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Found 28 results

  1. Curiosity

    Private Schools in Coomera

    Hello, I am helplessly looking for help for options on schools for my child. we are to migrate to QLD in March 2019. I have applied a few schools, including St.Stephens, AB Patersons, CAC. I have just got an offer from st.stephens which i will have to reply in a few days to lock the place While i am very happy with most of the reviews i could manage to find on internet, for those schools especially st.stephens , i have never been visited any of the schools. I would like to seek help from any of you who could throw in the experiences and ideas about those schools. Thank you all very much in advance.
  2. Guest

    coomera waters

    Flying to the gold coast on monday still cant decide where to live got a holiday rental for the first few weeks in surfers but after that we have moved away from the idea of pacific pines people saying its a giant housing site, has any body been to coomera waters any ideas whats it like there are there schools near by are they any gud etc, would you need a car to get around or are things in walking distance, any help pleaaassseeeee:chatterbox:
  3. Hi can anyone advise if the private schools in this area are all over subscribed. I have read many conflicting opinions but these go back 4-5 years, so was wondering what the current situation is like. Our children are in years prep , 4 and 9 as of the new school year jan 2012. They are not baptised into any faith. Many thanks
  4. Hi all, me and my family are moving to the GC next week believe it or not, just got visa's today. I came over for 6 weeks a couple of months ago and really liked Helensvale but there aren't many properties in my price bracket.....unfortunately. I am going to look again at Helensvale, Pac Pines, Oxenford and Upper Coomera. Any advise on the state schools, the crime in the area's, parks.....well anything really to help me decide where me, the wife and kids should settle (children are 7, 5 and 2). I will be working on Sanctuary Cove so don't really want to be too far away. Thanks, Ginger
  5. steve/helen

    upper coomera state college

    Has anyone got children in upper coomera state college?Are you happy with the school?Ive had a few negative comments about the school but these are from people who dont have children at the school,so i would be interested to hear any comments (good or bad)from people who do have children at this school .I will be moving to Riverstone crossing in Mausland later in the year and this school is in the catchment area.many thanks for any help Helen:wubclub:
  6. Hi all We are looking to move to Queensland mid February and to this end did a reccie back in September. One of the areas that we really liked was Upper Coomera between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, however I'm quite worried about how much of a flood prone area this is. Any advice from people in the area would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi All We are a family of 5 hoping to be in the Gold Coast by November. My OH has secured a job in Coomera so have been looking at schools around this area. I have narrowed it to 3 at the moment Coomera Anglican College, Saint Stephens and A B Paterson. I was just wondering if anyone had kids who go to these schools or who knows anything about them. All three schools have said that there is a good chance of places for my eldest two kids in Jan 2011 but that the youngest, who would be due to start Prep, would have to go on a wait list. This is not too much of a problem as he could attend a local primary until a place becomes available. My son, who is 11, is very academic. His only worry about moving is that his education doesn't suffer! Because he is born in August he will probably have to drop back a year to be with children his own age (he is currently in year 7 in the uk). I think that I would rather he did this than go into year 8 because he is not very tall and might find it a bit intimidating in a class with older kids. My daughter is very into her music/drama/dancing and so I would like the school to have a good performing arts program. Any help with info on any of these schools, good or bad, would be gratefully received. Many thanks Emma
  8. vinnypot

    upper coomera

    can anyone tell me what upper coomera is like or any area near to this;thinking of moving from cleveland upto the gold coast ,we have only been here 8 weeks and although its a really nice there doesnt seem a lot going on,
  9. hi there does anyone know anything about assissi catholic college or saint stephens college in upper coomera. We are looking for our daughter for either now (YR 7) or year 8. there is a big difference in cost and the catholic school is cheaper ( liking that one already lol!!!) and just wondered if anyone had children in either, its nice to hear first hand what they are like. This whole public and private schooling gives me a headache !! thanks
  10. Guest

    What's Coomera like?

    We are moving to the GC next year and are still sussing areas out to live. As I have said in a previous post that we liked Helensvale but nothing coming up in our price range at the mo. I have noticed that the houses on realestate.com are slightly cheaper. Is there a reason why? We didn't get a chance to look there in October (wished we had of done now) I know it is the back of Dreamworld, does that make a difference with all the traffic going there etc. We looked at Upper Coomera but nothing stood out for us there. Thanks.
  11. Guest

    Upper Coomera Gold Coast.

    Just wondered how many brits do live in and around this area? The reason for the question is simple. We have lived on the Gold Coast now for seven years since moving over, been through almost everything that most people have when you get here . The one thing we did say was that we wanted to try and intergrate as much as we could with the Aussies, which we have we have some great Aussie mates and also lots of people we have met here from the uk. Now last year we bought a block of land on a new development at upper coomera called Stonecreek, it is on the road which goes upto Tamborine Mountain. so this estate is not as close to all the usual upper coomera developments, and all the blocks are much bigger and there is alot of open space. Anyway i called in the other day to have a chat to the sales guy up there and found out that most of the blocks have sold out in the fist release, and out of almost 40 sales 10 blocks have been sold to us poms and a few other foreign nationals. We thought this was amazing, but then im not supprised as we feel this will be a great place to live, and anyone who goes up there will soon see how it differs from all the other etates in that area,and maybe that is why there are so many poms going in there to look and buy because we no when something is good So if you are reading this and you happen to be one who has bought in there give us a call. P.s Hopefully our house will be ready by september, we have chosen to build with Metricon.
  12. Hi, We have just moved to the Gold Coast 2 weeks ago. Arrived in Sydney from UK a couple of months ago but decided on the Gold Coast. Any one keen to meet up for a play date we have 2 daughters 2.5 and 4? Feeeling a bit lonely and would love to meet some people. We are going to be at Genesis near Coomera Waters within the next week or so but happy to travel. Cat
  13. kathnDave

    House for Sale in Coomera Springs

    I am selling our family home on Coomera Springs, Gold Coast - As new 3 bedrooms plus study/4th bedroom, galley kitchen ensuite to master, air con, outdoor entertaining area with timber deck, large garden - can be viewed on real estate.com.au property ID number 106137379. Anyone interested please feel free to get in touch. Kath :biglaugh:
  14. kathnDave

    living in coomera springs

    Hi to all, my name is Kath and my husband is Dave and we moved to aus 8 weeks ago. We have now bought house in coomera springs on the gold coast and we are loving it here. Dave has been working for about 4 weeks now and I hope to look for work in the next few weeks or so. Still waiting for our belongings from UK (sale) hopefully this should be next week. I would like to meet up with or speak to anyone in this area who would like to chat, missing friends and family but would not go back for anything.:biglaugh:
  15. Hello we currently live in Adelaide in a suburb that is notorious for very bad broadband coverage. We can only get wireless and this is still shockingly slow with phones cutting out on a regular basis. What I want to know is, do you get decent adsl coverage or is it hit and miss like it is here. I hope not as it drives us mad here. :realmad: This is just one of the things that sums adelaide up because the government don't want to put money into making coverage more widely available. It is pretty stupid here as some houses can get it and others can't.:arghh: Thank you.
  16. pongobongo

    Upper Coomera State School??

    Hi, I'm new so be gentle with me! We are in process of applying for 457 visa and hope to be in Oz in September/October. It's me, hubby, 2 daughters aged 7 and 11 and our Jack Russell who will making the move and we are soooooo excited! We came for a reccie in May and liked the look of Upper Coomera. I've looked at the school website and was suitablly impressed, however I have since read on here some negative comments about the school which has lead me to have some doubts. Does anyone have any positive experiences of this school? We also liked Helensvale so any comments about locations or schools in either areas would be very much appreciated. This is such a great site and I'm addicted so thank you in advance!:notworthy: Kat x
  17. Hello we are thinking of moving to Queensland and possibly in the areas of: Helensvale, Upper Coomera or Oxenford. Can anyone who have had experience of the state schools in these areas advise me on the better ones. I am also interested in the R-12 type schools, if there are any as my eldest boy will be in year 7 next year and his brother will be in year 5 and I would like them to be at the same school if possible as it might be easier on them, plus I wouldn't have to fork out for another uniform for the oldest one, if he has to change school after about 6 months. Thank you
  18. Hi We are looking to move next year. :jiggy: I like the look of a couple of places : Jimboomba (flatstone) , upper coomera and Yarrabilba ( proposed new land estate). If anyone has got any information of these areas e.g. senior schools, internet provision and things to do in the area for 2 teenage girls, i would be grateful. thanks :notworthy:
  19. kissofthegypsy

    Coomera Waters - Foxtel or Austar

    Does anyone know if I can get Foxtel in Coomera Waters? Only asking as someone has said that I may struggle? Cheers Sean
  20. Guest

    Coomera state school

    Hi all Could anyone let me know if they have children in Coomera state school and how they found it to settle in and how they deal with new starters especially when they are English etc.. Any info would be appreciated.
  21. Calling all desperate housewives (ok, so that's just me then????). As some of you already know, Leanne has just had her "coming out" party (:biglaugh:) and is now going to be a Tupperware demonstrator. I'm having a tupperware party for her at 10am on Friday 13th March for anyone who is interested in coming along. Coffee, tea and cake (might be shop bought though, not sure if I can stretch to the home-made stuff !!!!) Hope to see some of the usual crew there, and if there is anyone else who fancies coming along for a chat and to meet new friends then you'd be very welcome. We're a lovely bunch, honest!!! I'm in Upper Coomera, if you send me a PM I will forward on my address details. Cara
  22. across from Dreamworld. $440 per week 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, double lock up garage, fans, air con, stainless appliances, fully fenced, open plan, gas water, water tank. If you would like any more info on this property or would like my help in securing it please feel free to pm me Sarah x
  23. 8 Wings Rd Upper Coomera $390 per week. available now 3 bed, single garage, fans, air con. Close to schools, shops, transport, new home. Has water tank and gas hot water. Reserve across the road so no neighbours looking in at you. if you would like any help securing you this property please feel free to pm me Sarah x
  24. Guest

    Coomera Anglican College

    Hi one and all I am just wondering if anybody has their children in this school. I have done some research and we have decided its on the short list. If your children attend this school could you give me some feed back good or bad! anything would be very much appreciatted. Tracey
  25. Three New Houses at Coomera $440 per week These houses are ready for completion in late Novemeber early December. All have 4 bedrooms, two bedrooms, ensuite in the master and walk in robes. Open plan designs with covered patios, fully fenced yards, stainless steel appliances with plenty of storage space and pantry space. Situated only 3 minutes drive to the M1 High Way, shops just 2 minutes walk and choices of 6 schools just around the corner. Surfers Paradise is a 15 minute drive and all the Gold Coast beaches are at your door step If you are interested in any of these properties feel free to pm me for more details Sarah x