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Found 36 results

  1. Hi Guys, Just a quick message, to ask if someone could tell me if the 12 month working holiday visas counts towards anything regarding Migration. As me and the missis have had a 12 months working holiday visa, and are granted another. So when the time comes for me and the missis to move would any of that information i.e 2 years living & working in australia count towards anything @ all??
  2. Guest

    Count down begins

    Hey all, Just wondering anyone heading out to darwin 28th november 2011, I am all booked and just gotta do the packing, Have my visa got, insurance, bank account, flights sorted just wondering if theres any tips for the flight im flying with qantas, stopping at singapore. if any one can share there expereinces and give me any points. cheers :biggrin:
  3. joseph banks

    Sports Therapist, Do I count??

    Hello, Anyone know how many points are awarded for a Graduate Sports Therapist if any (Can't find on any SOL). What are my options, State Sponsorship? anyone with any experience pls help, Regards, Oz-bound somehow
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anybody knows if apprenticeship experience counts towards getting some extra points for overseas work experience or is it only post qualification. I am looking at a 175/176 Vic SS and it doesn't seem to specify. It just says experience in the chosen Skill or closely related? Does anybody have any info regarding this, those extra points would take some pressure off havin to get full marks on the IELTS!!!! Thanks Guys
  5. Guest

    Count Down!

    Hi folks, new to this forum. Myself, and my partner Heather are waiting for my 457 to be granted, and will hopefuly be landing in Perth with our baby boy Alex in July/August. Can anyone give us any advice? We are 110% sure this is the right thing to do, and just want someone to back this up. Thanks, Stuart.
  6. Dear If you are 18th March 2011 mail receiver then according to DIAC you will get a CO within 20 Days ( Last date 18 th June 2011) . And I am still waiting for CO What about you ?
  7. atlime

    AQF111 do they count July??

    Is there any point now? Just started my aQF111 with asa but will it even count come July ? Or would I still need it if I was to get an employer to sponsor me?
  8. hi all, i applied for my onshore partner visa back in sept. still no word btw! in the mean time i thought that i should try to get more evidence for our paper trail isn't great- we live with his parents and dont pay any of the bills. my partner has reacently bought a investment property, i couldnt go on the morgage because i dont have an income so it's in his name. I was wondering, if we put the bills (council, strata etc) in our joint account could i use it for evidence? or would immigration disregard it because the property is souly his? any help would be great
  9. Hi everyone, I am doing a 4 yr BSc in midwifery and started my paid internship on 20th Dec. I was just wondering if anybody knows whether this will count towards my 12 out of 24 mths work experience? I don't actually qualify until Sept, get my Irish registration mid-Oct and by the time I get Australian registration it will be at least Jan 2012 and over a year. It will make a difference as to which visa I can apply for. thanks Anne
  10. RockDr

    does this count as "study"?

    I currently work full time on a 457 visa. Got a DSLR camera for Christmas, and was thinking of doing an evening photography class to learn how to use it. The course I was thinking of doing doesn't give you any qualifications/credits, but would it still count as "study"? So would I be in breach of my visa conditions if I did it?
  11. Hi Everyone We have been in Australia for 6 months now and me and my fiancée are both VERY homesick BUT we always said we would give it at least a year so we are doing. We have 2 friends coming for a holiday in November for 3 weeks which we CANT WAIT for and my mum, dad, brother and my fiancée’s sister coming in March for 3 weeks so obviously we want to stay anyway and then in April next year (2011) we would have been here a year and if we still want to go home which at the moment we think we most probably will then we have decided we are going to travel around the whoooooole of Australia in a camper van before we do go back just because we might as well now that we are here and also the fact that we have no commitments like kids! I am an electrician so it was a right pain emigrating having to do vetassess and all my gap training once I got here to gain my A grade licence but at least we tried it and we won’t be looking back thinking we wish we had tried it because now we actually have. Since being here my fiancée has been studying at college for a Certificate in Beauty Therapy and Nail Technology (Gel and Acrylic nails) and in her Beauty course she is covering Waxing, Make-up, Nails, eyelash and eyebrow tinting etc also she is doing an extra course at the end in spray tanning and she LOVES it. We just want to find out if the qualification she gains here in beauty still applies in England and could she literally apply for jobs straight away when we arrive back to England or even set her own business up or does she need to do extra study at home? Does anyone know the answer to this or know a website for finding out this information? Regards Andy :biggrin:
  12. Hi all, Quick question, I did a 3 year apprenticeship as a joiner, Ive been fully qualified now for only 1 year, can I use the time when I was an a apprentice as 3 years work experience, or can you only claim 3 years work experience from when your qualifed? Thanks Dan
  13. family S

    Tasmanian SMP count down!!

