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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am new to the community. just had a question in mind. I have seen some partner visa 309/100 cases refused on the basis that they haven't spent enough time together. how much of time would be considered as enough time for that. I have spent 2 week with my wife in Malaysia and than another two in Pakistan after our marriage.
  2. Red Hand

    how are CO's assigned??

    Any of the amazingly knowledgeable people on this forum know how CO's are assigned to 189 visa candidates? Is there any ranking profile based on EOI points or occupation or just done at random?? Curious to hear what people think or know? Thank you!!
  3. Forty years since Glam appeared??? What was the first glam single? Ride A White Swan? I've got more Sweet, then T Rex singles than Slade, then Mud. (am I allowed to mention G*** G******?)
  4. Hi Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times, but why are medicals referred? Mine has been, but OH has been finalised. Neither of us have any illnesses, but as a nurse I had to have hep B and c blood tests, so wondering if nurses routinely have medicals referred? I know results are okay as medical centre said they would contact us by last friday if any blood tests were positive (not sure why I spent friday panicking the phone would ring!) Any help thanks, am currently on night shift which means I get a chance to check on line a lot overnight, which is baaad for my health! :wideeyed: Gill x
  5. My 457 has taken longer than it says on the DIAC website!!! I've emailed my CO just enquiring about whether she needs any further info etc and she won't reply... My employers have heard nothing and she won't reply to them either. What am I supposed to do now? :unsure:
  6. Hi everyone! i'm new to PIO tho have been checking out forum for a while been particularly interested in Kellyjamie posts re 'telling the ex' as this is my situation now but a little bit further on....... i'm feeling really stressed about the whole thing and was hoping someone who has been thru the whole process could give some advice or tell me what to expect! i told my ex at the beginning of year about our plans, he told me verbally and via text message (saved thankfully) that he wouldnt stop us going and that he would give his permission as he thinks its a better life for them etc - SO FAR SO GOOD! however i got a letter from his solicitor recently saying that he wanted to increase his access and that i was restricting access(never have)and also they want more details about our proposed plans to move.... so that was a little shock as he sees them for eight hours every three weeks (he suggests dates not me) and i've never left them with him alone - not because i'm super controlling but because i worry about them in his care! they were eight months when we split (they're twins- nearly 3) and he is an admitted alcoholic, at the time of our split said he was sucidial and if he committed suicde it would be all my fault, (said this many times and was obviously depressed) and that he thought he might be bi-polar!!!! i'm probably totally parinoid but i couldnt bring myself to leave thm in his care... instead i meet up with him whenever he suggests and go out for the day to zoo etc (even though our split wasnt amciable at all as he cheated on me several times) i just found out today that he is 'opposing' my court order c100 for leave to remove from jurisdiction. i know i should have been expecting it but because he intialy said he was going to give permission i allowed myself to hope....just a little.... we've got our first directions hearing next month and i'm just so stressed and dont know what to expect..... i've already done statement for 'leave to remove' thats been approved by my solicitor with info on where we want to live etc etc.... can anyone tell me what to expect at the first directions meeting....what happens next...should i take my solicitor with me....or represent myself at this stage...... we had a solictor bill today and it was for nearly a thousand pounds - i dont even feel like i've asked them to do anything yet! aaaarrrrggghhh! i feel like we're going to run out of money before we've even started! my husband is having to work away during the wk (electrician and theres no work near where we live) and i'm just stressing by myself on top of that i worry about what this stress might be doing to my baby (5&1/2 months pregnant) like my title says ....'you know it must be bad when your two year old starts crying cos mummys crying' any advice from anyone whos been through this before please?
  7. It *appears* that recent 175s on the CSL are now being assigned COs. These two people on 175 on the CSL that applied only in Nov 08, have now got Case Officers! British Expats - View Single Post - Current Processing Times (continued) and British Expats - View Single Post - Current Processing Times (continued) D
  8. Hi folks, Whilst we haven't got our visa as yet, we very aware that when we do get it, we might have to go and validate it because the house will not sell. I was wondering how many other people are thinking the same and how they feel about it? For family of 4 we reckon it going to cost our about £5 or £6k for a 2 to 3 week holiday out there. Would it be better to knock this money off your house price to just get out there, or would it be best to hold out until you get the right price. Its so difficult and very frustrating. Be interesting to read other peoples views. Thanks, Mandifam
  9. Guest

