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Found 15 results

  1. Problem ! Has anyone cross qualified as a solicitor in Oz from the UK? I am a solicitor based in the UK and intend to relocate to Australia permanently within the next 12 months. I have submitted an application to The Legal Admission Board, which has been approved, subject to first completing 6 further areas of study, such as Australian Constitutional Law. The difficulty I have is trying to work out how I can complete these studies from the UK before getting to Oz. I have heard that some Oz universities offer distance learning courses, but can find nothing. Any constructive ideas would be gratefully received. Kind regards
  2. Guest

    southern cross personnel ...

    Hello, Just after anyone's views on southern cross personnel! Has anyone used this company before? Any feedback would be very much appreciated : Thank you :wubclub:
  3. Hi all, My fiance' and I are looking tp move to dandenong (victoria) in the next 6-8 months when the visas come through as i have been offered a sponspred job in the print industry. My girlfried however is yet to find a job and needs some help with converting her qualifications/advice. My girlfirend has a LLB (Hons) Law degree and has also completed the Post Gradudate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) as she wishes to become a solicitor. However she has been working in the legal expenses insurance industry for the last 2.5 years as she has been unable to secure a training contract to enable her to qualify as a solicitor. so my questions are: a) what course if any would she need to complete to convert her degree and LPC, How much does this costs and how long does it take? can it be completed in the UK? b) is there any point completing the conversion course? is the legal industry as competative as in the uk? is she likely to get a training contract/become a qualified solicitor in Oz? c) if she decides to not pursue the legal career and instead decides to change; what would be the best industry to go into? i.e. what professions are in demand so that a job is guarenteed (with reasonable pay) and training that can be completed within the next 6-8 months. thanks:biggrin:
  4. GaryandGillDublin

    If we all cross our fingers...??

    Who knows what is going on behind the closed doors of WA Migration Dept/Chris Bowen's office... And frankly we are never going to find out, if the unanswered emails or automated responses are anything to go by. We are all clinging to anything that gives us a bit of hope day to day. It is 1st December tomorrow, maybe just maybe, if we all cross our fingers we might just wake up to some good news... We can but hope... :daydreaming: So fingers crossed everybody... Maybe this month will begin on a positive note ... x
  5. Guest

    Kings cross sydney

    Can I strongly advise that people avoid Kings cross in Sydney, My eight months pregnant partner and I have just been there and somebody nutcase who said he was the owner of the market tried to promote an event there, when I politely replied that we are from England and wouldn't be around he said well **** you and the horse you came on, he then went to say how ****ing crap Portobello road market is. Nice man! and no it wasn't just a misunderstanding of mis-placed humour I have to say Australians can be much more rude and parochial that the happy go lucky Paul Hogan kind of dimwit that they try to portray.
  6. Johnson Beharry, Victoria Cross hero, refuses to shake Gordon Brown's hand - Telegraph I remember saying in a previous post about Brown and how dis- interested he was at the ceremony. I hope this could be another nail in his coffin. Now the a*sh**e has written to the guy expressing his respect! ELECTION YEAR!!:arghh:
  7. Hardline attitude aids migration: Abbott. Tony Abbott has moved to portray his tough border protection stance as pro-immigration, arguing that it helps to maintain public support if people think immigration is controlled by the government rather than by people smugglers. More mealy mouthedness, like Rudd, both are terrified of offending racists and legacy of the 90s demonising refugees as political football or wedge issue. Like Cosgrove's speech last week, if they used their authority and led on such issues they may find the perceived audience would listen and obey, rather than follow bigots misinformed by media and related think tanks. Right time for zero tolerance. Authorities need to cut through the waffle talked about incidents of race-related violence.... The kind of leadership we need on this issue came this week from Peter Cosgrove, who is the very antithesis of a black-armband handwringer on this or any other issue. But with straight talk and plain language Cosgrove said it is undeniable that there is a small and ugly section of the Australian population that is demonstrably racist, and that in some instances, it's been Indians who have been victims of this racism. ..... In NSW, the Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has been forced to increase officer numbers for Australia Day after the sickening spectacle last year, where alcohol-fuelled yahoos draped in our national ensign were monstering passers-by for refusing to kiss the flag or join the Aussie Aussie Aussie chorus, a song so lyrically bereft that it's amazing anyone is prepared to sing it publicly. Aussie I love it, but leave me out of the flag waving. Mark Seymour asks why some Australians are so keen to show off how much they love the place. ...... "Australia. Love it or leave it" ........ I think Australia is pretty good, but not that good. Warwick Thornton says he's deeply concerned that the Southern Cross is becoming a symbol of racism for some Australians. The filmmaker, who has been chosen as the Northern Territory's nomination for Australian of the Year, wants people to spend Australia Day reflecting on the symbolic significance of the national icon. "Aboriginal people have used the Southern Cross for the last 40,000 years as a beacon guiding them to travel through country for survival, and I'm starting to see that star system symbol being used as a very racist nationalistic emblem - and that is seriously worrying me," Thornton said. "We don't want to turn the Southern Cross into a swastika - that's bloody important. Nationalists everywhere, including media, advertising industry and governments, have hijacked Australian icons. Past 15 - 20 years this has included flag, Gallipoli, ANZACS, bush myths, or inverting them e.g. scare stories about Republic, refugees, immigrants, stress upon English versus NESBs and multiculturalism etc.
  8. hi all just wondering if any one knows how i can get to Australia house from london charing cross, what tubes etc, tried using the tube map website thing not having much luck, also hope i am going to be ok as it's been nearllya month since visa was granted and only just going to go and get it put in my passport.
  9. Had some fun on the weekend on our mates new moto cross bike ,its one of those cheapish chinese bikes ,you can get a 250cc for around $1500 and the 250cc quad for around £2000 . Any info on them or any one got one ?. eddie
  10. Guest

    tick or cross?

    when completeing forms do you tick or cross the boxes?
  11. kellyjamie

    southern cross personnel

    Hi guys im just wondering if anyone has any experience with this company? i emailed their recruitment department about registering to help find and employer and recieved an email from thier relocation department here in the UK stating that theres a very good chance they will find us an employer but that the process costs £2250? Jamie is very sceptical and has said no way but i just wanted your advice aswell? should we steer clear or is worth this money? thanx kelly
  12. When we had the relocation companies round to give estimates, I was fairly clear about what we wanted to take. There were a couple of things that I wasn't sure about, but the estimator people said that they would charge us the extra (or refund us) if there was a difference, but that in a sole use container it didn't really matter. We decided to go with Crown because we had heard good reviews about them, although they were slightly more expensive than the others. It cost us £4095 for a 20ft sole use container from the UK to Sydney. We went with Letton Percival for the insurance because Crown were snotty with us about it on the phone and wouldn't budge on their percentage. We were packed up on the 12th and 13th of Feb. We have been here since the 18th. We had a letter from them today saying that as there were items included on the inventory that weren't on the quote they want to charge us an extra £611. The thing is that some of the things that are listed on the letter (rocking chair, stool) are already on the inventory, some of the things (coat rack?) we have never even owned, let alone tried to ship to Sydney, and the rest are inaccurately described (sunloungers x 2 - they are actually two deckchairs, childrens bike - it is actually a small tricycle for a toddler, t.v - it is a portable flatscreen, the only one we owned in the UK) or there are too many listed (an extra two chests of drawers rather than one small one). The other thing is that they have conveniently overlooked the fact that there are a couple of things (range cooker, church pew) that they didn't pack. I am really cross because there is no way on earth the few extra items came to the 250 cubic feet extra that they are trying to charge us for, especially when you take in to account the things that we didn't take that were included in the quote. Most of the extra things (deckchairs, childrens stairgates etc) are actually flat and not really that bulky. When I try to look at the progress of our shipping on their system with the password provided, I am told there is an error with my login, so I am now wondering if they still have our things in the UK waiting for payment of this extra charge (and therefore negating our reasons for choosing a sole-use - we chose it for speed). Has anyone ever experienced this, and how did you deal with it?
  13. Hi We are landing in Perth in Jan - Ive booked the Ascott Quays Hotel for the first couple of days & are booking the Perth Shttle from the airport - they have emailed me & said the can pick us up but can only drop us on the other side of the road to the hotel & we would need to cross both carraigways to get there ???? Is this ok ? is there a footbridge over? we will have 4 kids - 10,9,6 & 5 & four large suitcases - or would we just be headlines in the paper the next day for shortest migration to Oz ?? Thanks Rachel
  14. Had a phone call from the EA today - got a viewing on Sat morning at 10 am, thats good, plenty of time to make sure everything is just so. Rang Darren at work to tell him which cheered him up no end :spinny: Hung up phone from speaking with Darren and EA rang again, someone would like to come and have a look now - What right NOW - yes NOW!! :shocked: OMG, OMG, O..M..G.. - I had a pile of washing on the kitchen floor, the ironing board was out in the bedroom with little piles of ironing over the bed, I hadn't got round to cleaning the floor after taking the dog for a walk ealier on so little doggy footprints all over downstairs, and as for the boys bedroom, well it looked like a bomb had gone off at the local tip. Did what I could in five minutes to tidy up the worst, they came and went and seemed to like it, so now have to just wait for some feedback, and the viewing on Saturday as well. I therefore need all you lovely people on PIO to have a big collective fingers crossed for us Please!! I will let you know what happens! Sharon
  15. The Broughtons

    another thing on the list to cross out

    I know it isn't quite as significant as passing the skills assessment or getting the visa but... I got my registration to teach approval today - it means I can actually go to Australia and do want I want to do!!!!!! Whoo hoo - now got to sell the bluddy house, book flights, move pensions yawn yawn boring stuff yawn. We're nearly there:cute: