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Found 8 results

  1. whoiam

    An alternative to Contraception?

    Just sharing as this is an alternative for those who want one -- http://www.1flesh.org/argument_page/a-better-way/ Creighton is completely natural, inexpensive, and has zero side-effects. It takes the simple, scientific fact that a woman’s cervical mucus changes in response to her fertility, then teaches women how to observe those changes and to chart them. Women, by understanding their own bodies, are far more effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy than the Pill manages to be. And it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. The method looks at a woman’s unique cycle and works with it. But Creighton isn’t just a method of family planning. Creighton is a comprehensive understanding of women’s health, a method that takes the mystery out of a woman’s cycle and allows her to operate in sync with her body. Having this self-knowledge allows women to take care of all sorts of hormonal issues, from pregnancy to PMS, ovarian cysts to infertility. Thus Creighton boasts that: It is 2 to 3 times more effective than in vitro fertilization at helping infertile couples have children — at a fraction of the cost. It is 79% effective at helping women have a successful pregnancy after they have suffered repetitive miscarriages. It can help women learn they are at risk for a miscarriage even before one has occurred. It is is 95% effective at treating PMS, a condition that plagues millions of American women each month. It is also 95% effective at treating Post-Partum Depression, which afflicts as many as one in five new mothers, often getting results within hours. It cuts the rate of premature birth nearly in half — thus helping reduce the incidence of birth defects. It allows for the accurate dating of the beginning of pregnancy, thus helping avoid end-of pregnancy complications. It can more than halve the recurrence of chronic pelvic pain, and it reduces the hysterectomy rate by 75%. …and much more. In the midst of all this, it’s important to realize that Creighton is not easy. It’s easy to learn, but — if a couple wishes to avoid pregnancy — it requires approximately 8-11 days of abstinence from sexual intercourse each month, a number that can increase if a couple is working to resolve a health issue. This requires real communication between couples, discipline, and a love willing to look beyond the present need and to the good of the other. Living a natural sex life demands something of a lifestyle change, a thing we humans fear.
  2. purpledonna

    Is contraception free in Australia?

    I've been Googling about it but can't find anything concrete. Is contraception free over there? Such as condoms, contraceptive jelly and what not? I guess it's best to stock up before hand really.
  3. piglet1

    BCP Contraception? HELP!

    Okay, my 6 month supply of BCPs are almost running out, only one pack left. In Malaysia, I can just get it over the counter. But I think I need to get a prescription for it here? I'm based in Melbourne. So step 1: Update medicare details (bank acc and address, since I used my partner's mum address for that and don't have a bank account yet at that time) Step 2: (after updating medicare) Book time for GP Step 3: See GP (duh, haha)... it's $45 per consultation on a weekend (can't afford to take a day off from work). Step 4: GET PILLS FROM CHEMIST! I am just curious about the Medicare part, do I get my $45 back? Or it is partially covered? I am on Mercilon, but can't seem to find it through Google here in Aus?
  4. Me, my OH and two kids 13 & 10 are hoping to be over in Melbourne/Geelong area next September. I'm currently a Specialist Outreach Nurse/Team Leader working with young people & vulnerable adults. I also work in nurse led C&RH clinics to PGD, fit & remove implants and am considering training to fit coils to. (sorry - sounds like I'm applying for a job!) Am I right in thinking that contraception services are more GP led in Oz compared to the UK. I can't seem to find any info about clinics at all and certainly no jobs apart from the Sexual Health Centre at The Alfred. My sister works for FPV in Melbourne but if we don't settle in Mellie that won't be an option. I would consider going down the sexual health/GUM route or would I be able to transfer my skills & knowledge over to something like school nursing? Any help, advice or suggestions would be really useful. I'm already registered with the NVB / ANMC. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi! I am moving to Brisbane in December. I am a little worried about Contraception over there, to some this may seem like stupid question but I need to be sure? I currently have a Depo Provera injection every 3mths as a contraception to prevent pregnancy. Does anyone know if they use our methods? I am thinking that if they do not have the injection available then maybe I should get the 5year implant in my arm, but then I worry about whether they have that aswell to know about removing it??? Any info that anyone has relating to this, please please let me know!!
  6. I was wondering if the depo injection is readily available in Oz and if so how much it costs? Many thanks Emma x
  7. Guest


    Hi guys, this one is for anyone in oz. Can anyone help us out concerning contraception in oz. Bearing in mind Tina is taking the contraceptive pill. Although i keep saying about having the snip, i still haven't got round to it. Anyway enough about me. What we would like to know is should Tina stock up with enough contraception pills to last a while and then hopefully we will be familiar with oz doctors and continue as we have here. Do you have to see a doctor to get this prescribed? I would like to know the formality of how to go about this. I'm sure its just as easy as it is here. We know we have to pay for prescriptions as well, over in oz, cost depending on whats in medication. Sorry for the slightly personal question but would love to know the answer. tina,eddie
  8. Guest


    contraception This is gonna sound odd :huh: Is contraception like the pill free in Australia like it is over here? )