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Found 24 results

  1. Hello everybody, sorry for the "catchy" title, but since there is lot of competition you go to sell the thing :biglaugh: Visiting this forum and others I have read a lot of things about people being scared of being bitten by a snake, some giant spider or even serve as a snack for a giant shark or a saltie when in Australia. Nevertheless, whereas these kind of events are highly advertized in the media, we know that the probability of being the victim of these type of accident is very low. In the meantime, we tend to ignore other types of dangers, although they represent a higher risk. I think we are all subject to the same "field of distorstion" in our perceptions: we tend to ignore or underestimate the dangers represented by things we are familiar and to exaggerate the risks of whatever is unknown, or unfamiliar to us. Australia is known to be by far (along with New Zealand) the country most affected by skin cancer. This particularity is the product of a particular combination of factors: a fair-skinned population of british ascendance, a lower distance from the sun in the southern hemisphere vs northern hemisphere, the proximity with Antartica and its depleted ozone layer and the relatively low air pollution vs similar countries in the northern hemisphere. In fact, UV index reaches "extremes" values during most part of spring and summer in almost every part in Australia (see: ARPANSA - UV Index Data ) According to a recent report (http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/can/56/12138.pdf ), the incidence of melanoma and other types of skin cancer has augmented since 1998, although this fact can be partly attributed to better screening and life expectancy. I personally am fair-skinned, with lots of moles and I get screened each year for skin cancer (in switzerland, for some unexplained reasons, we have the highest rate of skin cancer incidence in Europe, along with Norway). So for me, this is one major concern about coming to live in Australia. So I would be interested to know how people like me do cope with this potential danger ? Do you take particular precautions to minimize the risks ? As for myself for instance, whereas I love to swim, I could not imagine to come to the beach between 10 am and 5 pm during the summer months when in Australia. Cheers, Cedric
  2. Hi I submitted my 309 application in person yesterday and was told there would be a 5-6 month processing time which I had already prepared myself for :arghh: My partner remains in Aus and is unable to come to the UK and I had to leave Aus (family reasons back in England) and so basically we are apart and missing each other terribly. We are facing the next 5-6 months apart and wondered how people cope with the wait for immigration to process the application? And coping with being apart from so long? Skype just isn't the same! Also is there a way of tracking the application? I looked on the immi website and could only find tracking for applications lodged online. Do we really have to sit and wait until we hear from the CO.....it's painful!!! Thanks!
  3. I stayed up most of Saturday night with my friend Bill and then felt stuffed most of Sunday. And then I did it again Sunday night because I wanted to watch Spurs play away to Blackburn Rovers. Now, I feel stuffed again, almost like being jet-lagged! In fact I remember a friend in England once saying he asked his wife, after she'd done a long flight with him, how she felt? 'Now you know how I feel after a week of nights when you want me to get up and come shopping.'
  4. whichway

    Losing it!

    I think there should be an area on the forum for people who are losing it a wee bit.sigh... bla bla bla bla x x x
  5. As we all know the migration process to Australia is often paved with hurdles and obstacles, many a time it feels as if it is a never ending cycle of up's and down's, but the one thing we have in common is that one day all the hassle and aggravation will be worth it because we will soon enough be in a country that we 'think' may offer us a better, different, samey, life, BUT. What happens when we arrive there and we decide it isn't for us, maybe this is feeling that is there within a week, maybe it takes a lot longer, but in all honesty at times we decide that Australia isn't for us and a return to Blighty is not only needed, but also drives our very existence. If this happens what do you do, or rather, interact on a daily basis with life in general and those around you? I'm NOT talking of the reasons WHY you want to return, but the much more important issue of HOW you cope in the interim between living in Australia and the long awaited return. Do you hide under the dooner for as long as you can all day and ignore you are living in Australia, do you decide to get on with it until the date in question. But maybe even more importantly, how do you find yourself reacting to everyday scenarios, do you tell each and every Aussie that you meet that you don't like it and can't wait top get back, do you vent your frustration on PIO and then pretend that nothing is wrong when you 'enter' Australian society? If an Aussie asks how you are doing do you tell them the truth, or grin and bear it? Do you in fact let your feelings (strong/weak) show to the everyday Aussie. In short, do you let your true opinions show, and bugger what others think? Most of us know that the Aussies have a great sense of pride in their country, so do you take this into account and temper your feelings toward the people and the country or do you come out and say exactly what you think to work colleagues, etc. Just interesting that the frustration at times at having to wait for a return to the UK would I imagine boil over and surface when you least expect it, and if this happens how do the Aussies react to you? This is a serious thread, no back biting please. As I said, it's aimed at those who have decided to come 'home' and how they interacted with Australian society in general is all, you never know it may help one or two out there.:wink: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  6. I'm sure that many had to cope/are coping with being away from their lovely kids and I'm wondering how you cope. This coming weekend will be the first one (guess it will be for months) ever for me in the last 5 years (yep, she is 5) and the pain and sadness are new to me. They say 'what does not kill ye makes ye stronger' but I guess its easy said than done. Cheers Biker
  7. Hi everyone. I've been offered a job in Sydney as a senior draughtsman, my visa has been granted and the company are awaiting a confirmed start date from myself. The problem I'm having is committing to a start date. I've organised everything at my end but I seem to have hit a pyschological barrier. For some reason I can't bring myself to send the e-mail confirming when I want my flight to be booked? I believe this is down to nerves and fears of going into the unknown. I'm 34 years old and I've never travelled alone in my life - certainly not to Sydney anyway! I'm in an ideal position whereby I have no partner, no kids, no debt and no house to sell. I really want to give this opportunity a go but I can't stop feeling nervous about it. I'm worried that the longer I leave it, the more likely it is that the company will feel frustrated and give up on me. How do you reassure yourself that everything will be ok and an opportunity like this is the best thing for you? Thanks.
  8. Guest

    How do you cope with Christmas ?

    Its nearly that time of year again, the overpriced biscuits and sweets are starting to appear in the supermarket. For those of us, returning home, in the near future its a hard time of year. Being away from everything I used to love about Christmas in the UK. Dark nights, fairy lights, The Round Table santa coming around the streets.Great pressies in the shops and fantastic Boxing Day sales. The food,Turkey & Ham that hasent been smoked to death,Prawns that dont require a second mortgage to buy But mainly its the loneliness, we probably bring it on ourselves, because we just want to shut the door and hide away, and forget its Christmas. How does everyone cope, with missing a UK Christmas???? Im just glad its the last one for us:confused:Well I hope it is
  9. Guest

    How do dogs cope with quarantine?

    Hello We're researching taking our much loved miniature schnauzer to Sydney. Has anyone already taken their dog and how did they cope with quarantine? Our gut feeling is to visit her as much as possible but we don't want to increase her stress. Does it make it easier for harder for them if you visit? Is there anything we can do to make the process smoother for her? Thanks.
  10. Guest

    How do we cope?

    I have not been on this site for a while but, I was just wondering how people cope with sad news when you are in Oz. We are due to move to Australia next year but. very recently our lifes have been turned upside down. Does it make you think about who you have left back in the UK? Our beautiful niece was killed in car crash on Sunday. She was just 20 years old.
  11. hahaha i only have my bedroom and bits and bobs to move over, plan was to taje over what i want now, then when have a bit more money when i come back for a hol to uk next year to ship the rest of my stuff over. However there are clothes and books that i really want to take with me now, but theres too much for plane so am going to have to send some in parcels by post. ahhhrrrrr i can not decide what things to take on the plane and what things to send via post. do i send a few huge heavy garments by post(dungaress, jeans etc etc ) sorry i know it's petty just i really love osme of my books and few garments of clothing and that i have accumulated over the years and am so worried that they will get lost in the post or go missing when go on plane!!!!!!! ahhhrrrr :arghh::biglaugh: anyone advice or reasurrance?
  12. We have been in Perth 6 months now and during that time i have had intense moments of anguish re missing friends and family. However I now wonder how anyone could go back. Isn't life here infinitely better? Maybe that's just me 'cos I hate the UK grey so much. That grey alone is enough to keep me here. It's like I spent 37 years of my life in black and white and now I live in colour:cute:
  13. Guest

    How to cope with the humidity

    Hi there. Just wondering how you all cope with the humidity in Qld, been here 10 months now and thought I was on the way to being acclimatised, but how wrong was I, Its been so humid and I feel I am not coping at all with it, been sitting here tonight with air con on for 4 hours and its lovely but as soon as its switched off its to bloody hot again :arghh: is it just me or does it effect you all. Christine
  14. Hi All!! My partner and I are due to move to Brisbane this coming December but I am extremely worried for my partner and how well she will cope out there. She has the worst phobia of Spiders I have ever come across and I know what type of spiders there are in Australia and although she says she is not going to let a phobia ruin her chances of starting a new life in the Sun, I am deeply concerned for her:unsure: When I say she has a really bad case of it, anyone knows how harmless the spiders are in the UK, but if she comes across one, heck she panics!! she can't even get close enough to put a pint glass over it until I get home in fear that she will miss and it might get on her And although she should not kill spiders, she couldn't anyway! Everytime she goes to swat a spider with a magazine, she freezes up, says she can't do it because if she misses, it will fall on the ground and run away and then she won't know where it is:swoon: Best thing that works for her is out of sight - out of mind! Can anyone advise as to how frequent you see Spiders there, especially the Huntsmen spider? I fear she might actually have a heartattack if she sees one!!
  15. Well the day started well. Then my gran called she was quite down on the phone. She is convinced she is neve going to see me again. Got off the blower and bawled my eyes out. Its so hard I know its going to be a good few years before I can even consider a trip back here, even then with 6 of us its unlikely. My mum doesnt want us to go. My gran hasbeen hugely supportive but her call tore me to pieces. We have cancelled the planned farewell party cos I know i couldnt deal with it. My family are all up north so most wouldnt have been able to make it anyway. Its unlikely that I will be able to get up there either as dh is working right up until we go. Another 2 months like this and I will crack up
  16. Que Sera Sera

    How do you cope with the waiting???

    Its only two weeks since we submitted the TRA and I am on tenterhooks, how on earth do you all cope with months and months of visa waiting. I think I am going to end up in the looney bin a long time before I manage to get to Aus!:wacko::goofy:
  17. Guest

    How will i cope

    Hi Guys, how am i going to cope........if you don't already know i will be busy Saturday all day and night because its our "leaving party". And i will be wrecked all day Sunday........ so whats the problem i hear you ask...............Well, i want be on PIO for TWO DAYS, how will i cope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Karen on Sa turday (I wish) and Karen on SundayLOL
  18. Hi This is for all of you lucky people already in Oz. How do you cope when you have family visit you for a long stay , and they stay with you? I'm particularly wondering about in laws. My MIL is on her own and will come for 2-3 months at a time. Because she will be on her own, I can't very well rent somewhere and stick her in it on her own. I do like her, but the thought of 2-3 months at a time makes me feel ill and stressed out. It is ages away for us yet, but this is the one thing I am constantly worrying about. I know I probably sound like a cow, but I don't like the feeling of being 'invaded'. Advice please!!!!! Karen X
  19. My parents have been over today to look after my daughter due to the teachers strike. Although we have discussed our desire to move to Oz with them before we had not discussed anything concrete. My mum was pretty harsh when I first told her- I was the most selfish daughter ever etc. Then we decided to keep our progress quiet and they seemed to assume we had changed our minds. Anyway, I decided that as we have our visas now and are looking for jobs, they needed to know. I was expecting a load of abuse, which now I almost wish I had got instead. I told them then started to cry, then my mum started to cry and said it was okay, she didn't blame me and could understand why we wanted to go. Then I had to go to work and had a really stressful day. Then to top it all off, when it was time for my parents to go home my 6 year old clung to Nanny's leg sobbing for her not to go, she would miss her too much - they are only 45 mins away and we will be seeing them next week! How the heck am I going to cope with the guilt of taking my mother's grandchildren away? I feel like a complete s**t. Really sorry about the depressing rant, I thought it might make me feel better to write it down but actually it doesn't...:sad:.:cry:
  20. Hi can anyone give us any idea on the best way to cope with the housing situation when we first arrive in Oz? Our plan at the moment is to send our stuff from the UK about 6-8weeks before we leave, then its waiting for us when we land. (I would rather "camp" here without my stuff, so we can beg, steal and borrow from the rellies than struggle over there on our own). My question is this - is the best thing to rent a furnished let for, say, 2 weeks while we check out areas for our longer term rental or would you suggest a hotel or similar for just a week and make the rental our top priority when landing? I know our stuff might be there waiting but I want a comfortable base for at least a few nights when we first land. Obviously with 3 kids in tow, I want to make the process as calm and stress-free as possible, so any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Family staying - how to cope

    Hello all Been living here for 18 months and loving it. Just looking for advice (or perhaps just a sound off)... I have my inlaws staying for a month. They have never travelled further than the med before (well once to Orlando), and it's their first time in Aus. They are being really passive and negative. We have had to book everything and give them a plan for every day so they don't just sit in our house. I won't go on with the 'examples', but just to say our 'nicer' restaurants are called foreign muck and our weather is rubbish - one minute too hot then too cold, our supermarkets are cr*p, and our trains are too crowded (ok they may have a point there)!! Stuck between a rock and hard place as I can't say too much to the other half (although given what he has said so far he is very frustrated) and I want to try and enjoy them being here as we haven't seen them for ages. Any tips on not taking their negative comments personally and how to handle this without getting all wound up!! As at the moment I want to live at my office and never see them again. :arghh:
  22. Hi there, to all you pomz in oz, I am curious how you are coping with the heat? :wideeyed:
  23. Hi all This is a question for all of you who are lucky to be there already. How stressful was it saying goodbye to parents? Both my hubby's parents and my mum (she's been a widow for 17 years) are distraught. You'd think we were dying the way they are acting and I feel so selfish because I'm really not too bothered about leaving anyone. Of course I'll miss my Mum but it's kind of putting a dampner on this great big adventure my family are about to have. My husband leaves on Saturday:cry: and I'm going to be here for three months with my kids before I go. Now I'm getting to see how upset everyone is because he's going and I'm (them too) going to have to go through it all again in July:arghh: I dont know how I'll cope. I'm a bit apprehensive at having to fly on my own with two kids, plus ship the dog out before I go but I don't think my family are going to appreciate that, their world is going to end when I leave with the kids, or so you'd think. How did you cope with leaving family. Do you think I sound selfish?
  24. hello, my husband and i have been talking about moving to oz for years, he is a carpenter and really wants to go. i have spent the last 3 years making my mind up and finally said yes. our children are 9 and 6. my problem is that i do want to go for the same reasons as most,eg. better life for our children to grow in and more time together as a family as my husband works most hours of the day and night here and we dont spend hardly any time together. we live in essex and i cannot let our 9 year old out to play as it is just not safe. however i have a younger sister(only by 3 years) and we are so close we should have been twins. she is extrmely close to the kids and they treat her as a big sister and i dont know if i can leave her. we have filled in our forms but not sent them yet, my sister wont talk about oz but said i should do what i think is best for my family but i just dont think i can live that far away from her, it breaks my heart just thinking about it, what am i to do, she is my only reason to stay here,but there are so many reasons calling me in oz. please help :!: :roll: