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Found 22 results

  1. Hi We have been in Sydney for 8 weeks now and our ship docked yesterday, I wondered how long it took for the containers to arrive at the door??? I am desperate to have all our things around us, and my son needs to have all his toys etc....... We are really hoping to be in our house for Christmas as we are staying in a serviced apartments and its driving us mad!!!:goofy: would be great to hear of others experiances with this :biggrin:
  2. Has anyone heard of this? John Mason's are the only shippers who have mentioned to us that Aussie customs have started pulling containers and ordering them to be 'decontaminated' on the outside only. Is this true or is it BS? Cheers all Ben & Kelly
  3. Guest

    Anglo Pacific containers

    hi, has anyone used Anglo Pacific Containers? We have been sent some info on them by our Migrant agents. I am looking for quotes at this stage but am obviously looking at the best customer service from the company:cute: any advice always helpful...x Dennise
  4. Hi folks, i have a question about storage boxes. I am about to start de-cluttering my home and beginning to have a long overdue sort out, with a view in mind of chucking stuff out that I am not taking to Australia with me. However, what I am going to keep, I want to store. Now my first thought is to store these things in plastic boxes but I think I read on here that if you putting things in a container for shipment they recommend not using plastic boxes, is this right??? Thanks Mandisfam
  5. Guest

    containers and pets

    Can anyone please tell me a good container company for transporting our furniture also someone that deals with sending pets over too. We have a springer spaniel to take to Perth. When do you think I should book these. We are leaving in December 2009 Any help appreciated
  6. You may have gathered we are finally online!!:v_SPIN: Our container arrived no problem - except Customs wanted to hold 3 items. One a small tuck box my son had locked without our knowledge, another trunk they couldnt figure out how to open full of linen so just broke open although they deny it, and another old trunk (told my OH we should leave it behind but it belonged to his grandfather!) which they decided needed fumigating and cost us $160! We used Whites, they were competitive price wise and were very efficient with the packing, done in 3 days. Shipping took 9 weeks, customs 8 days and delivery easy. Just a few basic breakages (a couple of glasses, the glass of 3 pictures, and 3 lamp shades that were squeezed into a neat little gap in a box that were subsequently squashed as the ship rolled across the oceans!). Even candles survived. All our outside stuff (bike, some garden tools, ladder, golf clubs etc) was all pressure washed. Even brough a seed tray starter, but made sure there was no trace of soil on anything so no complaints from anyone. Golf club heads were scrubbed clean too. Nothing I wish we had brought that we didnt - have heard that fridges and freezers can struggle to keep cold enough in the Brisbane heat, not sure if anyone has found that but I have bought a couple of 2nd hand ones here with no problem. Didnt bring wooden garden furniture though. Have been recommended to get all our plugs changes by a registered electrician though to cover us for any problems (insurance if something goes wrong at a later date). Brisbane is fantastic, we love it, and are 6 weeks in, kids happy in school, OH happy in the city and realising that things dont happen quickly over here, they re about 20yrs behind the Uk in some things! Dont hesitate, come on over!
  7. Guest

    Shipping & Shared containers

    Hi there, please could anyone tell me what they have been quoted for sharing a container to Melbourne. We are having one company to come and give us a quote Thursday. I was just wondering if anyone could share there experiences of this. We are looking at sending our stuff within the next few weeks. Hope you can help! Cheers:wubclub:
  8. Guest


    Booked our flights for the 3rd November - so on the countdown now!!! The hard work starts now though. Got a buyer for the house so that a bonus, next step to get quotes for Containers. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated, also on what companies people had success with. Many thanks
  9. Guest

    Reafer containers

    Hi, Has anyone been offered a 'Reafer container' or indeed used one for their removals over to Australia? await anyones advice and thanks in advance. x :wacko:
  10. Guest

    Help with containers

    Hi As I'm very new to this site etc. hope somebody can help. My husband and I are wanting to be in Oz by the end of the year with our daughter and her family. We are hoping to ship some of our furniture there and not sure whether to use a container or just packing cases. Can anybody offer advice? Thanks for any help. Julieo
  11. Guest

