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Found 9 results

  1. Hi to admins and all forum members, I`m mechanical engineer and working in construction industry in middle east and have 4+ years experience with cranes and service lifts. I`m looking to move to Australia with my family. Till now I didn't found some suitable job vacancies similar to my experience. Is here somebody who can help or assist where to ask or where to send my cv for job Thank you in advance Milan
  2. We have been in Sydney now for 9 months and hubby has been working solidly since his PR came through. He drives a manitou and works 6 days, brings home around 1300 net per week. So it is not to shabby. He has always wanted to do the crane course and that will be about 2000 AUD and should increase his daily rate further. I am wondering about him doing excavator/loader type training also, again another 2000-3000 AUD. Paying 3000 AUD per month rent is killing us and I just want usto be able to buy somewhere 9and live the dream LOL). In Sydney where we are properties are around the mill mark!! I have seen places I like along the coast for half that. Childcare costs are extortionate in Sydney also and I have two under 4. I see loads of jobs advertised around QLD for excavators etc and even know someone working for Synergy on a FIFO from Sydney, was just wondering on the work propsects. Sorry this is all so disjointed. So assumig I can get another teaching job somewhere , what do you thing the best training options for the other half, to maximise employability and work chances. I have read the threads on here about mining slowing right down..... Cheers
  3. we know of freo, but are there any other bigish crane companies in OZ that offer 457s? without one we are going nowhere!
  4. Guest

    Crane Mechanic

    Our South Australian based client is seeking the services of an experienced Crane Mechanic. We a currently searching for two enthusiastic mechanics to join them in their new facility in Adelaide. To be successful with this excellent employer and gain this long term opportunity you must be able to prove the following That you are a qualified as a diesel mechanic Experience repairing mobile cranes from 6-220 ton Able and experienced in servicing and fault diagnosing the power plant of the hydraulics and the engine. Experienced in routine maintenance of the Crane power train. Able to occasionally work on service projects away from home. This is a long term opportunity with good rates of pay for the right tradesman. Sponsorship for a permanent visa is available for the right tradesman. please contact us for more details on this position. Thanks Tony
  5. Hi, we're a family of 4, (2 kids aged 3 and 4) looking to emigrate imminently. We're currently planning on a move to Mackay as we have family there, but neither of us see it as our permanent home, hoping to eventually settle in Perth. My hubby is a crane driver by trade and is looking to get into the mines, getting all his necessary ticket and driving the dumper trucks. So, we have to consider our options. Mackay? as work is plentiful, get qualified then relocate or just bite the bullet and go straight to Perth and start the ball rolling there. What is the work situ like in Perth, is there plenty of crane work available? How easy is it to get into the mine out there?? So many questions and I feel like we're starting from scratch again ) So ANY help and advice would be FAB!! Thanks, Andrea and Darren.
  6. Hi All How adventurous are you guys prepared to be about where in Oz you might live and work for about 5 years, please? If you are willing to consider the Outback then there may be a visa solution for you. First of all, please find your own exact occupation in the ASCO Code, which is here: http://www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/ausstats/free.nsf/Lookup/A86A0162E6F672DFCA256ADB001D10D4/$File/asco.pdf The document works strangely. The alphabetical list of occupations is at the back. Gravedigger & Garbologist are both in there, so all of you are in there too. Find the occupation and it tells you which page to go to. Hit Adobe Pages. Then click on the page. It will put you into the Code about 7 or 8 pages before the page that you need, so once you are in the Code itself use the page numbering at the foot of each page of the Code to get to the right page. Some occupations are shown as the alternative job-title for something else. Examples: Crane Driver, Hoist or Lift Operator: Page 484 Excavator Operator: Page 479 Forklift Driver: Page 480 Scaffolder: Page 515 These are all Group 7 occupations. Being female I have no idea what most of the machinery or tasks even are, so you need to do your own hunting around, please. And be honest with yourselves, too. Your occupation is either within ASCO Major Groups 5-7 or it isn't. If a realistic description of what you do is in ASCO Major Groups 8 & 9 then even the most willing Aussie employer would not be able to sponsor you for a visa. The visa strategy works as follows: Because your occupations are not on the SOL and are regarded as being semi-skilled only (ASCO Groups 5-7) the only realistic way for you to obtain visas for Oz is via the Regional Employer Concessions in the 457 and RSMS (subclass 119/857) visa schemes. Because you cannot undertake formal skills assessments for migration purposes, you have to be prepared to be on the subclass 457 visa for a minimum of 2 years and then you have to hope that your employer will agree to reward you by sponsoring you for the RSMS 857 visa next. Under the terms of the RSMS visa you are obliged to work for the sponsoring employer, in the nominated occupation, in the regional area, for a further two years once the RSMS visa is granted. RSMS visas take a bit of time to process and set up, plus you will not start work on the 457 visa the day after you arrive in Australia. Realistically you are looking at committing a minimum of 5 years to living and working in Regional Australia but if you knuckle down and do that, Australia will give you your freedom as it were as soon as you have complied with your obligations under the RSMS visa. Thereafter you will be able to move to the middle of Sydney if you wish, and do whatever you like when you get there including selling ice cream on the beach or simply loafing on the beach if you prefer. What is happening on the ground out in Oz is that there is mining & construction happening in the remote parts of WA, the Northern Territory, North QLD, possibly the North of SA and I am not sure about NSW and VIC. These remote areas are very sparsely-populated. People with the right to live and work anywhere they like in Australia generally won't go to these places because they are too far from home. The lifestyle is tough because the climate is harsh and it is unrealistic to expect mod cons such as you would find in downtown Perth. Also, the local populations in each township are small and a relatively high proportion of the local population may be Aboriginals because these are their lands, much of it is sacred land and their rights to it must be respected. Some of the others are refugees and asylum seekers. Plus the pay is potentially lousy. The minimum pay on the Regional 457 is $39,100 and there is no right to any hand-outs from Centrelink so no Child Benefit or Working Tax Credit type arrangements are possible. Employers are finding it difficult to extract the minerals and/or build the townships because the workers needed for both will not go to the places concerned. The Regional State Migration authorities understand the problems faced by the employers in this regard. The other thing is that the 457 visa requires the would-be migrant to have good English because the States requirement for that tends to be higher than the one DIAC requires for it. So although there is no shortage of would-be migrant workers from all over the world who are prepared to go to the Outback and get on with it no matter what the pay etc, many of them fall over when they sit the mandatory IELTS because their English is simply not strong enough to meet the State's requirements for it. Native English speakers are automatically deemed to have Competent English, which is high enough to meet the State's own requirements and so are exempt from the IELTS. However, the British also have unrealistic ideas about Oz in many cases. Although it is theoretically possible for an employer based in Mandurah (45 minutes from Perth) to claim that he cannot find a suitably qualified and experienced forklift driver from within the local workforce, the proposal to hire and sponsor a migrant instead has to be approved by the State Migration Centre. Who will not agree to the proposition that this could not find his forklift driver locally if he ups the ante on the pay that he wants to offer. The State authorities will NOT permit the 457 visa to be used as a means of keeping pay down. That said, the State people understand only too well that in some of the remote Outback areas the employers can't even get would-be migrants for the jobs because the native English speaking migrants won't put up with the places concerned. So they are very aware that it is a Catch 22 all round. Please see this document: http://www.det.nt.gov.au/employment/workforce_nt/docs/nt_occupation_shortage_list.pdf Page 2 describes "other shortages". Including mobile and stationary plant operators in Groups 7111 and 7112. Group 7913 potentially includes Scaffolder, Structural Steel Erectors and Construction Riggers as well as the Steel Fixer whose Code is 7913-13. The List is not set in tablets of stone and when I spoke with a lady in the NT the other night, she told me that they have compiled a new list which is longer than the current one. They are waiting for their IT Department to find the time to swap it for the existing list on the website. Continued/……
  7. Guest

    mobile crane op

    still looking for a job offer to get sponsorship?? seems a bit doubtful at the moment?? anyone else looking or know of any vacancies or leads??
  8. we have heard they are desperate for crane drivers/operators in OZ but i cant find ti on the skills list. this is kind of pivotal to our going altho dh can also drive HGV1 and is a qualified slingar/signaller and appointed person. anyone got any ideas as to if this is on the list or is it tradesperson and related worker NEC? have contacted a couple of agents and no one has got back to me yet.
  9. Guest

    mobile crane jobs

    anyone know for any jobs with sponsors for crane ops, also can i get a skiled visa with my job for emigration, i heard the mines may be looking, also would i be ok with my uk cscs card and nvq for quals or will i do the co and c6.:skeptical: