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Found 30 results

  1. Guest

    Super speedy Courier service?

    Hi everyone, With the change looming on the 1st July we are kinda worried that we will not get everything to DIAC in time. We are waiting for our ACS skill test, then have to apply for state sponsorship and once we get all that back only then can we apply to DIAC. So I just wanted to know if anyone knows of a courier company that is super speedy than the usual ones so that we can get applications over to australia in a hurry. Thank you Keglin
  2. yumimumi

    courier for tra documents

    hi please help i collected all the information needed for the dreaded TRA. arranged for interparcel to courier the paperwork over to australia. Cost me 35 pounds including insurance to make sure it didnt go astray. the shipping note stated the address for the tra department. some sort of GPO address, but there was no street name for the address. Now the courier turned up and refused to take the documents without a street name. I tried to explain that the shipping note stated what was needed but he wouldnt budge. av tried to phone TRA department but they are unobtainable due to moving offices or something. getting really stressed out now as am 35.00 quid down and no nearer to getting this to australia has anyone used interparcel and encountered problems such as this or can anyone shed any light on a street name please please help
  3. hello guys! i just hope no one would mind as this is my 1st post. :wink: i got some confusion. i need a piece of advice so i can have this resolved as soon as possible. i lodged my 175 application ONLINE on june 2011, declaring my mother as my dependant; Form47A was filled-up, printed, signed, scanned, and uploaded along with pertinent documentation. yesterday, i happened to have read in one forum that though you are an ONLINE applicant, you still have to send by POST/COURIER all the hard copies to Adelaide Processing Center. am i doing the right thing here? nowhere in the Form47A that says so, neither in the query/checklist, but only this > "Forward the completed form and any requested documents to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre within 28 days from the date you lodged your application." all along i thought this should be done ONLINE since i am an online applicant. i missed having read the one mentioned in the DIAC site. should i send the original copies or maybe a notarized certified true copies are just enough? anyone here who had the same case...delay in sending the hard original or notarized copies? what happened to your case? will this jeopardize my application? i hope an expert on this matter could help me, please? thank you very much.
  4. Peemacgee

    sending excess baggage via courier

    We are moving to Sydney on 19th October, out household items are going via pickfords. But we are going to be sending a couple of cases roughly 40kg in total via courier. Stuff like clothes we need for when we get there but not the ones for travelling. Wondered if anyone else has done this or could recommend someone Cheers Paul
  5. Guest

    which is the best courier !!!

    HI There, could anyone tell me which is the best courier,to send our medical docs as i dont want to use post office and do i just go on to there website etc. Any ideas in how much they cost. susan x :biggrin:
  6. fossda

    Fastest courier firm

    Hi All I need to get some documents to Australia very quickly. Can anyone recommend a courier company that has a fast turnaround. Not so worried about cost (within reason!!) as I just need to get the stuff there ASAP. Many thanks
  7. Help! Anyone take pity on us!!! We need to courier our state sponsorship docs on thursday28th (day we get IELTS results) to get to Oz for Monday 2nd May .... Problem is TNT DHL etc all say for residential to business service will only get docs there on tuesday.... It will have to be business to business to make the deadline!!!! Neither of us can do it (teachers!) Anyone in Liverpool with their own business- can you help??? Courier needs to collect docs from your business address and invoice business as well so you would need to give VAT number to courier company.....we would of course be there with docs/pay you the amount and throw something extra in !!!! Desperate !!! PLEASE HELP
  8. I'm trying to make the 2nd May deadline for SS SA. I will get my IELTS results 2pm Thursday 28th April (praying I also get my skills assessment back!) If I have all documents ready to go would a courier from UK to Austalia get them there by Monday 2nd Oz time (so Sunday night our time?) even with a bank holiday in the UK on Friday 29th and then the weekend? Thanks
  9. EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC courier run for sale - catering for a niche market. At present 1 person is managing the run - HOWEVER - the potential is there to expand the run and employ staff. Either buy yourself a job for life - or expand and watch the $$$ roll in! Approx 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri (9am - midday Sat) Turnover $50K We started the run from stratch and Hubbie has been running it. Would be easy to expand as only 1 comptetitor on the Coast - the companies using us at present, use to be serviced by that business (another 1 man band - known for lack of customer service)!!! VW Caddy comes with the run - has factory fittted rear seat (which is removable) - to cater for 3 extra passengers! PM for further details - I can then pass on my phone number & we can chat!
  10. Just thought I'd let others know as we have just been stung not to send your visa application by courier as it will get rejected! :mad: We didn't know the reason why until my OH spotted something on the Australia House website to say that as from 04.05.2010 they will no longer accept them by courier and must come by Royal Mail 'Special Delivery'.
  11. DivingMissDaisy

