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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I am currently on a subclass 482 dependent visa working as a plant & equipment valuer in a reputed organisation in Australia. My organisation is willing to sponsor my PR (186). However, since I have less than 3 years of experience in Australia, they have asked for a positive skills assessment. I understand that a valuer is a category A occupation and VETASSESS requires a positive skills assessment in both education and experience. I have around 4 years of experience as a valuer across different organisations in India and Australia but I have not undertaken a formal study in the field of valuation. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have post grad degree as an MBA. Would VETASSESS consider my application without a formal study undertaken in the field of valuation? Separately, a lot of work that we do is for accounting and taxation purposes for the client. I have tried applying with CPA for skills assessment as an accountant but they have noted that I do not meet certain criteria and have asked me to complete a foundation exam on Financial Accounting and Reporting. Does the different authorities CPA, CAANZ and IPA have different criteria of judging? Do they talk to each other if I were to apply a skills assessment with different authority? What is the best way out of it?
  2. Hi I need to ask a question, suppose I get a negative assessment from CPA australia and they recommend completing one of their foundation courses. My question is what happens to my work experience after appearing in cpa foundation course? Would it be considered after my MBA degree (which is my main degree) or would my work experience become zero? Please help me out with this.
  3. If I don't hold on degree for accounting 1, pass CPA foundation exam After graduate at university in Australia, and have any degree 2, register associate member 3, pass CPA program exam 4, work under CPA Mentor is it right? no need to any qualification and learning for foundation exam and CPA program exam ? just apply ? and how to study by my self study ? and which textbook is good?
  4. Joanna82

    CPA Accountant Assesment

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone has gone through this: I want my qualification to be recognized as an accountant through CPA Australia. According to the website, the standards are the same as for an associate CPA membership. Let me quote: Since I dont have a degree with a major in Accounting I will not meet all 9 curriculum areas. However, when applying for CPA Australia membership, you can take exams to make up for the missing areas. My question is, can I become a CPA Australia member and then use this towards getting my skills recognized or will I still strike out since it wasnt part of my degree? Thanks for your help, Joanna
  5. Hi All, My name is Pravin Pillai. I am a Bachelor's in Commerce with Accounting and Finance graduate and last year I had completed my Post graduation Diploma in Business Management. I have a work experience of around 9 years now in the Banking industry. Recently, I had applied for a skills assessment from ICAA for Accountant category of Australia Pr. However, I received a recognized but "not suitable" result since one of my subjects "Financial Accounting and Reporting" did not match the requirements. All others criteria were satisfied except this one subject. I need to know if there is a way I can get a positive result apart from appearing for this module from an Australian Institute as this will nullify my work experience. Will reassessment help in any way? If someone has gone through a similar situation, kindly help and let me know if this can be resolved. Regards, Pravin Pillai
  6. eddypk

    CPA Negative assessment

    HI All, I applied for Accountant category at CPAA but got a negative assessment. I have 2 years bachelors degree and a membership of Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA) but they are considering both my qualifications as equal to AQF Associate degree therefore I did not met the initial comparable criteria. However, now I intend to apply for internal auditor category at vetassess. But I fear that I will get the same assessment from them too. Any advices?? One more thing, do vetassess give positive assessment on CIA membership. Is CIA treated equal to AQF (Australian) Bachelor Degree? Awaiting your positive feedback and suggestion. KR, Eddy
  7. Hi All, My 1st post here so please be kind! I am a newly qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) and looking to migrate to Australia with my toddler and husband. As the main visa applicant I'm hoping I can avoid the additional cost of a migration consultant and was hoping you can help. The process I was going to follow is... 1)Apply to CPA to get membership through their agreement with CIMA - I'm under the understanding that I should not need to complete an additional exam to prove my knowledge? 2)Complete an English language assessment in order to gain the extra points for SkillSelect Application: Proficient / Superior English - 20/10 pts Other points are Age 31 - 30pts Qualification - 15pts Work Experience 5-7yrs - 10pts Total - 65 / 75 pts 3) complete medical assessment 4) Submit Skill Select Application Wait for ITA for visa. Does this sound like the correct order and have I missed anything? Is there any other way I can prove superior / proficient English skills and a native English speaker? Any other advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Becky
  8. Hello All, After having spent a year in Australia on a WHV me and the better half have decided to submit an EOI for an independent migrant visa subclass 175. I have just signed up for an IELTS exam and have been looking at the CPA website in order to get a skills assessment and was wondering if anybody could please advise me if it would make any difference if I picked the ANZCO code for a Management Accountant or a General Accountant. I'm guessing that from the occupation ceiling list where accountants are grouped together under a 2211 code that it wouldn't make a difference but really I was just looking for confirmation of this. Bit of background I am a CIMA qualified accountant with 5+ post qualified years and I know from being over there that CIMA have a reciprocal agreement with CPA Australia so I don't think there would be any problems in getting a positive assessment but I'm really just interested to know how the ANZCO code would affect things. Also from research I don't think it would count for anything but would having worked in Australia as an accountant for 6 months count towards anything? Thanks, Steve
  9. bijit011

