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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys, Long story short. I moved to South Oz from Cornwall in 1992 at age 11 with my parents. My parents moved back in 2005 for work. I stayed - had a girlfriend (became my wife)/was @ uni, then I started a career......I had a very traumatic experience @ work in 2014 which destroyed my mental health, career and marriage, all no fault of my own; i've been heavily depressed and anxious for the better part of 2 years. I had a little boy with my wife (currently separated) who is 3. I have 1 Bachelor of Psychology degree, a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Marketing, so i've got a wide net for employment. Right now i'm self employed, making TV commercials, graphic design - all media stuff. I live alone now and can't see myself ever being happy again, BUT, when I think about my family (mum/dad/brother/niece/cousins/friends etc etc) and Cornwall I get a strong sense of connection/hope and love; something i've been lacking for a few years now. My choice, which feels like Sophie's choice is this: 1. Stay in Oz for my son. I will have a relationship with my son but everything else will be pretty grim, especially when my wife moves onto the next guy, and i'm around to see my son living with him. 2. Move back to Cornwall and have a big family again, start afresh etc. Try and find a way of keeping my son in my life - Skype, holidays etc. So the choice is either to remain in Oz completely unhappy with the exception of my son, or move home to Cornwall where I have a sense of identity, family, a sense of community and belonging - something Australia doesn't really have. I guess i'm putting this down on virtual paper because I want to see what other's think of this - all opinions are fine. Please don't kick me while i'm down. If you knew the traumatic event that started everything you'd understand. I'm not one of those dads who wants to leave his son. I don't at all, but I also don't want to die alone in a country that isn't 'home', and continue being miserable. I've been trying to get better for 2 years now but the only light I can ever see at the end of the tunnel is Cornwall. Anybody had a similar experience?
  2. I havnt met anyone from the southwest of England yet! Hardly anyone over here knows where cornwall is lol:shocked:
  3. Personally I see a pigeon having a poo. The photograph of the circular object has now been unveiled at the Cornwall UFO Research Group (CUFORG), which was founded by Dave Gillham in 1995. He said: 'The person who took the photo never saw anything in the area while taking the photo. 'It was only when he got home and downloaded it onto his computer that he saw an object - a disc shaped craft, hovering just above the sea. 'There appear to be two trails of water beneath the object which looks as though they are falling from it in to the sea. 'It could be that the object has just emerged from the sea.' Mr Gillham could not shed any further light on the origins of the object, which has left many scratching their heads for an explanation. Other observers have a more straight forward answer - it is merely a seagull doing to the loo mid-flight. A spokesman for the Royal Navy air base at nearby Culdrose confirmed that no military aircraft were in the area at the time. He said: 'Culdrose did not have any aircraft airborne after 5pm on Monday August 1 so any helicopter in the St Austell area was not one of ours. 'As the airfield was closed until approximately 19.00 when the SAR was scrambled to an incident at Newquay the radar was not manned between 17.00 and 19.00. 'It is always possible of course that a civilian helicopter could have been in the vicinity of St Austell around 17.14.'
  4. Englishlover

    Nice places in Devon and Cornwall

    Hi, Last time I asked you for the suggestion about the places that I will go with my boyfriend in England in September. Now, we have chosen Devon and Cornwall. We have 12 days to travel. Do you have any ideas about the places that are a must? Which place that is good for the man to propose his girlfriend?:biglaugh: I heard about the town called Torquay, but I am not sure if it is too far from Devon by car. Thank you
  5. I am 10 years old is anyone else moving from Cornwall to Australia? if so would very much like to talk to you, Thanks Luke:biggrin:
  6. Hi everyone For those Cornish or an interest I have started a group "Cornish in Australia" on this website PomsInOz Forum - The Cornish Group Anyone welcome to join, if you read the message you will see the gist on what I would like to see achieved by those participating. Maybe this idea could extend to others on Poms in Oz and that is helping those with no friends or family on arrival in Australia, {they then have a few of their kinfolk around them] Regards kernow43:daydreaming:maybe
  7. elfie

    New from Cornwall

    Hi Been looking at this site for ages and thought it was time to join. We're Gaz and Heather with three teenagers and have had our visa since April.:smile:
  8. Guest

    Back from sunny cornwall

    Hi everyone, we are back from sunny cornwall,travelling around in our vw camper, and what a fab time we have had, the weather has been fab the place is just so beautiful,will def miss that place when we finally go to Aus. Now the big clean up ,and sorting out the house, as the people buying it want to be in it in a months time.........omg:wacko:. Have got pages of posts to look at also, gonna be a busy bee....thank the lord us ladies can multi-task!!!!!!!!!:biglaugh: Love to you all. Beckyx:jiggy: