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Found 15 results

  1. tonyman

    Pest Control Companies

    Anyone used a good for value pest control firm for outside /inside, WA ,SOR although most cover NOR too ..............ive just done it myself and realized i used weed killer instead......:embarrassed:..................got a big problem with red backs at the mo .......they seem to be getting bigger too.....Budget control have just told me the gear sold in the shops is a complete waste of time , his gear can last up to 3 yrs ...? but defo 1 yr ...thats $270 inside and out with the loft dusted ..........swat a pet is $120 for ouside only.........how do these prices sound .....?
  2. sting

    CDR preparation help.......

    Dear friends, I need help to prepare my CDR. I am working in the automation/control field. My responsibilities are PLC, HMI development and commissioning. To prepare my career episodes, what should I write to in personal engineering activity to establish my knowledgebase and skills. Please advice from ur experiences.... Thanx in advance...
  3. Hi, I've been granted an ETA to visit Australia (by thevisabureau) and was careful to read everything to make sure that I do not violate any of the conditions. I have Ulcerative Colitis, which is under control and I am taking Mesalazine and Mercaptopurine for it. While in Australia, I will of course need prescriptions of these medications (no problem as far as I can tell) as you can only bring two month's supply across the border and I am staying for three months. The Mercaptopurine requires blood tests, which I will require three or less of during my three month stay. To ensure that I would be abe to get these, I contacted eta-general (at) visabureau (dot) com and the reply stated: "the conditions of at ETA for Australia state that you must have a clean bill of health when entering Australia. If this is declared, you may be refused entry to Australia with this particular visa. I recommend you apply for a tourist visa - 676 for 3 months. This will give you the opportunity to declare any medical issues and provide further information to the Australian government" I don't remember it saying you have to have a clean bill of health, but something more along the lines of "you must not require treatment that could reduce the quality of care we provide to Australian citizens". What are people's thoughts on this? Where can I find the requirements that I saw (and can't access again as my visa's been granted) while applying? Thanks for any help PS: I'd be particularly interested if George Lombard or someone else authoritative would reply to this
  4. I've asked a question here regarding using Australian healthcare with an ETA, so maybe it should have been under "Migration" in the first place: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/flights-holidays/131658-eta-medical-conditions-under-control.html (Apologies if I'm not supposed to "double post" like this, just let me know and I won't do it again)
  5. Hi guys the company I am working for in Newcastle NSW is looking fro all of the above with experience in the following areas Electricians-experience in installation of PLC basewd control systems in mining,water and general process controls also capability to fault findind on VSds and fieldbus networks would be an advantage. Electrical Engineers-experience in the electrical design of PLC based control systems incorporating variable frequency drives and analogue instruments Control system engineers-experience of PLC programming using Rockwell, Schneider and Siemens PLCs, fieldbus and ethernet network network configuration. Individuals with all levels of experience are required from a few years post graduate up to senior engineers.
  6. AAARRGGHHH Please tell me i'm not the only one who feels this frustrated!!!!!! I just wish I could do everything myself. I hate waiting. I hate leaving things for others to do. I am better at sorting everything than anyone else (hehe). I WANT CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!! :arghh:
  7. Hi. We are coming out for a reccie in february of next year to the gold coast and Brisbane then driving down to sydney. My oh is a fire control operator and we will be looking to see if any jobs are about, conditions etc. Just wondered if anyone on here has any information or even works it that field. It is hard to know where to start! Any insight greatly appreciated
  8. Guest

    Which Passport Control Line?!

    I live in Australia on a Permanent Residency visa but am not a citizen, i.e. have a British passport still. We're visiting the UK on holiday soon (first time since I moved here three years ago!) and I am wondering if I am now able to line up in the Australian's line when we arrive back at Melbourne airport? I will be with my partner who is an Australian citizen so can I use his line?? The queue is always so much shorter for him! Also, can he come through the Brits line with me when we arrive in London?? Thanks H x
  9. jay290901

    Pest Control

    Can anyone recommend a good pest control company who are either in or will come north of the river (major problem with ants in house). Thanks.
  10. hi all, i am going back to oz next week on a eta visa to be with my parnter shane for his birthday and valentines day and to organise our wedding for december. i only just came back from visiting him in december on the same eta visa. i would like to take a few of my parsonal belongings over to help me when i eventually do mve over to be with him , if immi let me heheh. will immi kick off as its summer over there and i will be bringing few winter clothes etc haha, will it cause me problems and refuse me entr? also the fact that i will be organising my wedding and paper owrk for a prospective marriage visa. i also realised i have a car over there and will be taking the paper work with me, are they going to question me about that as well , haha i know they are petty little things. if any one has been in the same situation or simular would love to hear from you Nadine
  11. Guest

    Pest control people

    Hi We're moving in to a property soon and Ive discovered a few coakroaches there. I know they are a part of life in Aus but until I get used to it all I'd like to get the house sprayed. I have 3 youngs boys so am worried about redbacks too. Can anyone recommend a company that work in the North Brisbane area. Thanks Angelcake
  12. Looking for someone who is willing to sponsor me thro a 457 or RSMS subclass 119/857 visa. Willing to relocate anywhere. 8 years experience, CCTV/Police Control Room..fully trained for UK licensing, willing to complete ALL necessary training at my own expense. 10yr Police check already completed as a std requirement. numerous references available ranging from past/present employer, Council Officials, Police Officers and more. Forget trying to find a loyal dedicated employee in Oz start recruiting from the UK. Do you remember a thing called job satisfaction? - I always work to achieve this. Available at shortest time allowed by visa process. Have migration agents standing by ready to assist the process. Resume available upon request get in touch....you will NOT be disappointed! email: daren.wr9@sky.com or live chat daren.wr9@hotmail.co.uk
  13. shazney64

    How much is the pest control?

    Reading other posts it seems that you have this done annually? How much is this? Is ther a standarad chemical you should be asking for? many thank sharon
  14. Guest

    Lottery win and control loss!

    Well I said my luck would have to change and it did. £10 lottery win last week. WOW! That's the first time it has paid out in about two years. I reckon that was just the run up to a big win this week. Last week also brought the Queensland College of Teachers registration. What should have taken 6 weeks actually took six months, but my name is on their list of registered teachers so that's another good thing. And my CRB check came back and I could start supply teaching. So that should have been a good thing too except that the agency rang me on Wed and asked me to go to a junior school in Carlisle. This was at 8.15, school starts at nine and I am 65 miles away and the school is on the other side of the city from the motorway. So the message is sent that I won't actually arrive before 9.15. I arrive at 9.45 and am expecting at least one motorway speeding ticket as a result! I have to say that that one day was almost enough to put me off teaching for the rest of my life. I am a teacher with 17 years experience and I have to admit to being defeated by 32 nine year olds. I am not sure that anyone learned very much in the afternoon. I had four boys who were unable to stay seated and instead wandered the class trying to beat up other children. Then there were another half a dozen who had there own agendas and it wasn't science and air resistance. The class teacher left instructions that I take the class outside and they practice running about with large sheets of card feeling the air as they ran. Well I have to say that there was no way I was taking that lot outside and letting them run about - it would have been suicidal! No one popped in to ask me how it was going or if I needed anything. I left the school at the end of the day vowing never to set foot in the door again. This morning the agency asked if I would return for the whole of next week. The school had said how pleased they were with me and really wanted me back. I had to regretfully decline as debtors prison appealed more. Surely I have got to find something better than that. I hope supply teaching improves considerably or I may have to rethink my initial supply teaching plans for Oz. Rebecca
  15. Hi All Its Denise again from Tanner Menzies... thanks so much for all your resumes and emails.. I will certainly try and help all of you so keep them coming and keep on with the referals. I need your help ....... We have just won a major contract and need up to 70 systems engineers ideally who have worked on major defence projects in realtime (air traffic control systems would be a major plus) ADA C++ experience Please pass this email on to anyone you can think of that has these skills or background. My client will arrange 457 visa's (4 year working with a view to PR) and pays an excellent relocation package. please email me at..... dcole@tannermenzies.com Many thanks D