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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Can anyone out there help me? I have been a Australian Citizen for almost 20 years now and married with a daughter and grandchild, My parents applied for a contributary parent visa 2 years ago, they got accepted recently like in september but my father passed away in the August so a hard decision for mum who is 75 but she is going to come. I have 1 sister left over in the U.K who also would like to come and be with us all she is 42 not married no children so she qualifies for a 835 on shore visa then being able to apply for last remaining whilst being in Australia with us all together. Can anyone tell me how soon she can apply for this visa? Does mum have to be here actually living then she applies? How quick does that 835 bridging visa take? As we will all be in Australia we dont want her being over in the UK on her own for too long especially with the age of mum we want as much time altogether as a family as possible. Appeciate any info or experiences many thanks in advance:xmas23:Merry Chrismtmas to you all
  2. Hi all! Taking over as Mrs Tonyman tonight. I was hoping to get some info on parent contributory visa's,as my Mum is applying to come over on one. My main question really, is with regards to her health. She is a relatively fit 60 something,but was diagnosed with epilepsy around 10 years ago,they put it down to work related stress! She struggled to find the correct medication that worked for her initially,but thankfully has been symptom free for about three years. She recently had her medicals and says all seemed to go smoothly, but I wondered if anyone had any knowledge or experience of reli's coming over with health problems. She is happy to pay for health care and scripts,but could her epilepsy go against her?? She really can't bare to be away from her five Grandchildren a minute longer:no: Any info would be much appreciated:notworthy:
  3. Guest

    contributary parent visa

    Just to let you all know that the processing of visas is really still going on. My son and his wife informed us today that we have been issued with a case officer. We applied June 2007. They are acting as our agent in aus so all info goes to them first. There is light at the end of the tunnel :jiggy:
  4. Guest

    Contributary Parents

    :jiggy:Hello every body, this is our first time on Pomsinoz. Are there any Contributary Parents on the site, if so, how did you make your final payment, before getting your Visa. Charles and Barbara
  5. Having just discovered my MIL is not eligible for a CPV we were just wondering how often she could come to visit us? I have read somewhere that somebody's mum was granted 6 month holiday visas several times before they eventually got there CPV. However as my MIL is not likely to ever be eligible (unless they change the BOF rules) she wants to stay with us as much as possible. If she were to stay initially for six months hop over to somewhere else and then come back how often could she feasibly do this before the DIAC gets awkward about granting visas? I know this is a long shot but thought I would just ask!
  6. Guest

    contributary parent factor

    hi can anyone help me with any info on contributary parent visa? sent it off in late december and havent heard anythng yet. i have been told that immigration is a yr behind in processing and that the capping for 08 is closed? would welcome anyones info on thisand advice. initially we were told by our agent 6 months maximum wait. thanks guys
  7. Hi Guys, I am new to this site, so please be gentle with me!! :wubclub: My son and his wife have just emigrated to Oz (missing them already). My hubby and I want to join them A.S.A.P. They have been out there one month, he has been working for two weeks (it is a permanent job) and she is still looking for a job. They are renting, no children and he will be our sponsor. I have recently read that he only has to show one year tax return showing that he has earned over $38,000. They have no intention of coming back. I thought we would have to wait two years before we could apply. What I want to know is, when is the earliest we can apply for the CP visa?
  8. Dolly

    Non contributary Parent Visa

    Hi We applied for our Non con Parent Visa last July, through an agent. We've had no news since hearing that it had been received. On looking through the posts I don't seem to see any Non con parent visa mentions. Is the wait for the CO for this a lot longer than for the CV?
  9. phyllis71

    contributary parents visa

    Hi can anyone help. we are intending to retire in 2009 and join our daughters in sydney. about how much would we have to budget for normal health care. Is there any benefits with the contributary visa. Phyllis & Benny:wub:
  10. phyllis71

    contributary parents visa 143

    hi can anyone help. i am aware of the cost of 1st installment of $1,340, 2nd instalment $58,660 for myself and my husband, and also the bond $14,000. Is there any other costs including hidden costs that we should be aware of. Phyllis&Benny