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Found 19 results

  1. http://www.garp.org/risk-news-and-resources/risk-headlines/story.aspx?newsid=37418 Read till the end for a suggestion on where to park your money...
  2. motherof2

    Home baking crisis

    I attempted to make some welsh cakes today and it was an absolute disaster! Back in the UK I, would use white flora, cookeen that kinda thing. My big mistake, here, was to use lard (as the reciopie said). Even when I was making the dough I knew something was wrong as it smelt meaty and this was confirmed when I cooked them :confused: I've looked on line and seen that there is something over here called copha. My only concern is tht is made from coconut oil so will that mean my welsh cakes will taste of coconut? So any suggestions as to what I can use? If successful I'm happy to send you some but I can't guarrentee if they will arrive unbroken :unsure:
  3. Hi everyone, Until now I've only needed to browse this forum but now I gotta real problem of my own! Hopefully someone can advise. We currently live in the UK. We were about to apply for an ENS visa through my job as proj admin but our migration agent informed us the law changed and my partners future employer could sponsor him on RSMS, which was much better for us as I didn't want to work if I could help it as my son is very young. So this was great getting the prep for the sponsorship sorted out, the migration agent then emails me 2 days ago explaining there has been a road block in our application are my partners job is skill 4 on ANSZCO as a result you must hold a 457 visa for two years. He then explained that you could not gain a 457 visa with skill level 4 jobs and in effect undermines the whole point of making Perth regional. He has gone to the Minister Colliers office but for now we can't go ahead :sad: Has anyone else had this news? Im am so disheartened applying for an ENS visa isn't as possible now. So we may not be able to go at all. Thanks for any comments you have
  4. Guest

    worst-ever crisis

    A triple blow to squeezed middle: As Bank chief warns of worst-ever crisis, he pumps £75bn into economy Move seen as last-ditch bid to stave off new recession Interest rates held at record low of 0.5% Bank considered shock drop in interest rates to 0.25% Household expenditure falls rapidly Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045974/Debt-crisis-Bank-England-injects-75bn-economy-kick-start-recovery.html#ixzz1a72hRIr3
  5. Petals

    US Debt Crisis

    Am I the only one who is a little bit concerned about what is happening in the U S of A. They do not seem to be able to understand that they cannot repay their debts and taxation being the dirty word it is in America republicans will not agree to lift taxes. I mean if they put a couple of cents on petrol they could halve their debt but no they have to continue printing money. I just hope they get it sorted they caused the depression in the thirties let us hope it is not going to happen again because people get on their high horse and will not see reason.
  6. The Pom Queen

    Perths Skill Crisis

    Perth patients struggling to access dental services and diners frustrated by slow service at understaffed local restaurants could be about to get a reprieve, if a new Federal Government plan to loosen skill restrictions on foreign workers proves a success. Under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Perth will be reclassified as a regional employment hardship area giving employers access to a pool of 16,000 sponsored visa places. That means like employers in the Pilbara or Kimberley, Perth businesses will be able to sponsor semi- skilled workers including dental assistants, hospitality workers, teacher's aids and child and aged care workers. The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen says broadening the range of workers eligible for such visas is necessary to cope with a breadth of staff shortages. "Skills shortages are not limited to mining projects, with opportunities for Australians in the resources sector leading to local skills shortages in other parts of Western Australia, particularly Perth," he said. "This will provide employers with another, easier avenue to recruit the skilled workers they need from overseas and give temporary visa holders in Perth a more streamlined pathway to permanent migration." The English language benchmark for foreign workers will be lowered under the proposal. The State government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have welcomed the proposed scheme. The CCI's James Pearson says business has been calling for the change for some time. "A recognition by the Federal Government of the enormity of the challenge facing WA businesses as they struggle for more workers to meet the increasing demands, not just of our resources industry but of economic growth more generally in the state," he said.
  7. connaust