    This morning I got this mail from Tasmania: Dear Sir/Madam Tasmania’s SMP will be launched within the next 10 days, so please check our website regularly for new assessment requirements. Application form was available on the website during the suspension period, because we only suspended offshore applications and have been accepting onshore applications. Regards, So who counts with me? 10..... :jiggy:
  14. electrical guy

    final count down for capped and ceased

    here is a sign of some movements this is what i read on comlaw page recently Migration Regulations 1994 - Determination under paragraphs 134.228(b), 136.231(b), 137.230(b), 138.233(b) and 139.234(b) of Schedule 2 - Maximum Number of Certain Skilled Visas That May Be Granted In The 2009-10 Financial Year - June 2010 Legislative Instrument - F2010L01599 Number: IMMI 10/023 Brief Description: This Determination provides the maximum number of visas that may be granted in the financial year 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2010 for applicants for Skilled - Independent (Migrant) (Class BN) and Skilled - Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ). Classification: Determination Date Registered:06/24/2010 Date of Making:06/23/2010 Tabled HR:09/28/2010 Tabled Senate:09/28/2010 Administering Department:DIA
  15. ............Pre september 2007 Applicants Please........ Guys, I know this thread was there long time back. And it has been there on many forums too. Let us begin to count it again ...So that we can come closer to each other and try to make a group before the disaster struck all the Pre September applicants.... Here is the format in which it should be done guys.... Date of application: Nationality: Trade/profession: Visa type: CSL, MODL or SOL: Medicals submitted: Police check submitted: Date CO assigned: Date visa granted: Refund money : Yes/No
  16. Guest

    Ping-pong poms count

    I wanna go back!! How many people on here say that?? How many have gone back?? To oz i mean.........................?
  17. I often go through life wondering what I can do to make life a bit better, not only for myself but also other people. I am often accused of navel gazing and being up my own botty, and some of the time this is true. But after having been to a funeral yesterday, and my mates dad being told that he has six weeks to live from lung cancer, and my mum getting over an operation, though minor it has knocked her for six, and my old man being told he will be in a wheel chair within three years, I got to thinking about how the tiniest of things we can do can make a huge difference: 1. Give Blood. Only 7% (withstanding health issues) of eligible people in UK give blood. It takes no more than a phone call and 45 minutes of your time down the local hall. Even get biscuits and a drink after. The nurse that took mine the other day was GORGEOUS.:wink: 2. If we ALL gave a quid to Help For Heroes one week they would be better off by between 45 - 60 million quid over night. Same goes for many other charities, Make A Wish Foundation, etc. 3. If we all voted in a general election then the results may have been different. ON average 18 million people who are/were eligible to vote haven't done so over the past twenty years. Thats not a figure spread out, it is 18 million people EACH time there is a general election. I know that some people say what's the point, their all the same, but how do we know things may NOT be different if we all used our democratic right to vote. 4. Same goes for local/council elections. The figure for this is even worse. On average only 35% of eligible voters turn out year upon year. It's OUR community, we should have a say in its running. 5. Donor cards. I know some people have religious beliefs and many have medical issues that mean they cannot donate BUT. As it stands only 28% of eligible UK citizens are on the UK donor list. One donor can help save nine lives. As I said a lot of people because of belief etc, do not want to donate and I understand this, but that figure is still very low. The system is in for radical change soon so it may become an 'opt out' registry. There my top five. Like I said, tiny things that in the grand scheme of things will only take a matter of minutes to complete. They will NOT radically change our lives, OK, the voting issues are a little different, but at the end of the day the things I have listed would make little or no difference to us in our day to day lives. I know this comes across as preaching, if I have caused offence I apologise, but still worth thinking about anyway. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  18. Years ago I did a joint degree in Accounting and Modern History (Joint degree Bsc/BA). I have started to consider using it for migrating. I studied for 3 years and the history part was therefore for 1.5 years. I did study history at the highest level possible in the degree with a dissertation but Im thinking that 1.5 years study is effectively a Diploma and I couldnt migrate as "historian" in the skilled program because I havent got 3 years history study. I have emailed Vetassess about it but heard nothing back. Does anyone have an idea of whether I could say I was a trained historian?
  19. To all memebers, who r in CAT 4 and applied 885 ICT- recent grad. We should come togethar and try to do something we can. share ur information here. thanx CAT (4), 885 applied 2008 AUG (1st week) , ICT - Recent graduate NEC, IELTS 7.5, No CO
  20. Guest