    Shipping Co.s Perth to UK

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any shipping companies to use or to avoid for the return journey, Perth back to Scotland ? So far I have had a quote from Crown which is $11000 for a sole use 20ft container insurance TBA but have seen a quote for the same but Brisbane to Lancashire for less and that is also with Crown. Thanks for your help, from a very confused soul
  10. We are seriously thinking about renting out our house so we can get to Aus. The house has been on the market for 4 months and no joy and we just want to go!! Very nervous about renting the house out though and not having the cash behind us from the sale of the house. Has anyone been through this or considering renting out your home? Thanks Angelcake
  11. Latest news from ASPC ... as at 17.03.07 News Medical examinations - please note that medical forms can now be accessed from the Department's website for all General Skilled Migration applications. Information on health requirements and the necessary forms can be accessed at http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-req...ments/index.htm Further information for offshore applicants has been added below regarding health and character checking. Acknowledgment of Applications The ASPC is current experiencing some delays in receipting and acknowledging applications and regrets the inconvenience this may be causing applicants and their representatives. Please note that these delays do not affect the date on which a valid application is recorded as having been received and this is the date used for processing purposes. As of 9 March 2007 the ASPC is receipting offshore applications received on 12 February 2007 and onshore applications received on 8 February 2007. Processing and Allocation Information - As of 13 March 2007 Processing of an application will usually commence within seven (7) working days of its receipt by the department. This means that an application is receipted, acknowledged and a file number is allocated. Once this has occurred a case officer is appointed to assess each application as soon as possible, however, the ASPC receives a large number of applications and you will not be contacted immediately. Applications lodged on or before the dates shown below have been allocated to case officers for further processing. ONSHORE APPLICATIONS Student/Graduate Paper based applications: 16 October 2006 (subclass 880), 01 September 2006 (subclass 881) and 01 September 2006 (subclass 882) E-lodged (online) applications: 22 October 2006 (subclass 880) and 11 September 2006 (subclass 881) and 11 September 2006 (subclass 882) Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR VISA) Paper based applications: 1 November 2006 E-lodged (online) applications: 15 December 2006 OFFSHORE APPLICATIONS Applications for Classes BN, BQ, BR and UZ (subclasses 134, 136, 137, 138, 139 and 496) Priority Applications: 23 June 2006 Non-Priority Applications: 07 June 2006 Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) (SIR VISA) Paper based applications: 30 August 2006 E-lodged (online) applications: 01 February 2007 Notes Onshore: means that the visa being applied for can be granted while the applicant is in Australia. e-lodged: applications lodged online have quicker processing times. See: Online Services - General Skilled Migration SIR visas: All applicants for a Skilled - Independent Regional [sIR] visa receive priority processing. Offshore: means that the visa being applied for can only be granted when the applicant is outside of Australia. If a visa application was made more than two weeks before the relevant date shown above and you have not been contacted by a case officer please contact the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre from the web page http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/visa-enqui...ofessionals.htm Applications eligible for priority processing 1. Applicants whose nominated occupation is on the Migration occupations in Demand List (MODL) 2. For applicants whose nominated occupation is not on the MODL, applications for any of the following visas are given priority: a ) Skill Matching (Migrant) (Class BR) - Subclass 134 - Skill Matching b ) Skilled - Independent (Migrant) (Class BN) – Subclass 137 - Skilled - State/Territory-nominated Independent c ) Skilled - Australian-sponsored (Migrant) (Class BQ) - Subclass 139 - Skilled - Designated Area Sponsored d ) Skilled - Independent Regional (Provisional) (Class UX ) - Subclass 495 - Skilled - Independent Regional (Provisional) e ) Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) (Class UZ) - Subclass 496 -Skilled Designated Area-sponsored (Provisional) f ) Skilled New Zealand (Residence) visa class (Class DB) - Subclass 863 -Skilled - Onshore Regional-Sponsored New Zealand Citizen g ) Skilled Australian-sponsored Overseas Student (Residence) (Class DE) - Subclass 882 - Skilled Designated Area-sponsored Overseas Student Eligibility for priority processing does not mean that any processing requirements can be waived. Offshore Applicants can now initiate Health and Character Checks before being allocated a case officer The inclusion of health forms on the department's website means that applicants can reduce the time taken to finalise the application by commencing health and character checking before their application is allocated to a case officer, however, applicants and migration agents hould be aware that: o Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with medical examinations and providing police clearances; o Health examinations and police clearances have limited validity periods, generally for a period of 12 months; o If clearances expire before the application is finalised they may be requested again, and must be provided at the applicant’s cost; o The ASPC may need to undertake other checking in respect of the application that can delay a decision; and o Undertaking health examinations and providing police clearances does not guarantee an application will be successful. Applicants and Agents can monitor which applications are currently being allocated for assessing through this e-mail service before deciding when to undertake health and character procedures. If you decide to undertake these checks before being allocated a case officer it is suggested that these checks be initiated when allocation dates are within three months of your date of lodgement. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT: Applicants are not obliged to undertake these checks now and may wait until receiving a further request from the department. If any applicant is pregnant - please contact this office for further advice before any person included in the application commences health or character checking. Non-migrating family members of applicants for aSIR visa should not undertake health and character checking unless specifically requested to do so. Medical Examinations Information on health checking requirements and medical forms can be obtained at http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-req...ments/index.htm Please pay careful attention to the information available on this page including Form 1071i detailing health requirements for permanent entry to Australia. Visa applicants in Australia must contact Health Services Australia (HSA) to arrange a health examination. Applicants outside of Australia must arrange their health examination with a panel doctor and/or radiologist nominated by the Australian government. A list of panel doctors and radiologists is at http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/panel-doctors/index.htm Please note that the panel doctor is required to send all medical results to the Local Clearance Unit in Australia and not give them to applicants or their representatives. Information about the Local Clearance Unit including their address is available at http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/australia/.../lcu-sydney.htm Before attending a health examination applicants need to: 1. Print off the required numbers of forms 26 and/or 160 to present to the panel doctor and radiologist; and 2. Complete the "Office use only" box to indicate the visa class applied for (eg subclass 136), the file reference number and / or the ICSE equest ID number on each form. Police Clearance Certificates Police Clearance Certificates are required, for each member of the applicant’s family unit aged 16 years or over, regardless of whether or not they are migrating. Clearances are required for each country the applicant has lived in for a cumulative total of 12 months or more in the last 10 years. Applicants should also provide an address history or any other relevant persons who need to satisfy the character requirements as part of this application. For information on obtaining police clearances please refer to the Form 47P Character Requirements available at http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/47p.pdf Finalising Applications Please note that the information provided above is not about the time it will take to process an application to completion. The time it is expected to take to process a General Skilled Migration visa application to completion is detailed in the department's service standards. Service standards are specified for applications lodged with complete documentation. Individual cases may take longer than the service standard depending on the completeness and complexity of the case. For further information on service standards see: service standards The most up to date info is also available by sending a BLANK e-mail to: aspc.processing@immi.gov.au.