    Labor's growing labour crisis

    Labor's growing labour crisis. ......CEOs are now much more optimistic about the economy than they have been since the mining tax was announced and Kevin Rudd was sacked, but they are increasingly being kept awake at night by skills shortages. As Australia’s politicians start going at each other today, the nation’s CEOs are saying that the two most important people in Parliament are the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen and his predecessor Chris Evans, who is now Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations...... The word from the CEOs is that the greatest danger they face is not being able to grow their businesses because they can’t find the managers and skilled staff they need......
  8. Britain supported the help with 13 billion dollars, but refused to sign up for the 378 billion support, now they have been told if they run into trouble they are on their own. "There is not a two speed Europe but a three speed Europe. You have Europe of the euro, Europe of the countries that understand the euro ... and you have the English," he said. "The English are very certainly going to be targeted given the political difficulties they have. Help yourself and heaven will help you. If you don't want to show solidarity to the euro zone, then let's see what happens to the United Kingdom." Europe tells Britain not to ask for help in a crisis - Telegraph
  9. Gracie

    457 Visa Crisis HELP!

    Hi all, My head is melting!!:arghh: My husband was offered a job in oz last august. We were of course delighted. so we began our Visa rollarcoaster!!! Eventually we get everything sorted. Ielts, medicals, Approval from Peel and Pilibara regions. Also the company sponsoring us had to provide additional proof that the position offered to my husband couldn't be filled locally etc. and just when we think we're there, In come the changes to 457 VISA'S!! My Husband is a crane driver!!! Where does this leave us???? :wacko: Also the agent the company is using seems totally useless so any help or advice would be gratefully received!
  10. kernow43

    UK Housing crisis!

    Housing lists 'to set new record' The government aims to build 240,000 new homes each year from 2016 Housing waiting lists in England will reach record levels by 2011, according to a body of housing associations. An extra 200,000 families over the next two years will push the total to a new high of around two million, the National Housing Federation said. It predicts that 80,000 will lack a home as a result of repossessions and unemployment, and the rest because of the shortage of social rented housing. Meanwhile, house building will fall by 50% next year to 70,000, it added. Director Ruth Davison said: "We are currently witnessing a dramatic surge in the demand for social housing, as the recession really starts to bite. 'Range of support' "The housing crisis is now so great that, unless dramatic action is taken, it may take decades for the nation to recover... we simply have not produced the number of homes we so desperately need." The Federation says there has been a 55% rise in waiting lists over the past five years and predicts a doubling from one to two million between 2001 and 2011. It wants the government to fund a crash programme of house building to provide 100,000 new social homes over two years. That would boost the economy and help meet the housing need, it argued. The government's target is to build 240,000 new homes each year from 2016. A spokesman for the Department of Communities and Local Government said: "Along with an £8bn programme to deliver more affordable housing, we're providing a range of support to keep up the delivery of the homes this country needs. "We recently announced how we want to make it easier for councils to build more homes on top of action we are already taking, including buying up unsold homes to use as social housing." The spokesman added that £550m would be brought forward to provide thousands more social homes sooner for families. I think tradesmen going back will find it much more difficult to get work if building houses is going to drop by 50%. might be better to take your chances in OZ
  11. megmor

    global crisis

    hi everyone on pio just read the newspaper (the west australian) dated february 21st 2009 headlines " worst of global crisis may be over " claiming australia will come out of the recession better off than any other country. my wife and i thought great we leave in two weeks Doom and gloom Just read Mondays edition and over 5300 west australians have been made redundant from the mines over the last few months do not know what to believe just know we are still going any advice ian and paula
  12. This is a list of comments about the financial crisis from an OZ news website. The comments are quite varied but I thought they are worth a read. Reader's Comments: Help not wanted - jobs dry up | News.com.au
  13. From BBC NEWS | Business | Davos 2009 | How bad is the crisis going to get? Depression 2.0? The biggest question, of course, is how bad is it going to get, and nobody - neither on the panel nor in the audience - dared to provide any cheer. There was talk of "Depression Lite" and "Depression 2.0", although the experts also pointed out that it was unlikely to get as bad as the 1930s. Back then, the US economy shrank on average 14% a year, prices fell at 8% a year and unemployment peaked at 25%. The sharp rate cuts and fiscal stimulus packages around the world would prevent a repeat, everybody agreed. Still, warned one of the experts, the world would have to brace itself for "a best case scenario" of at least a year of recession and a "lost decade" of low growth - and most people were still in denial about this prospect. If you are only just starting to think about the move to Australia it might be wise to put things on hold for awhile.
  14. Hello all, I know this is yet again a question that everyone asks but I really don't know what to do? Our visa (myself and my partner) has now been granted and we plan to leave for Sydney in March but I haven't a clue where we are going to live! I have a job ready to start in Darlinghurst but there is no accommodation available. We do want to rent a property once we have had chance to look round all the areas in Sydney at the moment I am clueless on where to rent? we also need to plan the cheaper option so it doesn't eat away at our small budget. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!
  15. Guest

    Global Financial Crisis ???

    Hello Can anyone shed any light on how much Australia has been affected by the supposed global financial crisis? i.e. job security! I'm near halfway through the process with my second telephone interview next week, so I should know by then if I my sponsorship would be granted. And then hopefully will be packing up and jumping on that plane. My partner, baby and I are so looking forward to going to Australia and couldn't think of anything else in the world that we would rather do. We're not looking to make it big in Australia, just dreaming of a better quality of life. I guess i'm just looking for a few pointers considering that Australia would be a very fresh start. Any advise would be deeply appreciated. To new adventures. Joe
  16. Sometimes you ask yourself why bother. We decided to wait until January to move to Oz, to have Christmas at home with Tony’s parents, not to leave them alone this year, and making it all feel more harsh for them. So we thought. We had told them how much we wanted to spend Christmas with them this year our last in England (we hope) and enjoy it as a family, and joked maybe next year you will enjoy Christmas Aussie style. :smile: Their getting on a bit now, but live a very well off lifestyle and are in perfect health. They have said very little about the move to Oz, his Mum will make the effort to visit and is a warm kind women like a second mum to me, his Dad has said bluntly and with some anger "No Chance" and you can tell he’s just waiting to have a go about it all. Yesterday he called to see us, only ever calls when he needs something and yesterday it was to buy something on the Internet for himself, a jacket he wanted. As usual I made him tea and biscuits greeted him with a hug and a kiss, and after I had soughted out his new jacket on the web, we got talking about Christmas day. Luckily Tony was home getting some materials from our barn, and was home to hear it and deal with him. Well it's transpired He’s booked a restaurant for Christmas day and invited two people who quite frankly you wouldn't want to share a cup of tea in a cafe with. The type of guy, who has made a lot of money and loves telling people all about it. Every time your in this guy’s company his party pieces are to show you his Rolex watch and to remove from his pocket a mass wad of £50 notes for all to see. An utter creep, to be honest just like Tony’s dad. And trust me I'm being polite. He know's we can't abide this guy, and never have anything to do with him. Well my man is as straight as a die and told him straight off we won’t be joining you if they are going. The old fella’s reply was Oh well I’d prefer it if you did come just for your Mother’s sake, he’s my friend and I will be here when you pair have gone to Australia. What a cheek!! I was astonished at his cheek and utter contempt for us. Tony really give him a mouthful and put him going, which is a rare thing for him as he’s usually so calm. Just like any wife would, I felt so sorry for him because the last thing he want’s is to go to Oz with a row hanging over the family. I could see how hurt and annoyed he was. His father love’s confrontation and has a reputation for it. (verbal not physical, - he couldn’t punch a hole in a paper bag) But his attitude has already gone a long way to ruining our Christmas before it’s even started, he’s created a bad feeling already. We have been waiting for this reaction from him because of our move to Australia but didn’t think it would come before Christmas. Tony warned me it would come. Unbelievable, to think if we had planned the move for earlier we would have been in Brissy having a barbie somewhere. Just goes to show, you never know how people react to things, you have to live your life to the full and enjoy it for yourself. Sorry to go on a bit but really upset at this. EMMY :huh:
  17. Guest

    Identity Crisis????

    Hi guys As I lay in bed last thinking of all the pros and cons of moving away, I suddenly had this awful fear come over me that I might impose an identity crisis on my children - does that sound completely crazy? My daughter is 3 and my son is 7 months, so no problems now. I just wonder and am worried about them feeling a bit disclocated as they grow up - would they feel Australian because they leave the UK so young? I've started to worry that they won't feel like true Ozzies because they were not born there, but not English because they left the UK so young. Sorry if that sounds a bit far fetched, I'm thinking of the most bizzare stuff already and we haven't even got a visa yet. Thanks :unsure:
  18. WA skills crisis to worsen 10 April, 2007 Australia’s skills shortage is likely to last another two decades, experts have warned, as new figures show the labour crisis in the resources industry continues to worsen. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures reveal the number of job vacancies in WA has jumped from 6700 five years ago to 23,700 today, while vacancies in the mining sector have risen from 1000 to 4400 in the same period. Unfilled mining positions jumped 16 per cent in the last quarter alone. But those numbers reflect only positions for which “recruitment action has been taken”, and commentators say the reality is even more extreme. “In the energy and resources sector now, we’re short around 20,000 people,” said Lisa Barry, national human capital partner at Deloitte, adding that the number was likely to rise to 75,000 by 2015. “People are finally beginning to understand that this issue is entirely material to the economic viability and sustainable growth of their organisation. We always said it would last 10 years, but now we have upgraded that to 20. “Leaders in business in their 40s who are making decisions around radical talent and recruitment strategies are creating something they’ll deal with for the rest of their working lifetime.” Jeff Mackie, principal of human resources consultancy Mackie Employer Solutions, said the situation was likely to remain extremely difficult for mining companies for the foreseeable future, adding that employers were struggling to retain existing staff, let alone find new recruits. Research by Mr Mackie’s company showed average annual turnover in resources companies was around 27 per cent, and on the rise. “In a company that employs 1000 workers, around 270 are leaving each year. And that doesn’t take account of the new projects coming onstream that require additional workers,” he said. Mr Mackie said when the skills shortage first started to bite, employers sought to solve the issue by offering more money and better conditions. “But now there is the realisation that there is a limited pool of people in a competitive market, and employers can’t just keep upping the ante and leapfrogging each other,” he said. Family-friendly conditions, training and development, overseas opportunities and attractive option and bonus packages were all playing a role in attracting staff. “We are also seeing retention bonuses, where employees are paid simply for staying with the company, regardless of performance,” he said. Overseas recruitment had moved well beyond the traditional markets of the UK and US, he added. “They’ve been done to death and now people are looking to all sorts of places, from the Philippines to Azerbaijan.” “In the past, getting people from overseas took several months and seemed all too difficult. Now people realise that position is going to be vacant for three months anyway, so they are willing to wait for the international staff.” BHP Billiton and others are also increasing their investment in scholarships, in the hope that recipients will ultimately join their company. Other strategies becoming commonplace in the recruitment sector include the use of “greenskins” (people with skills in an allied field who are then trained for related positions), “lift-outs” (which involve poaching an entire division or team from a competitor) and “academies” (companyrun training programs designed to educate prospective candidates while promoting the corporate brand). Spotters fees, where existing staff are rewarded for attracting new employees, are also accepted practice, particularly at professional services firms. Accounting firms are offering up to $10,000 while law firms are offering up to $20,000 per recruit.
  19. Guest


    Hi - may not seem much of a crisis to most, but to me this is pure hell. I (usually) go to Cheltenham for the festival (horse-racing) each March, but having done the deed and come over to Sydney a few weeks back that's not really practical (well, not this year anyway). Are there any other avid fans of British National Hunt racing out there that have found a way of viewing it over here in previous years. I've tried all sorts without joy, and am left hoping for a miracle . . .