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Found 33 results

  1. I am looking to use Crown Relocations for our upcoming move to Sydney from the UK and wanted to hear your feedback - good & bad of how you found them. Also, if you decided to not go with Crown and opted for another company, it would be great to hear why. Thanks! xo
  2. Hi We are shipping out our car and contents soon we have quotes from Anglo pacific UTS/ Persons Bollinger UK Crown Relocation. Pls share your experiences. thanks
  3. Hi there! I am new to this relocation game and am currently in the thick of it trying to chose a shipping company for our move to Sydney in a few months. :arghh: My shortlist is Anglopacific, Crown & Doree Bonner. Has anyone used any of these and have any feedback? I have been recommended Crown by a friend and they are the cheapest but they dont seam to be FIDI accredited. We are looking at moving most of our stuff (ie about 3/4 of a 20ft container on Groupage). Any advise on companies used, or on shipping to Australia would be super helpful!! :biggrin: Thanks for your help!! xo
  4. Does anyone know what time they'll turn up? Daft question I know but they were booked in a hurry on friday n I didnt think to ask what time they'd be here lol
  5. Hi there, Has anyone used Crown before? Were they any good? They told us they were the top end of the market price-wise, estimating £5.5-6k for a 20ft container including insurance, customs and unpacking. The service sounds great but would this price be over the odds? Any other recommendations? Thanks, Nats
  6. Guest

    Crown relocations

    I have had a survey and quote today for a 20ft container from Sydney to the UK. Can anyone recommend them Thanks in advance
  7. roflie

    Doree Vs Crown

    Hi Guys, Having batlted my way through the shipping company mine field i have emerged at the other end with two companies still standing.... ..Doree Bonner and Crowns!! i'm not taking much over with me and only looking at around 75Cuft (if that to be honest but wanted to get a Max price and then 'apparently' they will bring the price down if it is less!! So my quotes are; DB - £560 +2.75% insurance (from £590) Crowns - £598 + 3% insurance (from £660) I've read a little about this Aqis fee - Crown say it will 100% be charged over in Melbourne and DB say it is hit and miss whether or not you will get an inspection.... Obviously crown cover this in their quote ($110) so the question is who do i go trough... ...DB have a very local depot to me (less than 5miles away) so i feel i should go with them but i'm concerned of additional charges (like the Aqis fee) pushing their price up... thoughts??? I should say the prices included door to door and packaging!
  8. Hello,ive been reading good and bad things about crown so ive just looked them up on the net and i think maybe not many realise there is a number of crown shippers! ie ; crown internationals,crown worldwide,and crowne relocations which i assume is the good one everyone is rating.I maybe wrong but they do all have different contact details??Anyway im going to get a quote from crown relocations they look good to me!I will let you know how i get on.Any more feed back good or bad, regarding shippers would apprieate it.Thanks Julie.
  9. hi im stuck between using crown and doree bonner for shipping of our stuff, does anyone had any advice or expirence which would be the best or worst at all ? cheers h
  10. Just trying to decide between the PSS and Crown Relocations. PSS have told us between 5-8 weeks for arrival of goods and Crown have told us between 10 - 12 weeks from Scotland. Looking to hear from anyone who has used either of these companies and the actual time it took for delivery of your goods to your property. Thanks a lot. Kendal
  11. The Pom Queen

    Crown Relocations here

    Well Crown are currently packing our house up in Melbourne and Rob flies up in the morning. Just hope everything goes well with the removals. I thought it was going in a container but Rob says they have turned up in two small vans, so hope nothing gets lost and it all fits in. Hopefully he has remembered to leave my lap top charger out as I only have 10% left of my battery gulp.
  12. tracy123

    Crown relocation

    Just letting everyone know that Crown worldwide relocations will be on Undercover Boss on Channel 4 Thursday at 9pm. It may give some idea on what happens after they leave your house :idea: All the best Geoffrey
  13. blobby1000

