email me directly - maben@helionresearch.com Thank you Max Aben
  7. christopher

    Customer Service

    Has anyone else found the levels of customer service in Australia to be extremely low. In the 14 months we have lived here I think we've had one positive experience (buying a VW car!) but every company or tradesman I've dealt with have been bordering on incompetent. People don't ring you back when they say they will, not answering calls, rudeness the lot. Weve had both out kitchen and bathroom renovated (by different companies) and every single person/tradesman we've dealt with have been so 'laid back' and quite frankly acted as if they didnt care, until they wanted the invoice paying that is, in fact one of them rang up going off on one because I hadn't paid the bill, and when I informed him I would pay him when he actually finished the job and had actually given me an invoice! he just said he would ring me back, of course he didn't but I did receive an invoice 1 and a half weeks later asking for prompt payment. We also were having our fence and house painted, they painted the fence (the wrong colour!), they painted it again (the right colour!) but then left without painting the house 3 weeks later and several calls to both the strata agent and the painters (both of them being as incompetent as each other) and the house hasn't had a paintbrush near it, with both parties saying they haven't heard from the other. Now we may have been unlucky, but I have dealt with some shocking customer service in my work aswell, is it an Aussie thing? I know they pride themselves on being 'laid back' but I'm thinking it's just an excuse for being lazy and incompetent. RANT OVER
  8. mrfordy

    Bank customer ID check

    Hi folks, what documentation/ proof will i need for a bank ID check? Thanks :yellow_guy_smiling_
  9. Guest

    Customer Service

    Interested to hear other people's thoughts and experiences regarding CUSTOMER SERVICE (GOOD & BAD) in both the UK and Australia. We certainly had some very bad experiences regarding Customer Service repeatedly in Queensland. Un-friendly, un-helpful, and un-professional. In fact the lack of product knowledge in retail there was awful!!! So much so it often became a topic of conversation. Whereas South Australia was fantastic. Faultless...friendly and professional. The UK is generally very very good. Not always very friendly, but very professional which I believe is most important.
  10. Arrrrrgh........:arghh: I know i have not been a member of PIO for long but really feel like i need a rant. I am so sick of the incompetent idiots we have working in customer service here in the UK. I have been plagued by letters and phonecalls from a certain broadband provider who i made an enquiry with about 7 monts ago saying that i am due them money!!. I never was and will never be a customer with them and no matter how many times i tell them this they do not listen!! Please can someone reassure me that the level of customer service in Oz is better as i really don't know if i could handle it. Apologies to all for my outburst but i feel much better! :spinny:
  11. It's probably just the phase of the moon but I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of crap customer service from 'phone networks and utilities! I just want to scream :arghh: And if that's not bad enough how about voice recognition systems that don't recognise native English speakers! If I respond with "yes" a grating voice says "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that, did you say YIS or NOW?" So I end up dancing to the fiddle and saying "YIS!" Anybody else tired of this????? :arghh: