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Found 18 results

  1. The HIA, which represents the building industry, forecasts NSW will have a housing shortfall of 155,000 if houses continue to be built at the historical average of the past 20 years. Even if the state picks up its home building rate from the current 40,600 to 48,600 per annum (a high building scenario), it will still have a shortfall of 84,000 houses by 2020, according to HIA modelling. Under the same medium rate scenario, Western Australia will be 112,000 short of the number of houses it needs by 2020, followed by Victoria (104,200), Queensland (91,800) and South Australia (24,600). The ACT is building just about enough houses annually, with an undersupply of just 1,400 houses projected by 2020 if building conditions remain unchanged. Australia’s weakest housing market, Tasmania is the only state market building enough houses currently and is forecast to be in surplus (1,300) by 2020. In total, the HIA forecasts a shortage of 500,000 homes by 2020 across the nation, should building rates not pick up. At a local government area level, flood-damaged Brisbane is heading for a housing shortage of 25,000 by 2020 at current building rates, according to HIA. Other notable municipalities heading for significant housing shortages in nine years’ time include Darwin (6,500), Sydney’s Sutherland Shire (4,700) and Blacktown (4,400) in Sydney’s outer west.
  2. Does anyone have a clear guideline as to whether a registered nurse is offf the critical list. I was told they were yet they still appear to be on.!!!! :wacko:
  3. Hello! Firstly, how long will this take approx. I have read versions from 6 months to 3 years...! That's a HUGE difference. Secondly, if I am scanning originals, do they still need to be certified? Thirdly, proof of age: shouldn't the passport be sufficient? Or do they need a birth certificate too? Lastly, does anyone know is there a deadline to enter Australia after the visa has been granted? Thanks for your help! :cute:
  4. In the uk as a "Gas fitter" i had to do all my ACS training every few years, which i think is right as you get up to speed with the current standards.I trained as a plumber in a city and guilds apprentiship over fifteen years ago, which i was trained in all aspects of plumbing from drainage to lead roofing and Gas. And to me from the work ive done in the uk gas fitting and plumbing are part and parcel. As my move gets ever so near ,as i look for work as a gasfitter /plumber in western australia, Why is gasfitting on the critical skills list because where is the work without western australian experiance and where is the gasfitter work without the plumbing which isn't on the critical skills list. where is the gasfitting work !!! or plumbing!!!
  5. Hi I applied for a visa sub class 175 in Aug 09 as I passed the skills assessment for an accountant as I am ACCA qualified. I have recently looked on the critical skills list and at the bottom it lists accountant. The problem is that it says the following: Accountant (where the applicant has achieved a score of at least IELTS 7 in each of the four competencies, and/or has completed The Professional Year) What I want to know is whether being ACCA qualified means that I satisfy the criteria above ie completed the professional year or whether I need to sit an IELTS test to fall onto the CSL. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any information that may help. Thanks xx
  6. This forum is simply excellent, and without its help I think we would be feeling isolated and worried! So, let me fire off some questions we need to answer now for a move to oz in jan2010. These are question we just can't quite find any easy answers too? 1. schools, we have a boy who'll be aged 4 when we arrive and we want to get a kindergarden. since we dont yet have the visa we couldnt apply to a state school. what i think we need is to find an area of the city that is family friendly and has a local school with places available such that we can organise it either a few months before or when we arrive. frankly..the school does not need to be world class! we'll then move again probably once we are settled. Does anyone have experience of late notice school applications and or schools were places exist? I have tried all the schools around cottlesoe and no luck. 2. we'll be arriving in jan2010. holiday season! we might not get any temporary accomodation, and of course we would need to find some rental property in the meantime, does anyone know of any good temp accomodation to stay for a family of 4? if you could PM me. When you just arrive in a country its really important to find somewhere friendly and clean! Ideally somewhere where we can renew the stay week to week and not get thrown out due to availability...so I was even thinking of a caravan park! 3. We are going to go with the half container. We hope to do all the packing outselves and just get PSS or Crown to do the container part and transport. We are not sure if this is even an option. I suspect we should use a half container and throw out stuff that isnt essential and then buy new when we get there. So, does anyone know what the dimension are of a half container? oddly enough I can't find this anywhere. I plan on 2.5K GBP end to end for a half container. 4. Flights, we are hoping to go singapore airlines, extra 20kg baggage for free, should we (before getting out visa, a 457) just book those now before prices escalate? frankly..this is a bit of an unknown for me. I am also not sure what age i need to start buying tickets for children. 5. should we do all the above before we have a visa! although meds have been front loaded.
  7. Hi, I'm hearing alot about the critical list at the mo - its so confusing!! We started our application beginning of last year but I then fell pregnant and lost my dad so we kind of put things on hold and at the time my oh trade (Plumber) was on the "in demand list" - we have now decided to pick the application up again only to find we are no longer listed as in demand - we were thinking of heading to Adelaide and my agent has told me we will get there quicker thru a state sponsor - what is everyones thoughts on this??? My oh has passed his TRA and is now waiting for the date to sit the practical assessment - how long from then do you think it could take for the visa to be complete? Sorry I know this is a far fetched question but wondered if there was anyone out there that would have a rough idea??:spinny:
  8. Guest

    Life & critical Illness cover

    does anyone know if this can be kept going with existing companies when you move to Oz?
  9. Hi everyone I'm sure you all know by now about the changes made to the critical skills list. My husband is an electrician and we submitted the final part of our application via our agent to the DIAC back in November last year which hasn't yet been processed (although payment has been taken). Our agent has mentioned the option of state sponsorship but we are worried that this does not offer the same entitlements as a permanent visa such as health cover. We'd love to hear anyone elses thoughts about this who are also in the same position. I read that that the Australian Immigration Minister has said that the permanent skilled migration programme will now bar entry to foreign bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians. If this is true were does that leave visa applications for these trades which have been submitted to the DIAC but not yet processed. Also, do that have a time limit before expiring. Any thoughts would be helpful. Many thanks Julie Whiteside :frown:
  10. Yorkshireclan

    Critical Skills list doesn't make sense.

    Hi guys.. After the awful news this morning regarding the updated CSL....:no: I just wondered how IMMI get the idea and do the research for this list.. I mean for example my profession electrician (special class) is currently on ALL the states sponsorship lists.. Yet its been removed from the CSL????:confused: Looking at the list it states secondary school teacher, yet this is not listed on every states sponsorship list?? Surely IMMI would consult with all state governments before producing such a list wouldn't they?? What do you guys think??
  11. Guest

    Critical Skills List

    How often is this updated. Kind regards
  12. Guest

    critical skills list

    my trade is on critical trade list and says you get priotirty on applications.does anyone no the time period from start to getting visa as few mates i no taken them over 18 months to complete cheers adi:frown:
  13. Hi guys, i have read the thread started by pies, and i cannot make head nor tail of this. I applied for a 175 visa in July 2008, and have had all med and police checks done in November. I am an Upholsterer by trade, and my ocupation is NOT on the CSL now. Does this mean that i will be put to the back of the que? Will i now have to apply for state sponsership? I am worried now. Please help someone. Waiting in anticipation for some advice as you always have. Daz
  14. Guest

    Critical Skills List

    Hello, Does anyone know how this is going to make the application process different? such as is it going to add extra points to the application. Also if i needed to do a language test to up my points total which level do i need to take (i need to do it to get 10 more points to get my 120...)? Thanks
  15. :biggrin:About bloody time my family had some good news! Im so pleased to say that my application is on the CSL and i hopefully now will be processed sooner... All those who arent on the list hang in there, i do feel for you but as you can imagine those who are on it will be well pleased... Having missed out the first time Sept 2007 when Skill Path D was removed it has seemed forever and decade not to mention fee's fee' and fee's since we applied.. Fingers crossed it may happen soon.... One wonders wether to do Meds on the strength of the CSL..? Chris:jiggy: General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House up for sale 28.03.08 sold 14.04.08 (3 weeks, crikey) Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 Practical Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Sent Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Waiting C/O
  16. Hi All Can anyone give us some advice on the first steps to emmigrating to Australia... I guess my husbands occupation comes under Communications Engineer (He is responsible for installing/Servicing Radio Communication Systems (called TETRA) for the Emergency Services ie: Fire & Rescue, Police & Ambulance in England) - He is also specialist in mobile data applications for the Airwave Network. Me : Im a Childcare Assistant at a Pre-school Nursery. (Studying for an NVQ2 In Early Years - Ive no other qualifications in childcare will this qualification any good in OZ?) Do the Jobs/experience we have come under the new 'critical skills list of 2009'? If they do, would this mean we could qualify for government sponsored visas (for free?). If not does anybody know how much it would it cost for 2 adults and 4 children who are all under 15 years to obtain Visas roughly? .... Failing this can anybody suggest any employers who would sponsor my husband, based on the specialised communications skills that he has???? Sorry to sound scatty, but if anybody out there could lend their hand to offering me & my husband some sound advice, on starting the emmigration progress, it would be very much appreciated. :chatterbox: Sharon & Jon