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Found 24 results

  1. So i have been working for a company for about 6 months...they did my initial 457, sponsoring me for the maximum 4 years...the work they thought they had dried up, so I am looking for a new employer and have found one. The company is an approved sponsor but there is a problem: they are under the impression that if they sign me up, they are effectively signing me up as a permanent employee for the duration of the sponsorship under law. No matter how much I plead, they won't listen that they are 2 separate things. Does anyone have official/semi-official proof that this is not the case? Thanks in advance!
  2. Let us say A and B contract a marriage in Pakistan. Now they migrate to Australia as permanent residents and the matter of divorce comes up in an Australian court. Would the court abide by the original marital rules or would Australian rules apply. CAN the matter even be taken up in Australian courts? I know in commercial contracts it is regularly written that the rules of such and such jurisdiction (outside Australia) shall apply. In such a case an Australian court cannot even arbitrate. Would the same hold true for marriage contracted in Pakistan???
  3. Hi all, I thought i'd put something on here as it can't come to anything less that my proper searches done to date. I work for BAE Systems (Defence Contractor) as a Senior Commercial Officer (started 5.5 years ago as an Estimator) with very extensive knowledge of the function (Estimating, Procurement and Contracting). I am looking for roles within a similar field (incl. Construction) for short term work (as only on a WHV) in Melbourne. I've applied for literally 100s of jobs but nothing has come of it - not even an interview (I assume it's the visa thing!). Do you guys know of anything around or am I "urinating in to gale force winds" as it were? Cheers, Stuart
  4. foy465

    Mobile Phone Contracts

    we are finally going to be landing in Brisbane 01/'03/11. One question I have, is that both the wife and I will be needing new mobile phones and would both love to have a iphone , does any one know how easy it would be to get a contract iphone plan for us both ? and how soon could we apply for a contract ? could we apply the same day as we arrive ? I have a job, so can prove that I will have income. many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  5. DannyCoyles

    fixed term contracts

    Hi Wanting to know if anyone else has experienced the same as us. My wife is working for a high profile communications company as a Project Assistant and has been doing so for the 2.5 years we have been in Australia. Originally it was for 1 year and we decided that after this she would look for a permanent position. However she has never moved on as there is the possibility of a permanent position. Problem is that the head count is controlled by the US, despite the highest person in the Melbourne office requesting that the role is made permenant. Current projects are guarnteed for the next 7-10 years and more are signed every year so the business is more secure than a lot of others. She is treated as a permenant member of staff, they got someone to cover her maternity leave rather than just ending her empoyment and taking on another contractor. Even though the agency offically ended her contract she was allowed to keep her office access pass and laptop etc. She has requested a significant pay rise or permenant position before returning from maternity leave and will probably just get the pay rise. Has anyone else found that companies are willing to use contract staff for over 10 years, paying an inflated hourly rate plus a load of money to the agency each week. Just seems crazy to me that companies are run this way. Danny
  6. Both the OH and I are with 3 for our mobile phones, which have approx. 18 months still to run. Anyone any experience of cancelling contracts and what we may have to pay to cancel. Thanks, The Hippo
  7. mr luvpants

    Mobile phone contracts

    How "easy" is it to get a mobile phone contract as soon as you get to oz? Whats the soonest that we could apply for one? Obviously we are not going to have any credit history so I think that may cause a problem? JOHN
  8. Hi looking for some advice please. I was really looking at getting an iphone when we got to oz but tbh the price is putting me off. My daughters BF (who works for 3) recommended the HTC wildfire. Is this phone available in oz? Secondly, if I bought one here, are there any prepaid contracts or sim only contracts with internet access where I can supply my own phone? Thanks guys JOHN
  9. One of my twin sons has recently got a job at Red Rooster and they have been mucking him around a bit. He applied for (and was given) a job that was 9 - 5 Monday to Friday but in the month he has now been working for them they have had him working evenings and averaging about 16 hours a week. Anyway I suggested he asked to see his contract and he has just come in from work and told me that he asked but they told him they don't supply them. So he has nothing anywhere which states his salary, his hours or any of the terms of employment. Obviously I stated this can't be right - Everybody has to have a contract of employment so I looked it up on the internet and found to my amazement that they are right!! there is no law that the employer has to put anything in writing!! Is this normal?? Has anyone else come across this??, Is it just South Australia? Daniel PS If any one is interested this is the link I found :http://www.southaustralia.biz/library/Employment_Contracts_remuneration.pdf
  10. mr luvpants

    iphone contracts?

    I want to treat myself to an iphone when I get to oz. Can anyone give some advice as to what this is going to cost me and how much airtime and internet I get with the contract please? JOHN
  11. Ok i've got to ask the question whether it be right or wrong.... Got two mobile contracts on three for myself and partner and a broadband deal with talktalk, theres still six months left on each contract and we're going to be leaving for oz soon. Collectively to end the contracts early its going to cost me over £600 Has anyone had to suffer this and thought "what the hey" and gone without paying them before? I realise there may be repercussions but the possibility of doing a houdini has crossed my mind....
  12. Hey guys, I am new to PiO so please do be gentle if i make any mistakes or anything. I applied for 176 SS Offshore.I live in Victoria right now. I am very worried because i told my bank to stop paying the car insurance company and my fitness club centre any more. Even though i still had afew months to pay them. By the way lived in Scotland. Will these got anything to do with my 176 visa application? thanks Leed
  13. A question for those who might know the answer to this query........ I have recently opened an account with Moneycorp and made a couple of 'forward contracts' while the exchange rate for Oz looked good. I have paid my 10% deposit...with the remainder to be paid next year when we leave for Australia. I got a 3 page 'legally binding contract' come through from Mopneycorp and instructions on how to pay my deposit. My question is....for those of you that know....is it right that you don't get a 'formal' receipt for your deposits? I have requested receipts on a couple of occasions (in writing!) I have received an email from the accounts department saying yes they have received my deposits. I'm just aware someone has got £thousands££££ of our pounds and wil have for another 8 months....and all we have in an email as proof that we have given it to them. Can anyone confirm if this is normal...and that I haven't got anything to worry about please??!! Also....how secure/safe is your money/deposit with them......what if they do a 'Northern Rock' and go under??!! (I did ask this question...twice....and did (at the time) think I understood what Moneycorp told me...obviously...I didn't understand...can someone tell me in easy to understand language please :goofy: Many thanks in advance Jenny
  14. LKC

    Estate Agent contracts.

    Do you think, with the state of the current housing market, that it is acceptable to negotiate quite hard on the estate agents contracts. My father in law says that we should cross through the bit about staying with the agents for 12 weeks before we send it back, so that we are free to leave whenever we want without any recriminations. I just feel a bit cheeky doing it. However, as he points out, if they aren't doing their job (eg they aren't actively promoting your property) then you don't want to stick with them. I am dealing with the house sale because my husband is a bit stressed out about dealing with his business valuation and sale. I've never done it before so I am a bit nervous about dealing withthe agents. No offence meant if anyone is an estate agent, but the ones I have spoken to/met so far seem a bit false and gushing, if you know what I mean. Our previous experience of estate agents isn't good - we sold our last house to a supposedly cash buyer (as told to us by an agent who advised us to accept a lower offer because they were a cash buyer). Turns out that they actually had TWO houses to sell in order to buy ours. They all messed us round for ages.:wacko: Any advice with dealing with the scary estate agents would be fab!:wubclub: Just whilst we are on the topic. My hubbys gran sold her house and received a bill from the agent asking for 1.75% of the ASKING price rather than the SALE price. Something to watch out for!
  15. Guest

