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Found 31 results

  1. Guest

    8 weeks and counting !!!

    we've flights booked, current house sold, notice given in with jobs and counting down to 23rd jan when we fly!! all scary but very exciting. job in Ipswich and gonna be living somewhere?:jiggy:
  2. koala09

    71 days and counting!!!!!!!!

    Hi all, i'm just really excited and counting down the days.....71 days til we leave for Adelaide.... We fly on tuesday 10th january, Anyone else flying the same time and from heathrow?? and how are your plans going?? :biggrin:
  3. Hello Everyone! May i introduce myself and family.... I am Lyndsey, my husband is Craig and we have three children aged 5, 3 and 9 months old. We are currently in the RAF and have decided that enough is enough and we are moving to Oz!! I shall be out the RAF in about 18 months so i will be on that plane the day after hopefully!! My husband is half australian, therefore our children are Australian citizens by descent (lucky sods) which just leaves me to apply for a spouse visa I have printed off the form 47SP today and "Oh my Goodness!" its confuuuusing! Do i have to be sponsered by my husband too? And do i really have to provide all this evidence about the history of our relationship if we have been married 7 years and have 3 children together? cor Blimey! I think i will have to get my thinking head on and read read and read this partner booklet thing about 7 times!! ha ha :err: anyhoo, if anyone is in the same boat as me (having an Ozzy family and feeling a little left out! ) then it would be great to get to know you better! Infact it will be great to get to know you all better! Laters! Lynds x
  4. Hi, I received the invoiced confirmation from vetasess on the 12th of december, its 6 weeks now & havent heard anything. Does anyone know how long this might take?? My skills are asessed for ''project/programme administrator'', which also looks at your work experience.... Really really need your input as i am getting quite nervous about this as you can understand.:wacko:
  5. Hi Everyone, my name’s Jay. Me, wife Paula & our 3 boys are on holiday in Queensland (Sunshine Coast-Fraser Coast-Brisbane) over Christmas & New Year. It’s more than a holiday, as we’re looking to emigrate after our holiday if we can find a possible place to settle, find jobs, a rental property and schools for our boys. I’m a Diesel Fitter who works on Earthmovers. I’d like to ask if any of you knows of anyone who would be able to help us in looking for contacts who I could meet in regards to finding a job and working in Qld . We would also really like to contact other families who we could possibly meet and share their experiences of settling a family into Aussie Life.……. Kind Regards! Jay, Paula & the boys :cool:
  6. Guest

    1 Year & Counting!

    Well this is it, we are on countdown in this house. We leave for Perth Sep 2011 and are now going to spend the next year making it all possible. The house will go on the market after Christmas. We've started buying bits to take, new pots & pan set, new bikes, duvet covers........ Were looking for at rentals everyday on line, and I'm constantly on school websites. I think we have most things covered but just wondered if anyone had any words of wisdom for the big move. :wub: I Came up with the idea to move May 2008 Papers sent off October 2008 Golden Ticket Granted 19th June 2009 Sub Class 176 Skilled-Sponsored
  7. Guest

    5 years and counting

    Having been here 5 years now I can convey the following: Most people including us move to Oz for the weather, don’t let it be the only reason for moving here, but unfortunately for most people that seems to be the main attraction. On the whole it’s better than UK, but there is more to life than the weather. It does rain here and quite often, and if other things in life aren’t good it does not matter that the sky is blue. Also Just be aware that if you work in an office until 5pm you will not see much of the sun as it only stays light until 7pm even in the summer. You WILL find it hard to make friends. When we first arrived we made some good friends with the Neighbours (Ozzies) whilst we were renting. When we bought our first house and moved only a couple of Km down the road they dropped us, and it was not for our part of trying to keep the friendship going. If you move here with children under 7 you will stand a better chance of making friends. If you move here with children 10+ forget it, after 5 years we still do not have what I would call close friends like we had back in the UK and we do feel very isolated and lonely quite oftern. Our first two years were great lots to see and do, but the novelty of the beach has gone (have not been there for over a year now), although we do spend loads of time in the pool in the summer mainly to counteract the humidity. Lifestyle - everybody bangs on about life style I would say it’s not that different to what it was like in the UK. Don’t assume it will be the same or better, the reason I say this is because although we did our homework before moving we did not do enough. We used to do a lot of sailing in the UK and belonged to a number of clubs, but always though the season was to short and that we could sail all year round here, the reality is that we don’t sail at all now. Won’t go into all details but if I had known this would be the outcome I would still be living in the UK. Expect to get treated like a piece of poo by the rental agencies, who usually double up as estate agents who will then use your lack of housing knowledge to try and sell you a lemon that they have had on their books for a long time. You will travel further to get to work I am getting very tired of the hour plus drive to and from work. Don’t emigrate with “Rose tinted spectacles” having been here on holiday a few times we tended to see the place through those eyes and the reality of everyday life is very different. I am not saying don’t move to Oz but if I can just make one of you sit back and give it more consideration before you ruin a good life you have in the UK then I will consider the effort worthwhile. You may ask why I stay, the truth is that my wife has health problems that would be worse in the UK so although she feels cut off and isolated she realises that it’s better for her to stay here. We have two children one loves it here, the other wants to go back. Not an ideal outcome.
  8. Guest