    Crown on the TV tonight

    A sort of undercover investigation on Crown Relocations tonight on Channel 4 (Thursday 19th August). We just had an interesting man from Crown around to quote for us and he seems very excited and upbeat about the programme, almost beside himself with enthusiasm. It could be interesting to viewing.
  14. blobby1000

    White and Co V Crown

    Who is best shipping company out of these two in your experiences!? This is not defamation! Please just say which is better and neither if neither is!:goofy:
  15. Guest

    crown are here !

    well its finally here , no going back now!
  16. We have the above 4 shipping companies in with very similar quotes and really cannot decide which to use - any advice or recommendations would be great!!! Sorry the last one left off the title was John Masons.
  17. valandbaz

    Crown Dab Radio CDR240

    Just on the offchance does anyone have one of these and can confirm it works in Australia. From previous threads I gather your dab radio has to be dab+ to work which I don't think the Crown is. Have to tried to find info on the net but no joy. If nobody can confirm I won't bother packing it. Shame though, nice little radio.
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  19. Guest

    good luck with crown

    Hi just wanted to say anybody thinking of using crown good luck to you all, i have called four times waiting for a mark to call me back, the fouth time i called i did get him, he tried to parm me off to someone else, after i was given his name twice, so i wont be using them, cant belive it, we was sorted was settle on pickfords, more fun now looking for quote, dose this move get anymore stressed, since we started this visa last febuary 2007, i must of aged about ten years, not forgetting how much weight ive put on, anyway good luck with crown shazxxx
  20. When we had the relocation companies round to give estimates, I was fairly clear about what we wanted to take. There were a couple of things that I wasn't sure about, but the estimator people said that they would charge us the extra (or refund us) if there was a difference, but that in a sole use container it didn't really matter. We decided to go with Crown because we had heard good reviews about them, although they were slightly more expensive than the others. It cost us £4095 for a 20ft sole use container from the UK to Sydney. We went with Letton Percival for the insurance because Crown were snotty with us about it on the phone and wouldn't budge on their percentage. We were packed up on the 12th and 13th of Feb. We have been here since the 18th. We had a letter from them today saying that as there were items included on the inventory that weren't on the quote they want to charge us an extra £611. The thing is that some of the things that are listed on the letter (rocking chair, stool) are already on the inventory, some of the things (coat rack?) we have never even owned, let alone tried to ship to Sydney, and the rest are inaccurately described (sunloungers x 2 - they are actually two deckchairs, childrens bike - it is actually a small tricycle for a toddler, t.v - it is a portable flatscreen, the only one we owned in the UK) or there are too many listed (an extra two chests of drawers rather than one small one). The other thing is that they have conveniently overlooked the fact that there are a couple of things (range cooker, church pew) that they didn't pack. I am really cross because there is no way on earth the few extra items came to the 250 cubic feet extra that they are trying to charge us for, especially when you take in to account the things that we didn't take that were included in the quote. Most of the extra things (deckchairs, childrens stairgates etc) are actually flat and not really that bulky. When I try to look at the progress of our shipping on their system with the password provided, I am told there is an error with my login, so I am now wondering if they still have our things in the UK waiting for payment of this extra charge (and therefore negating our reasons for choosing a sole-use - we chose it for speed). Has anyone ever experienced this, and how did you deal with it?
  21. Guest

    relocation crown

    hi we have booked with these as they were recommended but have just been quoted $12000 dollars plus $1000+ dollars transit for a 20ft container??? is this normal prices i was expecting half this? natx
  22. T-bone

    Pickfords v Crown

    I’m in the process of arranging quotes from removal companies. I have had both Pickfords and Crown sales reps in for their “Survey” and they seem to both be in the same ball game. The figures quoted for a 20’ container are approximately £4,000 - £4,500. Anyone used either of the above, if so whom would you recommend? I personally cannot make up my mind between the two of them and would welcome any advice. Thanks
  23. Guest

