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Found 27 results

  1. Jock

    Going back

    For the last two years I have been on casual employment and it's not been a financial success, and when the school holidays kick in, I have not a lot of work. I'm a school bus driver . I made a deal with myself that if I didn't get a permanent position, by the time I'm 58, I would return to the UK. So, as I haven't been back for some years, I would like to hear some thoughts,ideas about the pros and cons of heading home. Funny that,,saying heading home. Been here since 1994 and I don't think I've ever called Adelaide home!
  2. Guest

    Living inland pros and cons

    Hi all, Just want to know wot everyone think about living in land away from the coast. Wot living costs, quality of life and are there as much to do inland as there is on the coast? Nice to hear from people living inland maybe near or in towns like moranbah. All information and your views welcome.
  3. Hey, Started a thread about Rockingham and Mandurah and got loads of replies. Now it looks like we have to go Rural which rules Rocky out. So looking at options like Mandurah and Bunbury. I know some people just want to use the word Bogans ( by the way this is a scottish word) But looking for advice, There is me I am in sales my wife is a Hairdresser and my 5 year old Daughter who love her clubs like Dancing and Tae kwon do. Looking for somewhere safe and peacefull a big change fro the west coast of Scotland. Jobs have to be had maybe not in what we do just now. I will research things like schools and real estate but somethings cant be looked up on the net. Any help would be great. Jason:smile:
  4. Hi I am a Medical Social Worker and I am presntly applying for 176 visa. I have had my AASW assessment and am hoping to secure a Medical Social Work role in a hospital in Melbourne. I have heard mixed reviews about social work roles in Victoria and am wondering if these mainly relate to Child Protection roles? I am also concerned about the salary I could expect over there as it appears low from research on the Internet. In Ireland I currently earn Approx 46,000 euro a yr Working full time equiv of approx 64,000 aud a year. However am I right that a social worker with three yrs experience in oz would earn about 50,000 aud? This worries me as I saw on another thread the national average income in oz is approx 60,000. Is social work a very low paid job in oz or am I just looking that up wrong somewhere? Obviously we are not just moving for money and the lifestyle etc is the biggest draw but as a mother of two I don't want to making any stupid financial risks either. Thanks to anyone who can advise on social work in oz the pros and cons. Thanks
  5. Guest

    The CONS of Emigrating

    What would you put on your CONS list regarding emigrating? I'm on one of my missions to get ammunition for my case to put forward to Hubby to try and get him to agree to emigrate! I am looking to make a list of pros and cons so I've started two separate threads so that I can note what other people's views are on the pros and cons of emigrating and then present them to OH:wub: Kari :wubclub:
  6. Hi gang was wondering if anybody could give me some info, looking at moving to Melbourne mid Oct, and was hoping someone could steer me in the right areas to look at to live in. cant seem to find any negatives on the net :idea:. Which i am sure there must be some, i have three lads and any info would be great. Ta
  7. Hi there, just getting some opinions on people who have lived in Randwick as it's pretty much highest on a shortlist of areas I'd be interested in living once I make the move in June. Ideally looking for a laid back place to live with a decent level of shops/cafes not too expensive rent, and not too far from a beach and park space. Will be commuting to Kogarah, but the OH to CBD, but not too fussed about the distance. Would love to hear from anyone who has lived/is living in Randwick. Thanks!
  8. Guest

    475 visa - Pro's & Cons????

    475 visa - Pro's & Cons???? HI was just wondering if anyone on here has gone to oz on a 475 visa or is in the process? As i understand it this is a temp visa, could we still apply for citizenship after 2 years? Also does anyone know if whilst on this visa you would need to pay for school & medical fee's ? Generally how long does the visa take to be processed and a CO assigned?Are we in any category?eg:Cat2,cat3 Any experience's on this visa would be great to hear as Im a bit weary,wondering& worried? Thanks to all the advice in advance!!:notworthy:
  9. Hello We are a long way off going to Oz but I'm thinking about where to live, Originally I was planning Adelaide and had researched quite a bit. The problem was I didn't research OH's occupation and it's unlikely he will be able to find work there. I'm an accountant and there seem to be plenty of opportunities all over Oz but my OH is an IT security consultant. Melbourne and Sydney have the best jobs markets but there also seemed to be quite a few jobs in Brisbane for him. Of the 3 OH likes Melbourne and I like Brisbane. We are hoping to do a reccie and visit all 3 but I need to find myself a new job to pay for it as I was made redundant in Jan!
  10. Hi All We are moving to Sydney in a couple of weeks and will be trying to secure a rental for our family in the Hills area when we arrive. We have a young daughter who is desparate for us to try to find a house with a pool, but never having lived in a house with a pool (a hot tub is as far as we have gone on that score), we would be interested to hear any thoughts or experiences from those who have. In particular, we would be interested in getting an idea about costs of running a small pool (electricity, chemicals, water useage etc) and also how much work it entails to maintain it (ie cleaning, water checks, pumps, how often does the water need to be changed etc?). Do you think it is generally worthwhile, or would it be better to wait until we are more settled. Any thoughts, advice or experiences welcome. Many thanks! Damiane and Cara
  11. Guest

    Re-reading the pros and cons list

    We have been to oz a few times now and currently 2yrs into our latest stint here with a view to returning home sometime within the next 12mths.The decision to return was an easy one for us but we still sat and made the pros and cons list just to be sure we were all on the same page and would have no regrets later down the road. Yesterday I re-read that list and compared it to the list we made before moving here.Boy was that an eye-opener.One of the things we did was write a diary entry each day for two weeks about what we did that day and how it felt etc..we did this before each decision and the kids also did this.Reading back through both the most noticable aspect is how mundane our life here seems compared to there and the lack of humour in our writings. Has anyone else re-read their list and thought "Wow,has life become so uneventful?Have we become so boring?"Even the kids diary entries have so little in them,so little to write about,struggled to fill a page a day whereas in ireland their books were overflowing. Was making such a list an eye-opener for anyone else?My husband,an aussie,often makes one comment when talking about how life here compares to what we left behind,he says..'How the mighty have fallen,from living life to just existing because of one fateful decision'. Not sure if this makes any sense to others,just having one of those days I suppose and wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.
  12. We have recently got a CO after a very very long wait...:notworthy: We jumped through many hoops to try and keep up with the immigration process over the last two years, but we always seemed to be one step behind. During our process we changed our application from the 175 to 176 visa gaining SS. However, as QLD (which is where we initially wanted to go to) took so long to get back to us we applied for WA (we were honest with them and explained that we had already applied to another state) and finally we received both SS for QLD & WA... However, we thought the decision of which state we would be going to had been taken out of our hands as my hubby's trade was not on the new QLD SMP but was on the WA SMP... However, our CO has now asked us to decide which state we want to go to! Now, we initially wanted the sunshine state of QLD but after extensive investigations into WA we have warmed to that state too and since neither myself or my hubby has been to Australia we are finding it very difficult to decide which state would be better for our family and way of life. So, to anyone who can help, anyone who has been or lives in either state would you mind giving me some true life pro's and con's to the state you know. For example, any info on the following would be a great help:wubclub:; Work prospects in general (however hubby is a Plasterer) Weather - how much rainfall do you get compared to sunshine? Is it too humid? Freak weather - do you suffer from floods often, bush fires, droughts etc What are the people like, is one side friendlier than the other? Cost of living? Food, electricity, insurances, TV, Telephone/Internet, Water rates etc... any hidden charges to watch out for? How much are your outgoings? (We will be a family of 5) Do you find one state cheaper than the other? Is Perth too isolated? Is there much nightlife and things to do during the day? Is QLD too built up and over populated? What activities are there for people with young families? What areas in WA or QLD would you avoid and what areas would you say were good up and coming nice areas? I know there are a lot of questions there, but if you can answer just a few with some pro's and con's it would be a great help to us... I have spent all week trying to find answers and seem to be going round and round in circles... Looking forward to your comments and really appreciate your help. Tasha x:hug:
  13. leethesparks

    457 visa - Pro's & Cons????

    HI was just wondering if anyone on here has gone to oz on a 457 visa or is in the process? As i understand it this is a temp visa, could we still apply for citizenship after 2 years? Also does anyone know if whilst on this visa you would need to pay for school & medical fee's in perth? Any experience's on this visa would be great to hear as im a bit weary & wondering whether to just wait for SS :confused: :hug:
  14. Anybody any views on shipping a car to Australia, i have a Lexus IS 220D SE-L Diesel, which is only a couple of years old, so i am considering shipping the car over with me when i relocate, but i have heard that this isnt always the best policy. Is their any over costing , charges i need to be aware of once the car arrives in Australia that i need to factor in. Thanks
  15. boogaloo

    Pros & Cons of renting UK home?

    Hi guys We have had our visa for 15 months now (validated last year) and are really keen to get to Perth before the end of this year but our house has been on the market now for over 6 months and not a single viewing! Everyone telling us not to waste time and to just rent out our house and go now! Obviously the pros to doing that are that we get to follow our dream and get to Perth sooner but what are the cons? We will need to clear debts and raise some funds to set up in Perth but are we likely to get a re-mortgage if giving up jobs and leaving the UK? Also how easy is it to get tenants? Would we be stung for capital gains tax when we eventually sell house We really don't know what to do - any advice greatly appreciated - we are not getting any younger!! Sue:arghh:
  16. Piewie

    457 Visa Pros and Cons?

    I was in the process of applying for a standard skills visa (176) however I have now been approached about a job in Auz where the employer will apply for and sponsor me for a 457 visa. The offer is quite good and seems the way to go particularly as it cuts the queue. Can anyone point out the failings or shortcomings of going this route? Pros and Cons appreceiated. Some of the things that I have been able to glean from the internet: Medicare it seems that as a resident/citizen of the UK I will pay into Medicare and will also be able to make use of this. Is this so? My wife will have the same rights to work as I do. Kids Schooling I have drawn a blank here but am lead to believe that I will need to pay for their schooling? Accommodation: Apparently my employer will be able to pay for my accommodation as part of my package and as I am only on a work visa I am classed as working away from home and that this will not be taxable. This might help make up for having to pay for schooling. What does schooling in Auz cost? My next question is at the end of the period of the 457 visa what are my options? If all is successful I would want to stay permanently what do I do then? If I have a 4 year 457 visa do I need to wait the four years before I try and make my stay more permanent? After 4 years I might be over the 45 year old mark would I be penalised for this even though I have spent the last 4 years working in Auz. Anyone who can point me in the right direction please do. Many Thanks
  17. My 457 Employer sponsored visa application (Perth) was submitted to the DIAC by my migration agent end of April and I'm having sleepless nights waiting for a response! I'd like to know in your (professional or experienced based) opinion the following; 1. My visa was changed by the employer from 3 years to 4 years, how much weight does this hold with my application? 2. My application is experienced based(18 years, with the job requirement 10 years, no quals, position on the ASCO list). No quals submitted, THIS WORRIES ME THE MOST, but not a requirement within the job position and my employer were more impressed with my length of experience, how much weight does this hold with my application? 4. Clean police check 'no trace', young family, British national, fit and healthy, how much weight does this hold? 5. Salary in excess of $100k, how much weight does this hold? What do you think my chances are with DIAC giving approval on my visa?? After the last 48 political hours in the UK, GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! Thanks!
  18. Lauren82

    475 pros and cons

    We are considering applying for a 475 SA SS visa, but have a few burning concerns which we would appreciate some advice and opinions on before we make our mind up for certain. Firstly has anybody found any problems or difficulties finding employment on a 475 visa due to the fact it is only temporary? Are there any restrictions on healthcare for 475 visa holders? Or if you pay your insurances do you have the same entitlements? We have the intention of going for permanent residency after 2 years as long as everything goes well. I know there are no guarantees but has anybody been rejected after holding a 475 visa and what were their reasons why? Lots of questions but we would really appreciate any advice and any of your stories so far that could help us to make our decision.
  19. Hello I'm hoping to get some advice from all you lovely people out there! We're a family of three who are moving out pretty soon to oz but still undecided on which state to move to! Would love some insight into the pros and cons of living in Melbourne and Brisbane, finding it hard to try and make a decision! Many thanks in advance laulau:biggrin:
  20. I read a really interesting article in the Weekend Australian newspaper today and thought others might find the link useful. It basically outlines the recent history and reasons behind the ascent of Melbourne as the nation's favoured city. A tale of three cities | The Australian It does represent some widely held views in Australia at the moment.
  21. mdesai11

    Migration Agent - pros and cons

    Hi, i've started the migration process but have noticed that a lot of people looking to migrate have employed an agent. Is it really necessary? Can they do anything more than what we can without them? What I mean is do they have more control over the speed of the visa application process? I've successfully passed my skills assessment without one so is there any point in using one now? Hope i'm not being too vague but just wanted to get peoples opinions really. Thanks.
  22. Guest

    Is it worth it, Pros & Cons

    Hi All, Well to start with with tell you abit about myself. I am 41 years old originally from Nottingham, joined the army in 86, moved out to Germany in 87 and have been here ever since. I left the army in 93, but carried on working for them as a Storehouse Depot Manager (sounds more glamourous than it is lol). I have a German wife of 41 who speaks excellant English, 3 kids son 16, daughter 11 & youngest son 9. I have read all about the skills and points systems etc., I have a few skills acquired over the years inluding ECDL, but nothing spectacular. What realstic chances do I have of getting a sponser? Sorry for the long intro, but thought it should just about cover everything then. All the best David
  23. Guest

    pros and cons of Perth

    Hi all, We are on our way to Perth in January. We have made our decision to go there based on extensive online research. I would like to hear opinions (good or bad!!) from anyone already there or been there in the past. For us the pros are: -great beaches -relatively small! quiet city -family friendly -good overall climate -affordable housing (compared to east coast) -large open spaces -parks and great scenery Now the cons: - isolation-long way to the rest of Oz and other places - can't think of any others!! Thoughts please?
  24. kellyjamie

    Pros And Cons Of 457??

    Morning all, visas visas visas!!!! complicated pieces of extremely important and frustrating paper!!!! so is anyone knowledgable enough (and if you could be bothered,) to give me a bullet point of the pros and cons of a 457 visa? i fear this will be my most likely entry to the land down under! so fire away folks fill me in!!:cute::goofy:
  25. Just wondered if anyone has gone and left someone they know or a solicitor to deal with the house sale and have gone off to Oz, and did it work out ok or should we sit put was thinking of putting a tenant in for six months and house up for sale at the same time.:skeptical: Thanking you in advance for any advise.