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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, Need some advice. I am currently in the UK and have recently got my PR visa. I am now looking for work, I have been contacted by an agency about a contracting position paying about $500 a day. Can any one tell me how contracting works as i've never done it in the UK either. 1. What frequency do you get paid? weekly? 2. If the job is $500 + super that means they pay your super as well? 3. How does paying tax work? 4. Do you have to be self employed like in the UK? 5. Is $500 a day good? Thanks for your help
  2. B1K3R

    IT Contracting in London

    Hi :smile: I'll be returning to Europe, guess around this coming September since wife was not feeling well and she went back home with our 5 year old princess. Tough, since we had just settled and I'm loving it here...but that's life. So, I'm planning my next move...London....my mate is currently contracting there, he's an IT Architect. I'm a senior developer and currently working with MVC 3, nHibernate, jQuery, SQL etc. It's fun Anyway, he said that the average rate is around 400 pounds a day, can be less or more, depending on the role. According to http://www.jobserve.co.uk, there is plenty of work in IT, but I'm not sure how up to date this site is. I also have a few agents contacts in London, will give them a buzz. I'm hoping to go there contracting for a couple of months, purely to make some money and come on my feet after spending it all to come here. So, I'll be looking at 1 room share/flat and he said I'd have to pay around 700 to 1000 pounds a month. I'll fly home once/twice a month and they can come to visit me too. Nowadays its cheap with ryan air/easyjet etc. From your knowledge..... 1. I'm surprised to find lots of roles on job serve with an average of $350 to $500 a day...is this accurate? 2. Is the 700/1000 a month realistic for 1 room etc in London? 3. Which are the best areas to stay? All I care about are areas with good public transport, safe and not run down. All info and ideas welcome!!! Cheers B!K3R
  3. Guest

    UK & AUS Contracting

    Hi I have worked as a contractor in Oil & Gas for the last 6 or 7 years in the UK and enjoy having the freedom of working like this in terms of time off, committment and also the increased income. In the UK there isnt a benefit of having a permanent job anymore so why not contract. I have submitted for a visa to go and live in Australia. Can i work as a contractor in AUS and does it have simular benefits to the UK? I want to work as a company not through an umbrella company. any links to a web page on the basics of AUS contracting.
  4. 4lan

    IT Contracting

    Hey All, I'm an ICT proffessional whose really fed up with "permanent" jobs in the UK, i.e. the politics, culture and environment etc. so I'm wondering if the short term contracting job market in Aus is "any good"? Frankly I'd rather swap between contracts every few months than get stressed in a permanent position, of course that's provided there's the "contracts" available. Any advice would be appreciated, as I'm hoping to migrate very soon and would like to "plan" if that's possible. Regards, 4lan.
  5. Hi guys I have been searching the net and to be honest I am struggling to find decent information regarding my situation so I was wondering if anyone on here can help. My story is - I am on a defacto visa and heading to oz in Jan. I resigned from my perm job in London recently and they have asked me to stay on with them as a self employed consultant. I would not be salaried but would earn money on successful projects I deliver on. They have asked me to do this to assist them as they havent found a replacement for me in London. I have agreed and had thought it would be similar to here in UK, where you go to agencies like "first contact" and just set up a limited company very easily and contract through that. I would be self employed but would use their brand behind me. Has anyone got any information on what I will need to do or options for me? Thank you so much if you can help or at least provide guidance.
  6. Hi Everyone Hoping someone has some advice. We will be seeing an accountant as well but it would be good to go with some knowledge and questions. Hubby has been offered a new job. We are already in Australia, citizens. He would be employed as a contractor by an American company and paid in US $. We would remain in Brisbane. So.....not sure what the options are. Can he set up his own business and have the company pay the business rather than him as the contractor? If so can I be "employed" as well? Is this a tax efficient way of doing things potentially? What about the implications of being paid in US$ - obviously there is the exchange rate to consider, but are there any US tax implications. Say for example the company are going to pay him $100000, if it's his own company and he effectively then pays himself, can he pay himself much less to save on tax etc? Any advice about this would be really welcome - he doesn't want to accept the job until he's researched these options, but they are pushing for an answer from him. If any one has any other ideas about this sort of stuff it would be great. Love Rudi x
  7. Hi I am a contract Business Analyst in the UK and have my own Limited Company. I would want to do the same sort of thing in Oz and can see there are loads of contract BA jobs in and around Sydney. Does anyone know how it works in Oz and what the tax structure is? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi there, I've emailed a couple of accountancy firms in Sydney with no reply yet so thought I would ask here if anyone has experience in the IT market in Sydney. Currently my wife and I both work for our own limited company, we then contract ourselves out on a daily rate to other organisations, this proves to be quite a lucrative way of working in the UK especially with our clever accountants. How does this work in Oz or is the line between contracting and perm a lot closer? Kind regards, Andy. :chatterbox:
  9. Guest

    IT contracting

    Hi, I'm thinking of IT contracting when I get to oz to ease myself into the labour market over there (I'm a network security specialist) Does anyone know what the situation is regarding tax etc? Over here you have ir35 which stops you avoiding nearly all tax on your wages by paying yourself dividends from your own company. Does a similar situation exist over there? is it even worth taking that kind of work? - any advice would be appreciated.....