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Found 51 results

  1. I recently got my 186 employer nomination direct entry granted. My contract through work on my 457 was u til 2019. I am wondering if this should now be made permanent or whether this is at the discretion of my work place whether they make permanent or not ? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. CHOOSING AN AUSTRALIAN MOBILE NETWORK Australia has always been a little behind when it comes to mobile phone networks especially where data allowances come in to it. Purchasing a reasonable priced plan, with good data allowance and network coverage is a nightmare. Firstly, what you need to know is that there are only three telecoms companies who own/operate the mobile towers infrastructure - Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone. No matter which provider you choose your network will be provided by one of these. Tip: A good site for searching what mobile coverage you have in your area is: https://oztowers.com.au/ At the time of writing there are 30 mobile phone carriers: Telstra Network Telstra Woolworths Aldi Boost Southern Phone Telechoice Cmobile Optus Network Optus Virgin Yomojo Jeenee Amaysim Ovo Vaya Coles Dodo Spintel IINet Bendigo Exetel Vodaphone Network Vodaphone Lebaraya TPG Kogan Gotalk Think Hello Mobile Looking at the list above you are probably wondering where to start. If you are going to travel away from the cities then you need to look at Telstra or Optus networks with Telstra being the winner when it comes to network coverage. To be honest there are not enough Vodaphone towers for you to even consider them unless you live, work and play in one of the main cities. Fetching a phone from overseas? If you're thinking or fetching a phone from overseas, below are the main frequencies that each carrier uses. (N.B. 2G is in the process of being phased out) Now you have an idea of what network provider to choose you need to consider whether you want a prepaid or contract phone. Prepaid/PAYG When you first touch down in Australia you are best picking up a SIM card from places like Woolworths, Coles, Servos, Newsagents or Post Offices. These can be purchased for $2 and will give you an Australian contact number to help you sort out Jobs, rentals, Medicare etc. Remember to get your mobile phone unlocked before you arrive in Australia if you are leaving your phone behind you can purchase a pre paid one for around $60. When you have purchased your sim you will then get to choose what plan you go on. These are called BYO Plans (bring your own) or Pre Paid Plans. Remember to check if data allowance is included and how much. Also some providers do a rollover so as long as you keep paying them a monthly top Up fee your unused minutes and data will be carried over to the next month. What do I need to get a Prepaid Sim? When you purchase a prepaid sim they will ask for Identification, usually a passport or driving license. Postpaid or Contract Most mobile phone contracts in Australia are for a 2 year period so you need to check that the coverage is right for you before signing any legal documents. An example cost would be: IPhone 7 32gig on Virgin mobile $62 per month gives you $300 calls and 500mb data $81 per month gives you $300 calls and 6 gig data In comparison for the same phone Telstra is currently $91 per month gives you $550 calls and 1 gig data. As you can see Telstra are one of the most expensive on their plans but shop around because each provider often changes their deals on a regular basis. Tip: A good comparison site for comparing mobile contracts is: https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones What do I need to get a mobile contract? The first thing they will ask is if you can meet the 100 point check, so you are going to need some ID like an Australian Driving License or a Medicare Card as well as a bank card. They will also ask if you are employed and how much you earn. Now I've known cases where people have managed to get a contract without this information or may say they are self employed and they will ask how much you currently earn. They do not ask for wage slips. Once the ID is provided they will make a call to see if you have a bad credit rating. Again I have not personally known anyone fail who has been a new arrival.
  3. Hi Everybody, I am intending to apply for visa 189 as Construction Project Manager but I am little concerned because I was not actually practicing construction in a strict sense since a while. So I am working as Contracts Manager (Admin) in construction projects since 10 years, however, I have a Civil Engineering degree and I had around +3 years experience at my early years as Construction engineer. I also have an LLM in Construction Law and Arbitration. So my questions are: - Given the above can I apply for a Construction Project Manager? - Is there a minimum activities of Construction Project Manager that need to be included in my Company letter of experience under the Contracts Manager? if so what would be the acceptable minimum match between both positions e.g. 60% or what? - What would be the main criteria of assessment that could make it or break it when it comes to a case like mine? Sorry for the elaboration and looking forward for your advice. Regards, SH
  4. Guest

    Cancelling uk mobile contract

    Hi, just wondered if anyone has managed to cancel their uk mobile contract without having to pay the full outstanding contract? If so how did you manage it? I've had a quick check around the net and the general consensus is that you just have to pay it up.
  5. Dear Experts, What are the consiquence if a employer breach all the conditions of agreement paper in rsms visa..for example no super, no penalty rates, no award wages, no fulltime work. will the employee visa b cancelled if he leaves the position.. What if DIAC finds the employee later that he left the position ..will the above reason be sufficient to prove that the employee have done best.. or does the employee needs to notify diac that the he have left the position.. can some one give me a proper advice ..what an employee should do in this circumstances.. Thanks in advance..
  6. Diamond dlyte

    In Bit of a pickle! need help

    Brought a house of the plan in 2006-7 for investment purpose, whilst still living in the UK, then sold that to the same developer to invest in a property in a nicer area, whilst still in the UK. Came to Aus in 2010, and start chasing the developer for the property, now in 2013 , i just found that he is in receivership and thinking at the time when i signed the contract there would be no issue. I have a signed copy (both parties) of the Contract of sale, stating the money paid. Now with the Receivers on board, does this contract still stand? Will i loose all my money and property! I have assigned a conveyancor, to deal with the property and they are absolutely shocked as to way things were done... Paid for the property in full before completion. What are my chances, now that the receivers are on board, am i making a mountain of a molehill, or is this worser than i think! Any help is appreciated Thanks
  7. Hi, We are about to move to another unit in Sydney and we have the chance to choose a new electricity and gas provider. We are currently with Origin and we've had no major trouble. However, I've read plenty of scary reviews about them and wanted to know if I should try my luck with a better company. Any input is much appreciated.
  8. Hello All, I would be grateful if some one can advise or give their story, in terms of immigrating from ireland/ u.k.(on a 457 business class) to begin new employment, but are really unhappy with there new employment. I am a nurse, with 20 years experience, desperately looking for advise. please help # loving australia.....
  9. I work for (and am joint owner of) a small company which has been offered work in Australia. A colleague has done some work there under a 456 (business short stay) visa. This is OK as far as it goes, but restricts an individual to no more than 6 weeks work in a 12 month period. We would like to do more work than this, and have been told the work is there. Our client in Australia would be willing to sponsor an individual (its a very specialized field) but this would mean becoming their employee and would also be effectively a full-time commitment to work and live there for at least a year (we have been told you must be there for at least 9 months out of 12). But actually we want to remain as paid employees of our UK company and not move permanently to Australia. Also we would like flexibility in which of our employees we send out to work there (perhaps for a few months a year). Ideas include setting up an Australian branch of my UK company (would that really help?) or collaborating with an existing Australian company as their subcontractor. Does anyone have any other ideas? I am struggling to find material on the official Australian immigration websites that covers our case, it generally assumes that a sponsored individual is an employee of an Australian company. :GEEK: Pip
  10. Guest

    RSMS visa (2 year contract)

    Hi! I am currently holding an RSMS visa with employee sponsorship. My contract of employment was signed and commenced on 18th January 2010 so therefore i have been contracted to the employer in the nominated position for 20 months. I have been told that the 2 year obligation however begins from the date the visa was granted which in my case was 17th June 2010. In researching this on immi.gov.au i have found the below paragraph: "The visa may be cancelled if the employee does not comply with these obligations to complete the two year contract with the employer." From reading this paragraph i am led to believe that i am only obliged to fulfil a 2 year contract with the nominated employer (This was the contract that was sent to immigration and was the basis on which my application was granted.) Please can anyone help me out with this! Thanks
  11. Guest

    Confused - 175 Visa or 121 Visa

    Hi, I am currently in NZ on a 457 visa going to Aus on a casual basis (well, the last casual assignment was for 8 months!!!). I am now thinking of migrating to Aus and weighing up options for different visas. The company is willing to sponsor me for 121 visa. But there is a 2 year contract attached and the company is relatively low-paying. On the other hand, I will qualify for 70 points for the 175 visa. I see that the minimum points is 65 points. My biggest concern is, 70 is only marginally above 65 points. I am afraid that the application may be rejected/delayed/lost interest. Do you guys think I am better to stick to a 121 visa? Or is 70 points good enough? Does anyone know how Immigration compares points against minimum point requirements? Any suggestions/ideas/sharings will be appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone! I am part of the recruitment team at Bankwest in Perth and we have an immediate vacancy for a Project Accountant on a 9 month fixed term contract to cover some maternity leave. Some of the key responsibilities of the role include: - Preparation of project business cases - Assist with preparation of quarterly forecasts and annual project budgets - Providing accounting support on projects as and when required We're looking for candidates who have the following: - Relevant tertiary qualifications in accounting, business or finance - Professional qualification (CA/CPA) or progressing towards this - Sound understanding of core accounting principles - Experience in preparing and reviewing financial and analytical models If you are new to Perth and looking for an immediate start then please feel free to contact me
  13. hi, all, it is so sad that most of us, the visa holder of RSMS 857 have all kinds of problems. we have been treated unfairly i have been working for the company for 2.5 years in total. but it has only been 8 months after my pr was granted. due to the financial loss and the restructure of the manage team. i was offer a part-time position instead of full-time position. two days ago, the new CEO notice me that our contract will be terminated shortly. i have seen a few similar cases in this forum. Yesterday, I have gone to the immigration office to report the problem as well. I have also call Immi, and send an email to them. waiting for the result please whoever has similar case, let us know your result and give us some hope :cry:
  14. Hi, I am a Software Developer from the UK specializing in .Net technologies with over 5 years commercial experience, including: ASP.Net, Winforms, Silverlight and WPF (.Net Frameworks 1.1 through 4.0). I am looking for a contract job in Sydney and can start any time after 5th December 2011 (the sooner the better). I have a working holiday visa entitling me to work in Australia for a year, starting when I arrive in Australia in December. I can send my CV on request and would greatly appreciate any help in finding a job. Thanks in advance, Ben
  15. Me and my wife are moving to Perth from the UK in July. I'm still undertaking my degree but have 10 years experience in both public and private sector construction since leaving school. Anyone know any decent contractors or agencies I could contact about work? Thanks. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  16. Hi, I'm aiming to emigrate to Oz this year with my family. But need to find sponsored employment as Contract Administrator as they are known in Oz (basically a Main Contracting Quantity Surveyor). I have 7 years experience but no BSc in Surveying, but do have a Geography Degree and Post Grad Diploma in Quantity Surveying accredited by th RICS, which is making a 175 Visa difficult to obtain. I'm trying to get some interviews lined up and head out there. But obviously got to get the interviews first. I dont suppose anyone could impart any advice from their experiences relative to my current situation? .
  17. Guest

    511111 or 511112?

    Hi all You may remember I was on a bit back when I split from my ex and was worried about kicking them off my 572(student) visa. At that time my employer expressed a desire to sponsor me (856!), and we've left it until now to start applying (as my Dip IT finishes shortly). I have over 10years experience (at least 5 demonstrable) in Project/Program administration. My current role is Contracts and Account Administrator (but I also run the training program, and coordinate incentives programs). I dont know which i should apply for 511111 or 511112? Does it matter when its clear to see I broadly meet the criteria for both? My employer obviously has to nominate me too, so its important we select the right one - theyre submitting their application/nomination this week. Im probably being paranoid and i also have the luxury of already having a visa, but the difference in fees for me are phenomenal if I get PR. It's still my intention to complete my degree, and I have the support of my employer to do so, so even if I was turned down, I could appy with a degree in a year or so. Anyone else got stories to tell about 511111/511112, or can allay my fears/give me pointers to success?
  18. Can anyone tell me what the following means please Upon commencement, the Employee shall be entitled to a rate of pay of $35.00 per hour. This includes the following allowances • All Purpose Allowance • Special Allowance – Expense related • Special Allowance – Work related • Travel and Expenses Does this mean the above allowances are built in to my hourly rate?
  19. Hi there every one, I have just moved to Melbourne from the UK, the move went fine; we are loving Melbourne and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of taking the plunge! But I have a feeling that I may have made a particularly daft assumption about LAFHA, please read on if you fancy a laf...ha! (can’t believe I just typed that) During my job interview I queried with my manager if I would receive LAFHA? They confirmed that I would, to the tune of $12k. When I received my contract LAFHA was not mentioned anywhere so I asked for it to be added. I was told that it was a standard contract and so it could not be added, instead my manager confirmed for me in email that I would receive LAFHA. So I jumped to the logical assumption that I would receive LAFHA on top of my base salary, yes I know I feel pretty thick now! On reading my first pay slip I was shocked to see that my base salary had been reduced by $12k per year and every month I received $1k tax free, nice but not quite as nice as I was expecting. I am now in the situation where by I am $12k worse off, and wondering what my options are? Do I have a case to request that my LAFHA be added on top of my base salary, or will they just turn around and say no as I have signed a contract not mentioning LAFHA? Or do I have a case to increasing my LAFHA amount? After doing some further reading it would appear that the LAFHA amount of $12k is quite small considering the food component on its own comes to nearly $12k, not including the housing component, should I try and argue that this be reassessed? What are my chances? Interestingly I am receiving less super in my payslip than is listed in my contract, I assume this is because super is calculated not including the LAFHA amount, could I use this to argue any of the above points? Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance Barry
  20. Guest

    ausaid contract waiver

    I need some advise about my situation. I have received Australian Development Scholarship (ADS). In this scholarship there is a contract that upon the completion of my degree I have to return to my home country immediately and stay there for 2 years and contribute towards the development of the country. I want to get married to my boy friend who has Australian PR right after my degree or in my last semester. I dont want to stay away from him for 2 years in my home country. I dont know if there any possibility to waive off this contract or extend my stay by requesting for a grace period of 2-3 years after the degree completion?Kindly let me know the different ways I can extend my stay or ideally waive off this contract. I really don’t want to drop the scholarship as it is a life changing for me and my family, I’m afraid that if I have to leave Australia right after the degree I might have to drop the scholarship now and instead get married to him. Kindly guide me and help me take the most important decision of my life!
  21. Hello all Could anyone shed some light on the following: Will state sponsorship be refused if you are locked into a current employment contract? I'm currently serving with the RAF and my end of service date is the start of October 2012. I have been told by my emigration agent that they have not had any issues with this in the past. However I have been informed once by an outside emigration agent that I may be refused the 176 visa as I'm still serving with the RAF and under contract. We are now at the point of lodging our visa applicantion and would not like to find out that we have wasted our money. Also we don't want to delay the application and face the possibility that my occupation is removed from the State sponsorship list. Currently there are only two States available to us. Any information would be gratefully received. Many thanks Ian and Debbie
  22. Hello all Could anyone shed some light on the following: Will state sponsorship be refused if you are locked into a current employment contract? I'm currently serving with the RAF and my end of service date is the start of October 2012. I have been told by my emigration agent that they have not had any issues with this in the past. However I have been informed once by an outside emigration agent that I may be refused the 176 visa as I'm still serving with the RAF and under contract. We are now at the point of lodging our visa applicantion and would not like to find out that we have wasted our money. Also we don't want to delay the application and face the possibility that my occupation is removed from the State sponsorship list as currently there are only two States available to us. Any information would be gratefully received. I have also posted this on the Migration part of the forum as I was not sure which would be the best place:confused: Many thanks Ian and Debbie
  23. Hi All I have just received an offer of employment in Auz and a contract to sign. The employer is willing to sponsor me on a 457 visa. The contract has a number of things in it including salary, bonus, holiday etc but I wondered whether anyone knows what else should be in there. At present there are a couple of things that are worrying me, one is no mention of sick leave and the other is the length of the employment contract which is 2 years. I would look to being made a permanent resident if all works out and understand that I will need to have been employed for 2 years in order to lodge an application. However, it seems (correct me if i'm wrong) that the 457 will probably be issued for 2 years (based on the contract) and will commence from the issue date and not the start of employment date, which could mean that I am short of the 2 years required for the PR. Additionally the PR would take time to apply for and so again I would be short. In this case the only option i would have would be to reapply for a 457 (extra cost, time etc). So should i go back the the employer and ask for the contract to be 3 years to allow for the shortfall? Sorry for the long involved post. Just wanted to try and make it clear... Cheers Sonia
  24. Hi there, do you happen to be an experienced SAP Training Developer using Productivity Pak and want to spend a few months in Darwin working on a project? Then read on and please do get in touch with me! This role plays an important part in a large SAP implementation project within a Government organisation based in Darwin. As SAP Training Developer you will design and development of training material using Productivity Pak for a number of SAP modules (such as FI/CO, HR, SD, PM etc.). To secure this role, you will have experience in the following: Design and development of training material for SAP modules Experienced in using Productivity Pak Team Player Excellent verbal and written communications skills High attention to detail As part of the project team you will also have a professional outlook and a willingness to exceed client expectations. Start: as soon as possible Duration: 6-8 weeks - potentially longer Location: Darwin We can offer an attractive daily rate for the right candidate! Unfortunately we won't be able to sponsor the right candidate, so please make sure you only apply if you have a valid work visa for Australia! Cheers! Kathrin
  25. Contracts Administrator - Tamworth Regional, NSW A Contracts Administrator is required for a top building contractor for regional work. Immediate Requirement, lengthy contract, great hourly rates - Tamworth, NSW Candidates looking for obtain a second year visa encouraged Or client is one of Australia’s leading construction companies with a wealth of experience across multiple construction sectors including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure. Due to a heavy regional workload our client is looking to recruit a Contracts Administrator on a long-term contract basis. Working in a Contracts Administrator position you will initially work on educational, department of housing and other building projects, your duties will include; · Procurement work · Identifying and reviewing variations · Subcontract management · Production of monthly reports · Cost Forecasting / Financial Monitoring · Agreement of final accounts This is an urgent requirement and will offer a hourly strong rate for appropriately qualified candidates who possess the following; · 5 years+ experience as Contracts Administrator · Experience as a 'stand-alone' CA who can operate autonomously · Main Contractor experience · Experience working on multi-million pound commercial and public building schemes This post would be ideal for regional candidates residing near Tamworth or International Quantity Surveyors who are seeking regional work to obtain second year visas. To register your interest in this position, please pm for further details