    Phone Contracts

    hey im moving to australia in september - but still have 11 months left on my phone contract with o2, when i phoned them they said i will have to pay the remaining £550 Does anyone know of a way to get round this? thanks Mark
  16. just to let you know that we exchanged contracts on the house today so hopefully that is one thing we dont have to worry about anymore even though we are supposed to complete on 20th june and we got to move in with puff. Still planning to go to oz early sept so thats 3 months of hell but im sure it will be worth it in the end lol. Steve Can someone lend me a caravan so I can live on the roadside for 3 months .lol. :arghh:
  17. Like many of you we still haven't sold our house but we have a master plan :mask: Here we go: We were with Agent A from Sept 07 - Jan 08. Then Agent B from Jan 08 until yesterday. A gave B a list of people who had viewed our house with them. On this list was a couple who also have their house on sale with B. We tried to come to an arrangement re: part/ex their house plus cash for ours while we were both on with B but nothing came of it. We now want to contact them direct to see if we can re-negotiate and do a deal. Problem is that even tho' A introduced them, and we are past the timeframe in which they would be able to claim fees, on reading the contract from B last night it stated that they could claim their fees for anyone introduced or anyone who they had negotiations with. Just wondered if anyone knew the ins and outs of these contracts and whether B would be entitled to their fees if the part/ex went ahead. If anyone understands that lot it will be a miracle in itself!:goofy: Stax of thanx CC x
  18. We are actually seeking 4 experienced Contract Administrators for construction projects to assist the Project Managers right now. If you have the experience in this field and have a good idea of when you'll be over please PM me for an email address to send your CV to.
  19. Hi just a quickie, wondering how long it might take from receiving an offer on house to actual exchange of contracts. I know all cases are different but an approx would be grateful. My scenerio: buy to let buying flat off bottom of rung:spinny: she then buying house off our purchases:skeptical: our buyers having our house with cash:skeptical: Not a long chain, i know things can go dits up but hoping all goes well. Thanks for replying!
  20. Guest

    tax and contracts

    Hi My husband is an officer in the merchant navy and is on a ship in Australian waters at the moment. The management of the vessel has just been given to an Australian company and he has been offered a contract with them because he is a senior officer. They are willing to offer him one of 2 types of contract: Permanent and casual. Many of the Australians are on the casual as it pays 12% more. The only difference is that when they have used up their leave at home (they work 5 weeks and have 5 weeks off) then the casuals are not paid until they rejoin a ship but the others do. As the officers work back to back with their countrparts this does not happen. My query is about us going to live in Australia. Can we do that on both contracts or just the permanent one? MY next query is about tax. We aren't sure if he will be paid into a British bank account net and then pay UK tax or if they will pay inot and Australian account and he would be liable for Australian tax. If the latter can he claim the tax back and pay UK tax while still living here? We will not move for about 6 to 9 months. I have 2 further questions: 1 I have a son who is about to go to uni in Sept. Can he transfer to an Australian uni to be with us? Or beca\use of his age would he have to come out as an adult with us sponsoring him later? 2 My final question is about me! I am a primary school teacher and would like to teach in Australia. IS this possible if I come to Australia becuase my husband works there? Is it easy to get a job and will my qualifications be accepted? Any help would be great, so thanks in advance to everyone. :huh:
  21. Guest

    Mobile Contracts

    Is anybody else stuck in a contract for their mobile phone ? Anybody any ideas... other than paying up the rest of the contract....?? :idea: Kel.
  22. Hi all I cannot believe we have finally exchanged contracts on our house. It has taken nine months and five buyers later but it is now done. We have had our visas for over a year and were close to giving up and wondering if it is ever worth putting your family through this hell. My advice for house sellers out there. Dont take an offer unless they can show you a mortgage agreement in kind or a deposit. Dont tell the estate agent your emigrating as they will tell the buyers and they think they can take advantage. Goodluck to all you house sellers and those waiting for visas. Some of us just have to wait a little longer. Regards Debbie:spinny:
  23. I wonder if anybody can help me on this. If so it would be much appreciated we are flying out to oz hopefully on the 26th june . If I leave my mobile phone contract does anybody know if it will bite me in the arse when i come to get a mortgage over in oz. I already know my credit score starts at zero when i land and i have to build a new 1 up so after that is built up will it show that i have left a mobile phone contract here. Has anybody done similar that can give me advice many thanks Scott:skeptical:
  24. Guest

    Cancelling UK mobile contracts.

    Has anybody been in the situation of having taken out a mobile phone on contract and the deciding to immigrate to Oz. Well I did. I tried to cancel the contract with O2 and was told that it would cost me £450. Thinking of doing a runner........ Anybody had that experience?