    2 weeks to go, on count down

    hi all, we have 2weeks left in the uk, flights booked for 26th, :biggrin: melbourne here we come Shippers booked 19th. Im packing like mad, finding it very hard, becuase we are not taking our whole house contents with us, still a fair bit though, ive put my oldist son in with the other 2 so am using his room to put all that we are taking, getting very confused, trying to make sure we havnt forgot anything, One minute i think am on track and organized the next minute, i cant beleave how full the house still looks, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.:arghh: We are renting our house out, tenants move in on the 24th, so dealing with that side of things too. We have all kids schools files sorted, told doctors and dentists, but havnt got notes, dont think they are nessesary, (so ive heard, hope im right). I think the hardest thing is that within 1 month of landing we have to pick an area and schools, never been before, narrowed it down to 3 areas at the minute, Berwick, Mornington, or Emerald, 3 different typs of areas, so hopefully we will just now when we see all three. Anyway i could type a book on all the different feelings and concerns im having but dont want to bore you all:confused: Cheers all Tracey xxxxxx
  21. It's only about a month left before the CSL list is revoked. As new GSM apps have been suspended, there's a general expectation DIAC is currently working hard to process as much of the pending CSL queue as they could until July 1st. In this light I thought it might be interesting to get a rough figure of how many CSL applicants out there still waiting for their visas. I know the timeline websites could give an idea on that, but some people are reluctant to add or update their entries. So please reply to this thread if your on the same boat as I am. Maybe, provide brief details of where you are now. I'll be updating this post with the numbers. Thank you! To start, I'm Drifter :biggrin: and my ASPC timeline is: VE 175 (2231-79 C++/C#) applied online on 20.01.2010, CO since Feb'10, Meds/PC/spouse IELTS requested, provided and finalized in Mar'10. EDITED: 26 CSL applicants reported themselves by the time of this edit.
  22. Hiya I originally arrived in Oz on a working holiday visa. Then my employer went on to sponsor me for a 457 visa. I am now thinking of applying for a 175 PR visa but was wondering if the time spent working on my working holiday visa will count towards my australian work experience points? Many thanks in advance!
  23. pommysteve

    Can Hol Visa count toward PR Total?

    Here's a good one..? As I understand it you need to live in Aus for a total of 2 years within the 5 year validity of your 175 PR VISA to be able to get a RRV visa? Will I be able to count the 3 months I spent there on a holiday (ETA) towards that 2 year total even though it was before I applied for a 175 PR Visa? I doubt it but It's worth knowing the answers to these things, eh? Thanks, Steve.
  24. Guest

    bad credit does it count in oz?

    I wanted to know if you have bad credit in the UK whether it will stop you from getting credit in Australia. :eek: really worried does anyone know? :hug:
  25. Has anybody been in the navy and found that their time served equated to the qualifications/experience required for TRA. My hubby left Navy as a qualified Mechanical Marine Engineer in 93. ALthough they didnt issue qualifications back then. We have a letter saying that they would equate to NVQ level 4 I think. Just wondering if this would be enough along with 10 years work experience - to apply for Permenent via the ENS Employer nominated Scheme - rather than wait the 2years (10 months remaining!!) If TRA could be satisfied rather than waiting to carry out the full years working here in OZ then we could apply for PR via the ENS as soon as possible. Does this make any sense!!!!:nah: