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Found 30 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new to the forum but from what I've read so far you all seem to very wise and sensible so I'm hoping you'll be able to help. OH and I have started the application process for a state sponsorship from NSW and are hoping to move to Sydney later in the year if all goes well only thing is we've never been to Australia, will be moving over there without jobs and without anywhere to live. Up until now I've been excited about the idea but today I'm having a major wobble - I'm a complete control freak and the thought of winging it (no matter how much reasearch we do beforehand) is giving me palpatations! :eek: So far most of the threads I've seen seem to be folks moving over where at least one person has a job to go to - are we crazy or am I just having a bit of a moment? (one of many no doubt!) Cat
  2. Hi I am sitting my skills assessment very soon for a trade and its costing me 2400 dollars, now I know they have some costs to cover but come on. I cant get over the price there charging for it and im just hoping to god the rest of oz aint as bad now. I lived there 8 years ago and been back couple of times but by looks of things its gona cost a lot more now. I used to be dead set on going to oz for last few years but recently since really looking into it been having second thoughts. Gona cost heaps getting there and setting up. Oh well I have a few days to decide before I pay a fortune for a test that counts for jack when I get there :chatterbox: Sorry for the rant
  3. http://www.crazydons.com.au/about%20us.html for those in Perth who like a bargain and miss the uk food try this place ......we have been in the British shops ect and they are basic....this place buys in bulk and is a large well stocked store in Kelmscot .......lots of offers on if you buy 2 ect .....some of the gear is past the sell by date too which makes them even cheaper ......our girls faces lit up when we showed them what we bought , chedders, revels ,hola hoops, walkers, scampi fries . chip sticks , ect .....and for me it made my day as they sell my favorite Walkers that were banned in Australia Prawn n Cocktail....$1.50.....i was well chuffed as i only had three packs sent over in 4 yrs ..they stock almost every Walkers flavour ........:jiggy:........well worth going every now n again to get that missed taste ....also got some chip shop curry power in a tub not packets and that was lovely along with the proper tins of mushy peas they sell.....took home some fish(snapper ) and chips and did the curry and peas .....it was lovely ......:yes: a pleasant treat.....
  4. PommyPaul

    Going abit crazy in the outback?

    I have to say i think the isolation is driving me abit mad lol, i need to get a grip, moneys not everything so gonna give the boss my notice when he gets back from holidays and head back to the bright lights of perth, feel better already for making the decision haha sorry for the random post, honestly theres no one else to share things with really but you lot and my facebook buddies lol :wacko:
  5. I have sent my 885 paper appications last friday by express post in Australia. The staff said my applicans would be delivered on 27th of June. When I sent it, I received tracking number for checking tracking. Today, I thought my applications have been delivered and checked tracking number. But, my tracking number is not available, so I contacted Australia Post. They emailed me that they can't find any record and they should investigate. Unfortunately, I must lodge my applications before the end of June. Don't use Australian Post service if you need to send important things.
  6. am off work today due to the rain and i've got this huge urge just to pack my stuff up, jump in the car and drive to perth.. been humming and harring about when to head over there but right now something is screaming at me 'Paul f it, just get in the car and go'........... Gonna ponder it till i've eaten lunch and then if i havent talked myself out of it i'm just going to go, proper no planning, just get in the car and drive there..
  7. Hi all I am currently waiting on my partner visa to be approved. I lodged it in Sydney on 16 Sep 2010 through a migration agent. I am on a student visa at minute which allows me to stay but I have to pay high fees $1500 per term and this is on top of nearly six thousand in visa fees.I have recently started a new job but I may have to stop it next week due to only being allowed to work twenty hours while at college. Does anyone know if they track this rule,like someone monitors how many hours students work. I simply cant afford to live on twenty hours per week when I have to pay college fees as well as rent,food,bills etc etc. I have been waiting nearly five months and my agent has not heard anything. PLEASE HELP OR ADVISE:biggrin: Thank you
  8. Liz Steve R

    Aussie crazy drink drivers????

    Maybe driving whilst drunk with seven kids in the car is a little distracting??? :eek: Mum Crashes Car Packed With Kids In Boot - Yahoo! News UK Liz
  9. hi guys, it looks like most of you are couples, not that i got anything against you lol. i just need some crazy friends like me to hang out with. im 28 from london, visiting a friend and feeling abit isolated, its not as easy as i first thought. need some friends asap please help me!! im staying near the chapel st area, get at me x
  10. Hi All, We are the proud owners of a beautiful Great Dane. Problem is she is crazy! She suffers badly from separation anxiety and I'm really worried about the flight (Her getting out of her crate basically). Has anybody got any advice on what might help put my mind at rest? Thanks, Claire
  11. Guest

    ARGH this is all crazy

    HI guys and girls, Im looking for some advice. Ok, I was looking to apply for a 176 visa, Im on the SOL and CSL and Im pretty certain Ill be on the new SOL, not so sure about the SMP's though. Is it worth applying for a 176 in July (after the SMP's are out whenever that will be) or is it worth applying under a 121 (I sent my cv to an employment guy in Oz and he says he has a few employers who are willing to sponsor me). Can I initially apply under a 176 and switch if needed to a 121? The first thing I need to do (and Im about to) is register with my professions legal body in Australia. Any advice is gratefully appreciated as my head hurts :wacko: Thanks Gary
  12. Guest

    How crazy am I???

    Some of you may have noticed that I have not been on here quite as much over the past few weeks - This is because I have been busy negotiating the purchase of another letting agency and today we have finally got agreement on all the terms!! Seeing as I already have Branches in Paisley and Glasgow this may not particularly surprise anyone except for the fact I am emigrating to Aus in 12 weeks. However this is the really crazy bit - The new one I am buying is in Essex!! It currently manages around 200 properties and covers Basildon, Grays, Tilbury, and hopefully shortly Chelmsford & Brentwood etc. Hopefully we will get everything sorted before I get on a plane in June and keel over for a few weeks!! Hopefully I will also be doing something similar in Adelaide once I have got the church up and running. Anyway I just wanted to share my news with anyone who might care and to say I will still be checking in over the next few weeks but it is likely my time will be limited for a while longer Thanks for indulging me!! Daniel
  13. Guest

    crazy commute

    Folks, if say you lived in perth but got a great job in sydney, am i crazy to think i can do the flight every weekend or other weekend between the two, use hols constantly to stay long weekends, is it possible to do for 10 months before family (kids included) move to sydney? any experiences of this sort of thing?
  14. johnd

    are we crazy??????

    we are definatley going back to uk , but if we hang around another 3 or 4 months we will get citizenship, ( my wife has already recieved her approved letter ). but we have two viewings this week on the house , and if we sell it quick then i feel like we should just go. i have hardly worked since may and i am sick of this place, i do have a good chance of a job when we get back, so why not go now?. i am 40 and its my 3rd time in oz since i was 21, ( 1st time 12mnths, 2nd 6mnths and this time 2 and a half years), so i think i can draw a line under the 'oz' experience. i just havnt settled and it has dragged my wife down to the point that she cannot wait to get back to uk and get some sort of normality. i do feel glad that we have done it and have enjoyed some of our time here....but god i am bored!!!. i have never really 'got' australia. i always feel 'alien' and a little odd here. so what do you think, go now or wait?.
  15. Guest

    Am I crazy? Sailing around Oz

    For a while now I've had this yearning /desire to learn to sail and then sail all the way around Oz. Am I nuts?:goofy: From websites I've seen the trip is approx 6,500 miles and depending on how much of a hurry you're in could take between 3-6 months. I've never sailed before but have always loved the water and the freedom you'd get from sailing. I've been looking at sailing courses in Melbourne which I think would take a couple of years plus putting in the sailing hours before I'd even think of doing the trip. Anyone out there with extensive experience of sailing have any thoughts?
  16. Guest

    Help please - going crazy here

    We have been trying to apply for working visa to join my brother in oz. It seems that everything we try after looking into it in closer detail, becomes impossible. My husband has the qualifications and relevent experience to apply under supply and distribution manager 1223-11 . We spent hours researching this title then went to AIM's skill assessment and right at the bottom of the form it says only presidents or directors of huge companies ( 600 employees) should apply. Unfortunately this does not apply to my husband. The original information available on the government site was misleading. We feel like we're wasting our time, as everything we try ends up as NO. My brother has phoned AIM and they say there are exceptions to these rules. We don't want to send money to have his skills assessed to be rejected immediately. can anyone help , anyone who has the same problems . we are going crazy
  17. fluffy