    5 months and counting..

    Hi I am fairly new to P-in-O and wondered ifanyone out there can help. Me ,my husband and our 4 kids and 1 labrador are moving to Brisbane in September. Most of his work/visa stuff is done so its just the practical stuff left. I really would appreciate any advice about 1) international removers 2) pet transportation and 3) the reality of migration. We are very lucky in that we came over for 12 months in 2007 and fell in love with QLD so we kinda know a bit but probably not enough... All pearls of wisdom gratefully appreciated! Cheers.:err:
  9. firebladebally

    4 months and counting!!!

    Hi all, just a little message of my plans...... september, fly from manchester to dubai, then on to nz to tour both islands, then on to aus for a years working holiday.! it cannot come fast enough, all i do is read this website and aus and nz magazine. roll on september!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:jiggy:
  10. Dawny

    20 sleeps and counting!

    Hello it's me lol, just a little update from us, House exchange took place last friday, shippers were in on wednesday and thursday, no complaints there, we used Doree Bonner, nice couple of guys, who whizzed around packing all in their sight! So be warned, hide all items safely away you don't wish to be packed!! Oh and keep the kettle filled!! Shipping left the uk today, Dogs bloods have come back with a nice healthy negative result! So all good so far, The only down side to our little adventure is we are currently staying in a small pokey holiday flat, with no decent internet access, oh and no decent tv lol with 3 bored kids!! Hence the sleep countdown, will try and post when we can before we fly, ttfn Dawn & the gang xxx :arghh:
  11. Can't wait, so excited. Goodness it has been a long cold winter here - and it still persists and persists! Can't wait to feel the sun on my skin again. Heading to Brissy and choosing between, Gold Coast, Brissy and Sunshine Coast. We have a little boy (and maybe more in the future) so want to settle in a great area for good. Australia, I love you!!
  12. Guest

    365 days in and counting!!

    Wow cant believe it, on the 1st of Feb 2010 I celebrated my first anniversary of landing in Oz, time has flown by...amazing how somewhere can feel like home so soon. Loving this new life and never want it to stop. :biglaugh: Terry
  13. Guest

    3 months and counting!

    A big hello to everyone, Am lucky enough to have been granted permanent residency on a de-facto visa and I am looking forward to arriving in April. We both work in the hospitality industry ( at the moment) , so after visiting with my other half's family we are probably gonna head to Perth to try and find work. We are both soo excited about this new chapter in our lives ( maybe a bit scared too). Louise ( my other half ) has been with me in England for over ten years now, so we are both starting from scratch. We will both be using this forum regulary and hope that you will be able to answer our (mainly mine) stupid questions regarding just about everything. cheers, keith
  14. Well I have just booked the flights up for 8th January!!!! We haven't sold the house, we haven't even rented it out - probably the riskiest thing we have done for a while but decided enough is enough, we want to be in Melbourne and get on with our new adventure (whatever that may bring). Madness does run in the family, thats what comes from having a surname like Wilde!!!:wacko: Now the fun begins.....
  15. Guest

    4 months and counting..