    CPA Skill assessment timeline

    Hi all, I submitted my documents to CPA for skill assessment recently and the timelines are Posted 9 April 2013 Delivered 12 April 2013 Acknowledgement received 18 April 2013 Any idea when I can expect to received my result? Do they use recorded delivery or normal post? Thanks.
  10. Guest

    CPA assessment of ACCA

    Hi I wonder if somebody could help me please! We are about to submit our skills assessment to CPA based on my husband's ACCA qualification. I have read that for a skilled employment assessment that my husband would need to submit references from his current employer. However, he is not ready to tell them yet and so wonder if this is absolutely necessary? Is it a case of not asking for the skilled employment assessment (but still being assessed on the qualification) and therefore not getting the points for this? Or if he submits a CV will this be sufficient? It's all very confusing so any help would be much appreciated!
  11. Guest

    An Accounting degree

    For Accounting jobs, do Australia require to be CPA or some don't require it? Under assessment or visa application, does it require to be a CPA? :wacko::wacko:
  12. Guest

    List of Skilled Occupation

    in Appendix 6 - List of Skilled Occupations, it includes, 221111 Accountant (General), does it mean you should have to be a CPA? Can I qualify for that skill occupation, where I have a degree on Accountancy and practicing Accounting jobs.
  13. Guest

    CPA Skills Assessment

    Hi, Has anyone followed the process through CPA to have their accountancy qualifications assessed? I just have a few questions after reading the website. I'm CIMA qualified and have a degree so I believe I met all the requirements including meeting 9 of the key skills listed by CPA. I believe as I'm a CIMA member, I do not have to provide my degree syllabus but may need to provide my degree results in detail, is this correct? Also, does anyone know whether I would pick the general accounting code or the management accounting one for the visa application? Thanks in advance for any help Louise
  14. Hi I was just wondering how straight forward it is to complete the online CPA Skills Assessment? Would I need an agent to help out with this? I am a CIMA member having qualified in July 2010, and understand that there is a memorandum of understanding between CIMA and CPA, that allows members of CIMA to become CPA members and vice versa, and which also helps with the Skills Assessment for migration purposes. Also will I need to wait until I've been qualified for a year before I can apply to CPA for the Skills Assesment or is the year wait purely for the Visa application? Many thanks
  15. Hi, What does a CPA status (full member in Australia) untitles the member to do ? Can he open a public practice ? tax returns ?..... What does financial planning consist in ? Thank you
  16. Hi Experts, I would like to understand this situation, and confirm whether this would suffice the ASR. My wife, is a Chartered Accountant from Overseas and is primary visa applicant for 175.She is working in the industry as a Accountant for 6years. Her current visa is 457dependent and is currently working as a Finance Accountant at a Australian Government owned company for over 2 years . While working she has parallely completed/or in process of completing below studies in Australia 1. Certificate IV - Training & Assessment - :notworthy: 2. CPA - Exams 26th Oct 2010 - results Dec 2010 - In process.:confused: Post her completion of CPA would she be eligible to claim the ASR points on her current 175 application? Will this help in any case in expediting her visa processing.:tongue: Regards, Jshan
  17. Hi All!! Well, i need some help since i need to make a decision next week: I have a degree in Business and i'm getting all my documents translated, so i plan to get my degree assessed by CPA or ICAA, so they will tell me how many subjects i need to complete to get a positive assessment...so i want to start the CPA Fundamental Level program next year to complete these subjects..........ok, and now comes my problem, CPA takes 15 weeks to get a degree assessment while ICAA takes 4-6 weeks (and fast track half of that ) - and CPA program enrolment is, i believe, in december, so i would have to enroll without knowing the subjects to study!!!! So, does anyone know if there's any problem by getting a degree assessment by ICAA and studying at CPA (after completed i would re-assess by ICAA)?? Any differences between the degree assessment by ICAA / CPA?? Harder?? Different in any way?? Well, just one more comment / question, i didn't set the IELTS test yet, i'm planning to do it next year, and i had a reply from a CPA saying that they can get my degree assessed without the IELTS, but would worth for migration purposes - does it works the same way for ICAA?? Please, any comments would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!!!!
  18. Guest

    Please help!!

    Hi, I started dealing with an Agent, but i'm not sure if she advised me correctly because i never heard anything similar, so please any comments would be very appreciated. I'm 29 years old, i have a degree in Business Administration and arround 4-5 years experience in different areas.....now i'm on a student visa and looking for the best pathway to PR......so my agent advise me to get my degree assessed by CPA Australia and then they will tell me how many of the 9 ( from 12 core subjects ) subjects i will need to complete to get a positive assessment in accounting... (also 4x7 in the IELTS!! :shocked: ) Well, in theory that makes sense, but is that how it really works ?? Someone have ever heard anything about a similar situation ?? Pleeease, any comments or any thoughts would be very appreciated!! Thanks!!
  19. Hi, Currently I am on a 1 year WHV (417) VISA due to expire 31/12/2010, I have applied for WA state sponsorship (01/05/2010) and waiting for a response. I have calculated the below points for when I appy: Under 30: 30 IELTS: 25 Occupation (Accountant) Positively Assessed by CPA Australia: 60 State Sponsorship: 10 Total with State Sponsorship: 125 Total without State Sponsorship: 115 (UK Passport) *I do not qualify for the 3 out of 4 years points in a related occupation as I only have 2 years. Currently I think I have two options to choose from: 1.) I submit an application for the 885 before I hear back from the WA State Sponsorship. But if I do can I change this to an 886 application if I get State Sponsorship at a later date? 2.) I wait for a response from the WA State Sponsorship and then submit an 886 application. Should I take option 1 or 2? Kind Regards, Kyle
  20. Guest

    Cpa skill assessment change

    I checked the CPA website: Migration assessment | About us - CPA Australia They have changed the skill assessment criterias. I just want to ask will the General training Ielts be acceptable or it must be Academic? "IELTS Academic Test Report Form (TRF) Number to show you have a band score of at least seven (7) on each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing. " Thanks for anyone's comments.
  21. Guest


    Hello Calling all accountants. I have been told that if I get CPA membership, then I don't have to wait a year whilst I gain my 1 year post qualified experience? I only qualified CIMA in Oct 09 so as I understand it I have to do 1 years post qualification experience then I can apply for a visa. Any help appreciated. Thanks Sharon
  22. I am thinking of enrolling in the CPA program with the hope that it will help my chances of getting a job in Accounting after spending 7 years with my kids. I have a Honours Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with most of my courses in Accounting and 10 years of finance/ accounting experience but I have come against a brick wall when it comes to finding a job. Here in Perth, I don't know if it is the same everywhere else, but recruiting agencies seem to dominate which makes it very difficult since they act as a filter. Basicly, it they can't sell you then you are not worth their time. I was told to try companies on my own, and come back to them when I find my first job then they can work with me. It is so frustrating.:arghh: I have tried even entry level jobs such as graduate accountant, assistant etc but no luck since they say I am over qualified. If I try jobs such as accountant, I am told that I have good skills, but I have a employment gap. To add to all this I do not have Australian Experience. I have tried Networking, since I have been told that in Perth it is not what you know but who you know, but it is difficult to Network since we just recently arrived here and do not have family or friends. Sorry for the complaining but I find this so frustrating here. I am willing to do any entry level job to start working. I am hoping that enrolling in the CPA Program may give a better chance. I hope someone can offer some advice, I feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. If anyone can help, share their experience or any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello Everybody, I was hoping that someone could advise me on which visa to pursue. I am a UK citizen currently on a 1 year working VISA (417) date of entry 31/12/2009. My aim is to become a member of the CPA (www.cpaaustralia.com.au) while working full time in Perth. I have a UK degree in Accounting and have been positively assessed by the CPA for admittance into their programme. Generally the programme last between 2-5 years depending on how many modules you take. Under my current VISA I am allowed to study for 4months in total. Could anyone advise which VISA would best suit me in the short & long term and what the approx. cost would be? Additional Info: -Age: 24 -Previously worked in accounting for 18 months prior to coming to Australia -Have an Australian girlfriend -My intention is to stay long term If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated as I have been suffering some serious information overload while looking into the possible VISA's. Thanks in advance. Kyle.
  24. I'm about to send all my documents to ICAA for my skills assessment. I'm using the "Uni or Tertiary" route as I do not have certification. Just curious, has anyone been declined a positive assessment or had any issues with coursework, non-accounting degrees, bad marks, etc.? The reason for my concern is that I have a degree in Business Economics, but do have coursework in more than nine of the twelve core knowledge areas. I don't have formal CA?CPA certification, but do work as a managerial accountant for an engineering/manufacturing firm in the States for the past two years. Any replies/assurances would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!