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Found 4 results

  1. I am desperate to emigrate to Perth. My husband has said he will go if I really want to he has no desire to go at all! I want to go to give our children a healthier lifestyle (more out door life/sports rather than tv/computer games because is pee-ing down/freezing outside) and also to enjoy more quality family time. My husband works Mon - Fri leaving the house by 7 and isn't back much before 7 in the evening. I work four days a week and am up at 5:30am to get kids up, ready and to the nursery and dont get back with them much before 6:30pm in the evening when I have to start the kids bath & bed routine and then start cooking an evening meal. I just can't help thinking there has got to be more to life than this. I think my husband is worried about giving up a good job here and has already said he won't move out there until he has a job lined up but what are the chances of that happening? Recruitment agencies just don't want to know and the 6 or 7 companies he has approached directly haven't even acknowledged his CV. I know I'll always wonder "what if?" and will regret not going for it but can it work out if you're not both up for emigrating 100%??
  2. Guest

    Convincing Kids!!!!!

    Hi, We would love to hear of anybody out there who has left the UK with family and what reactions you had from your kids, we are in the early stages and would love some advice and storeys of anybody who has emigrated with family. Our kids are 18, 12 and 9 ( tricky ages i know) They all love Oz been out there twice to see friends and love swimming in the sea and surfing etc without having to armour yourself up with wet suits first!!!! They just hate the idea of changing schools, We moved to Cornwall 3 years ago which is great but just need the sunshine and sea temperature to go up quite a lot and a little less RAIN!! Would love to hear of anybody who has been through the turmoil of children.
  3. Guest

    Convincing others...

    So then, what are the different approaches to convincing one's loved ones that it is a good idea to shift half-way around the world? From the Imps' perspective, this was always about me, my dream, my fresh start and everything I want. But what about Mrs Imp? No way I could leave her behind (don't tell her that, in case I threaten it when it gets stressy!) and no way I wanted to be the next disfunctional 'A New Life Down Under' family, so it was clear I needed her to want it as much as me. So what did I do? Well I am fairly anal in my approach (Mrs Imp always accuses me of bringing too much management stuff home) and treated it very much like any Change Management (CM) project. The key to CM is that to make something happen one has to involve everyone that will be impacted by the change and help them to believe that it is the right thing to do given the circumstances. It is the BELIEF that is key, if people do not understand then they will kick and scream and try to undermine what is being done. Even if later the change turns out to be good for everyone, they will resent the process and the person forcing through the change. I am a big fan of writing things down and made loads of lists of pros and cons and looked at alternatives. Mrs Imp and I have a big change in our lives coming up anyway, when we will need to put down roots and decide where to settle. We had no idea where we want to be. But we started with complete fantasy (in the sun, drinking cocktails, speedboat blah) and then added in realism (estimate of finances, work we are prepared to do etc) and looked at options. It is so much fun looking at houses on the www, especially when comparing what one gets for the price of a 4-bed in Oxfordshire (gulp!). Of course, I raised the subject of NZ (at the time) and Oz, but Mrs Imp is completely bought into it and whenever I get morose about things not happening, she is the one that pulls me along. By involving her in the process her original belief that she wanted to stay in the UK has changed, she is now excited about living fairly close to a beach and watching her children grow up there. 100 years ago in the good old days I could have just told her we were getting on a boat, but the world has changed (and she would have kicked my ass!). Now there is no risk of us being TV-material (no good story in a family all pulling in the same direction). IMO children are just little people and need their beliefs to be addressed in the same way. I would find it very difficult to move them at certain stages of schooling (and would avoid those periods if I could), but understand that many PIO'ers have no choice and I don't envy them. But I genuinely believe that involving children in the decision and process is important. With the creation of the internet, there is so much that can be done - PIO for chatting, Google Earth for checking out the beaches, real estate sites for choosing bedrooms/pools, all of which can help with the practical choices, but the difficult stuff needs to be talked about and explained and negotiated. Perhaps the key thing for us is that we are British and that we can come home if it does not work out (can't believe I just wrote that, but suppose it is true). We have agreed to commit to 3 years once we get there as this matches the kind of nomadic lifestyle we have had so far. Knowing there is an escape clause (after a suitable period of trial!) might work. Sorry if this is too new-age and wishy washy for some, but it works for me and even though seems a bit contrived and structured might help. What has worked for others?
  4. Guest

    If you ever needed convincing

    Hy If anyone ever needed convincing about going to Oz then take a look at this website i came across ( don't ask me how i came accross it ). I have nothing to do with this site and hopefully will have nothing to do with the scum that is its content in a while, but take a look and ask your self one question. Do i see my town becoming like these ? Yes its a sort of league table of Chav Towns..........Amazing....is yours on it ? A word of warning though, the site does have some offensive language so be careful who views it. Is yours Town a Chav Town ?