    Hi Everyone, Well I have been here 4 months now and only found PIO when I arrived, wish I had found it before I left the UK. But I thought I would share with you my observations and thoughts since arriving here in Queensland:- My wife moved over here first she is an Ozzie and came first to visit her brother and sort things out while I applied for my Visa, I came over on a sub class 100 spouse visa and although the paperwork looked daunting to start with, once I got started it only took about 12 weeks to get it all sorted. I suppose I got it easy because by the time I arrived the wife had arranged accommodation and everything was ready for us to start our new life. We are in our mid 50's and I have retired from the NHS after a slight health scare. We settled down and although we did not have much money we started to budget for our new life. The money I did have was spent on my son before I left as he had lost his job and with a baby on the way he was in dire straights, so Like most parents what I had went to him and with a promise that he will repay me (yes I am still laughing at that one) I arrived with $1000 in my pocket plus what Marge had managed to save from the pension that was now being paid into our new bank account. We started off by renting an apartment on Bribie Island and this was fine until the lease came up for renewal and the landlord decided he did not want to rent the property anymore. We are now in a lovely apartment on Godwin Beach just of Bribie Island overlooking the sea. So what have I found out, well Australians are not sociable during the week, I presume this is due to darker evenings and when they get home and have their dinner, there is not much time to do much else. If you want to socialise go out and join one or two of the many clubs that are available and meet people that way, We joined the local RSL club and that is a good way to make friends, also its OK if you want to go out for a meal. My favourite thing is going to Woorim on Bribie Island buying fish and chips and walking on the beach eating them, all I need is a knotted hankie and roll my trouser legs up and you would think I was at Weston super mare. Observations.. Shopping can be an experience the first time you go, especially if you spend 88cents and wait for your change, (well no one told me prices were rounded up and down). Find a butcher that sells sausages that actually taste like sausages, first ones I got from Woolworths, sold as 'British sausages' (they lie) put them in the pan with a drop of cooking oil and whoosh the oil disappeared, the sausages were like blotting paper, but my friendly butcher now serves beef sausages that are not to bad. Fly screens, don't consider renting a property without them they are a god-sent when you need the doors and windows open. Speed limits are interesting, you travel below the speed limit and you will soon have some one up your backside pushing you along, if it says 100 do 100 seems to be the motto. Red Dust, like most people recently we were covered in a dust storm, silly me thought when it was all over I would simply brush it away, well.... At first I got the broom out and brushed the balcony clean, what I did not know was that as I brushed it was going up in the air, over my head and settling once again behind me. My first clue was my wife crying tears of laughter as she watched the dust rise and fall behind me, so I went to Plan B, now get the hose pipe wash it down and mop it all up, WRONG... I now had pools of muddy water on the balcony as the floor is painted with a water resistant paint and no mater what I did the dust remained, Plan C old damp towel wrapped around broom head a brush dust along with that, It worked. Then I hear on the news another dust storm is on its way. Aghhhhhh.. I think the best advice I could give anyone who is thinking of coming to Australia is come with an open mind, expect things to be different and don't expect to make best friends with someone over night, friendships have to be earned and built up, But if you are willing to try then the Ozzie's will normally respond, and keep your sense of humor.
  16. froggirl

    Counting down!

    Woo hoo, hubby and I have agreed to stuff the house sale and the recession and we're off next Feb. Going to book the flight tomorrow. Now just have to try and figure out how to sell a house that is now rented out from halfway across the world! Stoked! KJ :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Counting The Sleeps.........

    Less than 20 sleeps to go before we are home again.... After 5 months of living in Australia my family(Aussie hubby and 3 young children) have agreed that our life in the UK was far better than our life here will ever be. We have visited Oz every 2 years over the last 10 and we felt we had to try the life out here before our children were too old to move. We needed to know what life is like(out of holiday mode) in my husbands country. The benefits (and I would never deny Australia has fantastic parks,swimming pools, beaches etc..) are not enough for us. We go back to our very close family, our new baby neice, our house (rented out but tenants have agreed to move on) our local village school-walkable, our local pub(with atmosphere)-walkable, our local shops-walkable, our rolling fields and woods, our country lanes, The Ashes Tour, cheap flights to Europe, Paris a train ride away,our friends, shopping in a high street(not at a Westfield shopping center) and our tiny tracker mortgage. Having finally put Australia to rest, we are very very excited about our 'new' life back in the UK. This process has taught us a lot. Our lives have slowed down and we plan to get a dog. My husband and I are both changing our careers-something we would never had dared to do in recession hit Brtain had we stayed. We never wanted to be in the 'What if...." camp but most importantly, we now realise that a happy life is having healthy children, a husband you love, enjoying your surroundings wherever you are and spending your time with the people that matter most. For those of you wanting to return to the UK-good luck and never look back For those of you still in the UK desperately trying to get a visa-good luck and I hope Australia gives you everything you dream of xx
  18. We leave for Manchester airport on Friday, stay overnight and fly on Saturday morning. Can't believe it's finally here. Still lots to do but packing well under way, parties done, tearful farewells just about finished, spider catcher packed, leftover booze nearly completed and will just catch the final episode of Grays Anatomy on Thursday (could not have been better planned). Thank you so much to everyone on PIO who have given so much valuable info, as it has been a great source of help and support. We will no doubt be back on as soon as possible at the other end and to those people who are also going around the same time, I wish you all the very best and hope to meet at some point soon. Vicky:biggrin:
  19. This is the first time using PIO, wanted to say that we are 9 years and counting and still love aus... living in perth.
  20. Just want to say how excited i am at the prospect of going back out to melbourne this saturday. taking the kids this time so i hope the flight will be good. Just dont want to think about the flight back to UK - notice i dont call it home!! It doesn't feel like it now we have all these new plans. going to be staying with family and friends and doing lots of tourist things this time, plus going to some schools to check them out. I will post a report when we get back and let you know how we got on. just wish the house would sell. my friend had hers packed away today and ready to go to brisbane - wish that was me but i know our time will come. managed to get tickets to afl game for the boys and also australia vs japan soccer match at mcg, boys will love it i hope. I just want them to be as happy as we are when we think about living there. bonnie :eek:
  21. This is the first time I have used PIO, I have just been onto the page where there are poms thinking about going back to the UK,,,, I actually feel homesick myself now.... reading some of the blogs on here can make you feel worse, We have been in Aus for over 9 years now and take each day as it comes. We have been through the ups and downs, but we were doing that in the UK also, thats why we made the move in the first place, I am not saying that all is rosey, but Aus is a pretty special place to live, you have to give yourself time to settle and make some good friends, it just doesn't happen over night. We have found that in the past 9 years, we have had more opportunities than we ever would have had in the UK, If we were still living there, I would be in no doubt that we would still be living in the same house, going to the same pubs on the same nights, doing the same jobs etc,,, we wanted more..... we do miss all our family that is definately true, but after a while, it seems as if this becomes acceptable and we really look forward to them visiting, we are only 24 hours away and never forget that.
  22. Guest

    24 hours and counting

    Hi guys, Just thought I would pop along to let you know that we will be on our way tomorrow. Major butterflies going on in my stomach. Saying farewell to my family today :cry:. Very sad day for Kayleigh yesterday. Her school friends arranged a surprise party for her after school and when I picked her up everyone was in floods of tears. Massive group hug was called for. I don't know how I managed to keep it together but had to for her sake. Good luck to all who are waiting on decisions, selling houses etc. Keep the dream alive you will get there. Will post again when I get there and let you all know how the journey etc was. Ta ta for now. Karen :rolleyes:
  23. Guest

    2 weeks and counting

    Wee I cant quite believe it but in two and a half weeks time we will be on our way to our reccie trip in Melbourne and Perth. I just cant wait. 2 things im worried about are leaving the kids and the long flight. Ive checked out the films they look good, ive bought some new books lol. Oh boy I cant wait im so excited!!!! So any tips for areas we should check out to live around these two capitals would be great, we want to be out of the city so any ideas?????
  24. Juliep

    2 days and counting

    we leave for Brisbane on the 15th April, it has come rd so quick its starting to get scary now lol julie p:yes:
  25. Guest

    4 weeks and counting

    Oh my god 4 weeks and counting and I don't think we will ever be ready. It all seems to have taken so long but our departure date is looming. We still have to find a house close to a school that we haven't really found yet either and jobs and a car and... the list is endless. Any help and information would be great. We are relocating to Werribee and have been looking at Werribee Primary School for the children but don't know which secondary school they will go to. Then we were told that Wyndham Vale may be more suited to our needs but we have no idea about schools in that area at all. if there is anyone who is in this area or knows anything about it that could help, we would be soooo grateful, otherwise we will be flying blind, but still looking forward to arriving.