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Found 15 results

  1. cki2011

    Contacting the case officer ????

    Hello It is nearly 4 weeks since the Case Officer has had all our documents and we are getting a little anxious as in the recent post on here we are finding the 176 Visas are going through very quickly so we are thinking of emailing him to ask how long it will might take to reach a decicion but it says on the diac site not to email asking questions has anybody emailed the case officer before to ask this or should we just wait it out? any advice would be apreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I have done the medical and reached Sydney couple of weeks ago. CO said he hasn't got it yet. Do you know the email for contacting the divison which handled the medical? Thanks.
  3. Guest

    Contacting Schools re: places

    Hello All, Hope you can help. We're deciding whether it would be better to move to Perth at a time when my eldest (6) would be starting a new school year (Just after xmas) or as I'd prefer go this year (October) but that would mean he'd start school mid-term. Firstly, would a school accept a child mid-term? Secondly, if this is possible, have people had experience in this - did the children settle in ok? Finally, did people contact schools via email before arriving in Perth or just wait until they arrived? And where is the best place to find a list of schools and contact email addresses? Thanks in anticipation Carl
  4. Hi to all, I am worried about finding work when we migrate to Australia in 2012. I would like to work in a hospital or medical centre, maybe catering, but has anyone emailed companies to make enquiries about prospective jobs, or is it best to wait until i get there? I am a citizen by birth but have lived in uk 25 years and have had quite a few jobs here in catering (not a chef) and the NHS and private medical sector. I will try to get references as much as i can but i'm worried i won't be able to get any work when i get there. I also don't know which websites to go on to find suitable places to work where i can email them for advice about job possibilities. If anyone can advise me if they have the same worries i would love to hear from you. Many thanks:wubclub:
  5. hi all my migration agent wound up his buisness in my home town, now i need to contact the head office of the agent for everything which is faraway. can anybody tell me how to inform DIAC( my application is already in the pipeline) about scrapping of contract with agent? can i unilarerally end the contract? reply would be higly appreciated
  6. Guest

    Contacting case officers

    Hi Everyone, When contacting your Case officer has anyone ever had a response from the email address they use to contact you by. I have always replied to this address when attaching documents to the team email as far as I know but have not had a reply from my case officer now and its been over a week. I did get an automated reply saying documents have been sucessfully received but I have'nt attached anything just wriiten to her which makes me wonder can they only receive attachments and nothing else? Thanks Everyone
  7. Guest

    Number for contacting DIAC

    Hi, anybody out there know the phone number for contacting DIAC regarding my visa application? I've tried contacting my agent about information being sent to the wrong email address but getting nowhere fast. Thought it best to try & deal with DIAC direct. Can anybody help???? Thanks Jo x
  8. Hi, Does anybody know how to contact the person at the ACS managing your application. I applied online last week and tried to pay by my credit card and it got bounced because the transaction was in Australia according to my credit card company. When this happened the online system said that they would contact me to arrange an alternative payment method. They haven't yet but I noticed today that somebody is managing my application now so wanted wondering if anybody know's how I can contact them. Regards Lee
  9. Guest

    Contacting CO by Email (UK)

    Just wondering how does usually take your CO to reply to your emails?
  10. RoseBrown1972

    Contacting DIAC

    Hi My story is that I applied for a 175 CSL 30 June last year, we got asked to do our medicals in November which we did. Then we didn't hear anything for months despite being CSL, finally my agent agreed that we'd waiting to long and I rang them to chase up. This was about the 20th March, 2 days later we got a new caseworker and a request for further information as my husband has a 16 year old non migrating daughter who we can't ask to do the medicals. We dealt with this via a stat dec as advised by agent. This was submitted the 15 April. My agent said that I should expet to wait 2 to 8 weeks but as our solicitor who has dealt with the stat dec and all the issues with his daughter is going on maternity leave early june I didn't want to wait this long. I rang DIAC 2 weeks ago and got told at current processing rates I should hear in 2 weeks, I explained about the solicitor and got told an email would be sent to my caseworker. I rang today after not hearing back and got told 2 weeks again, so again I explained the solicitor issue and got told that as my agent had uploaded the extra information that the caseworker would not know that it had been received! So they needed to be told! Now that sounds a load os rubbish to me! I assume most applications are made online and that most of them must have to send extra info of some sort and do so by uploading! So that must be why they are so slow as they never know the information is there! I know other people have been waiting longer but I am so frustrated as I got told as CSL once I had done the medical having the visa was imenent even with the non migrating child issue!
  11. Guest

    Contacting Dept of Immigration

    I am trying to call the D o I tonight. I understand that Adelaide is 9 and a half hours ahead of BST. The number I've got from the website is 00 61 1300 364 613. All I'm getting is a continous tone that sounds like it might mean number not available. Has anyone had any success contacting them?
  12. Hi All Has anyone had a problem contacting ACTS TradeTrain in Australia? because I read a thread recentley suggesting that there maybe a problem with the company, some people have had problems getting replies from them. I used ACTS and had no problems I paid £3,750 when they first started, then they dropped there prices by half (Thats Life). Im now due to arrive in Aus in March and have paid them for a Business course and for them to obtain my licence for me. I have left messages with Peter but had no reply. Has anyone else had problems. Thanks
  13. Hi all I was wondering if anyone can help!!!! My husband is a heavy goods diesel fitter and is looking into working for the mining companies. We already have our 136 visa. The problem we are finding is that we have to go through agancies. I was wondering if anyone can furnish us with information of how to contact direct please :smile: Thank you Clayton Gang (Jenny and Mark)
  14. Guest

    Contacting the Inland Revenue

    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me the best way to get their self-employment history from the Inland Revenue please? I saw a post on here not too long ago....but do you think I can find it?! All help much appreciated!! xx
  15. Guest

    Contacting the case officer

    Ok, so no news today. I currently have an email sitting already composed asking if the case officer can give an indication of timescales. Trouble is - I'm too scared to send it - I don't want to do anything that's likely to cause trouble, but we don't even know if the meds have been received or anything - we're completely in the dark. Any ideas? Daisydeeds