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Found 19 results

  1. Hello all, not sure if anyone have any insight on this topic, since this is a very specific to me.. does anyone have any experience with travelling overseas under bridging visa to a country which required a visitor visa(i,e touries or business visa)? from what I know most of the embassy/consulate office which process these visa in Australia won't accept bridging visa since it is not a substantive visa(i.e. not guaranteed return) and they recommend applying in your home country! ->I can understand if you are only gonna hold the bridging visa for few months, but I've been under bridging visa for almost 2.5 years (applied 885 march 2009) you know how hard it is for us to leave the country, let alone just for applying overseas tourist visa!:cry: if people can share their experience, thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, anyone know if you need to list all countries you have visited when you have left the UK for 3months+, as my hubby and I have previously been backpacking (within last 5 years) independently for over a year and went to loads of countries between us (some for a week!) do we need to list every one or do we just list the ones we were in three months+? Cheers for any answers!
  3. I was thinking about this carbon tax and thinking that Oz is a large country with huge forests and a small population. Surely all the trees absorb a lot of our CO2 emissions compared with other countries. So I dug out some information off the net to find out for some countries; the land mass, % of land covered by trees, total area of trees, total number of trees (assumed an average spacing of 20m), CO2 emissions per year, how much CO2 each tree absorbs per year and hence finally calculated the % of CO2 produced which is reabsorbed by the trees. (This is apparently more for mature trees, which I expect there are more of in Australias forests than forests in the UK for example. Results are below Country %CO2 absorbed by trees US 1.38% Germany 0.33% UK 0.12% Australia 12.3% So, as Australia has been careful to preserve its forests instead of cutting them all down and concreting over them like the US and the UK, we still have forests to absorb 100 times more of the CO2 we produce than the UK for example and many more times the other countries here. So are we justified in having such a harsh carbon tax compared to other countries. Has the amount we absorb with our carefully preserved forests been taken into account?
  4. Guest

    Foot in both Countries

    Just sharing my feelings after 20 plus years in Oz. Love Oz and feel lucky I have had the opportunity to live here with my family. However the older I get and as life in Oz becomes routine just as it does in any country after a few years, I find myself wanting to spread myself between both countries. I still have most of my siblings and parents in the UK so I definitely have a pull there. However I now have an Oz kids who like the UK but unless they are backpacking or professionally located in the UK ,have no desire to leave Oz. Thus my dilemma is this - how practical is it to buy an apartment in the UK, say around the coastal areas like Boscombe, Bournemouth etc for say 3 mths a year (during UK summer of course) and say 9 months in OZ. My work is such that I can operate substantially by the net so it doesn't matter where I am as nowdays even conferencing in mainly by the net. So my questions amidst my confused ramblings are - how commonplace is this foot in both countries amongst us Poms? and Has anyone entered into a similar arrangement and if so how successful was it. p.s. my wife who is an OZ who I met in London can also work via the net so no problems there. However we wonder if our kids might run amok while we are not there to feed, clothe and pamper them and generally keep them on the straight and narrow. They are 24 and 25 and there seems little chance that they will ever make our OZ home an empty nest. Now thats another story for another forum!:wacko:
  5. Hi Everybody! I am in the process of doing my partner spouse visa (309/100) and need to translate many documents. Since I have been living with my husband for many years I have many utility bills that I need to send as evidence that we were living under the same house. Does anyone know (who has done this) if I have to translate ALL the bills separately even if it is of the same company? For example : I want to send my 5 telephone bills from the same company that is in my name: Do I just translate the one bill and pin them together and highlight the dates or do they need all a separate translations? Further more most utility bills have the same address even if its not in English you can clearly much tell what the address is and to who... It's sooo expensive to translate just a name and an address and I find that the cost will be rocket high if I do all this. Is it necessary? Thanks in advance , all replies welcome!! :hug:
  6. Guest

    Why Oz, over other countries?

    What swung it, for Oz to be your destination of choice over other countries. I personally fancy Canada as well, and would consider other countries also.
  7. Hi All, With only medicals left to do and Form 80 to fill out we are hoping to have everything set for when we get a C.O. I'm a bit stumped on Question 26 which is a log of all visits to other countries within the last 10 years. I know roughly the month and year but will it matter for the exact dates????? There only seems to be America and Mexico that has stamped my passport. European countries certainly don't bother and I have no way of finding out. What did anyone out there put down on their form? Please advise :jiggy: Cheers, Mick.
  8. Guest

    HR countries

    Hi . Is lebanon considered one of the very high countries like pakistan and Iran ? Replies are appreciated
  9. Guest

    High and Low risk countries.

    Hey all, I hope someone could give me some advice on this so that i'll be able to sleep properly at night without being too worried. I am originally from a High risk country and now have been a citizen of low riisk country for about 7 years. I was asked for PCs and Meds which were no problem for me getting them, in fact apart from abit of delay with the HR country. Although everything shows as met online now. Since I had to provide them with two PCs .Am i gonna expect alot of delays because of the Internal & external check ups? If so I wonder what sorts of things they would be looking in to? Where can I obtain the information from whether my case has been refered to wihich department for more check ups? Your comments are appreciated Cheers Leed
  10. Hi there Not sure if anyone can help. We are emigrating to Oz and I am closing down my limited company and taking out the final distribution as dividends. We are travelling for a month on the way. As far as I can tell I cease to be UK resident the day I after I leave the UK and Become Australian resident the day I arrive in Australia. Does anyone know what I am in between whilst apparently not a resident in either whilst on holiday? we are leaving around April so I am trying to work out the most tax efficient time to take the dividends out of the company...i.e in the new uk tax year just before we leave whilst still a uk resident or whilst in transit between the two? does anyone know what happens if we leavein the prior tax year but take the dividend whilst in transit in at the beginning of the new tax year - where am I resident? Thanks in advance for any replies. I did ask my accountant but they are not familiar with residency issues
  11. Hi Good day :cute: I was wondering if any body could give me some ideas regarding security checks and its estimated time line for HR countries such as IRAN and Pakistan, and whether being included in cat2 affects or speeds up the progress of security check or not :eek: Regards:hug::notworthy:
  12. hi, i'm just wondering if this will affect my visa in any way. My visa got approved (subclass 176 under Victoria) last year and i already did my first entry early this year. However, i'm looking at applying citizenship in another country before I permanently move to australia.. because i only plan to do so maybe in 2-3 yrs time from now. Would this have any effect to my VISA? because i know i have to inform the oz government if i have any status changes.. is there any chance the government will revoke my VISA? any adivse would be appreciated. thanks!
  13. Good Evening! I am after a little help. I am completing the online application for GSM I am at the 45% mark and it is asking 'Countries of residence' Me and the OH have only ever lived in the UK, and I have double and triple checked all previous questions have been answered correctly, however it is requiring dates from and to of countries of residence in the last 10 years. Do I have to fill this out as saying UK from a date 10 years ago until now? as there is no option to select have never lived elsewhere, or have I gone wrong somewhere???????????? :err: Lauren
  14. I am Australian, married to an Englishman and we are hoping to move across to the UK in a month or two (come on Settlement Visa!!). I have been working in Human Resources for around two years and I currently work as a HR Coordinator so I would definitely consider myself a ‘support person’ at this stage. Ideally am looking to take up a Generalist role similar to what I am doing now – I’m ready to advance but happy to hold tight in order to break into the UK market successfully, then develop with my new employer. My qualifications were gained through TAFE NSW over 2008-09 and I have a Diploma in HR Management (and a sub-qual Cert IV in Business – Human Resources). I had these assessed by UK NARIC, who have confirmed that this is the equivalent to a BTEC Higher National Diploma, and sits at around level 4/5 on the NVQ, depending on which source you consult! I don’t have CIPD, but quite happy to work toward a qualification if required. I’m not intending on completing a Degree until I have decided on an area of specialty. I have done my own research & study on UK Employment Law and find the key areas to be quite similar to here in Australia. I will ensure I am well briefed before attending interviews. I already have pre-arranged meetings with four large recruiters who requested to meet after I sent my resume. So, my question is, has anyone else made the transition from HR in England to Aus (or vice-versa in my case), and what is your experience with this? Were you at a disadvantage when searching for work initially due to the different legislation (in terms of required knowledge)? Are there any tips or advice you can offer to help make me more marketable as a “newcomer” to the UK? All comments appreciated - thanks!
  15. hI, I was just wondering, my husband studied in USA from 1998 to 2004. Does he still need a police clearance/character checks from USA as well? He is a resident of Malaysia though...
  16. Guest

    High risk vs Low risk countries

    Is low risk country determined by where you have submitted your application or which passport you hold? For example, if i submit my application from UK (living currently in uk), but I am holding South African passport? Am i considered as a high or low risk applicant? Also, with these new rules in places will high/low risk still matter?
  17. Hello, :smile: We're just starting out on the Visa to Oz trail, but I've been wondering about dual nationality - yes I am really getting ahead of myself I know! I'm British, my OH is Austrian and our children have dual nationality and passports (GB/Austrian). If we moved to Oz and (in time) got Oz citizenship I understand we can keep out GB passports - but does anyone know if Australia has an agreement with Austria? Is there anywhere I can find this out? Many thanks, Sam x
  18. I have just got my police report for the UK but I did live in Germany for a year from 2000 to 2001. I cant quite remember the exact dates but it was round about the 12 month mark. In fact I am pretty sure my registration and unregistration (an- and abmeldung) was probably within the 12 months. The requirement for a police cetificate is that you must live there for over 12 months so can I get by without having to get a German certificate? It looks a bit more complicated that getting the UK one and as my UK one came back clean will that be sufficient?
  19. Mark has a job interview in Brussels for a contract working for NATO HQ its 6 months to a yr and will fit in perfectly with our plans to go to oz as soon as the contract has finished. Buuuuuutttttttt! Will have to get a police check from Brussels? he has secret clearance with the job any way so do you think it will be necessary. can he get it whilst doin the job or will he have to wait til his finished? Any ideas?? Leanne