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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, I have PR in Australia & have never had a driving license, either in Australia or the UK. I am hoping to start lessons soon and have an idea to speed up the process of getting a full license. If/when i pass and get my Green P's (25 yrs old), can i head for a holiday to the UK and convert it to a full UK license, then come back and convert it to a full license in Australia? I have read a couple of posts where people mention 50 pounds to swap it over, but just wondering whether anyone's attempted this before. It'd be great to come back from a holiday and get a full license. The holiday is not purely for this reason, but thought while I'm there, it might be worth it if possible. Cheers,
  2. Guest

    Uk gas bbq can you convert??

    I'm sure I read a post on here recently about converting your UK GAS BBQ to Australian fittings. Is this possible? Really hope someone will reply to this! As we're just about to give it a good clean ready for the packers! Don't want to waste time doing it if we can't take it.
  3. I am wondering if there is any way to convert my pending 885 application (lodged Aug 2008, Management Consultant, present Cat 4) into 175 or other offhore option. I am sick of having my career and life put on hold. I have my own business with customers worldwide but only charge for service so my income does not qualify for Business Visa. Australia seems to attract only corporate rats or wanna-be entreprenours and doesn't care about talent at all! As a management consultant, I can hardly promise any good service to cusomers (or possibly employers) if there is danger of getting 28 days notice to leave the country. I would be a bad consultant if I did that. Is there any way to convert my application? Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and I’m not technically a “pom”, apart from the fact that I have a British passport. I have a question regarding a skilled migration visa issue. I want to apply for a 176 visa with New South Wales as a sponsor. I can only apply for the sponsorship in January 2012 as this is when I have my 3 years work expereince that they need in that state to sponsor me as an accountant. I currently can apply for a 175 visa (with no state sponsorship) but they seem to take a long time to process. My concern is that my occupation is removed from the skills list before I get to apply. What I want to do is apply for a 175 visa this year, then apply for state sponsorship in January next year, and then convert my 175 visa to a 176 visa. Does anyone know if I can do this?
  5. Is there a way to convert a PDF, regardless of source, into a PowerPoint presentation that just looks like the original PDF?
  6. Guest

    TV's How Do You Convert Them?

    Hi, I have heard that you can get something to convert UK TV's to work in Oz as they work on a different system. Will they definitely not work if you just change the plug? If you need a converter, what do they cost? We are leaving our big TV here in the UK but are considering taking our two 19 inch flatscreens, is it worth it? Gayle
  7. Following on from my earlier post about the time taken (5 months now) to even be allocated a case officer for my 820 temp spouse sponsorship visa application, I was wondering if I should ask DIAC about going straight for a 801 permanent spouse visa? This one is probably best answered by any of you immi agents on the forum..my wife and I got married last July, but have lived together since May 2009, and can evidence our continuous relationship from Jan 2008. When I applied for my 820 back in Sept '10, we clearly didn't have enough mileage on the clock to go direct for a 801 for me. However, DIAC are now suggesting it could be as late as May'10 by the time they get round to my 820 application. The DIAC guidance seems to suggest if you can evidence 3yrs+ continuous relationship (if no kids), you may be eligible to go straight for 801. It now looks to me as though I could now fall into this category....But the question then comes, what do I do? Should I ring DIAC and see what is involved in transferring my application into the 801 bucket, or wait a bit longer? Appreciate any guidance/advice/past experience you can share!
  8. Hi all, Being new at this forum I will introduce myself later on at the introduction forum. But for now I have an urgent question of which I hope anyone here might know the answer. My husband is an Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic, we have been applying to jobs in Oz for the purpose of obtaining an employer nominated regional visa. Finally we've found someone that could be interested but the bottleneck is how soon my husband can start working after arrival. In other words what should be done to convert his European licences into Australian licences and how much time that will take. His licences and qualifications are all assesed by TRA. Is there any Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic on this forum who knows the way to go from here. We will be gratefull for you answer! :smile: Marika the Netherlands
  9. mlsdq

    Convert 475 to PMV 300

    well, i'm tired of waiting. The original 8 months waiting by the time i applied turned into infinity now. I know they won't provide refund once your application has commenced processing. Has it already started? If yes, then the waiting must be definite. The TRUTH now is, DIAC haven't REALLY started the FIRST STEP yet in processing my application. So, is it possible to convert my 475 to pmv 300? so that me and my bf can use my money i (wasted) spent instead of paying a new whooping expensive visa application.
  10. Is it possible that a 175 application made after July 2010 can be converted to a 176 application when SMPs come out ?
  11. We have a SA sponsorship grant in hand, granted on 14-Apr-2010. We had mean while filed our 175 CSL (IT-2231-79) on 26-Mar-2010, we have 120 points on hand its been close to 2 months and CO is not assigned yet. In case we decide, we have to accept our grant from SA by 14-June (we have been given 60 days time). Now, we have to take a decision whether we should accept the SS grant or not. We are aware that 175 is better than having a 176, and even we are keen to go for it. But we are worried if we would have to wait for too long a time, and maybe 176 might get processed faster. It is decision time for us and we are in a dilemma on this. :confused: :unsure: Request advice from PIO, looking for suggestions from respected agents and senior members of the forum. Esp with all the changes happening now, and speculations that most of CSL applications might be processed before 30-June, which one do you suggest would be better for us? Thanks for your help and appreciate the same....
  12. Dear all, The following matter is a big issue going among our friends. If we apply for the 175 visa category with DIAC, without enough points (say 115 instead of 120), then it’ll be in the pool list. Later, if we got the state nomination through the one of the state, can we convert that 175 visa to 176 visa- skill sponsored category? If yes then how long it’ll take to convert this visa. Whoever has the experience regarding this matter please as soon as response in order to solve our problem? Many thanks
  13. Guest

    Convert 885 to 886 family?

    Hello, I've been wondering whether I should convert my 885 (non CSL/MODL) visa application to 886 family sponsored. Background: I've lodged my 885 application in August 2008. Been waiting for CO since then. Status changed to application processed further on 4/12/2009. No email from DIMIA. I don't think I've got CO yet Sister got her PR in March 2010 (ENS 856). She is willing to sponsor me. Is she eligible? Or is there a waiting period for her to be able to be a sponsor? Your wise advice would be very much appreciated :hug: Thank you, Seb
  14. Hya Does any one know which visa to apply for at the end of 457 visa, which is only for 2 years in order to get a permanant residence? many thanks
  15. Hi, I just sign with an Australian company, and they are going to get me an 457 visa. As far as I know this is a temporally visa and if for whatever reason you do not work any more with the company that sponsored your 457 visa, you have to leave a couple weeks later. My question is it possible that once that I have such visa in my hands , I can request a permanent visa by my own? . if yes, How long does it take to get the permanent visa? Also I noticed that there are several companies willing $$ to take care of such exchange, what is your experience? Regards,
  16. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I found it interesting as many people can share with each others their experience and knowledge on whatever topics. It's really helpful. I will appreciate if anyone could advise me on the following: My family and I have obtained my Temporary Residence status expering Nov 2013 by virtue of visa 457 thru a sponsorship and am wondering how to go about converting it to Permanent Residence (PR) and when is the best time to start applying. Any advise will be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hi could anyone tell me which colleges carry out migrant plumbing courses. I am a corgi/Gas safe certified heating engineer here in Bristol. We are hoping to be moving to Perth later this year so any advice would be great. Thanks john
  18. Obviously you Brits will have to change your Sterling into Aussie dollars and you need a bank account to put them into so heres what I did. I bought my AUD from Tonya Lark at http://www.wwcurr.com on a forward contract. This means when you ring her up on any day she will tell you the rate of exchange and you elect to purchase the currency there and then at whatever rate it is but for delivery on a date in the future.( I BOUGHT IN APRIL BUT I DIDNT WANT THE MONEY UNTIL END OF JUNE) and you pay 10% deposit with the rest payable by chaps payment from your bank 2DAYS before the contract ends. This gave me chance to set up my offshore Aussie Dollar account and YOU DO NEED TO OPEN AN AUD ACCOUNT TO PUT YOUR MONEY IN I chose to open an offshore Fixed Term Monthly contract with Lloyds TSB http://www.lloydstsb-offshore.com that pays 5.10% interest per month 8) 8) 8) First they give you a Principal Settlement Account (PSA) to receive your money then it goes straight into your Fixed Term Contract (FTC) account but you cant get at it until the end of each month or you can roll it over until the end of the next month.All very complicated but neccessary. Tel Andrew Burlison on 01534 284519 at Lloyds TSB. 8) You can have the full 5.10% interest and elect to pay the dreaded tax yourself to UK government and TSB will inform them of your identity or You can have 5.10% interest minus 15% and they will not reveal your identity to UK tax office the choice is yours, but they do need to know where the money has come from initially (money laundering purposes) Instance Your travelling to Oz in October and you want the money available to deposit into an account in Oz at end of October. You ring Tonya today she tells you the rate is 2.45 you want to change £300,000 on a forward contract for delivery at end of September you get AUD735,000 at end of September You pay 10% deposit now that is £30,000 to Worldwide Currencies You ring Andrew Burlison and you open a (PSA) and a (FTC) On the 29th September you transfer the other 90% of your money from your bank by (CHAPS) to Worldwide Currencies (costs you £20) They transfer the AUD735,000 into your (PSA) it takes 2days so ask for a valuation date for 2nd of October Lloyds TSB transfer from your (PSA) into your (FTC) With a valuation date 2nd Oct you start earning interest Ie AUD735000 x 5.10% = AUD37485 AUD37485 - 15% TAX for UK government Robbing B-----ds= AUD31862.25 :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: AUD31862.25 divided by 365days = AUD87.293835 per day AUD87.293835 x from 2nd Oct to 31st Oct (30Days) = 2618.81Dollars in interest. (PAYS THE RENT) and a bit more You then set up an Australian bank account when you get to Oz so that you can transfer your money from the (FTC) Or you can set one up 30days before you arrive in Oz http://www.westpac.com.au/internet/publish.nsf/Content/PBITMB+Opening+overseas+accounts Hope this solves many Problems with currency. 8) 8) By the way the rate is pretty good at the moment with many currency pundits predicting a strengthening Aussie dollar which means you may get a lesser rate in the future Dave and Penny[/size