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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all I need to submit evidence of CPD for AHPRA for registration. I am a bit confused as to what to send to them for this. I have been a mentor to a 3rd year student nurse from Jan - March this year and was wondering if this would account for the 20 hours evidence? as I have worked with her on lots of my shifts 12.5 hrs? She said she will write a statement for me and I was going to write a reflective piece to cover the time I have worked with her and the learning outcomes I wanted to achieve with her. Do you think that this would be sufficient? I have looked at the FAQ on AHPRA website, but would liketo hear from anyone who has sent in their CPD to give me some reassurance I am on the right track or will I need to send in a lot more written evidence to cover this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. We're currently waiting for my skills assessment to come through but it's taking bloomin ages (thanks, Engineers Australia). We've sold the house, flogged loads of stuff at a boot sale and are now ready to leave the UK. My engineering qualifications and experience will comfortably see me through either the old or new points system as a Mechanical Engineer (on every state's SMP list). I'm getting a bit impatient so was wondering.......... If I can find an employer who will offer a 457 sponsorship, can I simply continue my 176 application? Or would it be best to sit and wait for the 176 which, at this rate could take 6 months. Thanks.
  3. Hiya PIO, My husband and I have been 'enjoying' the rollercoaster of DIAC since the begining of this year. We have a lodged 176 family sponsored visa with my husbands job under the old SOL and not the new one. We are really trying to weigh up all the options and decide what the next step should be. We don't have the money to re-apply for state sponsorship and reapply for a visa, two kids under 5 and one on the way means not alot of additional to give DIAC. They have taken quite enough for now! My husband is a project manager and has english test at average 8.5, succesful VETASSES assesment and is actively seeking work in Melbourne. He is currently studying and paying for additional qualifications to try and boost his CV and, fingers crossed, should be PRINCE 2 qualified by the end of this week. We are wondering what steps to take next..we feel as if our only option is to seek emplyer sponsorship and get out that way, but this seems very unlikely that we will find a job and also find a willing employer to sponsor him. Part of us wonders if we should just shut the door on it all and move on here, but of course hesitant to do so just in case we do get a visa in the next 18months or so. I know its highly unlikely but any insights would be really appreciated. I know many of you are in the same boat but I for one am really struggle with the what if scenarios! Thanks for any help, perspectives! Amelia
  4. Just moving to Melbourne on a 457 visa and want to continue our NI contributions for the state pension. The rate is £12 odd per week but there is a lower £2 odd per week rate. I have seen people saying it is possible to pay the lower rate. Does anyone know how or what the chriteria are? Also a pointer to any required forms would be helpful. Many thanks, Mike
  5. hi, i have finished my graphic design degree back then in my country and currently studying advanced diploma of hospitality in australia. i am about to finish my cert 3 (should be in 26th march actually), but since the government are changing lots of things i am thinking to change my course. my 2nd year (diploma of hospitality) will start in april, but i am still wondering whether i should continue or not, or maybe change course to a 'safer one for PR' (such as graphic pre-press or accounting?). i chose hospitality because it is not as expensive as undergraduate or master program.. any suggestions? are there any other way to get the PR besides business visa & spouse visa? currently i am in sydney with my wife (she's on student dependent visa), both of us are 20s, any other way to help us to settle in australia? thanks
  6. Hi there, We have a 14 year old son who has just started his GCSEs (year 10) here in the UK. We are hoping to move out to Oz early next year and was wondering what we can expect in terms of him continuing his education. Really don't know much about their system. Do they get to choose subject options in year 10 like here, or is it completely different. I understand there is no equivalent of a GCSE in Australia, but rather a general high school certificate covering a range of subjects, similar to the American system. Is this correct? Can anyone advise please. Thanks in advance.