    My experiences with Crown

    I thought I’d put my experiences with Crown Relocations here as food for thought for those looking for a removals company. We weren’t taking everything, just a couple of items of furniture, kitchen items and personal items. Twice I tried to get Crown to come out a give us a quote on transporting everything to South Australia and twice they would only give me a quote over the phone or by email. The first time I didn’t mind as we were just trying to get an idea of prices, but the second time I wanted to get an accurate quote. They instead decided to quote me around the £800 mark provided that it didn’t exceed a volume of 130 cubic feet. At this point warning bells should have sounded, but I’d heard good things about Crown and the chap, who deals with the internet enquiries, came across as very nice and helpful. He answered questions clearly and returned calls promptly. So I went ahead and booked a date for the packers to come. At this point he passed me on to the Birmingham office as they dealt with our area. He said that they would take over from here and that I needed to email a scan of the acceptance form to the woman who would be dealing with me. I didn’t hear any confirmation from Her (sorry can't use names incase I get the site into trouble) that everything had been passed over to her successfully, so I just sent the form to the main Birmingham office email address FAO Her. A day or so later I still hadn’t heard anything. I needed to ask a question about the insurance form, so I decided to phone Her and at this point She finally told me she had got the form. After this call I didn’t hear from Her again for the rest of the week. The packers were booked to come on the following Monday, so come Friday I decided I’d better call, check that everything was still in place and find out what time they would arrive. I was informed that She was away until Monday, but the lady who answered was kind enough to help me out. It turned out that there were other forms that She should have sent me which needed filling in before the packing day! Not surprisingly, once everything was packed it was decided that it came to more than 130 cubic feet and I would need to pay more. I called Her at the end of the day and she didn’t have the details yet so could I call back tomorrow? I called back the following day and the volume did come to more than quoted so she was negotiating a new price with the offices abroad. I decided to give her my debit card details then, so as not to be messing about when she did finally get it sorted. Before we left I called and She was unavailable, but never bothered returning my call. I emailed before we left and told Her that we would now no longer be in the country and never received a reply to that email. Finally about a week after we arrived in SA She emailed me an invoice, but it was wrong. I think she got a dot in the wrong place! I pointed it out to her and amazingly got an apology with a promise that she would get a corrected one out to me. It took at least another half a week to get the correct one and then I discover that she has mislaid my debit card details and ‘could I email them to Her?’. Well there was no way I was emailing sensitive information like that, so my mum kindly called them through for me, from the UK. Since then I have not heard anything else from Her. She hasn’t replied to any of my emailed enquiries. Once we got a more permanent address for delivery I called the Adelaide office to update the details because I didn’t trust Her not to mislay them. Adelaide managed to finally get a response from Birmingham for me by emailing both her and her boss then nearly two months on from when our things were first packed we still hadn’t had any updates from the UK. I got Her boss's email from Adelaide and emailed him with basically everything I’ve just written here. I finally got a brief response and apology telling me our shipment will be loaded “this week”. Would you believe it, nearly two months and our things still haven’t left England. I’ll update when I hear anything else. Cara
  24. I see a few people posting about delivery firms this week and so as I said I would, I am going to speak up about what happened to us. Firstly, let me say the sound help I have had from this web site is invaluable. You can not put a price on it. As well as that you speak with nice people with first hand experience of the move to Oz. I took the recommendation about removal firms and chose Crown. 