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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, We are a couple in our mid 30’s looking to meet some new friends in Brisbane as we recently relocated here. We enjoy a nice glass of wine & love a good BBQ or heading out for drinks & food. Would be lovely to meet any other couples who enjoy the same things and would like to head out for a couple of drinks. (Please PM me)
  2. I see a lot on here about where to settle with kids for schools but where are the best places if schools are not an issue? My OH and I would like to be near decent restaurants etc but also not right in the city centre and we'd be happy to commute to work - any suggestions?
  3. Hi, Me and my girlfriend are off traveling to Oz in March on a WHV and cannot wait !! Our bank accounts are currently being set up with Commonwealth Bank and we have our Tax File Numbers being sorted too so that we can start work immediately when something comes up. Ideally we want to do the kind of work we cannot do here in England .. i.e. Beach / Sun / Fruit Picking jobs but at the same time we are not fussed as long as we get the chance to experience Oz ! We are due to land in Cairns on the 5th March 2013 and staying in a hotel for the first week of our travels. Eventually we plan to travel from Northern Australia to Eastern/Southern and eventually round to Perth over the year. Just wondered if anyone had any answers or helpful advice for the questions below ? * Any recommended Sharehouses /Hostels in Cairns (and generally Australia ) that are ideal for couples ? i,e. Double room with shared bathrooms? But still cheap enough for backpackers ? *Whats the best mobile network to get on once we are out there? Preferably pay as you go ? *Are there any websites that are good and worth signing up to for help finding work ? i.e wwoofing *Places we shouldn't leave without seeing ? * Is it worth taking our £GBP out to Oz and exchanging it out there or is the exchange rate better before we go ? * Best way to travel from town to town and costs ? Also anything else that might spring to your mind to help us would be great Thanks in advance ! Lee :wink:
  4. Hi All, we have moved to Kinross a couple of weeks ago and are wondering if there is anybody that would like to meet up. We are a family of four - me, my husband and two boys (18 months and 3) Would love to get to know some more people in the area thanks Gemma
  5. hey! me and my fiance have just moved to gold coast, not met anyone yet, lots of other expats we have seen on here or said hey too are all all a bit older, or very involved with their kids! wondered if there are any other 20 somethings out there that fancy a drink and a catch up! I'm 23 and my man is 24, gettin married in August, no kids, not piss heads, like a cocktail or two in nice places.... sporty, musicy and both pretty laid back!
  6. To all those girls who want more female friends! I'm 34 and recently moved to Sydney (from UK), with my boyfriend, 36. Though we're loving it (living on Northern Beaches), I'm really want to make some girl friends and we're both also interested in meeting up with other couples. Give me a shout if you're keen for a coffee or cocktail!
  7. Hi everyone, We are Tara, 26 and Paul, 31, and have been in Perth for 4 months now, we would like to try and find a few couples to socialise with. We're not into clubbing as Tara doesn't drink but we enjoy going out for dinner and going to bars. It would be great to meet a like minded couple for days and nights out etc etc. If anyone is interested please let us know!
  8. Hi, We have now been in Sydney for about a month, and although slightly surprised by the winter weather so far we are really enjoying our experience. We've now managed to sort our rental property, moved in and now want to get out and about meeting some like minded couples for drinks, dinners, BBQ's etc to really start enjoying Sydney with a network of friends. We work for different companies but both in the CBD, and live in Rozelle/Balmain and are looking to meet people living in Sydney. Maria is 26 and I am 34, although Maria would probably say I am going on 14 sometimes :biggrin: If anyone out there fancies hooking up for a drink and chat then get in touch. Nice one. Tom.
  9. Hi there, We are a couple (me-Rach 25 and Andy 28) moving to Perth early November and just wondering if anyone else is going over around the same time? We have bought an off-plan apartment in Joondalup but this won't be compete for a while yet so we will be staying in a lovely apartment in Rivervale until then. We are pretty easygoing and like the more laid-back lifestyle-going out for meals, quiet drink, walks and chilling out in front of a dvd rather than being wild party animals (which is why Perth won't be too quiet for us!! ) although my arm is quite easily twisted if a night out is on the cards (we're not teetotal!). Andy is into his football and l like music, clothes, shoes and chocolate so nothing unusual there Andy is originally from Newcastle but then moved to Cumbria from ages of 7-18 and then Maidenhead in Berks since then. I am originally from Manchester but went to uni in Hull and now live in Maidenhead with Andy (but not for much longer....) Hoping to get into cycling (but just leisurely -not competitively!!) and maybe join a rock-climbing club when we're out there but mostly just looking forward to a swim after work, barbecues on the beach and in Kings Park and cocktails on the balcony watching sunset after work......wow-can't wait...... xxxx Rachel
  10. Hi Everyone! My partner and I are migrating to Sydney in August and would looooove to try and meet like minded, out going, friendly couples :tongue:! We are a relatively young couple (28 and 24).... We like going out on the town/city and drinking the night away :jiggy:, cooking nice meals, gym and relaxing... Thanks for your time!
  11. Guest

    Nice area for couples

    Hi Everyone, My boyfriend and I are moving to Sydney and are looking for advice on nice areas to live in commuting distance to the business district. It would need to be near public transport and we would like to be in an area with shops / restaurants nearby... Any recommendations? Kate
  12. Hey there! We are in our late thirties and have been living in Ormiston for nearly 4 years. We love many aspects of the lifestyle here but do miss the social life. We are wondering if there are any couples who fancy joining us for any of the following: coffee at Raby Bay Thai meal Board games and take away night Watching a film Taking the dog for a walk Wandering around in nature A good old English cuppa and a yarn! Not having children has proved it a challenge to meet people so we thought we would give this site a try. Get in touch if you live locally and fancy a meet up! Kip and Dave :goofy:
  13. Are there any young families on the gold coast? We are northern end and looking to meet up with other 30ish couples with children, who understand how difficult it is to organise a babysitter etc...
  14. Guest

    pio couples

    id like to think of me,and the optomist as a cyber couple--i also think pabs,and britchick would make a luverley cyber couple--can you match up any other members who you feel would make a perfect cyber coulpe on pio:wubclub:also if you want to propose to another member to be your cyber partener on pio feel free:jiggy:its just a bit of fun chaps--kat will you be my cyber partener on pio please:wubclub:
  15. Hey there Might be a long shot but any couples in Hobart area? Me and hubby are 31 with no kiddies as yet and moved from Perth six months ago. We love going down to Salamanca on weekends for drinks and dinner so if anyone out there in similar situation fancy joining us let us know. Cheers Jan n Pete
  16. Hi! I'll be back to Newcastle at the beginning of May where I've been living with my Aussie boyfriend. Will be in Newcastle for at least another year and would be great to meet some other couples, or girls, who are finding it hard to meet people and want some social get togethers! I'm 27, my boyfriend's 28, and we don't have any children. We both like having a drink, listening to live music etc and I'd love to expand my social life a bit as it seems hard to meet people in the area. Look forward to hearing from you!!
  17. I have lodged my application on 15th June 2009, before 1 July.. from what I read my application should be processed as the Interdependent Visa 826 then 814? but on the receipt from DIAC Melbourne its says that I am being considered for the 820 Visa?? Also, can I check the status of my app online when family residency is concerned??
  18. Guest

    young couples

    Hey, Me and my partner have decided to up and move from the uk! We have a applied for a working holiday visa, if we like it we will hopefully apply for a permantent visa.... Im 25, My partner 24.. Where should we move to... We would like... Near to the coast as possible Max rent 0f $350 per week rent Not to far away from a big city (about 30 min drive) Be close to other brit (young couples) Safe and Friendly Lively atmosphere (ie- pubs ect!) Any ideas on where we should be looking at moving? Help CAZ N JON
  19. Hey, Me and my partner have decided to up and move from the uk! We have a applied for a working holiday visa, if we like it we will hopefully apply for a permantent visa.... Im 25, My partner 24.. Where should we move to... We would like... Near to the coast as possible Max rent 0f $350 per week rent Not to far away from a big city (about 30 min drive) Be close to other brit (young couples) Safe and Friendly Lively atmosphere (ie- pubs ect!) Any ideas on where we should be looking at moving? Help CAZ N JON
  20. Any couples or singles without children (no offence intented to families, but there are plenty of family picnics and get togethers already) wanting to meet up for evenings out, BBQ's etc please feel free to get in touch. You can never have too many friends!!! We are both 32 living NOR, been here nerly 2 years already, happy to offer help or advise where possible even if its just a chat!! Thanks:chatterbox: Andy & Stacey
  21. hi guys, me and o/h have been together for 7.5 yrs. We have lived together for 18months and recently got engaged. ok history lesson over haha. For r visa we have to complete a: joint statement for couples in a defacto relationship, one year relationship requirement, statuatory declaration from a friend. Any ideas how to complete these forms it so hard trying to answer questions like: how, when and where you first met and how the relationship developed. how the household tasks are shared between you. how you support each other financially, physically and emotionally and when this level of commitment began :arghh: any help would be great hahaha:biglaugh:
  22. Hiya sorry if this has been asked before, and I am just being stupid but is it ok for unmarried couples to move to oz on the womans points only? Also is there any way ferrets can gain entry?
  23. Guest

    Unmarried couples

    Hi Me & my partner have lived together for nearly 9 years, have a daughter together who is 19 months and bought a house together 3 years ago. Have any other unmarried couples had to prove that they are actaully 'together?' If so, what evidence did you give to immigration?!! I also have a daughter from a previous relationship, and her father is dead now. Hoping to get the death certificate (which cost me £11.50!) but would a CSA letter be sufficient? Has anyone else also been through this?! Thanks! This is sooooo much more complicated than originally thought!!:arghh: Judith
  24. Guest

    same sex couples!!

    Hi All!! Going to see a migration agent in couple of weeks, but there is one thing i'm unsure about. As i am in a same sex relationship we thought we could migrate as a couple, but we were advised to go as friends as the Oz Government were pretty conservative about these issues. Is this right or is the agent just wanting more money???