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Found 34 results

  1. micklemuss

    WANT A GREAT CURRY.....Like home

    Guys I'm sure many of you may know this already but I must spread the word! Since being in Oz and living in Murrumba Downs we have mainly missed a good curry!!! Despite trying every local take away, they have all been rather pants......until we discovered THE SPICE AVENUE in BIRKDALE. Family owned with chefs from Wolverhampton this place is fantastic!!!!! (British beer sold here to) We take the 40 minute drive and it's worth every KM!!! they get very busy so you must book, do it and please post your replies, you will thank me I promise!!! Enjoy!!!!
  2. tonyman

    curry recipe`s

    can we throw some curry recipe`s on here now and again........i will put mine up soon as well as bhaji`s , a good rice dish and red onions ,plus yoghurt and mint sauce .......
  3. i need stimulation

    curry houses in melbourne

    Does anyone know of any there that would be the equivalent of what is in birkdale, queensland? or any others that are just like back in uk? I'm going to melbourne over the weeked
  4. Is there something wrong with Australian rice or Australian chicken? Tell me now before I cook it and then have to throw it away.
  5. Hi Just Wondered has Anyone Ever Shipped Chocolate ,Curry Sauce Or Tea Bags As All The Above Don't Taste Great in Oz And We Irish Love Our Tea!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  6. Guest

    Best curry in the world

    Rather than take the 'what's the UK got that Oz hasn't' thread off topic............. I wonder if you took a native Bangladeshi who's never left the country paid him to do a round the world trip to determine who does the best curries which country would he choose??
  7. Guest

    The Glasgow Curry House

    Just opened. Best Indian in WA
  8. Hi! We have been in Perth for 9 months now (already??!!) and are yet to find a really good curry house. The hubby is particularly gagging for a 'decent' Indian curry..... We've tried Chutney Mary's and Maya's, both of which have a great reputation, and both of which I thought were pretty good. Yet hubby is still bombarding me with 'not a patch on a curry in London....'. I've researched online and have the names of a few, but as fellow expats, I expect you're comparing the same quality as we would be. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated :biggrin: Cheers Tina
  9. keily

    bestest curry in perth

    just thought i would let u know that i think i may just have found the best curry place in perth ....the glasgow curry house in currambine [nor] ......family run by a scottish / pakistani couple ...the found is amazing and made for the scottish palate .....chicken pakora was awesome and the nan bread was huuuuge .....also had chicken tikka masala and o/h had tandoori mixed grilll which he says was exactly the same as we used to get back home ....great service and friendly atmosphere ...not too pricey ...defo worth a vist ....oh and they sell irn bru aswell :jiggy: mrs keily
  10. tonyman

    curry lovers in Perth

    check out todays deal at the Red Turban curry house in Joondalup, Perth....... http://livingsocial.com/deals/53079-indian-takeaway-meal-for-two?msdc_id=84&ref=Deal061911_84_1267email
  11. OK, this is from an indian guy I work with and it is how they make it at home, it is superb. Feeds 4 4 x large oinons ix tin of toms. BULB OF GARLIC, YES A WHOLE BULB Fresh ginger about a good inch. 2 x teaspoon cumin powder 3 x teaspoon coriander powder 1 x teaspoon haldi (tumeric) half teaspoon chilli powder or how hot you like it. 1 x teaspoon garam masala in a blender puree the onions garlic and ginger as smooth as you can by adding water In a large saucepan put 5 tablespoons of oil (you can skim of oil at end if you do not like to much) simmer for an hour (yes an hour ) till oil seperated and comes to top and onion mixture turns darker, add toms that have also beem pureed and cook for another 20 mins add salt to taste and spices and cook for 15 mins, add chicken or meat (a chicken cooked on the bone is better) add water or yoghurt to make it as dry or saucy you like it and cook till done. It is a long cooking time but my mate said it is the only way to make a decent curry. Any questions please ask and pleas give feedback when you have done one.:hug:
  12. Hi me and the missus are looking for friends/ meet ups anywhere west of the Maribyrnong(Flemington considered). I'm 39 a brummie, wifes 42 a aussie. We don't take ourselves or life too seriously. We love travel(anywhere), curry(well I do more), and hanging out Been in Oz ten years with only one move back to the UK in that time. If you know of any decent curry houses post em up! We've tried most of em round here. Paul
  13. tonyman

    Chinese Curry

    i love to make indian curry ,i have never tried to make chinese tho .....does anyone have a simple or basic recipe to start of with ....hopefully with lots of onions.....
  14. Guest

    Curry vs Fish and Chips

    I don't mind a curry but can't really see how it achieved preferred takeaway meal status in the UK. I like the Malay type biryanis, so many varieties to choose from I suppose. But fish and chips is something else. I've had a few feeds in the UK, certainly the best I've tried. In Australia it's mainly cooked by Greeks, some of whom don't do a bad job. In my opinion it's the best take out meal.
  15. theonetruechris

    Curry supplies (indian)

    I like making my own curries but I can't seem to find a decent garam massala in the shops or curry leaves. anyone know where can I get decent curry supplies. Aslo on an unrelated note is marlin good eating?
  16. Guest

    THE 19,000km CURRY EXPRESS

    THE 19,000km CURRY EXPRESS If Bromley Bland, the 50-year-old piano dealer, had kept his mouth shut between mouthfuls of delicious curry, there would never have been any trouble..... What he said, quite loudly, in the Taj Mahal restaurant, you find down a Truro, Cornwall, back alley, was that he enjoyed the Bangladeshi family cooking so much he was going to have their curry dishes flown out to Australia in batches of 10. At $873 a time for the 19,308km journey by Jumbo. And he meant it. But restaurant walls have ears; and the cheery Mr. Bland’s vow reached the newsroom of the local newspaper, the story quickly being flashed around the world in advance of his Sydney arrival. ‘I’ll tell you what happened then,’ said the indignant businessman who imports Chinese pianos into England, exports Steinways to Japan, and sells Japanese Yamahas world-wide -- never with any trouble. ‘We were a party of four; my wife, Margaret and I; and an English lord and his wife who were travelling with us. ‘We arrived at the Sydney Airport Customs Hall about 6 AM and headed for the Green Exit because we had nothing to declare. All of a sudden we were pulled to one side and asked to sit down. A team of Customs and Quarantine officers then came over and asked us who had packed our bags? They said they were going to search every one and asked us again did we have anything to declare? We said we did not. ‘They then searched every bit of clothing, the linings of the suitcases, the linings of handbags and even little credit-card wallets. They x-rayed all the pipings of bags and cases. Then, when they started asking us very personal questions, and I hadn’t even been given a glass of water which I’d asked for, I told them to stuff off. This had gone on for about two hours and I thought they must have been looking for drugs. When they tried to split us up I warned the others not to leave. I was worried something might be planted. ‘When it was eventually over, the Quarantine guy in charge came across and said: "I would like to tell you why we have searched so thoroughly. We thought you might be illegally bringing curries into Australia.."’ Said Mr. Bland: ‘We didn’t of course, have any curries with us. We know that is illegal and you need an import licence. A company is arranging for me to have my meals vacuum-packed from the Taj Mahal and flown into Sydney so all I need to do is pop them into a pan with a bit of oil.’ At such a huge expense? ‘Well, I can afford it and I enjoy the freshness of their cooking. I select the spices for them in London for quality and take them down to Cornwall. So I know what I’m eating.’ Mr. Bland first got the taste for blazing hot curries in Birmingham more than 30 years ago. He has never been to the source of it all, India. But in Wolverhampton, where he grew up, he got to know Bangladeshi families who emigrated in the 60s, and patronised the restaurants they opened. ‘I got this fantastic liking for their food and I can’t be without it.’ When he’s back in Truro, Mr. Bland settles at his special table in the 70-seat Taj, on the Truro River, on average five times a week. It is a personal table - at which nobody else can sit. The Daily Mail and another newspaper are there, folded, to await him. He does not have to order. The chef ("a fifth generation expert who started at three years old in the kitchen") sends out a Madras or a Vindaloo. There is a jug of water by his elbow, because he doesn’t drink alcohol, and coffee to follow. ‘I have eaten Australian curries over the years,’ says Mr. Bland who has a house in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, ‘and they are nothing like the Taj. I am not knocking anybody, but I went to a restaurant near the hotel I stayed at on the New South Wales coast and had one the other night and it was uneatable. I have even tried to persuade the Taj Mahal chef to fly out and cook for me while I am here, because I can afford it. But he won’t leave his family behind. So I’ve arranged that his meals be packed and perfectly sealed in vacuum containers so they’ll keep for months.’ At $90 a dish, landed in Sydney, he believes he will be eating the world’s best curries "quite reasonably". ‘All I have to do is heat them up and then’ (by now he is in another world), ‘just enjoy them. The dishes I don’t eat immediately, will keep for months in the freezer.’ There may of course be some fine curry restaurants in Australia, and Bromley means to try them all. But he already misses the Taj...
  17. Guest

    Desperate for a Curry!!

    Hi can anyone help? We are off to Brisbane for the weekend and are desperate for a good curry, can anyone recommend an indian restaurant in Brisbane City Centre not too far from Queen Street Mall? Thanks in advance! Angela
  18. Guest

    Good curry in Perth??

    Hi all, we moved to Perth 3 months ago from Birmingham and now the nights are closing in and things are getting a bit cooler we are need of a good cockle warming curry. We know there are plenty of Indian places around but we also know that the Indian food over here is a little more authentic than the British curry we get at home. We are very adventurous when it comes to food but when it comes to curry I don't want a fine dining experience, I want a taste of home. I want a balti!!! Can anyone recommend a good British style balti house? Crazy really, I used to moan about there being about a million of them on our road alone in the UK, now, what I wouldn’t give for just one of them!! And before I’m accused of being a typical brit abroad, I drink Aussie beer, have a tub of vegemite in the fridge (just in case immigration come knocking) and have eaten kangaroo. Therefore I’ve done my bit for bi-lateral relations, I deserve a British curry don’t I??? Thanks.
  19. Hi all Was wondering what the Aussie equivalent of our electrical shop Curry's is called.
  20. Hi The great search for the best curry in sydney is on. has anyone found one yet? We've tried many places but can't find the same sort of standard we're use to back home. Any suggestions? Or does anyone know a place that uses chicken breast instead of thigh meat?
  21. fraggles


    a few of us went out last night for a curry to the india gate at surfes underneath the holiday inn and it was the worst curry ever me and steve orderd a vindaloo curry and the first one was not even hot the food was crap the service was rubbish so make sure you never go thanks to those who went for leannes birthday was a good night even tho the food was rubbish
  22. Guest

    Good curry hpuses in Sydney

    Any suggestions guys? The Blu Ginger in McMahons Point is awesome, but I live in Eastern suburbs so can be a treck.
  23. Very strange request this but, here goes... have been in Oz for a few weeks now and am missing my Friday night Indian curry. Can't believe that there are no Indian restaurants around! We have just moved in to Sanctuary Lakes (Point Cook) so does anyone know of any good take aways? I don't want pizza/fish and chips/chinese... there are plenty of those around. Failing that, what about a good Thai take away? We have 2 small children so a take away on a Friday is our treat as getting out to eat is limited to places that have play areas (and I refuse to go to McDonalds or the Red Rooster AGAIN!) Hoping to get a reply before Friday..... Drea and the Miles boys
  24. I have figured out why Australia does not do curry….think about it…Australians do not travel that much as a rule and only really sample their own rather bland food that they have been brought up on …fast food takeaways are big business in Oz……..now us Brits have travelled all over Europe and Asia and have sampled the delight of foreign food be it Indian Chinese or Turkish….we appreciate the taste of spicy food much more than Australians that have been brought up on rather bland foods on barbies…..Indian restaurants cater for the taste-buds of Australians…that is why curries are not that spicy and rather sweet and rather bland….sorted.:rolleyes:
  25. Guest

    Melbourne curry

    Hi All Have been in Melbourne for one year now, and apart from missing the obvious(family and friends), I have been absolutely dying for a good curry. I have spent the last year asking around and trying different curry places, but found nothing to match the quality of our curry houses in London's east end, or wembley areas. STOP PRESS!!!!! I stumbled across (from a recommendation) a curry house on my doorstep which is mind blowingly good. I cannot believe how good this place is if you want spicy indian food with fresh ingredients......I have been in shock at this find. In fact I went there for the 2nd time in 7days today, and was not disappointed. The owner, Suresh, is so passionate about his job and the quality pf the food, I believe, will not be rivalled in OZ....and is tough to beat in the UK. So, where is this place??????? It is- Madras Banyan Tree. 942 Nepean Highway. Hampton East. Viv 3188. Tel. 9555 7170. Tell Suresh, that I have recommended you, and he will happily look after you with a treat. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!! Max Patel (V. Happy):jiggy::jiggy: