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Found 184 results

  1. OzDreamSeekers

    CSL - Accountants

    Hi everybody Its been a turbulent time of late, havent been on here for what seems like ages...ho hum. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of spring. Get to the point, I hear you ask. As an accountant who has sat the IELTS test and acheived over the specified number of points/result, one assumes that I will sit squarely on the CSL (my heart truly goes out to everyone who isnt on that list!). However, and its a big one....the way I read the CSL 16/3 is as follows: Accountant -- where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year – Skilled Migration Internship Program Accounting (SMIPA) This means I must have sat the Professional Year - Skilled Migration Internship Program....does it not? Someone tell me I am not insane - my reading is correct (I realise that puts me on the MODL rather than CSL, but just confirmation would be good... Thanks in advance Adam
  2. Hi All I was wondering how long people have had to wait on average for their 175 GSM (non CSL) visa application to be granted?? I've got my IELT test booked for 20th nov and will be submitting my 175 app shortly after (skills test already passed). If everyone who have had a 175 app granted (or those who are still waiting) could post their details to this thread, I'm sure it would be appreciated by all of us waiting. Thanks All Neil
  3. Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread for Computing Professionals NEC and CSL applicants who have not heard any thing from their CO yet as we suppose to be contacted by them. Please let us hear from all the Computing Professionals NEC and CSL who have CO but have'nt got their visa yet and also from people who have been lucky in this category and got their visa approvals. Those who fall in this category please add their information so all other applicants can have an idea that where they stand at the moment. please keep posting as other applicants will be kept updated. Please also add your application timeline as well. Good Luck ITpro Application Date: jan 2009, co assigned: May 2009, PCC MEDS sent: June 2009, job varification: May 2010, Visa Grant Date: Still waiting :arghh:
  4. neilharrison_253

    175 CSL Visa Granted :)

    Hi All Just thought i would share the news that my VISA was granted this morning. My time line is all in my signature. Thanks for all the advice off this forum and wish the rest of you waiting all the best of luck. Well worth the wait Regards
  5. Guest

    CSL Visa Granted

    Hi everybody We have just been granted a 175 CSL visa. Finally the wait is over… Family of 4 from South Africa. Timeline below: Feb 2008 Decided to go, appointed agent. Wife assessed as financial manager. Me assessed as Engineering Technologist. July 2008 175 Lodged online. 1 Jan 2009, first set of changes, agent oblivious, only told 6 weeks later. Feb 2009 Agent fired. March 2009 new Australia based agent appointed - carry on waiting…. September 2009 more ridiculous changes, going no where fast… Jan 2010 decide to get wife re-assessed as an accountant - very easy process. Feb 2010 more changes, nothing moving with original application, decide to lodge a second application. Potential cap and cease of original application is worrying me… March/April 2010 wife writes IELTS again x 2 to get onto CSL. 14th May 2010 Second application (now a paper application) arrived in Adelaide a few hours before the temporary suspension came into effect, phew… 14th July 2010 Case officer assigned. 27th July 2010 New set of processing arrangements announced, will I ever get a visa? 3rd August 2010 Medicals and Police Clearances reach Australia 11th August 2010 Visa Granted. Take that Mr Evans… Special thanks to Fiona at Carre migration, she drove me mad with all the paper work requests in the beginning, but in the end they were spot on as the grant was quick and the case officer surely could not have required any more info than was supplied. I think this is where you see who a competent agent is and who isn’t. No thanks to DIAC to the way they have treated people these past 18 months, it is scandalous. Thanks to my dear wife who wrote IELTS with a slipped disc in her back, I don't know how she did it and passed. For everyone in the queue - good luck for the road ahead, don’t lose sight of your goal. For every negative set of rule changes there is bound to be a positive set of changes. This process has cost an absolute fortune and the hard work is still to come. I really hope that it is worth it in the end? Damn it I will make sure it is….
  6. Considering the fact that the future of CSL is uncertain up to the point of it being already revoked or to be revoked very shortly("Mid 2010"), I wanted us to note and make a count of how many offshore applicants on the CSL lodged before the new SOL don't have a case officer assigned as of 01/07/2010 and in the same time note how many CSL applicants , got a case officer assigned after 01/07/2010 until we officially know of the new priority processing. This is going to give us a clue if CSL is still in place. Thanks to everybody who want to share their status.
  7. Hi everyone Well just thought i'd have a rant and see if anyone else is feeling the same as us! Me and Hubby applied for 176 fam sponsored in Dec 2008, non state sponsored and non csl my skill is Business Info professional - computer support engineer (NEC) We are getting a bit twitchy now as with DIAC ceasing to accept 176 visa's and the recent cap and cease protocol and my skill not been on any lists now were thinking we'll never get there!!!!. Is anyone else feeling that they will just carry that on and in 2010/2011 they will decide to 'cap and cease' all applicants from 2008? If it wasn't bad enough that we might have to wait till 2012 were now worried that it might not happen at all, might just be us over reacting but it seems to us that the dream will stay just that, a dream Let us know if your feling the same, maybe we can all winge together!!!! Thanks Claire
  8. Guest

    Non csl 176 accountants

    Hello Everyone, I would just like to ask if it will be a good idea to take another IELTS now considering that the launching of SMP list is delayed until August and there is no confirmation whether the CSL is still in effect or not. I would really appreciate your thought on this. Thanks, Aslan:biggrin:
  9. Hi there just thought i would let you know we got the golden phone call today to say we have our WA176 state sponsored visa after a 3 year battle .:smile: All i can say is that its been hard with all the changes and goal post being moved but you just have to hang in there it will all pay off in the end good luck to all of you in the same position hang in there. Lyndon (aka lp1664).
  10. Guest

    885 non CSL ...plz advise

    Hi, I applied 885 non-CSL (ICT recent graduate ) in august 2008. still waiting for something happen. as i remember DIMIA stoped processing application for 885 non-CSL till may 2008. plz senior memebrs advise abt my situation so far. should i hope for something +ve in near future. thank you.
  11. The Minister for Immigration is going to announce the introduction of capping of the General Skilled Migration program, and most likely the deletion of some building trades from the CSL, during the next 12 hours in Australia. Impossible to say what this will involve, the devil will be in the detail, but in what has clearly been an orchestrated media campaign most likely motivated by the Queensland elections next Saturday, every Australian newspaper has stories of this ilk this morning: http://www.theage.com.au/national/sk...0315-8yyp.html http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au...31-601,00.html http://www.smh.com.au/national/immig...0315-8yy2.html Leaving aside the hype, it seems clear that: a) the following occupations are being removed from the Critical Shortage List: bricklayers, plumbers, welders, carpenters and metal fitters; b) the general skilled migration program is going down from 133,500 to 115,000, ie still at historically high levels but down from this year's peak. c) to cope with the added backlog in the current program there will be capping, ie it's likely to take longer for visas to be granted. No doubt more will emerge in the course of the day. Right now it's pointless to contact your agents, they won't know about these changes and certainly not the detail until after the Minister's announcement, probably this afternoon. At the moment the only practical issue is that those five trades are probably coming off the skilled shortage list. Cheers, George Lombard
  12. Let us count how many CSL category Visas are pending. Specially visas applied in 2009. CSL -J2ee Specialist -175 applied on 15th Oct 09 All docs met on 7th June. Country : UAE/India Still waiting .....
  13. Hi all After reading this forum, I believe the CSL is considered a temporary guideline for ACS to assess specialization skills in need in Australia and DIAC, as the MODL is taken out of consideration until later this year. My current workplace does not allow me to conveniently obtain a descriptive employment statement from anyone inside without jeopardizing my employment. Therefore, I'm planning to obtain a statutory declaration to describe my scope of work here. Page 28 of the ACS PASA guideline says: and I believe this "independent supporting reference" is referring to this on page 27: I tried to Google for this "corroborative information" and "third party", but I have no ideas who or what this can be. I can produce pay slips, offer letter, staff training certificates, and business card - will these satisfy as they are from my employer? Also, how do I indicate in the form the specialization of occupation that is nominated? Is this in the field "MODL (if applicable)" of the section "INFORMATION ABOUT THE OCCUPATION YOU ARE SEEKING ASSESSMENT UNDER"? Thanks.
  14. Guest

    175 CSL Visa Granted

    Hi all, OMG, OMG -- got our visa granted this morning:arghh::jiggy: its been an up and down road but now everything seems worth while!!!!! i thought i had missed our chance with the new rules coming in yesterday and the CSL being revoked, so if there are any CSL out there still waiting all is not lost just yet!!! Time Line IELTS: 18th April 2009 ACS Sumbitted: 6th Sept 2009 ACS Approved: 5th Dec 2009 CSL Online App Submitted: 9th Dec 2009 ABPF: 12th Feb 2010 CO Assigned: 1st April 2010 Med's & PC Requested: 8th April 2010 Med's sent on the: 16th april 2010 PC sent: 20th April 2010 Visa Granted: 2nd July 2010!!!!! Big celebration tonight because i'm on holiday!!!!!
  15. Guest

    CSL revoked, No new priority?

    Just called DIAC and be told that since CSL is revoked, new priority will be employer sponser, smp, ss, and all others follow '1st come, 1st serve' and waiting period is around 2 years... However operator doesnot sound like hes 100% sure about what he said Guys, any new information?
  16. Guest

    Is csl still exist?

    DIAC confirm that new SOL will Come in effect on 1 july 2010 and CSL Revoke. IS CSL STILL EXIST?
  17. Finally, it's 1st July and i can start submitting my application. With these recent development, is the Priorities Processing (announced 8th Feb 2010) still applies? And is the CSL dated March 2010 still in effect as at 1st July 2010? 1. Applications from people who are employer sponsored under the ENS and the RSMS. 2. Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency under a state migration plan agreed to by the minister. 3. Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency and whose nominated occupation is on the Critical Skills List 4. Applications from people who are neither nominated nor sponsored in priority groups 1, 2 or 3, but whose nominated occupation is listed on the CSL. 5. Applications from people who are nominated by a state/territory government agency whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL. 6. (i) Applications from people whose occupations are listed on the Migration Occupations in Demand List (MODL). (ii) Aplications from people who are sponsored by family and whose nominated occupation is not listed on the CSL. 7. All other applications are to be processed in the order in which they are received.
  18. Any status on these visas? I haven't heard anything from DIAC nor my agent. Please help.
  19. It's only about a month left before the CSL list is revoked. As new GSM apps have been suspended, there's a general expectation DIAC is currently working hard to process as much of the pending CSL queue as they could until July 1st. In this light I thought it might be interesting to get a rough figure of how many CSL applicants out there still waiting for their visas. I know the timeline websites could give an idea on that, but some people are reluctant to add or update their entries. So please reply to this thread if your on the same boat as I am. Maybe, provide brief details of where you are now. I'll be updating this post with the numbers. Thank you! To start, I'm Drifter :biggrin: and my ASPC timeline is: VE 175 (2231-79 C++/C#) applied online on 20.01.2010, CO since Feb'10, Meds/PC/spouse IELTS requested, provided and finalized in Mar'10. EDITED: 26 CSL applicants reported themselves by the time of this edit.
  20. Guest

    Relocating while 175 is pending

    Hi all - I've applied for a subclass 175 visa in Dec 2009 and my nominated occupation is on the CSL and also the new SOL. I've submitted all the requested documents to my CO a month ago and I'm still waiting to hear back. I'm currently in the US and I'm planning on quitting my job and relocating closer back to home for a short period of time. Does anyone have an opinion if this is something advisable to do while while I'm still awaiting a decision on the visa? What might be the potential implications? Thanks.
  21. Hello PIO members, I am reading the forum (not posting much though) almost every day and see that there are not that many visas granted to Cat 5, and the Department has not started processing Cat 6 at all. I am from Cat 5 (non CSL) and was wondering your opinion about the filling the quota for this financial year. I don't think that there are that many occupations in CSL, and we have seen the grants for 1-4 priority on the regular basis, plus fortunately there were grants for some Cat 5 applicants, who were in the final stages or were old 175 applicants, but who switched to 176 with SS, but still it seems to me that the above applicants have NOT made the number of 108 100 quota Correct me if i am wrong, as i want to believe that there are the places left for rest of Cat 5 people and hopefully Cat 6 Look forward hearing your comments, Cheers, Nata :hug:
  22. Guest

    The End of CSL?? What Next??

    Whilst the dust is settling from yet another set of announcements from DIAC I have a few questions. Fortunately, I am currently on the CSL and have been sponsored by Victoria so applied for my 176 visa in March 2010 (my heart goes out to everybody affected by the latest changes). Currently, I am in a queue (with no case officer) to have my application assessed. Q1.If I was on the CSL, will my profession need to be on the new Victoria SMP for me to maintain my place in the queue for priority processing??? Q2. Will priority processing continue in any form? Q3. Will a profession on the new SMP's be like having a trade on the CSL?
  23. I lodged my application(csl 885, accountant) on 31th, March. I sent an email to brisbane processing centre asking about my status of application 2 days ago. Just got a reply from them this morning. I also asked them if my case will be affected if not finalised before the csl revoked. Good morning/afternoon. Thankyou for your email. Your application is undergoing routine processing. I am expecting a decision to be made on your application within the next one to two months. At this stage there has not been an announcement by the Minister with respect to a change to the Critical Skills List processing arrangements. Until an announcement is made I am unable to advise what implications this may have on your application Kind Regards, General Skilled Migration Brisbane I want to ask you guys what is routine processing. Does that mean they are checking the authenticity of my documentation? Does that imply they are going to clear the CSL backlog before July? Thanks for your kindly opinions!:biggrin:
  24. Waq

    Hr-175 csl

    Any ideas about the time DIAC is taking to process for 175 CSL applicants from High Risk countries! Mine is: Online application submitted: May 2009 Medicals done: June 2009 Case Officer appointed: September 2009 Current status: as of September 2009 (all docs still appear to be requied, while they have been submitted in May 2009) I have written to DIAC and to the CO, been told that my application is in process as a CSL application, but surprisingly nothing is moving!!!
  25. User Name

    Is IT in CSL still

    Hi Guys, I am about to apply for 886 as 2231-79 (ict Recent grad) and I was wondering if its still in CSL? Reason I ask is because when I looked at CSL it says at the bottom of the list "all computing professionals in MODL" but MODL has already been revoked does it mean that its not included in CSL any more? Cheers.