    Help with containers

    Hi there Has anybody done it "do it yourself" container shipment to Australia? We were thinking of buying a container and packing it ourselves and then shipping it through an agent. Not sure if it would work out any cheaper than going through an established firm. Any info. would be really appreciated. Many thanks Julieo
  12. Guest

    Removals, Containers

    Hi can anybody out there tell me the average cost I can expect to pay for a container, and who you would recommend. Thanks Mo :?:
  13. Guest

    shipping containers (cost of)

    Is it cost effective to ship furniture etc.to Oz, or is it almost as cheap to buy new? How much does it cost to send a small container from the UK to Oz? Can't decide whether to ditch everything or should we take it to make us feel more at home. What is everyone else doing?
  14. Guest

    20ft Containers

    Hi everyone:) Had a lady round today from one of the companies that are providing quotes for our removals to Brisbane. We are entitled to a 20ft container with Chris' work package but she does not think we will be able to fit all our stuff in:skeptical: I didnt think we had that much, especially as lots of our furniture and contents were lost when our house was flooded in June. Anyone else had this problem? She suggested moving up to a 40ft container but I think we will have to pay the extra ourselves (not more cost!!!) My little boy Dylan was getting quite concerned that all his toys would be going, bless! Byee for now Karen xx
  15. Hi does anyone know if you can put wait for it....:arghh: Chocolate in your containers as have heard its not good out there. Also I have heard that tea is not to sharp either. So will be taking my Typhoo pyramids several boxes of them,,, as I need a decent cuppa.Yes I know I'm sad and its the least of my worries but I need em. Hope to be in Mount Martha mid January so anyone else going we can meet up for a cuppa somewhere...any offers.:jiggy:
  16. Hi does anyone know if you can put wait for it....:arghh: Chocolate in your containers as have heard its not good out there. Also I have heard that tea is not to sharp either. So will be taking my Typhoo pyramids several boxes of them,,, as I need a decent cuppa.Yes I know I'm sad and its the least of my worries but I need em. Hope to be in Mount Martha mid January so anyone else going we can meet up for a cuppa somewhere...any offers.:jiggy:
  17. Please can someone help, I have gone blank I need to get some people round to give me some quotes for shipment of content of my house. I think I am still in shock we have just sold our house been on the market for 4 months which has seemed like a lifetime, with people asking me nearly every single day have you sold your house yet I could scream. I thought going through the visa process was stressful enough but I cant tell you enough how much I feel stressed. There seems so much to sort out and I dont know where to start. We was not going to take our cat, but now reality has set in I cant leave her here, Does anybody know of any contacts for migrating animals? would be grateful of any help thanks. Cheryl x
  18. Guest

    Containers and weight

    Hi all does anyone know is there a weight limit when shipping a container? We're looking at using a 20 ft container and would like to know if there is a weight limit.
  19. Guest


    Hi can anyone give us a rough figure for how much it cost to get everything from uk to aus on a container ?
  20. Hi there First time user of the forum. My wife and I are planning on moving to Brisbane by the end of this year with our wee boy. So far we have researched areas, rental prices, house prices, job availability and shipping costs for the cat!!! However, struggling to get a good indication on costs for taking a container full of all our worldly possessions and any tips on avoiding additional costs, like cleaning etc. As mentioned in the heading, we live in soctland, edinburgh to be exact and i am sure that will be a factor in the costs. All and any help will be gratefully received. Cheers Mattybhoy
  21. Bladder

    shipping / containers

    Hi, We are moving to Brisbane at the end of October, we hope to sell off most of our stuff, only taking personal belongings, so we only need to share a container. We haven't worked out how much we are taking in cubic feet, but it's not going to be a whole lot. Any suggestions of oversea removal companies with good rates would be appreciated. Thanks
  22. £3.700 is this good for a 20 footer going to perth regards john