    How long to update medical sent via courier?

    We all had our medical's on Monday 13th. All were sent electronically, except for our youngest daughter as I had to get her a new passport as hers was just short of the 2 years. Her medical was sent via courier on Tuesday 14th and was signed for in Sydney on Friday 17th. But it is still showing as required on the Status Enquiry page. Does anyone know how long it normally takes for them to process medical's sent manually. We were given till the 22nd Dec to send everything back to our CO. We've sent the tracking number, so know that they know it's been sent, but just curious to know how long it will take to process. Her medical is all that we are waiting on now. :arghh: Thanks:wubclub:
  12. Hi I sent my docs to QLD immigration department and just copied the address from their application form which is similar to their courier address given on the web site, I just checked the status of my parcel on TNT website which says incorrect address. Does any body know the correct address and Tel number ? Please reply as soon as possible so that I could give the address to TNT service in Brisbane Regards
  13. Queensland to draw up migration plan to curb population | The Courier-Mail Just found the above article in today's Brisbane Courier Mail thought fellow Qld peeps may be interested. debsx
  14. I was being very organised until the sister in laws presents and have missed the post! Its now 1 week until christmas (near enough) and posties are striking this week. Anyone recommend a courier or some sites for a small parcel about 500g? Melbourne to Manchester :wink:
  15. Craig Johnstone and Natalie Gregg December 06, 2009 11:00pm MOST Queenslanders want the Bligh Government to cap southeast Queensland's rampant population growth. Results from an exclusive Galaxy poll for The Courier-Mail suggest that 60 per cent of Queenslanders want the Government to take steps to limit the region's population growth explosion. A similar proportion say forecasts of six million southeast Queenslanders by 2050 would be too many. <LI class=vote>Vote: Should southeast Queensland have a population cap? Liveability crisis: Our state being loved to death As the Government prepares to beef up its population policy credentials, some mayors are protesting that growth is too far ahead of the transport system's ability to cope. Allan Sutherland, the Mayor of the Moreton Bay region, which is expected to absorb an extra 84,000 new homes over the next 20 years, said infrastructure was needed to accommodate growth. "You can't just keep jamming terracotta roofs all over the place and not improve your transport system," he said. The poll found that 59 per cent of those surveyed were in favour of the Government working to limit the region's population growth. Thirty-five per cent were opposed. The result was even more emphatic among Labor supporters, with 65 per cent in favour of population limits. The poll also found that 59 per cent of Queenslanders thought the forecast population of 6 million for southeast Queensland by the middle of the century was too much, with 33 per cent saying it was about right. Concern over the region's growth has rekindled debate on a population cap for southeast Queensland, despite Premier Anna Bligh and property industry groups dismissing the idea. Population growth will be a key issue at today's Council of Australian Government meeting and Ms Bligh yesterday announced the involvement of scientist Tim Flannery, demographer Bernard Salt and environmentalist Ian Lowe at next year's South-East Queensland Growth Summit on March 30 and 31. Ms Bligh said southeast Queensland had more interstate migrants than any other state. But she said she was yet to see "any sensible or legal way" to cap the population. "As attractive as a population cap sounds, I think it's misleading to imply to people that such a thing could be done," she said. The Wells family, who exchanged Yorkshire in the UK for Springfield Lakes, west of Brisbane, are part of the influx that has made southeast Queensland the fastest growing region in the country. "We came here on holiday in 2002 and said we'll be back – we just loved it," Claire Wells said yesterday. Mrs Wells said she and husband Shane had poured over pages on the internet devoted to Springfield Lakes and had liked what they'd seen. "We were even more impressed when we saw it in reality," she said. The prospect of further growth didn't bother Ms Wells so long as the needs of residents were met. "There's room for everybody and with growth comes new opportunities," she said. However, southeast Queensland head of the Sustainable Population Australia lobby group Simon Baltais said there must be a limit. "Pro-growth lobbyists are ignoring the science . . . at the expense of the general community and the environment," he said.
  16. gsaps

    courier service to SA

    i've finally had my fingerprints taken and am about to send off the forms for my police clearance, has anyone got any recommendations for a courier company to send the forms to SA? thanks grant
  17. Guest

    Has anyone used UPS Courier???

    Hi folks, Today I arranged UPS couriers to take our meds and x-rays to Sydney, used them under the recommendation of the doctors who we did the meds with. Booking it was a nightmare and after speaking to 3 customer service reps finally got there. Just check the tracking number online and it says there is "exception" which means there has been a problem and it could result in our package not being delivery when they say so, which was Friday 15th by 12 noon. Not had any experience with couriers before and so wondered if anyone else has used UPS and if so do you think I should be worrying about this "exception"??? Thanks, why isn't anything ever straight forward???? Mandisfam :wubclub:
  18. Guest

    Courier or Royal Mail?

    Hi all! I've just passed my Vetassess practical for bricklaying. Woo hoo!:biggrin: All I need now is to send off my final bits of paperwork. What is the best way to send it? My agent recommends courier, if so any recommendations to who to use and costs? Damien
  19. hello all!! i have been asked for the CO for my medicals !! yippee . :jiggy: but .. i cannot find an address for the courier to deliver the medicals to ??? and i need to book the courier to collect them ?? help!! i am probably being really dim !!:nah:lianne
  20. Guest

    secure mail or courier ?

    bit of a wee silly one really but cant decide what to do can you tell me what you did when getting the visa put inside your passports please - might help me make a decision :twitcy: thanks sjs
  21. Guest

    courier for medicals

    Hello! We have been advised to send our meds and xrays via a courier service, can anyone recomend a reliable one? Do they pick up our meds and xrays up from the doctors or do we have to get pre payed packages first to take with us, we have got to use two different doctors so not sure if we will be able to send our stuff in one package or if we will need two. I am sure this is very simple to do but couldnt see much info on net so would appreciate any experience or advice from anyone. Thanks Paul
  22. Guest

    Courier or post medical`s ?

    Having our medical`s on thursday and just wondered if it`s better to send medical`s through post orcourier them and how much does it cost to courier them.
  23. Hi We are due to have our medicals on the 4th Jan. When I spoke to the receptionist at the surgery she explained that they send the Medicals/Xray results to Oz via Royal Mail International Signed For. I've read on PIO that many people seem to send medicals by Courier. Do you arrange courier service yourself and take the medical/xray results away with you or does the surgery sort courier out if you request and pay for it?:err: Thanks for any help Rachel
  24. Guest

    Canberra DIAC Courier Address

    Heya does anyone know which address I should use for courier delivered application to the Canberra office. I am not convinced that couriers do PO Boxes??:unsure:, or whether it should go to the Braddon address instead? I checked the immi site for the addresses but it isnt massively helpful in the way its worded because the postal address is a PO Box. Thanks Lisa
  25. Hello there, Just asking a bit of a daft question:embarrassed: We have sent our immi forms off today and sent them to the address under the courier option. We sent the forms 'International Signed For' is that the same as courier service?! Thanks :spinny::spinny: