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Found 10 results

  1. I met my Australian partner in Brisbane 5 years ago and we have had a child together and another one on the way. I am desperate to move home to the UK but despite previously agreeing to this my partner now says he will NEVER EVER move there. I’m desperate to go home and take the children with me but it seems like I am totally trapped here now. Has anyone had any experience of this, particularly where children are involved?
  2. clare0206

    Consent from ex-husband!

    Forgot all about this! Need permission from ex-husband to take my son abroad :mad: anyone else had the same problem and any advice please :hug: [h=3]http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/including-family-members/ Custody[/h]Australia must fulfil its international obligations in relation to the prevention of child abduction. If your application includes a child under 18 years of age and that child’s other parent (or any other person with a legal right to decide where the child lives) is not also migrating, you must prove you have the right to move the child. Acceptable forms of proof are certified copies of: an overseas court order giving you sole custody of the child a statutory declaration, signed by the child’s other parent (or other person with a legal right to decide where the child lives), that allows you to take the child to Australia a death certificate for the other parent an Australian court order giving you the sole right to decide where the child should live.
  3. Hi I'm Moving to Australia in a about 6 months, with my daughter (9) son (5 months) and husband, my daughters is from a previous relationship and we have been to court and go the ok to move but with several conditions. 1, I have to register the order with the Australian court 2, we have to come back on 2 separate occasions each year Since winning the case ( which cost us 25,000 and took a year,!) my ex has been extremely difficult trying to take me back to court for breaching the order (even though I havnt) lying about it, and trying his dam hardest to split me and my husband up by threats and lies. My daughter is getting wise to this and soon will not want to see him as she's reluctant to go now as he is saying things to her now too. I would like to know if anyone has immigrated with a similar situation and if and how enforceable the contact order is in Australia and is this is the same in each state? I have a feeling when I go he will do his upmost to try and make to breach the order so he can order me back, but I want to no if he can? He is very vindictive and has put me in difficult situations already regarding our contact order. If anyone can help that would be great or no of any solicitors I can talk to over there. Thanks Kate
  4. I have full custody of my daughter from previous marriage and have done for 6 years now. The ex wife through extreme circumstances is not allowed to have ANY contact with my daughters and court orders reflect this. They've also been updated through the years also.. I've been offered a job in Oz which I'd be silly not to take and we all want to go.. However do I need to go to court to seek permission from the ex who's not allowed to participate in her life nor indeed never paid any money for maintenance.?? Is this order I've currently got enough..?? I really don't want to go to court as it will open the circus up again and the whole process is very stressful, especially for my daughter.
  5. Chris&Mel

    Custody Documents

    Hello all, i was wondering if anyone can assist me in answering the follwing question; My wifes son (my stepson) is not migrating with us (16 years and to remain with his father's family). However in the visa application form (47ES) there is a requirement for "certified copies of documents to verify custody and access arrangements for children under 18 years of age unless both parents of the child are included in the application" my own thoughts are that this is more focused on step children migrating with you, where you require letters etc to allow the child to travel. Has anyone else had this dilema or could anybody let me know what is required if i do need to arrange for some sort of certified documents. Much appreciated and thanks in advance,
  6. Guest

    GOT CUSTODY!!!!! Yipppeeee....

    Hi all Not sure whether you remember me or not but just to recap...the last piece of document outstanding for our visa was to get my ex to sign form for our son to be removed from jurisdiction. He wouldn't and tried to blackmail me and so on and so forth and so I had to go to Court this week and yippppeeee....I got Sole Custody along with him signing the form for me, just in case. So for those of you who prayed and advised, all I can say is a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart as I was soooooo stressed over it...I must have lost a couple of pounds!!!!! So we have sent it off so thankfully, that was the last piece of puzzle to the jigsaw that our Case Officer was looking for...so now we wait!!!! So again, many many thanks and if anybody needs any advice or help with this, please please let me know and I will. Sue :cute: x
  7. I am from Brazil. I am applying through the General Skilled Migration program for the VISA 175 (CSL) with my de facto partner. We have been living together since 2005 and we are currently employed by IBM Brazil. My de facto partner not only also has the skill assessment document validating her profession, but also had a band score of 7 on the IELTS exam - like me - on each of the four components. She is also less than 29 years old like me. From my point of view, both of us are in very good shape regarding our profession and English level. However, she has two children from another relationship. One girl is 10 and one boy is 8. Although the children live with us, my de facto partner does not have the formal documents proving the formal custody of them and these documents normally take a long time to get ready here in Brazil. In order to take advantage of the current Australian immigration requirements, my partner and I decided to apply for us immediately and, as soon as we get our visa, we will apply for children - supposing that we will already have their custody documents. I applied on March 2, 2010. The stepchildren were added as non-migrating applicants. For my surprise, on March 25, a Case Officer sent me an e-mail requesting the medicals. The process is going much faster than expected. My questions are: 1 - Considering that we get the custody documents, could we take them to Australia as students and apply for their permanent residency from Australia? Would it be faster than applying for their permanent residency while they are still in Brazil? 2 - Even if we get stepdchildren's visa before going to Australia, my de facto partner and I plan to go first to get a job, a house, and prepare everything for the children. During this period of time, their grandmother will look after them in Brazil. Is it important to let the immigration aware of it? Thank you all! Carlos
  8. Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section so please bear with me. I'm originally from the UK, moved out here in 1997. Married an Aussie and had a gorgeous baby girl a year ago. Hubby and I sadly separated as he has issues that I will no longer tolerate. My issues are that I now feel completely ALONE. Hubby's parents (whom I once loved) are obviously taking his side, mutual friends no longer call or feel awkward in my company. I only have a couple of friends who I could trust. My heart is now starting to yearn for England and my hubby is making my life hell with daily harassment and psychological bullying. He has made it clear (via his solicitor) that he wants my daughters passport in trust with the solicitor and if I want to holiday in England I have to, a) give him 3 months notice, b) put $5000 in trust, c) allow him to have the same amount of holiday time with my daughter upon her return from England (I have issues with allowing him overnight visits as he is a heavy drinker). So, I guess my question is, has anybody been through anything similar. Were you able to relocate back to the UK with your children and what were the implications. Thank you for any help you may be able to provide. I'm sinking into a big, black hole here..............................................:wacko:
  9. hi ya im a single parent ive had my two boys for the last 8yrs there 10 and 12yrs old there mother doesnt have anything to with them except at xmas and holidays they go to her house in london but we live in norfolk. when we split up she gave me the kids but i have no leagal document saying there to be with me or her as she`s never tried to get the kids back i just want to know will i need to get full custody of the kids b4 i move to oz ive asked there mum what she thinks about me taking the kids with me to oz she is ok with it many thx icekool0902
  10. Guest

    custody problems!!!

    :arghh: can anyone help??? my eldest daughter has not seen her biological father since conception basically . he has never seen her , he is not on the birth certificate and to be honest i dont know where he is or where he lives! she is nearly 10 years old. i have a signed declaration by me in front of a solicitor and the birth certificate with just my name on. i wasnt married to him so thats not an issue of parental custody. will that be enough??? i have a feeling we are going to hit a brick wall????????:unsure: cheers lianne