    please help going crazy

    after being messed about by a few companies im looking at applying for the 457 visa as a marketing specialist I have the 3 years behind me that are needed and I have already lived in Australia for 1 year. I just wondered if any1 knew how long visas were taking for those people who are not sponsored by work or states. As I am just on the SOL list. just a rough guide. Also if they are still processing these visas. Cheers :wubclub:
  18. fluffy

    going crazy

    Im in need of some help, ive just moved from Melbourne to Brisbane after only 5 months in mel I was working in tele sales in mel but its not what i want to do as I have completed a marketing management degree, I am finding it very hard to find a job in this industry as I have no experience but I have the qualifications, does anyone have any advice as to how i can get into this industry. please please help.:arghh:
  19. We are a family of 5 and got a case officer on the 23rd September all medicals received on 30th September all documents showed received and on the 22 October our medicals finalized everything changed to met on the document checklist. I called diac and was informed that we would hear something in a couple of days so booked the shippers and found some temporary accommodation on the gold coast. I then called them again a week later to be told that everything was fine and it was just red tape. Another week nothing our house is sold our furniture is in storage and feel terrible what do you think could be going on and what is the process after everything is met? Hope you can help as we are all going crazy. I am now having thoughts of what if our application gets refused???? :arghh::cry: 175 pr visa
  20. went up the sunshine coast and i kid you not there was a place called bald nob, and another called hells hole, please add others to this list.
  21. Guest

    Is crazy chick crazy?

    Hi all In discussion with my mum last night she thinks i might be crazy going to live in oz without going there first ! I just wondered if anyone else is making a big move without seeing it first or if your already over there and hadnt been before if so what is it like? is it what you expected? We were thinking of doing a flying visit in feb but i feel that financally could do with saving the money for the big move !:wacko: Sounds silly but i feel that i know i will like it and have so many reasons for going that i feel that it already is what i expected! It would be great to hear your views on this!
  22. Guest

    Crazy flightts

    Hi all, Just to wanted to let you know about the flights we have just booked toMelbourne. Due to availablility (we need to be going first wek of October) this is what we have to do: Manchester - Heathrow Heathrow - San Fransisco San Fransisco - Los Angeles Los Angeles - Sydney Sydney - Melbourne!!! No real reason for this post but just thought I would share it with you all!!
  23. Hi, I'm Andrea, I'm 25, single and living in Manchester doing a marketing job. I think I'm having a mid twenties crisis but 6 months ago I made the decision to leave the UK behind and try to find a better work/ life balance and quality of life in Oz. I just got absolutely sick of the rat race of every day life, working sometimes 7 days a week for very little reward and hardly ever seeing the sunshine! As I keep telling myself, if I don't do it now while I have minimal ties, I never will... I'm going over there with a working holiday visa and plan to do a bit of travelling before xmas and new year up the east coast to Cairns, back to Sydney for NYE. In the meantime I will need to find work and some nice new Ozzy flat mates. It all seems very daunting at the minute, I'm hoping this site will help relieve some worries/ concerns!!!! Feel free to say hi and offer any top tips, I need all the help I can get.x :wubclub:
  24. Guest

    Driving Us Crazy

    Hello all just wondering how many people are in the same position as us regarding the 136 visa situtuation , everything completed and meds sent Jan 24 and meds approved according to aus house not long after , apparently all docs sent to case officer for approval and we are now waiting yet again for the final nod . Can anyone shed any light on how long they think itll take from now we must be nearly there dont you think ,any advice we would appreciated
  25. Guest

    Do you think we are crazy

    Hi Everybody,do you think we are crazy,my wife and myself would love to move to australia but the problem is we are that little bit older than the normal imigrant to oz.i am 52 and my wife is 51 wehave two sons one 13yrs and the other14 yrs.we have contacted agents and they have told us the only way we could do this is for one of us to go on student visa and the other go along with the kids. we would then buy a business and run it to a cerain crireria and after two years we could apply for p.r. fortunately we have enough money to do it this way but the problem is sometimes i think i am doing this to late.We want to move for all the same reasons as nearly everyone else i.e.crime,weather better future for our kids etc.do you think we should go for it or do you think we are crazy. p.s.we live in scotland raining nearly all the time and crime is soaring year upon year.