2 sides to this story. UK - Unbelievable. The most professional service you could wish for. 3 guy’s, 1 in charge 1 like a middle man and a young lad. Great little team, friendly yet not over bearing, took so much care in everything they packed. Went beyond the call of duty, even helped us move things that were staying behind. Took 2 days with it all, marked everything up and packed it off in the container. We were on first name terms, they enjoyed a few teas and a home made cake my neighbour baked for us all. Great atmosphere, and I walked in on a conversation in which they were saying to my Sis, what a lovely couple we were. (How lovely is that, and its true.) Brisbane. Oh boy!! Utter crap (sorry Cal but it’s true) We made the appointment and they were due 9.30am. Sadly the goods were arriving on the day I was on a day induction at my new job, but Tony was more than happy to get me out of the way. They arrived 10.20am. And left 12.45pm. 1 man Who had forgotten more than we will ever know and a lad who apparently spoke about 3 times in the period they were here. Does that tell you anything.? We paid for a service of pack, remove and ship and at the other end, deliver install, unwrap, assemble and put in place and take away the packaging. I arrived home that afternoon to find the house still full of boxes, not a mess but plenty of work needed. :no: Now my O/H is no fool and I love him to death, but how I didn’t bash him over the head with a saucepan or something I don’t know. I saw the house and couldn't believe it. What’s happened, I said, I’m stunned, I don’t believe this. What comes the reply from O/H. All the boxes were just dumped in the house, only the bed had been put together, bedside tables were just standing there without handles on and all through the house it was like this. Tony’s explanation was “The man had 2 other jobs to go too Em and he was really busy and the next job was a packing job and he just had to go.” :arghh: I screamed and there was a right row. (hope the neighbours didn’t hear- what a start!!) Anyhow, in fairness to Tony he had a lot of the work under control, and had unwrapped the vast majority of things as well as taking 2 other deliveries from traders in Oz where we had bought some things. In total we had 90 items box's crates etc., out of the 90 boxes, 48 were still here. I went absolutely bananas. Tony was too kind to them, and being a builder nothing like this phases him. He did say the guy was moaning so much he was fed up with him and rather than cause a row with him, he allowed the guy to leave as it was easier to get on with it himself. They were even leaving without opening one of the crates, luckily Tony spotted that and borrowed a wrench to open it with just as they were about to go. They were diabolical. The next morning I was all set to go to their place and play holy hell. But I calmed myself down. I telephoned their office and someone was going to call me back. Nothing happened. Eventually I rang again and someone did call me back. In short, I told them I thought their service was a disgrace. They arranged to return to the house and remove all the boxes, and it seemed as though this was a common way in which they do this, because it was they who offered that before I had got around to demanding it. I don’t want to sound like a whinging pom here but if you pay for something you expect the full service. We were given a load of garbage by the sales guy in England how they colour code everything and make sure everything goes into the right place for you. The guys at the Brisbane end had no idea or desire to do this and couldn't wait to get the job out of the way. As for future use, well? We have brought only half our goods this time, and in a years time we will either be bringing the remainder or returning back to England, depending on how things go and what decision we make. Would I use Crown again? I don’t know. The way they performed here doesn’t give me a lot of confidence to be bothered with them, however will any other firm be different. One drawback I have found in Brissy is the work ethic. Everyone wants to finish early, everything takes time and happens in a few days or next week. For example, the Telstra guy turned up early, 11.30am because he had done all his calls and was finishing for the day. The Car tint place wanted us to collect the car 3pm cos they were shutting at 4pm. So maybe Crown are no different to anyone else in this part of the World. Certainly know one here that I have met are suffering from work related stress. Sorry this has gone on a bit, but I hope it will help others. There is a serious side to this, it's a big part of your migration and your possessions are so important. Don’t listen to all the crap the sales guy in the UK gives you. Definitely don’t take their Insurance, buy a marine policy yourself. Then at this end just make sure they know before they open the lorry what you are expecting, and if there’s a problem, don’t start emptying the lorry get on the phone and speak to the management in Crown or whoever. Don’t let some little Tom Dick or Harry mess you around just because he wants a job out of the way. The good news was no items were lost or broken, and by the next evening my man had everything assembled, new washer plumbed in, plugs changed and all was rosy. A right big head, but He’s a treasure really!! And a glass of wine and I was back to stress free. EMMY
  25. Bod

    CROWN Removals

    This is an Advertising feature Crown 6 weeks ago said to us while shaking my hand"Mr Essex we'll have you gear back to England on the 16 June". They phoned yesterday to tell us They'l be round between 1 and 3 on the 16th of June I just thought I'd blow Crowns trumpet for being efficient. If they don't turn up I'll slag em off. John