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Found 7 results

  1. Main story for another time but...... We went to Oz, but came back to the UK after a few months and have since been trying to clear up all the debts that have accrued because of the whole adventure.... We have paid all but one, which is to a cattery in Adelaide, as because we were'nt expecting to come back when we set out, we didnt ahdnt met the criteria for the pet passport - hence our cats needed a rabies jab in Oz, then six months before having a blood test to prove they were clean before they came back into the UK..... Anyway, due to struggling to find work back here, we have not been able to pay all the board, vets bills and flight/customs costs, , whcih has meant that they are still there 12 months on with the bill rising by $600/month for board. The cattery are holding out for the full amount before they stick the cats on a plane (presumably because they do not think they'll hear from us again once we have the cats) so are in effect holding the cats ransom. We cannot raise that full amount (we've used up favours from friends and family just getting there and back and institutions won't touch us while I'm not working), so the normal resolution would be for us to pay the debt in installments, but they are not willing to do that - presumably because the time/effort it would take to chase us for it would be substantial for them. Our question therefore is - IS THERE SOME MEANS BY WHICH WE CAN PROVIDE AN ASSURANCE THAT ANY NON-PAYMENT WILL BE PURSUED IN THE UK WITHOUT IT COSTING THEM? In other words, if we were to set up an arrangement with a UK firm, they could start issuing CCJs etc against us to reclaim the money, Unlike many in this situation, we WANT to pay what we owe them, and just want to find a way to do that that will mean that they have more to rely on than our word that we will pay (which we know we could keep to, but they obviously cannot). Is there some sort of middle man company that can we can go through? Will one or both government be able to help? We have been through the debate over just leaving them there, they are only cats, you have more important priorities, etc - we know only animal lovers will understand our viewpoint of how important it is to get them back at any cost - so can we put that aside and just focus on the practical matter, how to provide a solid guarantee of payments to come..... Any concrete suggestions will be most welcome Thanks
  2. Guest

    Go On .... Convince Me!!

    Hello everyone, My husband and I have been looking and researching into moving to Australia. We have been together for 8 years, married for 3, before we got together hubby had a working holiday visa and flights booked, we got together and he never went!! We bought a house, married and have now two lovely children (3 &1) Last year we decided to sell the house and move abroad, likely Europe as not too far. We have researched and exhausted this idea and its not as appealing now so we started looking at Oz as it was always his dream although niether of us has ever been there, we are in a position were we have this opportunity to move which may never come round again (money in the bank, no debt, kids ages, minimal commitments) Im not against the idea at all, Im just not as sure or enthusiastic as my husband, cant get it out of my head that its not fair on the kids taking them away from there grandparents etc. We dont have a massive great support network but we do have better than some and I know that if we moved so far it would be just us on our own. We dont have anything here to run away from as such, we have an okay life, jobs etc Help me, I just need to hear from people who are already there or already convinced about moving! Sell it too me, how is this massive move going to make our lives better? I know it will, I just need to hear it!! Thanks guys x
  3. Hi, me & my hubby are hoping to go to adelaide, we got our ss, co and med dates, we r so close only i've got 6yr old son by previous marraige (and 5mth baby with my current hubby) and we are going to court for final hearing to remove him from jurisdiction. His father is not a very nice man and has an abusive history. So everything rests on this court hearing. I have to say why its best for alex to move to australia without being derrogatry to this country or anyone else!! I'm not best with words and ive never been in court for anything before so am scared!! Can anybody help me P L E A S E!!! This is our dream! Christine
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I work for the Bureau of Meteorology (Government Department) and have been for a year and a half on a year by year contract. I'm from the UK originally. We are trying to get Employer Sponsored permanent migration but they say they cannot do this because they can't offer us a permanent ongoing job because we are not Australian Citizens. They are however happy to keep us on contract year by year as they are very short of staff. Can this be right? Is this standard in government departments? How can we convince them to do Employer Sponsored PR? Many thanks for any advice - the 176 visa option was shut in our faces literally the day we got our Skills Assessment back from VETASSESS! Grrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Hi, I'm married to an Australian & we've been living here in his hometown for 9 years. We met in the UK and moved here after a couple of years (his visa ran out & I came here on a working holiday visa). Anyway I fell pregnant after being here about 18months (by which time we had applied for a spouse visa). After having my first child my feelings about being here changed dramatically, I wanted to be near my family & friends, not his & was just basically homesick. I know I made bad choices and my feelings about missing home have changed from depression to, "well, I've made my bed, better lie in it", to numbness and just living from each visit home to the next. So, 9 years on & it is as bad, if not worse, than ever. My parents are getting older & we can't afford to keep visiting. I hate hate hate that I've put myself in such a stupid, powerless position. I have begged & pleaded for my husband to go home but he is convinced this is a better life than what we could manage in the UK. His job would make it difficult, but not completely impossible, to find work outside london and my hometown is too far to commute. His argument is that we have a lovely big house, he earns enough money to get by & Australia is a perfect place to bring up a family. He is self-employed and has built up a business here so asking him to leave it is difficult. He is happy in his life, he just doesn't want to leave. My question to you all is - is it unfair to ask this of him? I feel like I've given it a good go here, he disagrees. I feel like a little child stomping my feet shouting, "I WANNA GO HOME!!) but it's all I think about from the minute I get up from when I go to sleep, and then often I'm awake at night stewing over the whole thing. I try to tell him that people move all the time & change can be good, we're still pretty young & I'd like to think we have adventures in front of us. This has obviously caused a lot of bitterness between us, particularly as he works so hard & he feels like it's never enough for me. What he fails to see is that I'm not choosing to feel this way, my life would be infinitely easier if I was one of those English people who come over here & love it & wouldn't dream of going back (he only ever meets this kind so he thinks it's just me who feels the exact opposite). I've made good friends here & his family are all nice but I've found myself withdraw further & further away from them all, I'm sure they are all just sick of my moaning. I feel myself constantly comparing home to here & have been home lots in the last few years so I think my expectations are realistic. I've read a few posts here & although it is reassuring to know I'm not alone in feeling this way it does make my so insanely jealous of anyone who is going home, I wish it was me phoning my family to tell them we were coming home... Sorry for the moan, but thanks for reading & any advice or just proof that I can show him that I'm not mental for feeling this way would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Guest

    Convince me!

    Hi - my husband is seriously considering accepting a job offer in Sydney. His brother already lives there and we visited for 3 weeks in January. We loved the place and so did our children aged 4 and 2. It makes perfect sense for us to move there, especially whilst the children are so young. But it IS a very long way and such a big move - can anyone let me know of their positive experiences; reasons for not looking back; and finally convince me that this IS the right thing for our family to do?!!!! Many thanks, Debbie.
  7. Hi there can any one tell me what to say to convince my Daughter its worth the move. we tried the beaches etc. Any info would be great.